Lilith Fair 2010 Lineup Announced, Lesbian-pa-Looza to Feature Tegan & Sara!

Get your pita chips & Amber Ale ready, ladies! The Lilith Fair 2010 Lineup has been announced, and while it’s no Lesbopalooza, there will be some gay ladies in attendance. Most importantly, Tegan & Sara will be there. The original Lilith Fair went from ’97-99 and was one of the most successful music festivals ever, headlined by Sarah McLachlan with performers including Missy Elliot, Jewel, The Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, Nelly Furtado, Queen Latifah and Tegan & Sara.

Here’s what we know so far!

The Queers:

tegan-saraYour favorite band of all time, really, of ever to exist in the entire universe: Tegan & Sara

brandi-3Brandi Carlile

indigo_girls_lg_0The Indigo Girls


Our Dears:

+Sarah McLachlan: Melodic superheroine of feelings and, as I learned at Lilith Fair ’97orwhatevs, gives a kickass live performance.
+Metric: We have ample evidence that ladies love Metric (Berlin concert review, Australia concert review) I believe this is related to Emily Haines and also the nice music they make.
+ Mary J. Blige: All Time Greatest at 500 things
+ Ingrid Michaelson: Is so f*cking cute and has feelings as sweet as yours but strummy-to-music-like.
+ Jill Scott: Yay she’s back with a new album yay!
+ The Weepies: Intern Hot Laura loves bands with songs in Old Navy commercials.
+ Sheryl Crow: Is Forever
+ Corinne Bailey Rae: Adorbs British accent, you know that PUT YOUR RECORDS ON, TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE SONG, GO AHEAD LET YOUR HEAD DOWN.
+ Emmylou Harris: Is Forever-Ever.
+ Sugarland: Country music for people who usually prefer lezzie folk-rock music, except without the lesbians.
+ Butterfly Boucher: Child prodigy weirdo — like you, maybe? — Australian. You may have heard her on Grey’s Anatomy or in your little soul.
+ Sarah Bareilles: She sings that “I’m not gonna write you a love song” song that is gonna be stuck in your head all day but is super sweet anyhow.
+ Erykah Badu: Her “LIVE” CD from ’97 is the Best CD to have sex to of all time. Just a little tip.

Here’s some new names from the show that looked interesting and a little bit from their artist bios:

Chantal Kreviazuk: Chantal Kreviazuk has been awake for hours, making sure that her three boys have been fed and dressed.

Colbie Caillat: Armed simply with her dusky vocals and acoustic guitar, Colbie Caillat and her homespun music continue to resonate with listeners and win new fans.

Miranda Lambert: In her most successful single to date, “Gunpowder and Lead,” Lambert declared that some little girls are made less of sugar and spice than more combustible substances

A Fine Frenzy (Alison Sudol): “I think some people may be surprised. They think that I’m all fragile and ethereal—and that’s lovely, it’s flattering. It’s all I’ve really let anyone see, up to this point. But I have a wild side too. I like to bang on things and cause a ruckus every now and then. I’m a quiet person with a loud streak. I like both. This record is a testament to that.”

They’ll be announcing more tour locations soon, but for now they have announced stops in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Calgary, AB, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, London, UK, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Montreal, QC, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Toronto, ON, Vancouver, BC, Washington, DC. No specific dates have been announced so you have plenty of time to find an etheral outfit.

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    • That would be like a litter of musically talented gay e-babies.

      While I’m glad to see Brandi Carlile out officially, it broke my heart a bit to read about another woman. When she signed that ticket, I was sure she meant it as the world’s most succinct love letter. Sigh.

    • blergh! i wish i knew that stuff too. haven’t released it yet, though i figure they must have a vague idea in order to get acts signed on. I know when I’ve been that they didn’t have every artist at every stop, so I just hope t&s comes to wherever I end up next summer.

  1. OMG! I remember being really upset that I couldn’t make it to Lilith Fair, way back in about the 7th grade. And yet didn’t pull by gay little head out of the sand and admit to being a lesbian (because OF COURSE every other 7th grade girl was also thinking about taking Sarah McLachlan’s clothes off too…) until I was TWENTY ONE.

    Very exciting – Brandi Carlile is by far the best live performer I’ve ever seen and I haven’t stopped listening to her CD for weeks with the exception of teaching. And actually, I’m playing a song of hers in class next week, so…

    A Fine Frenzy opened for her show in Dallas and was also spectacular. Fantastic voice and ridiculously adorable. She would get all giggly and smiley every time the crowd clapped/cheered as though she was sort of shy and surprised by the response. It was just too damn cute.

  2. Guys Lilith Fair was like the first concert I ever went to. That and the Indigo Girls. By the time I was like twelve. GUESS WHAT I TURNED OUT GAY.

    Also, I have seen A Fine Frenzy before, and they are very nice! Listen to “Rangers” on youtube or something, it is a good song!

  3. i’m not sure i should ever be allowed to see tegan & sara in a festival environment ever again. at bonnaroo 2008 they played and (as i recall) i wrote messages to them all over my body and ended up mud wrestling (or Tennessee summer dirt wrestling) topless by the end. like…in a not sexy way.

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  5. + Sugarland: Country music for people who usually prefer lezzie folk-rock music, except without the lesbians.

    HAHAHA..LOVE THIS!.. and honest to god, there’s quite a few of us HEAD OVER HEELS in love with the lead singer…Jennifer Nettles..HOLY MOTHER!.. shes adorable, ridiculously talented, and very very ENTERTAINING!! :) Just puttin it out there. If you haven’t heard their music..check it out..:D

  6. Well the 2nd annoucement is out so I hope a new post is made but till then can I say I got so excited that Missy Higgins was put on the ticket until I looked at her facebook page to see this:
    28th – Philadelphia, PA
    30th – Boston, MA
    31st – New York City, NY

    1st – Hartford, CT
    3rd – Washington, DC

    I’m pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to leak that, but now that its up on the interwebz people can start planning for the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE

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