No Filter: I’ve Been Thinking About Kristen Stewart And Soko All Week Long

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Hello and welcome to yet another edition of No Filter, in which we all sit and discuss the most important celebrity happenings of the past week. I’m sure you guys all had fulfilling weeks in your actual lives, but I spent my entire week glued to terrible UK tabloids in hopes of gleaning some new information about the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Soko. Mostly I learned about Soko’s talent for matching polka dots and stripes in her outfits, while Kristen continued her trend of “casual, laid back” outerwear. The Daily Mail and the Mirror told me they held hands a lot. I won’t repost those images because I’m terrified of getting eaten by a dinosaur/served a cease and desist letter, but trust me: Kristen looked hot in a leather jacket this week and held hands with her girlfriend a whole lot.ย An anonymous (imaginary) source recently told Heat Magazine:ย “She likes the idea of dating a non-American again, and Stephanie is very avant-garde and different.” Okay!

They spent the week playing a friendly game of frisbee all over Paris, and have now moved their budding romance to the City of Angels. This is how I know that:

Alicia Cargile “took to Twitter” (a thing famous people do sometimes) to post stuff like this for a day or two, and then stopped:


Let’s move on to those images shared willingly by the public!

Kristen took this picture though, and you get three guesses how I know that.

Here’s a bonus round photo of Soko from LA:


And in case you were wondering.

Did anybody else do anything on Instagram this week? Oh yes:

This is what your girlfriend Lena Waithe looked like when she took you out forย a chill night out.

Vin Diesel bought Ruby Rose a bike, and Ruby Rose clearly has no earthly idea how to ride a bike. Iย knew I was going to adore this friendship.

Cara Delevingne and Dita Von Teese. Just thought you’d like to know.
Tegan and Sara’s cats look really anxious about the fact that they clearly don’t know how to read.

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Well worth the money, well worth it #starwars

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I have watched this like 17 times and laughed every single time.

Jasika Nicole taught OUR OWN CHELSEY PETTY how to do this thing I don’t understand!

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Bitch tried to steal my girl.

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Join us next week, when Kristen and Soko will probably go to Disneyland and have a mad time on the teacups.

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    • kristen is a really big fan of playing college dude sports with her girlfriends, like when she and alicia played that dumb game with the velcro ball and the sticky paddles on the beach that one time. she’s probably really into hacky sack too.

  1. Ahhhh, Stef, me too, until my gf was like “how many hours did you just spend stalking these people you don’t know?” And I had to be like “I have a lot of good qualities, I promise.”
    Did you see this morning’s LA #lovestroll?

  2. Kristen looks really happy with Soko. She rarely shows PDA and whenever she does, it’s to show the world that I love this person and not afraid to love them. The last part about Disneyland was totally LOL. Thanks for the post!

  3. Ok, I was doing a little extra curricular research (aka googling Soko) . And I found an article with some theories that make me think the patriarchy has been personified and is crying about all the girls who are dating girls instead of ‘nice guys’ while he blogs on the internet.

    Or if maybe that guy from Vouge that did the Cara Delavigne bit is writing for a gossip website now…

    Link Here if you want similar lols:

  4. Soko (friends with Lily Depp) is a very huggy, kissy, feely, free spirit so this could be a legit friendship, or maybe more. Kristen has always had that lesbian undertone, even during her R.P. days. Glad BOTH Soko and Kristen are living life out in the open freely.

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