Demi Lovato Is Candid, Honest and Into Dating Women In New Interview

Demi Lovato’s been teasing for weeks that she’ll finally explain her sexuality once and for all in her new documentary, “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated.” While we wait with bated breath, she recently dropped a few interesting tidbits in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, including a stated interest in dating both men and women.

The “Cool For The Summer” singer explains that her goal with the documentary is to be honest with her fans, in an effort to connect with people who might be experiencing something similar to what she went through. “I lay it out on the line and I’m very, very honest… When I share things with my fans, I want it to be honest and real, so I do. I share all that with them.” For example, when she discusses trying cocaine for the first time at age 17, she admits that she “loved it” – a polarizing confession that she hopes will help humanize addiction and help fans avoid a similar fate. “That’s the type of honesty that people need to hear in order to protect themselves from possibly going down that road, because drugs and alcohol [are] so tempting.. There are times where you are faced with the choice of, ‘Do I do this, or do I not do this?’ and I want to prevent my fans from going through the things that I’ve been through.”

Later, Lovato discusses her experiences with treatment and her ongoing commitment to sobriety. She is currently a co-owner of CAST Centers in Los Angeles, the same facility she used to get sober in 2011. “I just feel like I have a bigger purpose than just singing and I want to make sure I use what I have for good – it’s incredible. I actually get to co-facilitate some group classes and I feel kind of like a therapist at times and it’s really cool I get to be hands-on.”

While Demi has historically been happy to discuss being in a healthy place with regards to her sobriety, she’s been hesitant to discuss her romantic affiliations in great detail. She was most recently seen holding hands with Lauren Abedini at Disneyland, throwing off vibes that body language expert Stef Schwartz described as “definitely doin’ it.” In an interview with PrideSource this past September, she dismisses Forever Queer Anthem “Cool For The Summer” as a light, breezy ode to bisexuality and explains that her sexuality is irrelevant to what her music’s about. She also noted that she would explain her orientation further in her documentary.

However, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Demi mentioned that she’s currently using dating apps (our guess is Raya) and is open to dating both men and women. She notes that she’s still in the process of finding herself, and isn’t “diving into” a relationship with anyone, which is bad news for me because I’m pretty sure we’re already in a committed relationship.

“I value my time by myself now, and I value my time with my friends. And I just have learned to really appreciate my me time and getting to know myself and learning to fall in love with myself before I fall in love with anyone else,” she explains. When the interviewer asked how and when she decided to search for a human connection instead of gender-specific attraction, Lovato answered, “That’s how I’ve always felt.”

“Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated” airs on YouTube on October 17th.

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  1. Wait, I need the Wilmer valderrama comment spelled out for me. I’m hoping it went over my head and there’s something I don’t know about him. Plz help.

    • All I know about Wilmer is that he has a habit of dating women much younger than himself then talking about them very crassly after the fact, including bragging about taking Mandy Moore’s virginity. Wilmer started dating Demi when she was 18, he was 30 at the time. Though Demi has alluded to the fact that she might have been even younger than that when he started pursuing her. I remember one interview she did where she talked about him as if he was some sort of father figure and that really creeped me out at the time. There is something wrong a 30 year old man who continually seems to pursue girls straight out of high school. Now, he’s 37.

      I know one thing. If a man ever decided to trot over to a radio station to tell the whole world about how shit I am in bed with them they would catch a whole ass bullet.

      • He always gave off that creepy vibe, but I just assumed it was because I associated him with his character on That 70’s show. Good know he is really creepy. TBH I think most of the cast is a bit creepy in real life(I think two of them are Scientologist, one of them got arrested for abuse, and another is Ashton Kutcher).

    • haha oops i meant to delete that line before publishing (Stef sent it to me asking if it was okay to say) but then I somehow did not do so, it seems! Just because I think it’s really easy to take the wrong way, like as an indictment of her dating men in the past, which people love to do on Demi Lovato related posts! But yeah, Wilmer is a creep and that’s why it was there. Turkish is correct.

      (For those just tuning in, the line was “And yet she dated Wilmer Valderrama for many years :shrug emoji thing i don’t know how do to:”)

      • i love dating men in the past but i also love making fun of wilmer valderrama, i’m sorry i’m like this

  2. As someone who’s had a crush on Demi since Camp Rock (when I was 13 and didn’t even know I liked girls, but I still think it retroactively counts), this whole thing has been quite interesting… on a similar note: Joe Jonas (who I was sure wasn’t straight when I was a teenager and who use to date Demi, unless it was a PR thing, you never know) is now engaged to Sophie Turner (not to be the one who thinks no one is straight, but like…). Between these two things, my teenager self’s mind exploded.

  3. Straddlers: Licorice root is supposed to be really good for your throat. Y’know, in case it’s sore from yelling ‘CALLED IT’ at the top of your lungs for 40+ minutes.

  4. I’m curious what she has to say, although at this point it’s like, girl please. I’ve pretty much assumed she was queer since her undercut situation circa 2014. Which, I KNOW it’s not cool to assume sexuality based on a haircut or stereotype but that cut was so hot on her it’d be a damn shame if she wasn’t at least a little bit into girls. (Which it sounds like she is so… CALLED IT.)

    (Also please refer to the song titled “Ruin the Friendship” off of her new album. SO. QUEER.)

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