Listling With Minimal Commentary: Gawker and its Satellite Sites, Ranked

In order from most favorite to least favorite:

1. Jezebel: Our soul sisters 4-life.

2. Gawker: Where Emily Gould got born. Gawker ‘changed the world.’

Riese:Bloggorrhea was the quickest way to get like 4,000 new visitors to your blog in the mid-to-late ’00s.”

3. Lifehacker: Lifehacker is the internet’s best-kept secret that sometimes feels like a friendly neighbor and sometimes feels like a reminder of all the ways your life could be more efficient if you weren’t such a lazy fuck-up.

4. i09: We like Star Trek: The Next Generation.

5. Fleshbot: Sex.

6. Gizmodo: Seems “important.”

7. Kotaku:

Riese: what is kotaku

Rachel: i think kotaku is probably about japanese stuff

8. Deadspin: Better than Jalopnik because of the WNBA.

Rachel: i think jalopnik is about cars, therefore worse than deadspin
Riese: yes, worse
Rachel: deadspin could theoretically cover the wbna
Riese: i care more about basketball than about a fucking car. what is there to talk about with cars. just drive it.

9. Jalopnik:

Riese: Jalopnik is basically a blog about a product we can’t afford.

(“Listicle Without Commentary” title stolen from The Awl, then adapted for our own purposes.)

(We also recommend defamer au, owned by Allure Media)

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  1. Bloggorrea ruined my life. I haven’t been able to read Gawker since.

    Is Defamer one of Gawker’s sites? I feel like it could be. Defamer Australia is a thing that I enjoy.

  2. Oh, I was SO agreeing with this last night. Until I saw Jezebel’s article on the irrelevance of consent posted today. No more jezebel for me. I’ll go over to Lifehacker and pretend I’ll actually learn from their tips.

  3. I wrote a very polite reply to a Jezebel article that overlooked a very important fact, and would have changed the perspective of the article somewhat. Decent journos/writers will acknowledge when they have overlooked a vital fact and usually amend their article … instead Jezebel simply censored my reply.

    So no more Jezebel for me either.

    • to be fair, seriously — editors get a shit ton of emails. it’s way easier than the old days when ppl had to write letters. people email editors a lot. i know, it’s #firstworldproblems, but things slip through the cracks sometimes or get buried in the onslaught. it’s hard out here for a ladyeditor, we have pie to bake.

  4. Lifehacker is the best site on the Internet. Also can we note how io9 and lifehacker were both helmed by some of the most influential gay ladies around? Annalee newitz and Gina trapani respectively. They are outmazing

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