Sunday Funday Opposes Amendment 1, Likes A Sexy Mechanic

Hi everyone! I missed your bright and smiling Internet personas while I was at Camp last week and I am very excited to be back. Can we pause and enjoy our reunion right now?

OK. I feel one hundred percent better now. Did you know every single one of the Clintons loves you? In addition, women make the best superheroes and I’m feeling really cuddly.

Happy Sunday Funday, and may your Cinco de Mayo hangover fade quickly.

Let’s Pour One Out for the Clintons

I love Hillary Clinton. I mean, who doesn’t? Honestly, let’s just take a moment to reflect, like this one when she stepped into Dhaka, Bangladesh:

But also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the other stuff she does and her really great family because to be honest, we totally should:

+ Guess which Clintons spoke out against Amendment 1 in North Carolina, a new piece of anti-gay legislation? The answers are (drumroll please)…


“I believe that everyone must stand up for what is right, whenever possible, wherever possible,” Clinton wrote in an email urging against the antigay ballot intiative to be decided Tuesday.

And Bill, whose message comes, alternatively, in the form of a robocall:

“If it passes, it won’t change North Carolina’s law on marriage,” President Clinton said in the message. “What it will change is North Carolina’s ability to keep good businesses, attract new jobs, and attract and keep talented entrepreneurs. If it passes, your ability to keep those businesses, get those jobs, and get those talented entrepreneurs will be weakened.”

+ Also, Hillary Clinton is being honored at London Pride:

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be honored with the World LGBT Award at the upcoming World Pride in London, this following the secretary of state’s speech on global gay and transgender rights before the United Nations in December.

Also receiving an award at the event in July is the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Association (IGLA).

Women Working on Cars Sounds Appropriate For Right Now

This article puts the “auto” in Autostraddle:

Car culture is dominated by men, largely because society (and car culture itself) unreasonably equates being a gearhead with being a man. Here are ten ways chosen by Jalopnik readers to help break down the barriers and encourage more women to become enthusiasts.

Ex-Gays Are Unpopular

Exodus International, an organization that has “offered hope and help to people seeking freedom over their homosexual impulses and behaviors” for way too long, cancelled their “Love Won Out” Conference Wednesday due to poor registration rates.

This Book is About Boobs

If a book about boobs made you feel like you were participating in a feelings-heavy feminist revolution, wouldn’t you wanna read it? According to Jezebel and Slate, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History might be proof that you should:

I don’t have any children yet, so my breasts are still more aesthetic than functional. I mostly use them as a food shelf, a cellphone case, and an in-flight pillow. When I was young and single and had less self-esteem, I used to joke that my breasts were “all I had” (good one, unhappy baby self!), but now that I’m older, I don’t have to rely on them to feel beautiful—for the time being, they’re just parts of me that fill my clothes and make my back hurt and, sure, make me feel pretty sometimes. I just don’t think about them that much anymore. Thanks to Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, a surprisingly emotional book by Florence Williams, though, that’s all changing.

Ellen is A Great Superhero

I know everyone was excited about Avengers, especially Lizz:

But wouldn’t it be about thirty to a zillion times better if Ellen was in it? Yes.

These Pinups are Also Great Superheroes

Illustrator Des Taylor has made women in spandex even more sexy with his faux magazine covers:

Who Doesn’t Love A Free T-Shirt

She works in mysterious ways. Like, as in, sometimes humanity comes in the shape of free t shirts:

A Cincinnati company has offered to donate printing for 500 T-shirts to a gay rights group for the Lexington Pride Festival after a local company, Hands On Originals, refused the order.

The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization filed a complaint with the city’s Human Rights Commission, which investigates alleged violations of Lexington’s fairness ordinance that protects against forms of discrimination including sexual orientation. Hands On Originals responded by saying the ownership’s religion-based refusal was due to the message of the shirt rather than the sexual orientation of the members of the GLSO.

Chris Swain, senior accounts manager of Cincy Apparel, said, “As business professionals, we have no right to judge our clients. Our job is to provide a service to the community.”

Can I Maybe Give You A Bear Hug

I just love you so much. No homo. (Yes homo.)

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  1. this calls for a chicks working on cars photo gallery. did this happen already? carmen, are u making it right now?


    also I second the desire for a gallery of ladies working on cars (planes, trains etc)
    I’m so attracted to people who could teach me to fix more things.

    omg those bear hugs

  3. I work on cars. But it’s never a pretty sight. I just love to find new ways to use my hands.Yeah. I said it.

  4. Surprised that there aren’t more lady-loving ladies who like cars.

    Cars are always female and you know, they have curvaceous bodies yeah.

    (I really don’t know what this comment was, my brain is fried by the cuteness in that bearhug picture ZOMG!!!)

  5. Loved that car list ^^ I’m mildly interested in cars, and I wanna learn more, which I’m working on.

    I grew up with a mixed bag of toys, so I had the dolls and the horses, but I also had the cars and the dinos, and according to my dad I used to know what brand a car was right away (I don’t now – how that works I have no idea XD), and I’ve been to a couple of races (I think I was around 8 once and maybe 10 or 11 the other). So I mean, I’m not a massive gear head, but with a little bit of research and practical work I’ll get there ;)

    Currently, I’m practising driving with my parents (hoping to get my license within a year at least, so I can finally apply to police school :P), and I’m planning on going home next weekend to help my dad with his big car. And there’s also the Morris I can work on :D

    Sorry, this got really long, and it’s all about the car thing SORRY ^^ I just suddenly got really excited about the prospect of learning more about cars and related stuff. :)

  6. I had a lengthy, and tequila-induced, discussion about the sexiness of pin-ups and female superheros last night. It is like you read my mind!

  7. The bear hug gallery just made my brain short circuit. Good job it’s Sunday!

  8. Aww bear hugs! I want the hugs! Sadly I don’t have any super-cuddly friends here in Paris… Guess that’s one more reason to look forward to getting back to Smith/Northampton, where I shall have an entirely unreasonable number of cuddle parties.

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