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What’s up. Are you still drunk from last night? If you aren’t, do you feel like this website leaves you out? Don’t worry, one of my three BFFs Haviland never drinks alcohol ever. So you’re not alone. Although she did promise me that if I got a book deal she would have a shot. That may never happen. Where was I? AH YES. Today on AUTOSTRADDLE. Well, people on twitter can be dumb & homophobic, and y’all are f*cking cute as hell. Healthcare is really screwed up! TALK HARD!


SAME-SEX COUNSELING: “A big source of what led [clients] to their habit was a . . . kind of a self-hatred … And I started to say, I wonder what would happen if we were able to create something that taught gay and lesbian folks that their relationship was normal and empowered them with skills they could rely on to keep the relationship together — if they would start feeling less illegitimized and more validated.

SANDRA BULLOCK WTF: “Sandra Bullock’s latest, All About Steve, is one of the worst movies of her ‘career.'” Who else felt she could’ve gone either way after Speed and instead went towards um … Sweet November? But then there was good stuff like Ms. Congeniality … why Sandra, why? Did she have the potential to be the next Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan (disclaimer: clearly those women have not precisely changed the world, but they’ve done some moderately challenging shit in their lives) and she blew it? Or is she just the rom-com’s quirky/eccentric-girl-next-door (a la Two Weeks Notice) forevs & evs? Three Reasons Why Sandra Bullock is going to be Just Fine.

WHIP IT! A new behind the scenes featurette!

HAVILAND STILLWELL GORGEOUS: Look at what Haviland does without me. What’s happening here? WHAT’S HAPPENING?

Welcome to Haviland Stillwell Dot Com – You’re all Beautiful from Haviland Stillwell on Vimeo.

HITLER: Hitler Does AIDS Awareness Ad: “I kind of get what they’re going for. Unprotected sex is all sexy and hottt until the reality of fucking Hitler AIDS rears its leering head.” (@jezebel)

DIET DIET DIET COKE: If you’ve ever been addicted to diet soda, you know how hard it is to stop drinking it. (@jezebel)

PRIDE: Namibian City Holds Their First Gay Pride!“The city of Keetmanshoop in southern Namibia will holds its first ever gay pride march on Saturday, and inaugurate a new group for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS in a country where sodomy remains illegal.” (@advocate)

OBVS: Maddow and the Gays Save Marriage“Rachel Maddow reports that after five years f legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, the state’s divorce rate has plummeted to “pre-WWII levels.” (@joemygod)

What Porn Teaches Us About Lesbians: “When you get right down to it, the only real difference between lesbians and everyone else is that lesbians don’t stand there and jiggle their own breasts. I’ve done the research and I can’t find a single instance of this behavior, not even in the writings of Gertrude Stein.”

From Nerve.com’s 2005 Bisexuality Issue The Lug In Winter“: There’s no place for “lesbian until graduation” in our Girls Gone Wild world. (@nerve.cm)

Tumblr! Erotica-Seven: Love Potion.

I often teach that to find where the G-spot is in a woman, and how it might feel, you can simply put your thumb in your mouth and feel the rougher, ridged area just beyond your teeth, on the top part of your mouth. (@huffpo)

Lady Gaga’s “vagina is very offended. (@nerve.com)

The trouble with the term “Vintage Lesbian Porn: Thirty years of greasy-idiot pornographers shouting “Hot Lesbo Fucking!” every time they get two naked ladies in the same photographic frame has sort of polluted the swimming pool. (@eros blog)

Courtney Trouble’s latest film from Reel Queer Productions, Speakeasy, is scheduled for release at the end of this month, but alt/queer porn fans in the San Francisco Bay Area can catch an early screening of it on September 12th when it kicks off the Good Vibrations Erotic Film Festival. (@carnal nation)

Sean Lennon recreates Mom and Dad’s Photo. (We have seen this woman and this man in 3-D and we say — it is good.)

“True Blood” True Boobs Watch Continues!



from Intern Emily:

Ever wonder what a blog about the adventures of two “milk teeth” would look like? Wonder no more! My Milk Toof is a blog that tells the stories of two teeth of two teeth, ickle and Lardee, with pictures. Lots of hard work goes into it!

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  1. RE: Sandra Bullock: Here’s the deal. She has hands totes down the WORST taste in picking which films to do. The Proposal was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and actually walked out b/c I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Agreed. She is adorable and hysterical but the movies she’s been doing lately… ugh. I didn’t see The Proposal and I won’t see All About Steve (also, I hate when movies do that stealing of classics/titles and trying to pass them off as new comedies) but I may go watch Miss Congeniality later.

  2. I can’t say that I’m really surprised by All About Steve (haven’t actually seen it, but all signs point to it being dreadfully horrible). I’ve never really gotten the Sandra Bullock thing and I’ve never really liked one of her movies. The only exception would be Infamous, the Truman Capote movie that she played Harper Lee in. Not as good as Capote, but worth seeing.

    • I used to like her a long time ago, but I remember seeing the preview for this one months ago and thinking she is actually just kinda too old to be playing that role. period. I’ve been meaning to see Infamous for a long time actually

  3. I must admit that i have had a thing for Sandra Bullock for a very long time. I don’t know if I want to be her friend or more?

    I am very excited about Whip It- though not a fan of Drew’s I love roller girls and Ellen page in that order!

  4. I thought when she did A Time to Kill — not like it was an Oscar-winner or something, but I thought that was like the beginning of her trying some meatier roles. I just used the word “meatier.”

    I just don’t get it why she keeps being in shitty movies, honestly if I see a preview and it’s like “Sandra Bullock” I’m like, I Do Not Want to See That Movie.

  5. Ellen Page, will you marry me?
    *side note* That Hitler = AIDS thing sure is interesting. (I’m scared for life now… imagining how Hitler had sex uhhgg)

  6. I kinda liked The Proposal. She does choose terrible roles. I loved Ms Congeniality, the first one, and that pictures you all chose is beautiful.

  7. Although I think Sandra Bullock is adorable, I do agree that she has bad luck with picking roles. She has great acting ability but she just picks (or is only offered) characters that don’t showcase her talent. I love the movie “In Love and War”. For the most part, though, she always plays the same character… the quirky and somewhat emotionally damaged yet lovable girl next door. I think she’s been in an equal amount of winners vs. losers.

  8. Riese, I read most of the gossip girl books, not ashamed. Remember how Vanessa had a shaved head and Blair had a brother and really Chuck wasn’t that much of a main character at all? I never read the whole series but got through most of them and very few things actually reflect the book it seems.

  9. ok.. i have a few things to say…
    1) hitler sex is for real creepy and i feel dirty after reading that article
    2) can AS PLEASE make its own roller derby team? i am very willing to join it. even though i cannot skate to save my life.
    3) i love Haviland. in a completely normal platonic way. her video made me laugh. yes… the end.

  10. It’s great to see that there are counselors out there that can help same-sex couples build their self-respect and feelings of validation.

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