Lip Service Episode 203 Recap: Shagathon

Ed and Tess are having lunch. They’re sharing stories and remembering Cat. Ed is already tired of all the phone calls from relatives, talking about how nice and clever and tidy Cat was. (Oops, I just said “tidy Cat.”)

Ed: It’s like she’s been canonized.

He wants to know something bad about his sister, to make her seem more human. Do not ever, ever, ever tell him the bad thing you know, Tess! It’s not worth it. Tess agrees, so she offers this instead: “She didn’t have a TV license at uni.”


That is perfect. When I did my junior year in Manchester, I lived in mortal fear of being arrested and deported for not having a TV license. (Funny that I didn’t worry so much about all the drugs floating around.)

Tess changes the subject and asks Ed how the writing thing is going. He says his agent wants to talk about a sequel to the first book.

Ed: The last thing I want right now is to be alone with my thoughts. It’s so lonely without her.

Aw. Ed! He asks Tess how rehearsals are, but she hasn’t been going. She knows she needs to go back, and she even has a “cast drinks thing” to go to. Ed offers to go along for moral support. I’ll come along too, Tess, even if you don’t need moral support. If there were such a thing as a theater groupie, I’d totally be one.


Frankie is at a restaurant, waiting for her mum to show up. She’s not her cool self; she’s nervous and anxious and kind of a wreck.

And she’s right to be in that state of mind. Her mum shows up, but we all wish she hadn’t. Frankie is being sweet and nice — she even has those Mother’s Day flowers — but her mother isn’t really interested in playing her part.

Alma: I’ve come a long way since you and Cameron… and … I don’t think I can…


What? What is it you can’t do, Mama Alma? Take a phone call once in a while, have a meal now and then, send a birthday card? It’s not like Frankie’s 4 and you have to raise her up and wipe her nose and put her through school. You’re just ashamed of yourself, and you think Frankie was a mistake, and for that, you suck, and you’ve also pretty much served your purpose on this show, so adios.

This is one of the Frankiest lines ever, and just generally the best possible thing to say at this appalling moment:

Frankie: You know, when I fuck someone and I don’t want anything to do with them, I don’t bother calling them. I don’t … I don’t do this.

Alma makes it all worse by offering Frankie an envelope full of cash. Frankie takes the flowers instead.



Sam is in counseling. Apparently they gave her a choice: go to counseling or take sick leave. You’re such a stoic, Sam.

She says she could understand being sent to counseling if something happened on the job, say if a “suspect dies in custody” or you’re on an armed unit and you have to kill someone. They have armed units? I guess the no-guns thing isn’t always practical. I feel so disillusioned!

Sam wants the counselor to clear her to go back to work, but he’s not ready yet. I’m surprised anyone can stare down this scowl.


The counselor finds it interesting that Sam compared losing Cat to a “suspect” dying. He wonders whether Sam suspected something about Cat. Well then. You figured that out that quickly? Are you available on Thursday evenings?

Sam stomps off in a way that makes me glad she’s not on an armed unit. On the way out, she talks to Ryder, her partner, who isn’t sure why she’s in such a hurry to get back to work.

Ryder: You just lost the woman you loved.
Sam: Do you think she loved me back?

Oh no. She did, Sam! She totally did! She just also loved Frankie. I guess. Maybe Cat was a Mormon? Are there Scottish Mormons? I’m sure there must be. Some of them even went to Iceland for a while, on their way to Utah. Also, the Mormons have an online style guide that I am apparently violating by not using the complete name of the church in the first reference.


Frankie is at Cat’s grave, placing the flowers she bought for her mom. She starts to write something in the dirt wih her finger — I think “F” and “C,” but I don’t want to watch this again to be sure, because as Riese said in the comments last week, this stuff is painful to watch.

And then suddenly Sam is there. Frankie tries to beat a hasty retreat, but Sam wants to get this over with.

Sam: You’ve got as much right to be here as anyone else. Maybe more. (long pause) Were you fucking her?
Frankie: No. She chose you.

Thank you, Frankie. I am passing that along from Cat. That is exactly what she would have wanted you to say, even though it pained you to say it.

Later, at the flat that used to be hers and Cat’s — imagine moving in with someone, only to find yourself living there alone a few months later! — Sam tells her parents they can go home now. She’s sure she’ll be back at work soon. I’m not, but I still think Sam’s dad is pretty great. Can I come over for dinner, Alfie?


At some bar, Lexy and her coworker/fuck buddy are having a drink and discussing Sam. Is Sam going to be the heart of the show now? Or is Tess the central character? Or, I don’t know, maybe an ottoman that has been sat upon by everyone at one point or another?

Lexy doesn’t know why she’s thinking about Sam anyway.

Lexy: Don’t think the flatmates would be too impressed that I’m harboring impure thoughts.

Lexy seems to have quite a big vocabulary. If I were her friend, I’d call her Lexicon.


Oh, haha, it’s Lexy’s Gran, trying to learn to use her new mobile. That was totally anticlimactic.

I don’t think I like Bea (Lexy’s coworker/distraction). She looks like a cross between a Sim and Nikki’s ex-girlfriend Trish on Bad Girls.


They try to figure out where to go to have sex; they can’t go to Bea’s because someone (her girlfriend?) is there, and Lexy worries about having too much fun around her grieving flatmates. But they decide to do that anyway. To me it also looks like Lexy is deciding to do a guest spot on True Blood.



By the river, where it’s dark and cold and sad, broody Frankie is broody. She thinks and thinks and smokes and thinks and then makes a call.

And then she goes back to her flat, where she hurriedly packs a bag and tells Sadie she’s going back to New York.

Frankie: There’s nothing here for me anymore.
Sadie: Frankie…
Frankie: What? Oh, you love me? Well then you’re stupid, and you’re the only one.

Sadie tries to keep her cool, but she looks pretty sad. ‘Cause that was pretty mean.

Wait a minute. You’re what, Frankie? Leaving? The show? Like, one episode after Cat died? For serious?

In a just-missed-her moment that reminds me of The Edge of Heaven, which is a great movie you should see, Tess goes into the flat seconds after Frankie has gone out of it. Tess learns from an off-the-rails, coke-snorting, amaretto-drinking Sadie (“It tastes like cake juice”) that Frankie has decided to go back to New York.


(Don’t think Sadie’s truly smiling there. She’s cry-smiling and listening to angry music and trying to cope with having been simultaneously dumped and unfriended and not getting to say a proper goodbye to someone she was really trying to help.)

Tess runs out after Frankie and sees her nearby, hailing a cab. For a minute I think Frankie’s going to get in the cab and it will be this horribly empty unresolved thing, and I’m so glad that doesn’t happen.

Tess says what we’re all thinking.

Frankie: I was gonna call.
Tess: Well, I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out. (catching her breath) You were going to leave, just like that?
Frankie: What do you expect from me?
Tess: Even by your standards, this is pretty shit.
Frankie: I’m sorry, but this isn’t about you.
Tess: Really? Do you even know how I feel? Have you even asked? You’re so bloody selfish.
Frankie: I know.
Tess: And that makes it all right, does it? You should never have come back.
Frankie: What, ’cause, if I hadn’t, she’d still be alive?
Tess: That’s not what I meant.
Frankie: Yeah, it is. And you’re right.

No, no, that’s not right! I thought we talked about this last week and decided to blame the cigarette guy. Tess apologizes, and Frankie just pulls her close for a hug. At this point in the scene, my neck was starting to hurt because I kept looking at my girlfriend in an are-you-seeing-this-what-the-fuck-is-happening-I-don’t-even sort of way.

Frankie: I loved her, Tess. I really thought it would work this time. And I fucked it up. Like I fuck up everything.

She asks Tess to promise never to tell anyone about Frankie and Cat. And of course Tess promises, though I think she’s going to have to start reminding herself about that every morning in the mirror, like Stuart Smalley. Frankie wishes Tess luck on her play and tells her she’ll miss her.

And then Frankie is in a cab and gone, and Tess and the rest of us are standing on the curb with no real idea what to do next.

Actually, I give the writers tons of credit for this move. Frankie’s departure feels like a sort of surrender to a new reality, as well as a refusal to get stuck in a morose murk of grieving and despair. In order for the show to move on, Frankie has to move on. It’s like the show itself is saying “It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine.”

Also, she didn’t DIE. Which is much easier to deal with. Maybe she’ll come back! Probably not. But it’s nice to be left with an image of her in a cab instead of in a coffin.

We can picture her in the fab New York apartment that nobody can afford, getting high-pay, low-work photo gigs in the Meatpacking District and trying not to see Cat around every corner (just don’t go to The Scratcher, Frankie, ’cause Laura Fraser’s husband owns it). Frankie’s life goes on, somewhere out there.


Sadie has taken the cake juice with her to a club. She overhears a tourist trying to order a “Super Tennent’s,” which I would also like to try but can’t find anywhere.

Sadie rescues the hapless tourist and gets her a double vodka and tonic (and one for herself too, of course).

Sadie: What’s your name?
Gabriella: Gabriella. From Perugia, Italy.
Sadie: Gabriella, you’re a long way from the tourist trail.
Gabriella: (nods, obviously not comprehending at all)
Sadie: (pantomiming) Not normal for sightseeing.
Gabriella: Ah! But the book, um… says it’s a good place for finding action.


And we’re off! Sadie and Gabriella head right back to Frankie’s… er, Sadie’s flat. It turns out Gabriella is quite a squealer. They have loud sex that involves lots of condiments. Sadie seems to be having a great time — she did learn from the best, in terms of using sex as an escape. But I also think Sadie just really enjoys making a mess, judging by her destruction of that nice flat last season and now all this ketchup and mayo or whatever the British equivalent is all over the walls.


Oh, and in the next room, Lexy and Bea are having quieter sex that is just as happy. Isn’t it nice to see some naked bodies and some smiles?

Lexy: (giggling, as Gabriella shrieks in the background) What the fuck are they doing?

But then Lexy can’t really think or form sentences. But she’s still smiling.

And I’m smiling because there was some fairly realistic lady sex on my TV! And some screamy condiment sex, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lexy turns on some music to cover the screams. Guess who’s not having much fun during all this?


Tess puts a pillow over her head, but that wouldn’t work even if she could somehow tear the pillow in half and jam one entire half into each ear.

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  1. I can’t bring myself to hate Nora because the actress who plays her was a beautiful, awesome lady werewolf in Being Human and also her hair is kind of great.

    • This is troubling me; because now when I think of that actress in “Being Human” I find her annoying. I should rewatch Being Human, probably.

    • Yes, Sinead Keenan will always be Nina the werewolf to me so I have a hard time hating her as well.

    • And someone on the Lip Service Tumblr keeps posting pics of her. It doesn’t feel like a fan…more like her publicist or Keenan herself. It’s awkward when nothing is said, just these random pics. I’d fire the publicist.

    • Uuurgh it’s so rubbish that there are only six episodes each series.. Not to mention, it’ll be another two years before we get series 3..!

  2. WAIT is Frankie really leaving the show? I feel like I am watching somebody go out of business, like where the talent keeps dropping off and I wonder how they’re gonna keep going like this. Also I have strong feelings towards Frankie — I both hate her personality, and like looking at her face and posture. This episode she really annoyed me though, I feel like it makes sense w/in the context of the show, sorta, but i can’t imagine in real life anyone heartless enough to abandon one of their best friends after losing a mutual friend to a fatal car accident — and that being left by her mother would inspire her to leave tess, rather than perhaps inspiring her to become a better person than that, to stick around. So I sort of imagined she’d be back…

    Anyhow, I agree that Heather Peace killed it this episode. I don’t really like Sadie, but the way you write about Sadie makes me think I could like her, so I’m gonna try to like her. I’M REALLY OGNNA GIVE IT MY ALL.

    (Also that editor tumblr just changed my entire life, I don’t even know where to begin with that.)

    • Ruta Gedmintas (Frankie) said on twitter that we’ll have to wait and see as whether she’ll come back, but it was implied she does.

    • Riese, it makes sense to me that a person would leave if faced with what Frankie was faced with, leaving behind best friend or not.

    • I don’t see how Frankie would be able to go back to NYC anyway.

      If she can’t afford the rent when it’s shared between THREE people, how on Earth is she going to be able to afford that nice big New York apartment from the first ep?

      Sense : it makes none.

      • Since Frankie seems to never eat,she might be paying the rent by all she saves on groceries :)

  3. Frankie better be coming back or else what the fucking fuck?! I like her character, I want to see progress with her character. But I guess the highlight of this show for me will now be Sam getting over Cat enough for ‘stuff’ to happen with Lexy.

    Also can there be at least some representation of a fairly stable/faithful couple on this show? “I have a wife I really love but…” Why is there always a but?

    Also also I really loved Party Down too. I keep expecting that second season to happen.

  4. i really liked the hugh-and-tess fun time minutes in this episode. it was a nice break from the crying and the… weird.

  5. Is it just me, or is everyone in Glasgow a Lesbian?

    I mean, not that this would be a bad thing…

  6. i feel like the writers are taking us the lesbian community seriously the emotions feel real, the characters are being taken seriously. As much as this show has been a downer, i’m still hooked… as opposed to watching a glee episode…I don’t know how they softened Heather Peace’s jaw line (random observation) I don’t know if i’m upset about it or not, but her acting is just beyond delicious. I think there are 2 episodes remaining, if they are going to take two years between seasons then the last one had better be an hour long sex session between Lexy and Sam, something to tide us over.

  7. Cat and Frankie were my least favorite characters so I can’t say I’m going to miss them much though I’m probably the only one. I like that the show seems to be shifting to being about Lexy/Tess/Sadie with Tess as the new heart of the show. I’ve always really liked Tess so I’m okay with that. Sam still seems like an outsider, especially now Cat is gone. I really hope they work on integrating her better with the rest of the cast.

    Finally we get sexy times this week! I was wondering when we were going to see Lexy naked. I approve of her whole situation. And Sadie is really starting to grow on me too after hating her so much last season.

    Fun Fact: Lauren the editor also plays Madam Vastra(and a few other characters) on Doctor Who. Vastra was the kickass Silurian detective who was in a relationship with her female companion in “A Good Man Goes to War”(aka the episode that revealed who River Song really was).

  8. Is there only one jogging path in Glasgow? How do Sam and Lexy run into each other EVERY time they go running?

    • I got the impression from the last episode when Lexy fist ran into Sam on the jogging path that Lexy chose that path on purpose because she knew Sam jogged there and wanted an excuse to run into Sam.

  9. I LOVE Tess and hate that she’s always so unlucky. Her clumsiness and stuttery-ness is endearing. But there’s only so much unlucky Tess moments I can take before I start to cringe. But Fiona Button’s facial expressions deserve an award.

    I think it’s about time Tess got laid. Preferably with Lexy.

  10. I pretty much ONLY watched the show for Cat and Frankie.

    so now…. Tess is better this season then last, but her “actress” gig never really seam organic.

    Lexy is cute, so at least that is something. They really need to add better characters though if they want to survive.

  11. At this point, I’m just waiting for Sam and Lexy to hook up. Lexy has quickly become my favorite character on the show, besides Sam.

  12. ‘At this rate, Lexy, Sam will probably soon be ready to jump back on other kinds of horses too.’
    This reference reminded me of a comment Riese made in one of her SON recaps: ‘Obvs Nikki Stevens is busy riding Jenny’s strap-on hobby horse all weekend.’ #ReasonsWhyRieseIsHilarious

    Speaking of that, the parallel of the sex scenes in this episode reminded me of the first episode of Season 6 of The L Word – with Papi and some chick making ridiculous noises (with Alice and Tasha laughing at them in the next room saying ‘Who the hell makes noises like that?’) while Jenny meanwhile, was playing domfemme to Niki during rough sex. The scene with Bea and Lexy had a much sweeter vibe to it, though.

    This episode made me love Tess even more than I did before. She makes me miss England so much.
    I’m also starting to crush on Lexy. She’s cool.
    I really like the friendship between Tess and Ed. It’s nice.
    That was very ‘Frankie’ of Frankie to run away like that, I suppose.

    • sicksadworld, if Sadie is new Frankie and Tess is the new Cat (although I really don’t see Sadie as the new Frankie), the difference is of course that there’s no love or romantic/sexual attraction between Sadie and Tess.

  13. Great recap,pretty much exactly how i felt about the episode.

    And i am glad i am not the only one wondering if Frankie is on some sort of hunger strike.

    And i hope they get a season 3,but with more episodes,so they can get some more depth in the storylines.

    And allready in eager anticipation of a Sam Lexy hook up

  14. she DOES look like a sim. well spotted.
    I reckon Frankie will be back in the next couple of eps

  15. Lexy just cannot keep saying “I’m really out of shape” when she’s running all the time, can keep up with Sam and has a banging body. Whatevs Lexy, stop fishing for compliments

    • me too, she looks like a femmebot. But, I liked how they gave her some human emotions this time, before she just seemed like a robot in that she did not care about anything or anyone.

    • I originally hated Sadie for her complete lack of empathy… but now I hate her even more for bringing home that screamer and ruining the Lexy-Bea scene for me.

  16. I don’t understand how Sam hasn’t found the bracelet Frankie gave to Cat. Or did the car that hit her decimate the gold band/erase their fucking initials?

    • Or isn’t Sam looking for the necklace she gave Cat on their trip? Frankie still has that…

    • The cell phone text messages, or emails I don’t know what year is it. The initials bracelet in the bag. I guess we’re to go along and believe? Sam wants to think that Cat chose her, and wasn’t having sex with Frankie? Yeah! And where’s that necklace? Does Sadie have it?

  17. Ok firstly the screen caps in this recap were just superb! I also like that you mentioned the word tetchy as it is one of the best words ever, i’m sad you don’t have an equivalent.
    William Blake… Yes!
    Begonias now make me think of Cat when she was stoned. Now shes dead… too many feelings.
    Sadie would so have known how to spell En Suite she was a frigging estate agent! Come on now.
    I hate Nora so much, I want to rub salt and vinegar crisps in her eyes, Or make her eat them when she has a paper cut on her finger.

    Lastly, Every time I see a new crisp flavor it makes me sad that you Americans probably don’t get it.

  18. The woman playing Bea is now the second out lesbian actress on the show (along with Heather/Sam), so my guess is that’s why the sex scene with Lexy was realistic – a huge contrast to that horridly painful image of Frankie and the mortuary receptionist in last season that made me wonder how she got all these one-night-stand women wanting more.

    And the Mormon style guide link got me excited I was going to see some fashion tips on how to pull polyamorous women – sadly disappointed.

  19. It’s funny that you mentioned Lexy “deciding to do a guest spot on True Blood”

    Everytime Sadie and Lauren were on screen together, I thought I was watching a vampire movie. Lots of pale skin, red lips, black hair/clothes, emo energy…definitely twinning.

    I thought the “screamy condiment sex” was kinda hot in a don’t-put-that-on-me-I-don’t-like-being-sticky-and-hate-the-smell-of-ketchup kind of way.

    Hopefully Frankie returns. Tess is the only one left who I’m at least mildly attached to and she has the least interesting storyline at the moment.

    Lexy, keep being sexy…just not EVER with Sam.

    And Sadie, “you do you” – preferably NOT with Lauren again.

  20. So I’m probably the only one, but I’m kind of okay with just having Sadie replace all of Frankie’s screen time. She’s so much more entertaining.

  21. When reading through the comments on these recaps, somehow they all sound British. As in, I can’t stop imagining them being said in a British accent. It’s like going on vacation, but a lot, lot cheaper.

  22. Off topic, but is Lexy looking a little Joan Crawford? Grow in your brows a little! I love her but that side-eye in the second pic screamed NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!! Tess too…she’s got Bette Davis eyes. Ok, back to reading the recap!

    • I totally agree! I dunno why it bothers me so much, but I’m fairly sure I would like Lexy 10X more if she had normal eyebrows.

  23. One word recap of your recap: Awesome. The opening bit with the tv theme lyrics: hilarious! The Shonda Rhimes stuff: Bril!

    “Sadie, I didn’t like you all that much last season but this season you’re a goddamn life preserver.” THIS FOREVER.

    lololol @ “tidy cat.”

    Frankie, stay gone forever. I cannot with your neverending walking-about-town/leaning-against-a-tree-smoking stick model misery-mugging.

    Thank goodness for Hugh. What Tess needs is fun, frivolity and friendship!

    As I watched this episode, I would periodically shout out “WHERE’S CAT!?” as though last week’s atrocities hadn’t occurred. I miss Cat like hell. And having her minutes filled by Lexy and Sam will not stand. Fiona Button is the star of this show now. I hope the writers and producers make proper use of their realest actor.

  24. It’s weird, because I honestly prefer the characters of Lexy and Sadie to Cat and Frankie… but I still miss Cat and Frankie! Well, mostly Frankie, to be honest. Maybe I just need some time to grieve. Sam, Tess , Lexy, Sadie and Ed are all awesome characters, and I’m excited for them as the show moves forward. I do hope Ed stays in the picture.

    I can handle Frankie being gone for good, but I’m not sure she is. The storyline feels unfinished. Also, Frankie got SO HOT in the past few episodes. Despite the emaciation, which is usually a no-go for me. Why did intense grief increase her hotness in my eyes? Also her hair had a lot to do with it.

    Sadie is pretty much my favorite character now. AW! I really feel for her and enjoy her complexity. Her moments of softness/sweetness really touch me. Great dialogue for her too. I do think she and Frankie could still make a good match at some point…

    I ship Lexy and Sam and really don’t want Tess to get hurt in this situation. I just feel like Lexy and Sam could be a realistic couple, and Lexy would be better for Sam than Cat was. She’s a great combination of empathetic/understanding and laid-back. I feel like Sam needs someone like her.

    Lexy is hot and that sex scene was hot. Hot.

    Tess is the dearest dear.

    Heather Peace is a beautiful being.

  25. Thanks for the link to 4 p.m. Great little short! I wish it was longer or a full-length. I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it on the festival circuit years ago.

  26. Recapping really is an art form and I don’t know of anyone better than you! great read as always.
    I really liked this episode, it was alternately melancholy and sexy. I don’t think Frankie’s gone for good. There wasn’t enough build up and even though I didn’t like her last series, she’s grown on me and I want her back.
    I love Lexy now. she’s compassionate, laid back and funny in a weird way and she and Sam really need to get it on. Nowadays like Butch-in-progress’s name for them Saxy. Also, Heather Peace is amazing.
    Poor Tess. Things have to start looking up for her soon or I’ll lose it.
    And finally, Sadie has become someone I really enjoy. Frankie’s rejection and her reaction made me see her in a new light. I could see through the armor she wears for the first time.

  27. I ship Tess and Lexy because Tess needs more luck in her life, and they would make a cute couple, and also their ship name can be Texy, which makes me think of Texas which is funny because NEITHER OF THEM ARE TEXAN.

  28. Okay so as for “tetchy”, I thought it was “touchy”. =P

    Though I was still shocked by Cat’s death & reluctant to watch an entirely new show (however loving Heather Peace), I was surprised to find myself so drawn to Sadie. Except for the melodramatic coke scene some literally 30 seconds after Frankie walked out the door, I enjoyed watching her hunt.

    Was I the only one who felt like she was shagging herself during the Lauren sex scene? Maybe it was the obvious aesthetics (dark hair which kinda reminded me of Cat’s bob of last season, pale skin, blue eyes, red lips) but also that extremely self-confident power play. Coy-successful-magazine-editor Lauren = aloof-ex-successful-estate-agent Sadie. Especially in contrast to lost yet enthusiastic Italia.

    As for Frankie leaving, I don’t think she’s actually leaving the show. That’d be too much shock at once, right? & I don’t know if the writing could keep up. I mean, it’s not Game of Thrones. Lezbehonest.

    • Oh gosh imagine if it was like Game of Thrones!
      Tess is recruited to be the hand of Frankie, much to her chagrin. Frankie buggers off to the states to drown her sorrows by “chasing boars and counting whores (or is it the other way around?)” and Tess is left in the rat’s nest they call the Shagaflat to fend for herself. Sam (poor girl, hugs to you bb) is on the verge of going Brienne of Tarth-postal on the guy who killed Cat.
      Sadie sees Tess pining in pained silence for Lexy and says to Tess,
      “When you play the game of lesbians, you get laid or you want to die. There is no middle ground.”

      A doctor has travelled from a far away land across the narrow sea and another continent, (I hear she does hair commercials… in Qarth.) She is known as Lexy Price Sexyborn of House Australian. She is the Mother of Hotness.
      O_O Lip Service could be Game of Lesbians. I did feel for Frankie.. Hope she comes back.

      • HAHA! This is excellent. Would totally pay to watch a tale of medieval/ancient lesbians, possibly switching to a Mediterranean locale. Island of Lesbos perhaps? Made my morning!…until I just read that Maurice Sendak died. Which has absolutely nothing to do with thread but still makes me sad.

      • “When you play the game of lesbians, you get laid or you want to die. There is no middle ground.”

        This is possibly the truest thing I’ve seen in 2012.

  29. Omfg I was paraphrased in a scribegrrrl recap! How awesome!

    I’m filled with dread every time Hugh shows up on my screen, because I expect he’ll put the moves on Tess at some point. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to repeat Tess’ storyline from last season, but… they might. So I’m not able to enjoy him.

  30. “Also, don’t say “hit” and “Cat” in the same sentence, please.”

    I giggled uncontrollably.

    In fact, your recaps make me alternately giggle, smile, cry and laugh.

    I was and am still not really a fan of Sadie’s. I prefer to wait and see before I pass judgment.

    I would prefer to see Sam and Lexy together rather than Lexy and Tess (even though I’d like for Tess to be luckier in love) and I’m anxiously hoping we’ll get a glimpse of Sam and Lexy getting it on before the end of the season (I feel guilty, Cat did just die).

  31. Was it just me or when both Tess and Frankie ran out of the flat and across the road without looking was anyone else mentally screaming
    were they not taught the green cross code as children?

  32. I was reading all these comments and I got all these nice warm feelings from the kind words and then I got a little scared of the Game of Thrones comparisons. I don’t *really* want to see Sam put someone’s head on a stake!

    But you know, I feel like the overall sentiment about Lip Service is that we like it and we want it to be good. Which is nice.

  33. Anyone else check to see if the lyrics fitted the theme tune? Nope..? Just me then..

  34. frankie leaving is a bridge too far. i hope this an extremely brief hiatus. i didn’t care about cat dying, in fact i was pretty happy that she was gone, but i really won’t be interested in watching anymore if she doesn’t come back.

    i don’t buy sadie and the editor. and i want sadie with frankie. sadie is still absolutely fabulous though and i love her one- liners.

    it seems like creepy, pervy declan has replaced creepy, pervy jay. can’t the show just be rid of all the male assholes?

    i think sam and lexy have a ton more chemistry then tess and lexy.

  35. Lexy is going to save Sam one day when they causually bump into one another running. Sam will be having a post traumatic stress attack/panic attack/premature ventricular contraction and Lexy the doctor will be there to save her. They’ll get down on it and it will be the last scene of the season-bumming my hopes for Lexy and Tess.

    That premature ventricular contraction line was me trying to impress Lexy the doc. If she was real.

  36. i thoroughly enjoyed this recap. the show certainly has its moments for me, and by moments i mean every time Lexy is on screen. i just don’t get why a fair amount of the characters are cheaters. actually i should restate that as “i don’t like that a fair amount…”

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