Lip Service Episode 201 Recap: The Necklace

Cast your mind back, if you will, to November 2010. Not because of Thanksgiving or the U.S. midterm elections or Jill Clayburgh’s death or Ingrid Pitt’s death — the two extremes of feminism, you might say — or for any other historical or cultural or seasonal item of note. But because that’s when the season/series 1 finale of Lip Service aired.

November 2010. That is 17 months ago! And I had to really think hard about that, because how often do you count out 17 months? It’s not a span of time that makes any kind of sense to the human brain. “Maybe I need another vacation. I went to Mykonos 17 months ago.” Nobody says that! “My job duties have really changed a lot in the last 17 months.” Nope. Never uttered. “But I told you all about this 17 months ago!” Take your Mayan calendar and your abacus and get the hell out of here.

But amyray, we’re back! Yes! We’re back in Glasgow, and even if you can’t say anything else about the inherent qualities of 17 months as a block of time, you can probably assume that it involved at least one haircut and/or new hairstyle. In this case, it involved at least 6.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. Which is the opposite of Frankie, who is behind on her bills.


Frankie looks more than different. She seems almost transformed somehow. I wasn’t really drawn to her at all last season, but something about her new look is making me look. What have you been up to, Mighty_Minto?

As Frankie sifts through the rubble of her fiscal wasteland, I get distracted by the lyrics of the song that is playing (“Keep Me in Your Heart” by Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat):

Keep me in your phone
Keep me on your key ring
Keep me rolling around about the bottom of your bag
And keep me in your hall
Keep me in your bathroom
Keep me hanging up, stretched out and dripping next to you

What? This is like a song you make up when you’re a kid and you’re just wandering around empty-headed and aimless, enjoying the sunshine and making sounds that turn into words but have no meaning behind them or really anywhere near them.

Frankie is not empty-headed at all, though: her brain is still saying CAT CAT CAT the way a stereotypical dog’s might (but I am not saying Frankie is a dog, unless you mean it in a cool “dawg” sort of way).

Frankie calls (I feel like I should say “rings,” but that would be pretentious of me) the object of her intermittent affection. After one of those charming double-rings, it goes to voice mail, so Frankie sends an email instead.


Apparently Cat’s email address is [email protected]. Hang on, I need to email her something real quick.


Frankie kind of rocks back and forth a bit, as if she’s feeling lost without Cat.


I do feel a little sympathy for her, but not enough to rock back and forth or anything. I am not anti-Frankie in a general way, but I am definitely on Team Sam.


And there’s my team! Sam and Cat are just getting back from a trip to Rio. They’re discussing an Awkward Airport Security Moment:

Cat: I told you we shouldn’t take any toys.
Sam: He so fancied you. I think we made his day!

Wait, why was that offstage? We need to see these things! But nope, we’ve moved on to kissing. Which is probably better than the airport security thing.


They’re so busy kissing, they don’t realize they’re at the end of the escalator. Cat almost trips and falls. This is no joke, people! Escalators can kill!

But looks can’t kill, even when they’re delivered by homophobes going up the other escalator. Sam just stares back and says “hi.” ‘Cause she’s great like that.

Cat plays with her necklace; Sam compliments her on it.

Cat: I wonder who gave me that?

I bet I know! That hot cop right next to you! And I understand your confusion: I wouldn’t remember who gave me my own name, let alone my necklace.

Suddenly they’re back at their apartment, and the sunglasses are on the other head. I don’t mean that like “the shoe’s on the other foot”; I mean the continuity person was napping (cf. previous kiss photo). Or maybe it’s all just part of the escalator-riding, toy-revealing, necklace-fiddling aura of young love.


Cat: Shouldn’t we at least unpack?
Sam: You seriously want to unpack?

Obviously the next line should have been “No, but I seriously want to see what you’re packing.” They set it up so perfectly, with that mention of the toys! What a missed opportunity.

They do end up doing it right there on the kitchen floor, but that’s offstage too. This time I don’t care, because it’s a preposterous idea: who really wants to have sex when they’re just getting home from a trip? I’m not saying Cat had a better idea, because I don’t want to unpack the minute I get home either. But sex? No. The first thing you do when you get home from a trip is order some food, flop down on the couch, and catch up on all the TV you missed while you were away. This is true even if Sam is present, and I do not say that lightly.


Tess is trying to watch her new girlfriend (Fin, the “spark” she met at the end of last season) play football. Doesn’t she look enthralled?


Fin even scores a goal.

Then the ball finds its way to the fence near Tess, and Fin and her mates expect Tess to kick it back onto the field. Like you would.


She resists, then finally gives it a try. It goes about 1.2 feet, so she picks it up and throws it instead. It goes a teeny bit farther. Poor Tess! All the footballers are chuckling and tsking and making it very clear that she’s not a real lesbian. All Tess can do is sigh and wince.

They all go for breakfast, where Fin’s friends continue to mock Tess’s lack of athleticism and love of sleeping late.

Fin: Oy! Leave her alone. She’s got plenty of other skills.


As another somewhat artistic type who has been in the presence of taunting athletic types, I feel your pain, Tess. But I don’t think the feisty footballers really mean anything by it; it’s just their “way,” you know? Just pretend you’re in Bend It Like Beckham. Except instead of Keira Knightley (yawn) or Parminder Nagra (shrug), you’ve got Fin, who’s just as cute and way more gay. (And much to everyone’s great relief, she looks nothing like that other Fin(n).)

Despite the awkwardness (or maybe because of it), I’m happy to see Tess! Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact that Tess is played by Fiona (cute as a) Button. Talk about an aptonym.

Wait, maybe I’m already over Fin. Ed texts Tess about an upcoming play, and Tess asks Fin whether she wants to go. Fin mumbles about being busy. I would love to go to the theater with you absolutely anytime, Tess. I’d even sit through the lobotomizing production of Jean Genet’s The Maids that I endured off-Broadway last month. Hmm. Maybe I take that back. Is Sam coming too?


Bored Frankie is watching boring TV. But this new flat looks pretty fab. As in, you could probably buy some of those pillows and things on


Like everyone else in the world, when TV fails her, Frankie turns to the internet. She starts to check her mail; there’s a message with the subject “Fwd: Scotland Form,” sent to [email protected]. Before we can think about what that might mean, Tess breezes in and Frankie slams her MacBook shut. Yeah, be careful, Frankie: it’s one thing for Tess to catch you underneath a grunting Jay, but you mustn’t scar her for life with the sight of you reading email.

Frankie: Have you had any more calls about the ad?
Cat: Uh, a bloke who sounded excited about living with lesbians, and a woman who sounded drunk.

See how much shorter the whole roommate search thing could have been on The L Word?

Frankie expresses her strong desire to get a flatmate very soon. She’s not even sure she’ll be able to pay her own share of the rent much longer, if she doesn’t get a job. I don’t understand how the person who had that amazing apartment in NYC last season can suddenly be out of money. They don’t even let you stand on the same block as an apartment like that if you’re not pulling down a cool 10 mil a year.

Frankie asks Tess whether she’s heard from Cat. Why, yes, as a matter of fact, Tess has. This news turns Frankie into a Lichtenstein painting.


Frankie’s eyes seems so much more alive so far this season. I guess suffering really does build character?

Frankie jumps up and leaves in a burst of feigned nonchalance. “Bye?” shrugs Tess.

Frankie stomps along and finds herself staring up at the window of Cat’s flat, much like she stared up at the window of Cat’s office in the very first episode. But this time the face at the fenester is Sam’s. At first I want her to see Frankie, but then I don’t, and she doesn’t. It’s much too soon for the triangle to come crashing in on itself!


At a … hmm, some sort of quirky vintage shop, Tess ruminates while Ed stands patiently by. Awww, Ed.

Tess is worried about Frankie, who hasn’t even slept with anyone since breaking up with Sadie. Ed gripes about his own dry spell. Tess assures him that he’ll have plenty of groupies once his book is published, but he doesn’t want to wait that long.

Ed: I’ve decided I’m gettin’ laid tonight.
Tess: Ah. It’s gay disco night at Rubies; I kind of told people we’d go there.

Poor Ed. He’s pretty much the Eeyore of this group. (Also, poor us that “disco” doesn’t actually mean disco the way it did on Glee last week. I’d pay good money to see Sam do that pistols-at-your-hip disco move, or the lasso thing. Or pretty much all of Nick’s disco routine in the “Discos and Dragons” episode of Freaks and Geeks.)

Tess tries to get Ed to focus on the task at hand: helping her find some clothes that say “serious actress.” Ed wants to know why Fin isn’t doing this instead.

Tess: She’s at work. And anyway, shopping’s not really her thing.

As a sentient life form with more than one brain cell, Ed finds it amusing that Tess would date someone who’s more into football than shopping.

Tess: Well, at least she’s nice to me, unlike every other woman I’ve dated.

Tess! I would be nice to you. And I would make you go to lots of theater but no football. Actually, never mind: I don’t really want to date you at all. But my girlfriend and I would both like to hang out with you and help you memorize your lines or anything else. Because you’re cute as a Button, Fiona!

Tess also notes that the sex with Fin is grrrrrreat.

Tess: Most of my other girlfriends have been really selfish in bed. But she’s, like, really, really… Well, she’s just… she’s just really good.


Ed and the rest of us were about to drool for a minute there. Stop tantalizing the Eeyores, Tigger Tess!

Tess claims not to be worried about not having enough in common with Fin and notes that they’ve only been together for 2 months. 2 months? It’s been 17 on my planet! Einstein should be glad he only had to deal with the twin paradox, rather than TV perplexities.


At chez consternation, there’s a knock at the door.



“Come in,” says the spider to the fly. Cat looks terrified or thrilled or something. I don’t know what to do with my hands or feet or eyebrows or corpuscles right now, because this sort of situation is exactly what makes this show so deliciously maddening.

Having confirmed that Tess is out, Cat only gets more terrified. But she apologizes for not telling Frankie that she was back in town, and inquires as to Frankie’s health.

Frankie: Been better. It’s not been fun sitting around waiting to find out what you want.
Cat: Well, now you know how it feels.

Ouchie. Wait, I think I just figured out why Frankie is so much more appealing to me this season. She sorta looks like Delirium of The Endless.

I met a lady once who had an imaginary fish.

I don’t mean this as a negative thing. I’ve always adored Delirium — and she used to be called Delight. Maybe when Cat fell in love with Frankie originally, she was more on the Delight end of the spectrum.

Cat apologizes for her below-the-belt retort. Frankie, proving she’s British through and through, offers Cat some tea.

Frankie: Tess seems to have gone all lesbian on me and brought a million herbal varieties.

That joke never gets old! Actually, maybe it just did.

They banter a little about Tess and tea, and Cat seems a little more friendly. Frankie steps forward to make her move, but Cat is steadfast.

Cat: I can’t sleep with you anymore, Frankie. It was a mistake.

Ouchie again! Cat insists that she loves Sam and doesn’t want to leave her, but when Frankie forces her hand with “And you don’t love me?” a cat gets Cat’s tongue. And then this happens.


But Cat pushes Frankie away with an “I can’t do this” and pushes herself right out the door.

I still don’t quite understand why or how or what the whole story is, but I’ll admit that there was some chemistry in that kiss. (If you’re on Team Frankie, this is where you yell “SOME?!” at the device on which you’re reading this. Try to do it on the subway or in a crowded Starbucks, because that way you can identify other team members and maybe reenact the scene [complete with tea, if you’re in the second location].)

At the office, Jay is looking at pictures of hot ladies and working on his Stanley Tucci impersonation.


They talk about work and pitches and clients and plans, until Cat asks Jay if he’s got something to smoke.

Cat: I don’t mean cigarettes.

Aaaaand that’s why the second season premiered on 4/20!

But hang on a tic: is this the buttoned-up Cat we thought we were getting to know way back in 2010? I guess we might not know her very well yet; after all, 6 episodes does not a full-fledged character make. But toking up at work just doesn’t seem like her style. Jay doesn’t think so either, but accepts her excuse of “I just went to see Frankie.”

So they smoke up on the roof, and before Cat even takes a hit, she gets all blabby and tells Jay that she slept with Frankie just before the Rio thing.


OK. Let’s think about this. Either Cat (1) is really desperate for a confidant and will take whatever she can get; (2) secretly wishes Sam would find out the horrible truth and is therefore telling the loosest-lipped person she knows other than Tess; or (3) got bit by some exotic Brazilian spider of the genus and species Ploticus Advancerarius. My money is on 3.

Cat insists that Sam can’t find out. Oh, Cat: generally, when the goal is to keep a secret, you should slam shut your MacBook or your mouth, not let them flap. And then when Jay tries to understand the whole thing, Cat refuses to talk about it anymore. I’ve heard this is a known effect of the spider bite: you go from Chatty Cathy to Silent Bob in the space of 20 seconds.


Frankie seeks solace in her mother’s bosom. OK, not literally: this isn’t Boardwalk Empire.

Just like Cat did, Frankie’s mom says she hasn’t called because she’s been busy. Also, she reckons her liaison with Frankie’s dad was pretty much a mistake.


A real cat ran by while Frankie and her mum were talking about Cat. It wasn’t a black cat, but this whole relationship is obviously cursed and/or a fairy tale.

Frankie’s mum’s husband comes home then, and Frankie is unceremoniously escorted out the side door. Shoo, black sheep!


Back in the high-stakes world of architectural nonspecificity, Cat and Jay are off their faces. Alistair sees this as a perfect time to tell them that they’ll have to do a Very Important Presentation in just a few short/long/timeless-by-virtue-of-hash hours.


Cat is trying to retain control by repeating nouns and moving verrrry slowly and keeping her face as still as possible, but she’s still really obviously stoned. She and Jay giggle about Volvos or something. The only thing that’s missing is a groovy soundtrack.


I sorta want to put this recap on hold so I can eat some special brownies, but I’ll refrain. See how I sacrifice things for my art?


In an idyllic spot that might be a garden but might just be Scotland generally, Frankie comes upon Buddha Sadie.


Frankie accuses Sadie of arranging to have her rent raised, out of spite or heartbreak. But actually, Sadie is no longer an estate agent, which is probably a good thing considering her kleptomaniac and property-destroying tendencies. Plus her unemployed state seems to have bestowed some profound wisdom upon her:

Sadie: It’s not my fault you’re unhappy, Frankie. Sort yourself out and stop acting like a fucking cock.

I have achieved enlightenment!

Natasha O’Keeffe had an air of “I am a fan favorite, bitches” as she delivered that line. Well done.


At the flat with the ballooning rent, there’s a knock at the door.


Meet Lexy, the perfect potential flatmate. She is a doctor from Australia. She is not a serial killer.

Lexy: I used to dabble, but it was murder getting the bloodstains out of my clothes.

Punny! Now that this Australian accent has been tossed into the mix, I think Lip Service has reached the sexy accent saturation point. Yes, I’m a shallow, easily impressed American. Oooh, speaking of that, let’s not add an American accent to the list anytime soon, OK? Are you listening, Harriet Braun? (And does Ruta Gedmintas really call you “haribo“?! Because that is delightful.)

Lexy has been living with her grandmother. And it seems that serial killer line was apparently just the tip of the droll, witty Lexy iceberg.

Lexy: I wouldn’t mind; it’s just she’s got a lot of pets and I’m trying to kick the whole bestiality thing.

Silly Tess. You’re sharper than that; you were just temporarily dazzled by the whole Sexy package. (I promise this is the last time I’ll call her Sexy. Too easy.)

Lexy likes the flat, and she likes Tess’s country-and-western CDs. Well, OK, I like Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison too, but we can’t really let that represent the whole genre, can we? That’s like saying you’re a fan of wrought iron because you like the Eiffel Tower.

But Tess and Lexy sure do have a lot in common, especially compared to the whole awkward footballer scene earlier. Lexy even loves Uncle Vanya.

Lexy: They’re doing it at the Tron, aren’t they?
Tess: Yeah, actually, uh, I’m playing Sonya.
Lexy: (quite impressed) Really?!
Tess: (nodding)
Lexy: That’s so cool!

Genuine smiles all around!


Not quite the reaction you got from Fin, eh, Tess? It is very cool, and I can definitely picture you as Sonya. You might not be as amazing as Mamie Gummer was when she made Maggie Gyllenhaal look like an amateur a few years ago, but I’d still like to see your interpretation.

Also, Lexy, as I’m sure you know, Sonya’s love interest in Vanya is a doctor. Maybe you can run lines with Tess, just so she can get the feel of things.

Tess: I bought a selection of tea the other day, so that when we have guests, I can say, “Do you want a cup of tea? We have a selection.” Um… do you want one?
Lexy: Oh, only if you have a selection.

It’s all going far too swimmingly. Surely doom is on the horizon.


Back at Smiley Face Office, Cat is trying to sober up. She tries splashing cold water on her face and wonders whether there’s a tea one can drink. I’ll bet Tess has that in her selection!


Cat: Fffaaahhhkk.

Actually, I’m not sure you can really say Fffaaahhhkk when you have Cat’s lovely accent. It’s more like Ffffuuuoohhkk.

Jay is not helping Cat at all, except in the sense of making everything seem extra hilarious.


And then they really have to do this presentation. They’re still a little giggly, and Jay has the munchies, but Cat mostly seems serene and philosophical. She tries to remember the name of “those lovely orange-pink flowers,” the ones with the different color on the edges so it seems “like someone’s drawn it on with pen.”


Suddenly Cat remembers what those flowers are called: begonias.

From now on, whenever I have an a-ha moment, I’m going to call it a begonias moment.

Cat turns the presentation over to Jay, who’s too busy munching and tells the clients, “If you don’t go for this pitch, we might starve to death!” — which causes Cat to do a spit take that is somehow not as funny as the begonias moment.


The flatmate interview is still going swimmingly. Tess asks Lexy whether she’s got any “pets or kids or wives” to worry about, but nope, Lexy is “footloose and fancy-free.” Aaaaand cue Frankie.




I’m sure you don’t need the explanation, really, but it’s refreshing that Frankie is straightforward about it:

Frankie: We hooked up, and I was a bit of a cock and left without saying goodbye. But if it’s any consolation, I’m often a cock, so it really isn’t personal.

If you close your eyes while Frankie’s saying that, you’ll think you’re listening to the dulcet tones of Lena Headey. They even look a bit alike.


OMG, Frankie’s a Lannister! This explains so much.

Lexy tries to make a hasty exit, but Tess doesn’t let her and pleads with Frankie to apologize. And you know what, Frankie does!

Lexy: Ah, fuck it. Life’s too short to bear a grudge.

Hooray! Lexy’s even going to go to Rubies with them tonight. Tess is delighted. She’s slightly less delighted when Fin comes in; Tess forgets her manners and wanders off, leaving Fin to introduce herself as “Tess’s girlfriend.” Uh-oh.


Cat and Sam are getting ready for gay disco night. Once again I’m sad that this doesn’t involve flared jumpsuits or platform shoes. But it does involve a new look for Sam.

Cat: I like you with a bit of eye makeup. It suits you.


Hmm. I’m not sure about the eye makeup. But please say the word “suit” in every episode, Cat, because it reminds me of Helen Stewart.

Cat is knackered and doesn’t want to go out. Funny: all this time, I thought “knackered” meant “exhausted,” but now I know it means “terrified I’m going to shag Frankie right there on the dance floor.”

Sam: That last thing you need is to sit around brooding about that bloody pitch. A couple of drinks will do you good.

So close! You’re only off by one consonant, Sam.

And then we’re all at Rubies, toasting Ed’s great success. Ed is still dismayed that he’s celebrating at a gay bar, where he can’t get laid. But Jay says he can find the ladies anywhere, if he has the “three C’s.” Fin doesn’t know what those are. Frankie does! “Cocky, confident, and charming.” Sam and Cat have opposite reactions to this notion.


Sam: Alternatively, Ed, you could just try being friendly and see if you have anything in common.
Frankie: Oh, yeah, if you wanna send people to sleep.
Sam: (with a steely stare) Yeah? It worked for me.

Lexy senses the tension in the room. Even the emotionless robot in Ed’s sci-fi novel can sense it. So Jay changes the subject to Lexy, who works in A & E at a hospital (accident and emergency, aka an ER.) Turns out Sam spent a lot of time there when she was training.


Lexy seems more than a little interested in Sam. Why doesn’t Cat care?

As usual, Jay knows how to turn the party up a notch: he’s brought some coke with him. Lexy and Frankie are totally up for it, but Ed tries (and fails) to resist. So they all go into a stall together.

Ed: What if something goes wrong?

Lexy uses her doctor-ness to assure him that he’ll be fine. But I don’t know, Ed: right before watching this, I caught part of an episode of Locked Up Abroad in which this upstanding former soldier found himself smuggling hash into the UK. Something definitely went wrong there. He was OK, because he was a black belt, but I’m guessing you’re not.


Ed: If I die, tell my parents it was peer pressure.

Is it wrong of me to sometimes want Ed to end up with Tess after all? He’s such a sweet little Eeyore.

Cat wanders into the bathroom, just in time to see Frankie come out of the stall.


Many long, lingering looks pass between them. Expect to see this sentence several times this season.

It looks like Frankie’s about to kiss Cat, but she decides to just tease her a little instead. Which is exactly how you get Cat to stare at you on the dance floor even though another hot lady in a tank top is sitting right next to her.


Sam warns Tess and Fin that the honeymoon phase ends before you know it, but Fin thinks she and Tess are going to live happily ever after. Just in time, she spots some of her football mates across the bar and invites them over. Tess and Cat head to the dance floor — not to dance; just to grumble.

Cat: They are a bit laddy locker-room, aren’t they? Not Fin. She’s great.
Tess: Yeah, I just… I wonder whether it matters that we’re both so different.

Cat doesn’t care about that; she’s worried about how well Frankie and Lexy seem to be getting along. Tess fuels those jealous flames by revealing that Frankie and Lexy already have a history. What would their couple name be, I wonder? Frexy? Lankie? Yeah, definitely Lankie. They go outside to have a smoke, where Frankie immediately confesses that she’s pining for someone.

Lexy: You know what they say. The best way to get over one girl is to get under another.

Do they say that? Maybe. But do you have to say it? I liked you better when you were making morbid/provocative jokes and flirting with Tess.


Ed, who’s also feeling pretty happy/corny, is noticing that various blokes are checking him out. Go for it, Ed! You didn’t specify how you wanted to get laid, exactly.

Meanwhile, Lexy clarifies that she’s not volunteering to be the girl that Frankie gets under. Because Lexy doesn’t “make the same mistake twice.”

Frankie: You’re right; I generally am a mistake.

Stop that. I know you’ve heard it three times already in this episode, but God doesn’t make mistakes. Ricky Martin said so, and I believe him because he was the only thing that got me through the current snooze of a revival of Evita on Broadway.

Lexy asks whether “the cop” is seeing Cat.

Frankie: Yeah, they’re together. Although, I wouldn’t let that put you off. Relationships are just things people do before they fuck someone else.

Whoa. That is too dark for me. Do you really believe that, Frankie? Or are you just trying to shock Lexy and/or prove you won’t be impressed by her bestiality and serial killer jokes?

On the dance floor, Jay and Tess and Ed are jumping and dancing and tripping (in Tess’s case, literally). I know this is required stuff for a bar scene, but it makes me happy anyway. Damn these likeable characters!

Over by the bar, Cat is moping. She thinks Lexy and Frankie have gone home together, so she grabs Sam and they leave. Way to bring down the evening, Cat.

Oh, but it gets worse when they get home.

Sam: I’m ready to hit the hay. I’m getting too old for partying on a school night.
Cat: Hang your towel up in the bathroom on the way, will ya?

She says this in a very vehement way.


I am a rather tidy person too, but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite that offended by a towel on the floor. And of course that’s not what’s really bothering Cat. Sam knows this, but she thinks Cat is still “stressing about that bloody pitch.” So she gives up and goes to bed.

Cat soon retires too, and apologizes for “being a harpy.”

Sam: You were, a bit. Quite a lovable one, though. You’ll be OK, you know? As my dad always says, good things happen to good people.

But she’s not… oh, never mind. Let’s just go to sleep.


Back at Rubies, Fin and her mates are still talking about football. A bored, frustrated Frankie identifies her next victim.


They go back to Frankie’s flat — insert one more herbal tea joke — and I have to turn on the captions to understand what Janice/Gwen Stefani is saying. I feel bad about this, and then I feel disappointed because Janice isn’t saying anything interesting.

Looks like Frankie is a little disappointed too. She just can’t get into this and sends Janice home.

Janice: Christ, one of these days, I’ll actually meet a lesbian who isn’t a total fuck-up.

I hope you do! And I hope she won’t mind if I turn on the captions for her too. I’m so ashamed.


With all that Cat-Sam-Frankie stuff threatening to level Rubies, I sorta failed to notice how drunk Tess was getting. The next morning isn’t kind.


Tess is scared to go to rehearsal, but Frankie assures her she deserves this chance and she’ll “nail it.” Frankie is a good friend. But she’s moping about the bills again, so they decide to ask Lexy to move in. Even though Tess is a little hesitant about the potential for more hookups.

Frankie: Tess, it was one fuck! I fuck a lot of people!

I am praying to Ricky Martin’s god right now that we don’t have an episode where they all talk about how many women they’ve slept with and who’s a “lone star” or a “gold star” and who’s going to start using the new Swedish pronoun. But I don’t think we will, because so far this show doesn’t seem interested in Very Special Episodes. I’m going to get my heart broken, aren’t I?

Frankie teases Tess about possibly being interested in Lexy herself, but Fin shows up just in time to end that particular line of questioning. I like fun little scenes like this one. Maybe someday someone will make a lesbian version of Three’s Company.


(Frankie is standing between two hanging globe lamps that I will henceforth think of as the Leia lamps.)

Nearby, Cat and Sam aren’t having as much fun. Sam’s co-worker is supposed to come over for dinner tonight, but Cat has forgotten all about it. Maybe she told you about it 17 months ago?

Cat recovers nicely and is sweet to Sam. I wish she weren’t pretending.


Tess is nervous about rehearsal, and Fin isn’t helping much. She tries to cheer Tess up with kisses and lovin’, but it’s not what Tess needs right now. Tess mopes out the door, intent on being early to rehearsal.

And she is indeed early. Early enough to curl up on a Chekhovian couch and go to sleep.


By the time the other actors arrive, Tess is slumbering soundly. The director wakes her up, but the damage has been done: the other actors think she’s a drunk. This is mostly because she has a bunch of little bottles sitting on the couch next to her; she got them for free at the club last night. She tries to explain this, but it’s not the sort of thing you can explain. “No, I swear I’m not a terrorist. They were giving away these packets of C-4 at the Army surplus.”

One of the other actors — I’ll bet he’s playing the jolly/conflicted doctor in Vanya — reveals that he always “likes a little tipple” before rehearsal and carries a flask for just that reason. Tess starts to protest, but knows a kind soul when she sees one.

Are we going to get to see the actual rehearsals? My favorite show of all time (or maybe tied with Mad Men) is Slings and Arrows. Can this be the lesbian Slings and Arrows AND the lesbian Three’s Company?!

But it might be more like Smash, because Nora, the actress playing (I assume) Elena, is a lot like Ivy Lynn in attitude and appearance. Terrific.

Everyone introduces themselves, but Tess doesn’t have much to say about her past roles. She ends up telling them that she played a corpse on The Bill.


Her new friend comes to her rescue, but that Nora is definitely going to be trouble. Will this play be more like Chekhov or more like God of Carnage?

Tess goes home, hoping for a little quiet and relaxation. But Fin’s football mates are on their way over. Great first day of rehearsal, right, Tess?


At at her own workplace, all Cat wants to know is whether Frankie and Lexy went home together last night.

Jay: I thought you were happy with Sam.
Cat: I am happy. She’s beautiful and kind and I don’t want to lose her.

As Buffy would say, “you’ve got ‘but’ face.” But? BUT WHAT, CAT???

Jay reminds Cat that Frankie isn’t “the most reliable,” and Cat knows he’s right. But something in her begoniaed brain seems to have gone right past right and wrong and into “why not?”

And at her flat, with no job to distract her, Frankie lies around and broods about Cat. She is fondling a postcard that Cat sent her way back in 2007 (when they were presumably a couple). The postcard has a picture of Sid James on it.

Because she’s a romantic and a ruiner, Frankie scribbles a message on the postcard (“Dear Babs, let’s carry on”) and has it messengered over to Cat at her office. The resultant sweet smile on Cat’s face upsets me way more than a sloppy towel on the bathroom floor ever could.


Cat’s emotions are already all over the place, so why don’t we stir them up a bit more? Alistair, the boss, strolls up to tell Cat and Jay that their hash-hazed pitch was actually successful. However, Cat doesn’t get to manage the account; it’s all Jay’s.


Cat, when are you going to sue your stupid boss? She tells Jay she’s the victim of discrimination, but then she just gets angry and throws some files down and says she doesn’t give a shit anymore.

She does give a shit about one thing, though. So, moth-like, she goes right to her flame. She and Frankie meet somewhere cloudy for a drink.

Cat: I can’t leave Sam.
Frankie: Yeah, you told me that yesterday.

Cat says “oh, right” and goes home to Sam. I WISH. No, this is what happens:

Cat: We could still see each other.
Frankie: (blinking in disbelief)
Cat: If you want me, this is the way you can have me till I’ve worked out what to do.
Frankie: So… I’m supposed to sit on the sidelines while you continue to fuck your wife.

Words like “stupid” and “ludicrous” and “laughable” are not at all sufficient. Somewhere deep down, both Frankie and Cat agree with me. But it doesn’t stop them.


They are actually in a back alley or parking garage or something. Just to drive home the seediness of it all. And there’s an equally unsubtle moment when Frankie encounters Cat’s necklace (the one Sam gave her) and Cat says, “Oh, fuck that. Just fuck me.”

I’m sorry, Team Frankie people, but I’m still confused! I do see more chemistry between them this season, but this is a terrible idea for everyone involved and it’s all going to end in tears. Mostly mine.


Sam is home. Making dinner for her dinner guests. Waiting. I’m starting to think Cat doesn’t deserve you, Sam. Maybe I’ll switch to Team Lexy!

Cat finally comes home, looking guilty and heading for the bathroom to “freshen up” (i.e., de-Frankify herself). She proceeds to drink her way through dinner and then throw it all right back up again. What a charming host you are, Cat.

Sam tries to understand and blames it all on a tough day at work. But she should worry about that look on Cat’s face.


But Sam just says “I know” and holds her tight. Is it still 4/20? Because now I’m the one who needs to get off my face, in order to get over this episode.

And yet I’m sooooo glad this show is back!

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  1. Last season, I thought I hate Frankie. But now I realize it’s Cat who should LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK. And Fin is being a bit of a dick, but the explanation “we don’t have anything in common” is not really the problem– the problem is that Fin isn’t respecting the things that Tess likes.

    I’m so happy this show is back.

    • I agree with everything! Frankie continues to annoy me, but I am struggling to be sympathetic to Cat when she is so consciously douchey to Sam. SAM MY HEART. (And everyone else’s.)

      I read that Lexy/Frankie dialogue as Frankie trying to encourage Lexy to go after Sam just to mess with that relationship. See, annoying, but I am cool with this because I’m ALREADY Team Sam/Lexy. Or Team Lexy/anyone really.

  2. I seriously couldn’t concentrate during Jay’s scenes because of his likeness to Stanley Tucci. Thought it was a good episode overall though and the new doctor/roommate character seems promising. Excited for more recaps too!

  3. No way is Frankie a Lannister, she lives in the frozen north, she mopes around all the time, gets in the way of her own happiness, everything is sad and bad and all her family die but then wait no they’re not really dead – she’s so a Stark. I can just see it, “relationships are just things people do before they fuck other people. And winter is coming.”

    • Season 1 Frankie is more of a Lannister than Stark. she has all these wicked schemes, etc. but based on this recap, it’s Cat now who’s turned into a Lannister. Season 2 Frankie is more of the Stark bastard (the night’s watch guy).

      and based on this recap, Tess is King Robert.

      • No no no, season one Frankie’s not wicked and cunning and twincestuous, she’s more tormented and cynical and bitter and taking it out on the world. If anyone she would be The Hound I guess? And Sam is more like Robert, all unaware of the lies and corruption and her impending doom.

        I think I need to re evaluate my life.

    • woah it’s a bit insulting to say that the Starks just sit and mop in arround in the North. Have we read the same books or even seen the same show? Starks are no punks… Just saying.

      • I love Starks, I have a Stark t shirt seriously it’s a problem, but you can’t deny that they’re all a bit melancholy? Like a kick ass sort of melancholy but still.

    • Sam is more of a Ned Stark. Noble, righteous, faithful, valiant. She may not be completely aware of said impending doom, but like Ned, she’s def. aware that not everything is peachy keen all up in King’s Landing. She already knows Frankie is murky waters. War is coming!

  4. I felt like I’ve totally been where Cat is, where Frankie is, and where Tess is, so this episode was really cool! I feel like most of my relationships with guys were like Tess’s with Fin. I thought it was interesting for them to do that, it reminded me of how in hetero shows, scenes like Tess coming home and needing a rest and getting bombarded by her gf’s football fans, are like every scene of the show and are usually a joke.

    i feel like Cat is doing that thing where you’re doing something so self-destructive that it’s impossible to think clearly or do anything right, like the amount of sanity you have to let go of to have that kind of affair trickles into every aspect of your life and you just wanna get high and also disappoint people because you’re already disappointing yourself so much that you can’t hold it in. it’s like a free-fall and you run out of fucks to give, hoping the end is near and that you won’t have to be the one to create that end. i don’t even know if that makes sense, anyhow

    that being said, just like you said in the recap, i really don’t get it! the cat/frankie thing. i can see how frankie would romanticize cat as this responsible perfect female, but aside from what everybody sees in frankie -the intensity, the allure of being the One Person who can break through the player’s emotional walls — i don’t get what either of them are thinking, i feel like they’d make a terrible couple, like it would be Tina dating Shane or something.

    Anyhow! Yay! I’m so glad that you’re recapping this, also i love that fucking gif,

    • YES! TINA AND SHANE. it’s the weirdest pairing ever. cat even has that tina-esque (and super-annoying) pensive worried upset face 100% of the time. girl’s gonna get a serious frown line if she doesn’t calm tf down.

      • Yeah, def. feeling the Tina/Shane pairing. Except I immediately thought Bette only because of Cat’s OCD, high strung tendencies and then the Bev/Shaun clip from Lez Girls came to mind. *shiver* But, it def. is more Tina with her little anxieties and insecurities. YES to that wrinkle! I stare at it all the time. Especially in that gif on page 3 with like 4 wrinkles.

    • I was just about to ask–is there anyone rooting for Frankie? You’ve answered my question: there is at least one person!
      I have a hard time believing her and Cat as friends, let alone soul mates.

  5. Frankie needs to stop sulking all the time. She’s just like Shane (and no, unlike most people, I never bought “but Shane is a good friend, that’s her redemption”) screwing up and then sulking when she gets called out for her bs. The Frankie-Cat angst is grating.

    Love Tess. She’s so funny and cute. But this whole ‘too femme for Fin’ thing is weird seeing as last season she was wearing boyfriend jeans and pink men’s-type shirts.

    I like Sam now and so Cat’s cheating annoyed me.

    I also like the Australian, Lexy. Nice to see some Aussie representation but her introduction on the show was kind of lame.

    • I don’t think the problem with Tess’s relationship is that she’s too femme–it’s that they don’t share interests. The clothes you wear are not a predictor for being interested in sports.

      • Oh, to clarify. I’m not saying they are. I think what I meant to say was that there was no indication last season that she only dates other femmes, so I disagreed with Ed’s ‘surprise’. Also, that comment about the clothes came out totally wrong. That wasn’t my intent at all. I’m a femme myself and I like sports.

          • i agree i was also surprised by ed’s comment — i never got the idea that she preferred femme girls

        • The comment about clothes was supposed to be a totally separate comment about Tess just dressing more femme this season.

  6. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t see what the big deal is about Sam. Everyone seems to love her and swoon over her and I’m just like “Eh.” I don’t think she’s that attractive. *ducks*

    I do like Heather Peace though, she’s cool. Also, Ruta Gedmintas makes me swoon. Her lips and eyes are beautiful. And Fiona Button is definitely cute as a button! Love her.

    Great recap btw :)

    • Yep, also don’t see what’s so hot about Sam, although probably cause I have Frankie bias!
      I feel bad for Sam, but sympathise with Cat.

      Ahh I love all the characters

      and woo Lexy – Aussie’s represent!

  7. Oh, to clarify. I’m not saying they are. I think what I meant to say was that there was no indication last season that she only dates other femmes, so I disagreed with Ed’s ‘surprise’. Also, that comment about the clothes came out totally wrong. That wasn’t my intent at all. I’m a femme myself and I like sports.

  8. I don’t have cable and I can’t find the second season anywhere online :( And I’m not in the UK so I can’t watch it on the link Ruta Gedmintas posted on twitter. Anyone?

  9. I related to Cat last season but I feel like the wishy washy thing can only go on for so long. I don’t have a strong stance when it comes to Sam vs. Frankie, though… maybe because I find them both extremely attractive.

  10. So many feelings about this episode. I’m having a really hard finding the rootability in the Cat/Sam/Frankie triangle. Cat isn’t sympathetic due to acting like a complete twat who is not only cheating on her girlfriend but being an asshole to her when she’s in her presence. Then you have Frankie who is pursuing a woman already in a relationship without the faintest hint of remorse. That leaves me with Sam who is the most sympathetic of the three but is already starting to look like a moron for not picking up on what’s going on behind her back.

    I just see no love from Cat towards Sam. What I see is Cat choosing Sam because she thinks that’s what she’s supposed to do but she barely seems interested in Sam unless they are alone together. And even then her mind is some place else. Why should I root for them to stay a couple with all this going on? I’d rather she just choose Frankie so Sam can meet someone else who doesn’t treat her like an afterthought.

    I don’t like Finn at all and judging by fan reaction I’m probably alone in that but I usually am about these things so whatever. Not only does she not have anything in common with Tess, she doesn’t even seem that interested in wanting to be supportive of her interests. At least Tess went to her stupid football game and puts up with her wild pack of friends. Finn can’t even be bothered to go to a play. And according to Tess, her two best qualities seem to be “she’s nice to me” and “good in bed”. That it’s? Oh, honey your relationship is doomed if that’s all you can come up with. I just don’t buy Tess being interested in a football playing jock like Finn. I think Lexy might be a better fit for her.

    Speaking of Lexy, I like her already. Then again I’m biased towards husky voiced Australians. I just hope they keep her away from Frankie. Frankie already gets enough women. Give somebody else a turn. I like the possibility of her with Tess or Sam.

    Jay amused me throughout this episode and I usually hate Jay. Ed was fun at the club too. And I vote no on a Ed/Tess pairing. I’m also not a big fan of the drug use on this show. I think it’s really irresponsible. Especially for a show geared toward our community.

  11. I love this stupid show.

    I was a huge Cat fan last season but I feel like this episode she was having some sort of mental breakdown or something. I guess Frankie has that effect on people. Sadie knows what’s up.

  12. You guys, I kind of can’t stand Sam. I have no solid reasoning behind this but I’m standing by it.

    • ME TOOO. She’s too nice and good and well-everything. But Cat’s bullshit is getting to be too much as well.

      I’m so glad this show is back!

  13. i thought frankie was hot last season but oh boy, she’s sizzlin this season!!!
    #1 feeling: frankie

    ps. love the recap :)

  14. dnw Cat/Frankie end-game. I never really warmed up to Frankie during the last season (I basically only liked Sam and Tess) and I’m not really looking forward to wishy-washy Cat flailing around between her ex and Sam.

    But, I’m gonna be watching anyway. I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t.

  15. Keira Knightley in Bend It Like Beckham was sexy. Seeing her running about in a sports bra… If I hadn’t been just a kid when it came out I would’ve understood why I enjoyed it so much.

  16. Thanks for recapping this Scribegrrrl! Love your writing! I always learn so much whenever I read any of your recaps! Big fan of yours since when you were at Afterellen doing recaps of QAF and TLW. Amazing. Thank you!

  17. I’m so happy this show is finally back, If I were a dog my tail would be wagging

  18. Ah but does anyone else think that Frankie is just way too skinny this season, she is super beautiful, but it’d be like being with a morose skeleton!

    I may also have to revise my rules for the Lip Service drinking game too….my main rules of one drink every time Frankie looks glum, and one drink for every time someone cheats on/wants to cheat on their significant other may lead to vodka induced comas within the first ten minutes of every episode!

    • It’s not just you. I think Frankie is far too skinny too. I had the same issue with Shane.

    • Totally agree; I was surprised that so many people seem to find her more attractive this season! I mean, she has stunning eyes and the whole sexy ‘n sullen thing going on, but to me she just looks…unwell. I’m attracted to women of many shapes and sizes (including scrawny Shane), but I was a little alarmed at the appearance of Frankie version 2.0.

    • Another one to add: Every time we have scenes of Frankie walking down the street with her hands in her pockets. The alcohol induced coma would happen VERY quickly. Haha.

  19. I quite like Ruta’s portrayal of Frankie. That pain in her eyes when she looks at Cat and Sam together is very believable. It’s just hard to sympathize with her character when Frankie doesn’t learn from her mistakes. Tess is magnificent, she should have her own show. I kind of wish she’d get paired up with Sexy Lexy. Lexy seems pretty bad ass.

  20. Cat looked like fecal-matter-coming-out-of-a-Chiroptera’s ass (aka batshit)crazy this entire episode. I’m legit concerned for the character’s mental well-being. And it’s downright bizarre that the writers are making Cat’s friends so blind to her OBVIOUS problems.

    dude, the doctor was snorting coke?! I don’t know how I’d feel if I knew my doc was snorting coke. But this isn’t real life, so moving on…Lexy is a cutie.

    Tess…you’ve got to communicate with your gf. While I find women who play football/soccer super sexy and wouldn’t mind watching FA Cup matches on some weekends, how the heck is your gf supposed to know you hate doing it unless you tell her?

    • you’d be suprised what doctors are capable of in their downtime. i once drove in a car with a doctor who: refused to wear a seat, was drinking a beer, and was speeding all at the same time. we were also driving over a bridge at night while it was raining and the roads were slick with water. my life literally flashed before my eyes, and i never got in his car again. he also regularly popped prescription pills that he wrote for himself and smoked (cigarettes and weed). he was good at his job, he just acted crazy when he wasn’t at work. thanks to this guy, i can now can totally believe a doctor would do coke (and worse) on her off time. and i think coke leaves your system fairly quickly too.

  21. i kinda like how frankie is the hard to get player character in the mould of shane or whatever, but she’s actually being more like the girls who chased shane. she’s all mopey and obsessed.

  22. I missed the first season because it aired in 2010 when I was still in baby-pansexual-queermo phase and unaware of television, so I have no idea what’s happened.

    I’m just going to start wearing a lot more eyeliner from now on though, as it will apparently get girls to like me?

    • I always think this, but then remember that when I put on eyeliner I just look like a child who’s raided her mother’s make up box. Plus, assuming your avatar is a picture of you I should think girls would like you just because of your awesome hair!

  23. “Is it wrong of me to sometimes want Ed to end up with Tess after all? He’s such a sweet little Eeyore.”

    Yes it is. The last thing we need on television is another case of a male fantasy being played out. Just because Ed is likeable enough, does not mean we should root for Tess to magically become bi so Ed can have sex with her.

    Why the heck is this site promoting that kind of junk?

    • I’m not really rooting for that. It was an offhand remark.

      Also, just because “this site” is publishing my recaps doesn’t mean it’s “promoting” my “junk.”

      I’ll rephrase: I hope Ed, who seems like a nice guy, can find a straight girl who’s as funny and cool as Tess.


    • I don’t want Tess to end up with Ed simply because it’s clear she’s not in love with him and only sees him as a friend. Not because he’s a guy.

      Ed is a genuine, kind-hearted person who happened to fall in love with his best friend. His best friend is a gay girl. How different is that from falling in love with your straight girl best friend? I think they’re just trying to create a reverse parallel. I love the story because I think it’s a classic case. I don’t think it’s just some “male fantasy”, where he’s just getting off at the idea of two chicks. He knows her in and out(country surprise birthday), has been there through her ups & downs (hiding under her ex’s bed & Botox?) and sincerely loves her. If she shared the same feelings, I’d be fine with them being together because I think he’d really make her happy.

      Isn’t that all that matters? That you’re with someone who will make you happy? I don’t think Tess could “magically become bi” anymore than anyone “magically becomes gay” or “magically becomes straight”. I think sexuality can sometimes be confusing and you don’t necessarily realize who you love til you’re loving them.

      I love AS for promoting themselves as a site for “girl-on-girl culture”, and not as strictly lesbian or bi or whatever because it allows for flexibility of labels and non-labels. Bisexuality or the option of being with a man is not “junk”. Even though the author maintains she wasn’t rooting for Ed/Tess, I wouldn’t knock someone who was. Especially not a contributing author who was because it would offer a different perspective and hopefully open dialogue.

      I just don’t understand how in a climate where we’re fighting for the rights & recognition for people to love who they choose how some LGBTQ members can be equally as judgmental & narrow-minded as the people we’re fighting against.

  24. I’m probably the only person here who doesn’t really care for Lexy as a character. a doctor who does coke, really?

    Ed is cute/nice but still boring. Jay, on the other hand, has become pretty hilarious. I need them to bring back Sadie.

    also. this Frankie/Cat thing HAS. TO. STOP. seriously, who buys it? it’s not interesting, yet I know it’s going to be one of the main arcs this season. then I have to deal with Frankie feeling sorry for herself all the time (reminds me of the other Frankie from Skins, who was also self absorbed, emo & annoying).
    this is sad because the writers are making it difficult for me to enjoy Ruta Gedmintas’ hotness.

    well, at the very least Tess remains adorable & flaw-free, so. they better not fuck this one up.

    • I don’t think doctors who do coke are such a rarity really – there was some sort of investigation into alcohol/drug use in young doctors over here in the UK a couple of years ago, and if my friends who have been student doctors over the years are any sort of representative sample I’d have to say Lexy fits in quite well. I guess it’d be irresponsible if you were working the next day, but young doctors have odd shifts and extremely stressful jobs/working hours. Not that I’ve ever been into clubbing or drugs, but it doesn’t seem particularly out of character to me.

      • Absolutely agree with this. From what I’ve seen of young doctors/medical students they tend to be even worse (by worse I mean they do more) because they know the chemistry and know what drugs they can mix to what extent and just how far they can push themselves… generalising of course.

  25. I’m really glad this is back on TV! Although this is largely because I adore Scottish accents (my awesome girlfriend is Scottish – score!). I kind of understand the whole Frankie/Cat thing – I’ve fallen in love with totally unsuitable people who I have a lot of history with before, and I could see how Cat could think she really loves Sam AND Frankie, Sam because she’s hot and caring and stable, and Frankie because she’s also hot and they have all these shared memories. In fact, the part of the programme I like which is unrelated to Scottish accents is the probably fact that I am just so glad my life isn’t full of that sort of drama any more!

    And again…Scottish accents…mmmmm

  26. But what we all want to know is why Frankie sounds like a Londoner if she’s spent her life in Glasgow. That was the real mystery last series…

  27. Why doesn’t Tess realise that Fin isn’t right for her but Lexy could be (both are super hot as well which helps XD).

    Also Cat… Why doesn’t she just break up with Sam instead of messing her about, maybe a grown up meaningful relationship with Cat might help Frankie’s state of mind. Plus I don’t like Sam. She’s dull and she is a seriously crappy cop to not notice Cat’s cheating.

    And Ed I keep hoping it’ll come out that he is gay and hasn’t realised, I was expecting that to happen in the club with all those gay guys trying to pick him up.

  28. at what website can you watch this show? (it would be even better if it started with season 1)


    • There are a few different ways posted earlier in the comments, but the quickest and easiest is YouTube. You might have to look around for good quality but it’s not too hard, and you can find playlists of the entire first and second series. Some people upload episodes in quarters and some have the whole sixty minutes in one vid.

  29. i didn’t get cat’s appeal in the first season, and i don’t get it now. she doesn’t deserve hot frankie or hot sam. frankie and sadie were a hot couple that made sense. not frankie and cat.

    i kind of liked frankie’s first hair cut better then this one, but no matter how she wears her hair, the actress is beyond gorgeous. the actress who plays sam is gorgeous too. why would they be attracted to anal retentive, high strung, duplicitous, unattractive cat again? don’t get it. and i realized the main diffrence between shane and frankie this episode: shane didn’t seem to try as hard as frankie does to come off like a lothario. she wasn’t doing some contrived ccc thing to attract women, she was being herself and being friendly and women flocked to her.

    i’ve always found tess kind of ridiculous but funny. and i want to rip that leopard fur coat off her back. i don’t understand why they set up fin to be so great for her last season but made her seem so boorish and inconsiderate this season. at this point she’s the only person of color on the show and i’d like her to stay on. and she’s gorgeous too.

    lexie is okay. i liked her leather jacket. i’ve never really liked either of the guys. particularly cheating perverted jay.

  30. The best thing about LS S2 are these recaps!!!! LOVE you Scribegrrrrl!!!!!!!!! thanks thanks thanks

    • me too, I have a lot of feelings right now! there’s a blog up on the BBC as well explaining the reasoning behind it.

  31. Whoa! Last night’s episode was insane. I totally wasn’t expecting that and it came right out of the blue.

    I have to say that the actress who plays Frankie drives me nuts. I don’t think she’s super believable in that role and her over-acting drives me nuts.

    I love the new Australian doctor!

  32. OMG!!! I was SHOCKED by Ep 2…My mouth is still hanging open. What the hell?! I just watched it and I need a double whiskey too.

  33. OMG my fiancee and I were saying how much Jay looks like Stanley Tucci during that very scene you screencapped!

    Don’t you love discovering that you weren’t the only one thinking that?

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