My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart: The Autostraddle Interview

I recently had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with YouTube sensation and universal plaid-clad heartthrob Hannah Hart. Hart is the sole proprietor of My Drunk Kitchen, an explosively popular web series in which she imbibes freely while attempting feats of culinary greatness.

By ‘sole proprietor’ I mean that she films it on a MacBook by herself, and by ‘feats of culinary greatness’ I mean she sort of tries to cook stuff like meatballs — “the easiest thing in the whole goddamn world.” (Spoiler: She never succeeds in making much of anything, but that’s both the point and the charm.)

Her rise to stardom on the fickle web has been — like anything that turns out remotely edible in her kitchen — wholly an accident.

Hannah “Harto” grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Brooklyn earlier this year, like so many queer, quasi-bohemian couchsurfing pioneers before her. She created My Drunk Kitchen‘s first episode as a long-distance internet missive to her best friend — also named Hannah — who now lives in Berkeley. After gaining traction online thanks to an appearance on Reddit’s front page, suddenly My Drunk Kitchen had millions of YouTube views, not to mention a fiercely adoring fanbase who have been known to call themselves ‘Hartosexuals‘ — maybe in some seriousness.

A twentysomething gay-girl-next-door with a predilection for button downs, frenetic jump cuts, and pitch-perfect self-deprecating humor, Hart’s success tells a sort of a queer internet Cinderella story. (Hart still insists she is but a small blip among the ‘YouTubers.’) My Drunk Kitchen is a perhaps unlikely crossover hit between our big gay universe and the viral web at large, which is usually averse to gays of all stripes, funny women sans cleavage and perhaps funny women at all.

Watch one of her episodes and you’ll see that her universal appeal is no mystery — but it’s still a wonder that a self-proclaimed homo with a rotating arsenal of flannel shirts has accidentally crafted a web phenomenon based almost solely on being so damned likable (it doesn’t hurt that she’s extremely funny). It’s strange and wonderful to see Hart — a reflection of our ridiculous, unglamorous, sailor-mouthed selves — score a photoshoot with Time, and a feature on CBS.

I met up with her over coffee and vegan doughnuts in Berkeley, where she was nervously biding her time before “My Drunk Iron Chef Kitchen” her first live event in San Francisco that night. In person Hart radiated the easy charm, rapid-fire wit and textbook shaggy-haired cute that her army of devotees have come to expect. As we settled in, she kindly seemed to humor the fact that I’d neurotically set up a full stereoscopic arsenal of recording devices around her. That done, I barreled on nobly toward over-caffeination, armed only with iced coffee, a meandering set of questions and approximately 25 tape recorders.

On Heart Flowers and Being Soft Butch in Japan:

Taylor: [Checking the assorted recording devices and prepping a notebook]

Hannah: I have my notebook too. I could take notes for you. ‘My interview with Taylor Hatmaker.’

T: Neat name, huh? [makes suspicious, narrowed-eye expression] Is Hart your real last name?

H: Yeah, people ask me if it’s a stage name, but it’s not. And Harto’s just a nickname we came up with when we were in Japan. [Hart studied abroad in Japan during college]

T: I think the Harto thing is really sticky. People are into it.

H: I like ‘follow your Harto.’ If my last name was ‘table’…

Best-Friend-Other-Hannah: So when we were in Japan, Hannah’s name was pronounced ‘Hannah Harto’ [said with authentic-sounding Japanese accent] which literally translates to ‘flower heart.’

H: It literally translates to ‘flower heartshape.’ So I’m all in Japan trying to be all soft-butchy B.A. and I’m like ‘Hi guys, my name’s flower heart.’ You know? I mean, literally flower heart.

T: How long were you in Japan? You’re a Japanese translator, which sounds hard. I creeped on you, that’s how I know that.

H: I proofread for a translation firm, but I recently parted ways with my job because of the time commitment that I’m now pouring into developing the online thing. It’s not like I’m able to quit my job, like I can fully support myself, but I’m taking the risk. I can either put more energy into MDK and start developing more frequently or I can continue to develop and maintain a day job. It’s the moment where you decide to take the risk. That’s this exact moment of my life. So I should probably just have no caffeine and meditate all the time. [downs coffee] I meditate with my mouth moving a lot.

I learned Japanese entirely for a girl.

T: No way. That’s a gem. Write that one down. [writes that one down]

H: No it’s true, the only reason I took a Japanese class is because I was like, a big Sailor Moon fan as a kid…then in my Japanese class…[music in cafe gets really quiet suddenly]

[Quietly] My drunk kitchen secret fact: Hannah’s kind of shy!

I was totally conservative, straight — my life was such a shitstorm before college, I couldn’t care less whether or not I was gay or bi or straight or whatever. So in my Japanese class, this girl who sits behind me is like ‘oh, I like your jacket’ and I was like ‘Thanks!…Pretty girl. So that’s why I got a degree in Japanese…I was chasing this girl.

And I wasn’t even out. I wasn’t like, comfortable being gay. In Fall of 2006 I lived in Japan. And then I graduated from college in May 2009. And then I officially like ‘came out’ in the last year or so. Being out at work, being out on a less than ‘need to know’ basis. My friends knew, the chicks I was dating knew.

T: So you like, exploded out.

H: Yeah, I burned the closet down.

On Her My Drunk Kitchen Live Event That Night:

H: I’m super nervous about tonight. This thing is like…I have to go and host, I’m gonna be onstage improvising and emceeing as three teams cook in a kinda Iron Chef style. How do I pee? I’m really concerned about that. It’s a solid 2 hours and I’m gonna be drinking.

T: Who are the cooks?

H: San Francisco chefs.

T: Oh, like real chefs? Er, not to say you’re not a real chef.

H: Oh no, I’m not a real chef. We can squash that rumor.

T: I think with the amount of devotion that people have for you, you could just go up there and be unintelligibly drunk and it would be fine.

H:  That’s actually why I didn’t really want to do a live My Drunk Kitchen. I would like to start to move the comedy away from constantly being associated with drunkenness.

T: Understandably.

H: It’s a one-dimensional joke.

T: I like that joke too. I’ve been telling it for years now. You seem to execute it to more success.

H: It’s the editing. It’s all in the editing.

T: You have a very frenetic editing style, which is part of what makes it so hilarious. What’s that process like?

H: I edit in iMovie. The editing takes like 6 hours…it’s very panic-inducing. I shoot for an hour or an hour and a half, and then I edit that hour and a half down to 20 minutes. And the I edit that 20 minutes down to 10. And then I send the 8 to 10 minute draft to my sister Naomi, and then she rips it up saying ‘this is shit.’ No, basically she picks the best of the best jokes, and then I cut it down from there to 5. She’s such a big part of it.

NEXT: “I really like that I can be a “lady” and be messy and be a little crass, you know? I feel a lot of freedom in that.”

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  1. I would say “Joel McHale is so underrated” but I’m not really top at pop culture so maybe people love him and I’m just not aware. Anyway, I love Joel McHale and Hannah Hart and Taylor Hatmaker. Thanks for the interview!

  2. Great interview and article, but none of her videos have over 1 million views. So that line, “but her last vid racked up a million views in a week’s time” seems wrong to me, even though I do think she’s awesome.

      • I wasn’t trying to be annoying, I am a subscriber/MDK watcher and I just didn’t recall any videos getting up to 1 million. I’m sure by next week she’ll be there! I thought it was well written and a great interview. Thanks for posting!

  3. This is a fantastic interview, love it.

    I’ve only watched one My Drunk Kitchen but this has inspired me to watch more!

  4. I love Harto so much, and it makes me happy that she’s taking the leap and pursuing her dream. Just a side note: you asked her how many plaid SHITS she has. I hope the answer is none, cause that ain’t right.

  5. I heart Harto! Hannah, if you’re reading this. I’m also single and always the designated driver. Also I can sort of cook. This could work out well, just sayin’.

  6. She IS so damn likable!!! Everyone who sees an ep immediately wants to drunk cook with her! Shes the girl next door….that we all wanna have over for a beer….etc. ;)

  7. I never knew Harto was gay until I went to her website, where I think it was mentioned in one sentence on the front page. I watched the MDK videos, and the last thing I think of when she’s ‘doin her thang’ is her sexuality. I just didn’t see it as a big deal; not one of my guy friends at work cared (in either way; i mean one of the guys was a bit bummed out for like 3 minutes.). What I mean to say is I feel like I hear more about her sexuality in than anything else. Power to the proud of the community, yes, definitely. I just didn’t ever understand how big of a deal it was that she’s gay until I’ve read like EVERY ARTICLE ABOUT HER EVER (maybe my sample set is small; I’m okay with admitting that). Bash me if you want *shrug* She’s cool for being this crazy, funny person on my youtube that makes me angry – “I *can* cook and I *dont* have a show! This woman can’t and DOES! She is a goddamned genius! (this isn’t sarcasm, i know it sounds like it, but it really isn’t.) ” She’s not a lesbian (or anything!) to me. Just talented. And mazel tov to her for being a talented human.

    –also we non-gay folk meet others the same way the gay people do :) i guess the percentage chance of it happening is higher :(

    • Well this is an comment.

      You don’t really get to choose whether she is a lesbian “to you.” That’s her identity and it seems like it’s pretty important to her.

    • I think this article and AfterEllen are the “big gay articles” since they are on LGBT themed sites. :)

      I don’t know if it’s mentioned much in her other features, like on Time and HuffPo and such. I know Hannah (personally) and she doesn’t ever talk about being gay, but interviews seem to talk about it for her.

  8. (Autostraddle + Taylor) + myharto x all my love for these things = !!!!!!!

    True math right there.

  9. I’ve just been influenced to watch more of her videos.

    Also, I completely relate to her comment on queer social life. Almost all my friends have known me since I was a teen (several years before I came out). Throw in a longish stint in the military, and I’ve only recently begun branching out into the big queer community.

    In other words, she’s the kind of girl that would be awesome/fun/hilarious to be friends with.

  10. “…and give lots of fucks about everything!”

    Yeah here at Autostraddle we know just the right amount of fucks to give…

  11. I read this while eating oreos in bed wearing plaid pajamas. Everything about the last five minutes has been pure happiness made perfect by Harto and this interview.

  12. i have the biggest crush on her, not gonna lie. i saw this article on the headlines and screamed a little bit, and now my roommate thinks there’s something wrong with me. no regrets

  13. H: Yeah, fuck Bette, marry Tina, kill Dana.
    T: Kill Dana? She’s already dead.

    this is the best thing ever, thank you so much autostraddle <3

    • Reminds me of the first conversation I’ve ever had with my best-friend-since-high-school-that-turned-out-to-be-as-gay-as-me:

      Girl-I-was-friends-with-’cause-we-were-both-Polish-and-the-tutor-therefore-thought-we-should-sit-together: I love Kurt Cobain. I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES.
      [a moment of silence]
      Future-best-friend-that-I-inevitabely-ended-up-having-a-crush-on: …But he’s dead.

  14. It honestly took me like a minute to calm down before I could read this article because Autostraddle + Hannah Hart = explosion of homogay fantasticalness. So, um, thank you so much for this wonderful article. She sounds even more awesome than I imagined (as if that were possible). Plus it was cool to find out that she’s also from the Bay Area. :) Sadly, I can totally relate to this part: “The weather’s lovely. I moved to the East Coast, and I was like…holy fucking shit. Turns out, I do not want seasons.”

  15. I love it, plaid should definitely count as its own color. And we totally do have the Meat-Eating Atheist/Skeptic queer geeks group for the non-vegan lesbians among us.

  16. When my wife came home today I was guzzling the last drops of cava from last night’s bottle. “I re-watched all the episodes of MDK today,” I told her, “which is why it’s okay that I’m doing this right now.” She just nodded. It totally worked!

  17. Harto also has great taste in music. Check out her “twittah” for some of her musical taste. I always want to tweet back “I love this song too!”, but don’t want to be that creeper, ya know? But, yeah…funny, awesome taste in music, down to earth… makes ya just want to hang out with her and have some fun. She should do a cross country kitchen tour doing MDK crashes. Kind of like musicians crashing on couches and playing house shows for trade.

    • …”have some fun”. Teehee. You mean, get her drunk and into your kitchen right? I bet she’s really awesome with buns.

      • lol, actually by “have some fun”, in my dorky mind I pictured playing board games! She seems like the type of person that makes all situations fun and nothing can get crazier than hilariously intense board games…though, would I object if there was some “fun” in the kitchen? Nah, nada, nope!

        • I’ll say! I mean, I pretty much missed out on Monopoly – which mean I pretty much missed out on childhood. I love me some Monopoly.

  18. I actually freaked out when I saw this on the Autostraddle front page. My two favorite things, brought together.

    Great interview, it exceeded my extremely high expectations!

  19. I was so excited when I saw this interview in the headline! I just skipped every other article to find it. She is so cute, I don’t even have words. Taylor, you are THE BEST.

  20. I didn’t think I could luv someone who didn’t share my fondness for sliced deli meat, but I was wrong. “Flower Heart,” you are a delight.

    I get the “fuck Rachel.” But to marry Tina? She’s a second string mistress at best.

  21. I’ve said this roughly a thousand times, but I would violate all of my personal principles for Harto.

    I’m serious. If I ever meet a girl like that, I’m wifing her immediately.

    • right? book the uhaul! i totally identify with her not identifying with All The Queers…not so easy to establish yourself as a homogay in the post-grad world!

  22. harto is my fave!
    this interview is exactly what i needed to read after a dull chapter on statistics

  23. It’s really hard for me right now, trying to take in her cuteness AND yours, Taylor. I just can’t even.


  24. Harto just seems like the most down-to-earth person who is also damn funny. I wish she lived in Sydney so we could be friends.

    • I think that wanting to be her friend is one of the main feelings to be had while reading this.

      Whenever I watch MDK, it’s like ‘shit, that could be me’ (minus her being able to speak japanese. I definitely cannot do that).

  25. I feel like playing the Community drinking game with Harto would be such a worthwhile enterprise.

    REALLY hope her hosting career gets kicked off a treat.

  26. i have long brown hair. i cannot sing. but if Hannah got wasted and i said my name was ‘rachel’- here’s to hoping she’d tap that. ;)

  27. I caved and joined twitter just so I could keep up with MDK and Hannah. Her stuff and Autostraddle are the most legit things on the Web <3

  28. :D

    Late reply a year later. :P

    Buut…umpteeth Harto fangirl comment worshipping her easygoingness and her relatability. Then again I’m friends with many Hannahs, so having the actual Hannah would be heavenly. <3

    Cheers and we love you, Harto-san!

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