No Filter: Lena Waithe Spends Valentine’s Day With Minnie Mouse And Maura Pfefferman

Welcome back to No Filter, a weekly gathering of the most adorable photographs posted by queer celebrities on this vast internet of ours. Valentine’s Day was this weekend, and a lot of these weirdos posted gooey, adorable things about their partners. I figured Holland Taylor would be all over this, but turns out she spent her Valentine’s Day giving this random Twitter follower advice on how to prepare for her Latin test:

Thanks Holland Taylor! Anyway, here are some pictures of goodlooking famous people doing important things.

Guess who figured out how to embed Ellen Page’s instagram this week?!?!? Anyway, Ellen Page’s dog is so cute I can’t actually handle it, and if he would like to join the A-Camp Family Band he is more than invited.

St. Vincent so rarely posts photos of herself, but Shirley Manson met Annie (and Missy Elliott, I guess) and fangirled out. Apparently the Missy Elliott rendezvous was masterminded by Katy Perry, making this the first thing Katy Perry has ever done that I wholeheartedly approve of.

This is how overjoyed your girlfriend Lena Waithe was when you surprised her with a trip to Disneyland. You guys held hands on the teacups and shared a frozen lemonade, and she asked a stranger to take a picture of you two with Goofy.

And just because I will use any excuse to post more pictures of Lena Waithe…

This is just the Canadian national pastime, I guess.
We look at Ruby Rose’s face like every freakin’ week WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THESE DOGS?!

Lea DeLaria is just so damn cute in her Miami get-up that I can’t actually handle it. Also, that cocktail looks horrific.

Brittani Nichols, you live in LA, there are no seasons there. Calm down.

I just thought you might like this.
Angel Haze and DJ Kittens spent Valentine’s Day getting really hydrated.

Danielle Brooks and Janet Mock are SO POPULAR YOU GUYS.

Beth Ditto’s clothing line is so neat.

Laura Jane Grace crushin’ it at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.

Join us next week, when we finally crack the code to getting Evan Rachel Wood on Instagram and into our hearts.

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  1. does anyone have answers as to why sarah paulson is taking a latin test? I thought grown-upping was so we never had to do things like latin or algebra again.

  2. Not been paying much attention to the Paulson-Taylor set up, have we? Sarah was sick and Holland was playing nurse.

    Given the ridiculous amount of unwarranted press attention these two have had in the last three months, can you blame them for laying low? They’re too talented to be reduced to Top 5 cute Twitter Valentine’s Day status’

    • I would respectfully disagree and argue that no one is too talented to be elevated to the venerable Top 5 cute Twitter Valentine’s Day status list here on Vapid Fluff.

      • To be fair this is the first time I’ve seen an article that mentions Holland Taylor without putting her age in brackets at the side of it. For that autostraddle gets major kudos

  3. But I thought you didn’t embed Ellen Page’s instagram on purpose so we could see Brandon_Jacobs’ comments…

    • But queer girl, aren’t YOU the queen of all Brandon_Jacobs comments? You have a responsibility to keep us updated!

  4. Guys that’s not the real Sarah Paulson! Sarah is @mssarahpaulson
    This is one of the many fans who Holland kindly responds to

        • not only amazing that she is giving a random fan some solid academic advice, but even more amazing that she is giving advice to a random fan who is obsessed with her girlfriend. She is just the classiest.

          • Extremely classy lady. Especially when most of Sarah’s batshit crazy teenage fanbase have been utterly vile towards her

  5. Diorama 2: Diorama Harder??!! Is this the universe’s way of telling me what I should be doing with all the egg cartons they won’t let me return to the co-op for re-use?

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