No Filter: Gettin’ Festive With Jen Richards

Welcome back to No Filter, a column completely untouched by the scorching hellfire of everything else happening on earth presently. Outside, the world may be ending, but in here we care only about whatever the hell is happening between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell. We are doing important work, so let’s get to the week(-ish) in celebrity Instagram.

Cookie monsters? #vsfashionshow? @ladygaga @hoskelsa ? @russelljames

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I forgot to post this picture of Stella Maxwell and Lady Gaga from a few weeks ago, so here it is this time. This is arguably the most interesting thing Stella Maxwell has ever done.

Jasika made herself this coat and painted this wall and built the camera she took this photo with out of reclaimed lightbulbs and bobby pins, it’s fine.

merry merry. #getlit @revolve

A photo posted by Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) on

Would hang a poster-sized version of this photo in my living room.

Just hauling out all the left over green room food.

A photo posted by Elicia Sanchez (@elsanchovilla) on

Elicia Sanchez has their priorities straight.

It’s always super awkward when you and your friend show up wearing the same geeky t-shirt. Riese wanted me to tell you this is her favorite picture of 2016.

I look how I feel shopping in Beverly Hills ( like an alien pretending to function as a human )

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

This is what Ruby Rose looks like when she’s just casually buying some underwear. I order mine online so I don’t have to look another human being in the eye, but she likes to put on a faux fur coat and go to town.

Got tattooed with @amandaschronicles tonight for a cool new project you'll be able to watch soon! ??? Bonded 4ever.

A photo posted by G A B Y D U N N (@gabyroad) on

If you look closely, you will see that Very Famous Millennial Gaby Dunn recently got a new tattoo, a tiny heart adorned with the colors of the bisexual flag. The purpose of the tattoo is to tell everyone that she is a bisexual. We all have them. Mine’s on my throat.


A photo posted by Laura Jane Grace (@laurajanegrace) on

Laura Jane Grace’s tattoo situation is a bit more involved.

naughty IS nice

A photo posted by Jen Richards (@smartassjen) on

Finally, we have Jen Richards, the only thing getting me excited about Christmas besides candy canes. I thought she was holding a boombox or something but that’s just an end table.

Join us next week, when Jen Richards busts out her New Years outfit.

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