Lindsay Lohan Debunks Boyfriend Rumors & Adam Lambert Deboinks Boyfriend

LILO: On Friday, we wondered if Lindsay Lohan would tweet about her father being nuts for telling everyone Lindsay was about to die of drug addiction, and then she did the girl is nothing if not reliable when it comes to tweeting all her strongest feelings. She also went on a winning streak of @-replying everyone who @-replied her, after which we’re imaginging she needed a nap.


A a couple gossip sites were saying earlier this week that Lohan was spotted canoodling with a male model. She tweeted later saying that hanging out with a guy doesn’t mean she’s dating. Then she posted a link to a Gossip Cop story clearing up the rumors. Twice.

Lohan told Gossip Cop, “My photo shoots consist of work and only work.” More importantly, when we asked if it was true that she was hooking up with the model, she simply responded, “NOT.”

About a minute ago, Lindsay Lohan announced on twitter that someone just pulled a gun on her, so we’ll be on top of that.

Picture 2

She spent Halloween in Morocco, looking significantly healthier than she has in some time, or at least her lips have deflated slightly?


POWER UP: Tonight the Power Up! Awards, which decided to add men to its award recepients this year (if only some gay men’s institutions would decide to include ladies!), will honor ten men and ten women in Showbiz. The women include Anyone But Me‘s and FOA (Friend of Autostraddle) Susan Miller, Future Wife of Autostraddle/Susan MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Lesbian Sitcom Maven Carol Leifer, Comedian Liz Feldman and Kelly McGillis (that lady that tried to kick Tasha out of the army and was mean to Alice!). Special guests include the usual Lesbian Event Favorites: Queer as Folk‘s Michelle Clunnie & Peter Paige, L Word’s Daniela Sea & Janina Gavankar, South of Nowhere‘s Mandy Musgrave. We’ll attempt to cover the event tonight if we can find an inside source!

Power Up's L Word Party 2003

Power Up's L Word Premiere 2003

GLAMBERT: Adam Lambert doesn’t have a boyfriend either … anymore.


More importantly, Adam Lambert debuted his new single For Your Entertainment on Friday. It kind of reminds me of Black and Gold. The LA Times had an in-depth analysis of the song. Lambert finally might accomplish what sometimes expat Robbie Williams and Euro favorites the Scissor Sisters haven’t quite yet done: inventing an American take on comfortable male androgyny.


Haviland Stillwell’s newest column at California NOW is up! What Do You Want? Make a Decision! Rather than reading about diets, read about vitamins, natural ways of healing yourself, ways to stay healthy.  That goes for the mental and the physical.  We know it’s all connected. The real “health care” is the way we care for ourselves.

MCBEAL IS BACK: There’s going to be an Ally McBeal reunion on Good Morning America next week. At 8 AM. I don’t know if I’d wake up that early for a Dana & Alice reuinion. (@ew)

1032_Coverx300DEATH OF PRINT: Regent/Here! Media is firing people. Regent Media owns,, GayWired and SheWired, in addition to The Advocate and Out magazine. They let go 13 staffers from The Advocate, which will now become a 32-page insert in Out, significantly lessening the chances that The Advocate will ever give lesbians as much coverage as it does to men.

Employees still employed will experience payroll deductions and health care insurance will double immediately. Some freelance contract writers and photographers have gone unpaid for months.

Sites like Queerty rely on Titles like The Adovcate and Out to write stories about their stories. That’s why we try to do as much original reporting as we can here despite a budget of zero. The article doesn’t mention any new news for, the young lesbian website built from Lesbian Nation’s ashes. A lot of PlanetOut’s digital staffers were laid off earlier this year when Regent acquired PlanetOut Partner’s LPI Media.

WEDDING MARCH IN MAINE: The New York Times sat down with John Baldacci, the governor of Maine, to talk about the upcoming vote on the referendum to end gay marriage. It’s not going to take you long to get through this interview, trust us, because Baldacci is probs the most short-winded politician of all time. He also has a great response to the Catholic Church’s protests: I respect the church and appreciate their leadership, but my responsibility is for all the people. (@nyt)

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  1. I can’t believe adam broke up with his bf, but oh well, things happen. I wonder wtf happened!
    Luv, #1 adam fan!

    • Apparently it was an amicable breakup. I dunno, if Adam Lambert broke up with me I would probably get really upset, tweet a lot, and cry on airplanes!

  2. Is there some kind of Mechanical Hand Accessory ‘R’ Us where Adam Lambert and Beyonce have been going? This is a fad I do not understand.

  3. seems after all the drama that her model friend is not in any pics whats the big secret everyone knows he’s there with her if thers nothing to hide come out in the pics btw i think she’s more than friends with this guy if her and sam are over whats the big deal

  4. I’m not surprised that Adam Lambert broke up, I figured it would happen sooner or later. He’s busy working on albums, probably planning to do a world tour or something. It’s too hard to be in a relationship and focus totally on your career. Someday when things simmer down, the two of them may reconnect, or they may not. It was more of a companionship type of relationship, they spent lots of time together and cared about each other. Now Adam has other commitments and so does Drake. They will continue to be close friends though for years to come. :)

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  6. Sheeeesh

    You’re right, she must have needed a nap, because being Lindsay Lohan must be fricking EXHAUSTING. Her Dad’s clearly a Professional Asshat, she’s having girl troubles, the press are constantly on her ass, and people are pulling guns on her now?! Sweet Mary Moses Jesus and Joseph, what next?!

    Peace to y’all, and may no-one have a gun pulled on them this beautiful Sundaaay

  7. Am I the only one unimpressed by this Lambert situation? This song is very lackluster and don’t get me started on that other one you all posted a few days ago..UGH

    • He seems like a really cool guy and I love that he’s bring male androgyny to the forefront, but I’m also not really impressed with his music.

  8. Adam has been photographed out with Ferras of Hollywood Is Not America fame. That was his song that you heard on AI during Hollywood week. Ferras is openly gay and 25 years old. He has done a duet with Katy Perry and is her friend. Apparently he is Adam’s friend now.

  9. When I first heard of Adam Lambert I thought “oh Gordo from Lizzie McGuire can sing?” I later learned that Gordo was played by Adam Lamberg not Lambert. My spirit was momentarily crushed until I saw him on American Idol and fell in love. Like Dumbledore, he’s got style.

  10. Ok, I hate to say it.. I REALLY do, but I am pulling my support from team Lindsay. Lindsay, I’m sorry, but you forced my hand. I really sympathize with the girl, but the Twitter diarrhea is getting old. She needs some kind of herbal remedy to stop that shit up. What is the opposite of a laxative?

    • She needs fiber for her mouth. Althoughhhhh, from Twitters point of view she’s doing everything right; telling the world what she is doing at every moment of everyday…it’s confessions of an early twenties drama queen. She should just find a hobby.

      • Ah fiber. that’s it. The girl needs some serious Twitter fiber, or at least a giant pair of Depends to catch all of those feelings so that she will not continue to excrete that drivel all over my screen. Ok, too far. I grossed myself out. Officially. Hey, maybe Charlotte Ronson can design them for her.

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