My Drunk Kitchen Makes Quesadillas, Is Cheesy

In this edition of My Drunk Kitchen, internet lesbian Hannah Hart makes quesadillas, which I’m assuming went better than my first five attempts to spell “quesadillas” because she actually ate them. I contend that quesadillas aren’t real food, but that is neither here nor there. This one is mostly about Hannah being really drunk and being weird. You’re going to love it, is what I’m saying.

Have some plaid:

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Intern Grace

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  1. Harto is Hilarious…You have to love the lunacy on MDK plus she is hot so that’s a plus as well lol

  2. Quesadillas aren’t food?! I object most strenuously to that statement. Grace, we are now in a fight.

    • No, ok, hear me out: Quesadillas are totally food, but they’re not REAL food because there is absolutely nothing nutritionally redeeming about them, and you’ll probably just be hungry again in like, ten minutes. Ergo, I’m only counting this as a semi-successful cooking mission, I think.

      That being said, Hannah can make me quesadillas anytime.

      • Cheese has protein!

        I also make my quesadillas with spinach and onions thrown in. And eat them as a meal. Ergo, real food.

      • Ok, ok. If we’re talking about a tortilla with nothing but shredded cheese, I’ll allow that it is more of a snack than a meal.

    • “Okay so you take you fingers (wiggling three fingers), go like this, and you put it in your mouth. (Putting fingers in mouth) Mmm.
      Have you ever tasted pan cheese? It’s delicious.”

    • “Okay so you take your fingers (wiggling three fingers), go like this, and you put it in your mouth. (Putting fingers in mouth) Mmm.
      Have you ever tasted pan cheese? It’s delicious.”

  3. Just as a thought, you can never know too much about Star Trek in my book. Long live Janeway!

  4. I am now in a fight with Hannah Hart because she implied Klingon wasn’t a real language. qoH ghaH’a’.

      • Haha, no it’s to be expected. In unrelated news, I totally messed up that Klingon. Looks like I’m the qoH’a’.

  5. needless to say, i am irrationally excited about this episode. THIS OLD COUNTRY DOCTOR IS PLEASED.

  6. Tequila usually makes me naked. Depending on the situation, I may or may not be okay with that fact.

  7. I didn’t know about Hannah before I read this. Obviously, my life had been sorely lacking things, but that’s been fixed now.

    She’s just the cutest thing, and I’m already crushing. I mean, it took about half a second before I was, but yeah. :D

    (I’m so making everyone I know watch MDK – with various results I think. My bi friend doesn’t seem to find it all that amusing. Or her hot (what?). I silently judge her, but eh, each to their own. *shrug*)

  8. I am not even going to bother trying to be original,but she can be drunk in my kitchen whenever she wants.

    She’s hilarious and an absolute hottie

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