Babs Finds Adam Lambert & Lady Gaga Fascinating, Homosexy

GAGA & LAMBERT: Last night Adam Lambert & Lady Gaga were featured along with Crazypants Glenn Beck on Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People special. The most amazing part was when Barbara Walters used the phrase “bluffin with my muffin” to lead into the standard set of questions regarding Gaga’s sexuality. This has been described in headlines as Gaga “admitting” her bisexuality, but um, she’s been talking about it since Logo Pop Lab ’08 people.

Howevs, it’s confusing that Gaga told FUSE a few weeks ago she wasn’t sure if she’d ever been in love with a man or with a woman, and last night told Barbara Walters she’d never been in love with a woman and had been in love with a man. I hope she’s open to being in love with a website. Also, Barbara asked Gaga if she’d ever had sex with a woman, and Lady Gaga said, “Oh goodness,” which was amazing.

Adam Lambert Interview: Gawd I love it when Babara Walters is forced to talk dirty. When she asks Adam why he did what he did in his AMA performance, her tone of voice suggests,”why did you put all of my kittens into my favorite velvet purse and slam them against the wall?” Walters called the performance “raunchy” and “lewd.” Lambert responded, “You can’t plan everything — if I did a performance exactly how I rehearsed it, it would be so boring.” Take a gander:

MOVIES: SheWired’s Top Ten Queer Movies of 2009. Yay! There were girls kissing in movies in 2009! (@shewired)

KATE MOENNIG: Um, are we all aware that Kate Moennig plays Drew Barrymore’s girlfriend in that new movie Everybody’s Fine? Heads up before you spend $12 on this thing. Shane only has a few minutes on screen (two scenes).  Because we love you, we saved you the trouble and made a little collage of all 3 minutes of screen time. Yes, that’s Drew Barrymore and Robert DeNiro in the upper right corner. (@afterellen)


GLEE: Is Glee a little bit racist? This piece brings up the fact that despite having one of the most racially diverse casts on TV right now (7 white kids, 2 African-Americans, 2 Asian-Americans and a Hispanic girl): Quite simply, the show is about the white people. Exclusively. The writing staff has barely been able to come up with any dialogue, let alone a storyline, for any of the non-white kids. This leaves most of them with nothing to do but sing and dance in the group numbers. I noticed this in the first two episodes, but decided I should reserve judgment. But now, half a season has gone by and nothing has changed.” (@popmatters)

Finally, Idina Menzel is OFFICIALLY cast in Glee! She is being tapped to play the glee club coach of McKinley High’s main competition Vocal Adrenaline and she could appear in all 9 remaining episodes! (@ew)

CARMEN DE LA PICA MORALES: It’s a Sharmen reunion today on the Daily Fix. Take a gander at Sarah Shahi’s baby boy William Wolf. (@celebritybabies)

SEX AND THE CITY: The Sex and the City 2: Electric Boogaloo poster has debuted. (@moviefone)

TEGAN & SARA: Enjoy this new Sainthood B-side, “Sheets. I promise I won’t linger long / I promise I won’t push my face up against your clothes/ I won’t linger long / I won’t push my face up against your clothes/ Or your stupid sheets. Maybe it was cut because the melody sounds just like Sentimental Tune?

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  1. The article about Glee being racist makes some good points… I’ll reserve my overall commentary for Carly’s recap of the finale, but um, omgwtf with the Bring it On disadvantaged inner city girls thing last night? Anyhow this made me LOL: “There is an African-American guy in the choir. He appears to be mute (except when it is time to sing background in the group numbers).”

  2. Babs is like a grandma-ish figure. If my grandma asked me if I had had sex with a woman I would have stuttered just like Lady Gaga. I like her Bill Clinton esque answer though. smooth.

  3. Not that I needed anymore reasons to love Lady Gaga but “oh goodness” is def one of them now. I just wish the interview was longer.

  4. I have seen that stupid It’s Complicated trailer like a gabillion times and not once did I get wind of the fact that Drew Barrymore’s character is gay. Am I just dumb or is this an intentional marketing strategy?

  5. I’m really not buying that Poker Face was consciously written about her fantasizing about women. Isn’t that a bit convenient for her to say given her standing in the gay community?

    • I’ve heard that explanation of Poker Face in a lot of interviews, though. And it makes sense with the lyrics. Plus she has a song about fantasizing about women in the Fame Monster, so it’s consistent, right?

      • the first time she said it was at dinah shore before performing it and we reported it live that time! actually we’re probs wrong, but haven’t yet looked into it, so we still can fantasize that we had it here first, which is sad, b/c it was me blogging alex’s dinah shore tweets from my aunt’s living room where we had one wi-fi bar in columbus ohio.

    • maybe i’m being cynical but i kind of don’t buy queer gaga. and it has nothing to do with perpetuating the “myth” of bisexuality or anything. obvs i believe in bisexuality, pansexuality, homoflexibility, whatever- but it does seem convenient, given her supporters, that she would be queer. and she’s so “zany” middle america could write it off as “that crazy gaga” and still buy her albums.

      also, maybe i am biased because while I do like her (and love bad romance, which piqued my interest in her i suppose), i was the same year as her at nyu and saw that talent show youtube vid (which i may have attended?!) and i just…don’t buy it. granted she has transformed entirely, but…i don’t know. i am stubborn!

      it just seems opportunistic.

  6. Glee has been accused of being homophobic (or at least being partial in only portraying a stereotypical gay character), disability-phobic, and now racist. I think all these criticisms are true to an extent, but at its core, I think Glee is really trying to have a message of acceptance and hope, albeit sometimes imperfectly. Kinda like Jesus, but gayer.

  7. As far as Glee & racism, I thought the episode where Sue tried to make Will look racist was funny. But then in subsequent episodes, the writing lived up to those accusations. Sue calls two characters “Asian & other Asian” or something because she doesn’t know their names. But here’s the thing, neither do I. Because they never have lines.

    • I liked how 30 Rock dealt with characters who never have lines last week. Liz Lemon addressed them as “writers who never speak” and they shook their heads when she asked them if they wanted more responsibility.

    • it’s funny that self-referential humor can fail to negate what it is referencing. oh, today’s comedy!

    • I think they just need to pick a tone. the canned after school special esque characters or the complicated sophisticated humor and multi-layered storylines. the pedantic wheelchair episode feel out of place in a show where we’re lead to believe that everyone involved is so … evolved? does that make sense? it’s like plopping zach morris into jordan catalano’s car.

    • Maybe they never have lines because they’re bad actors.
      I’m assuming half the cast was hired to sing and dance and the casting directors ignored their (lack of) acting ability.

      Plus, there’s like 15 people in the chorus, they can’t all have storylines.

  8. I kind of haven’t liked BWalters since she interviewed Ellen Page in ’08. I just think she’s losing her touch. I don’t know if she ever had one, but I don’t think she’s particularly good at reading body language or being up on the times.

  9. It’s a shame that Sarah Shahi isn’t a lesbian. I mean, how could she ever be with a man after having sex with Kate Moennig. Really?

  10. It’s a shame that Sarah Shahi isn’t a lesbian. I mean, how could she ever go back to men after having sex with Kate Moennig. Really?

  11. Glee is not racist, and I disagree that non-white people don’t get lines or stories in that show. You can’t only focus on the high school characters. For example, Coach Tanaka is part of the main storyline, and he’s a person of color. So is Principal Figgins, who started out the season as a major antagonist for Schu, as well as a person of (sometimes absurd) authority.

    For the kids, I think Mercedes could have her part expanded (although she has had an episode devoted to her feelings for Kurt), but I think it is notable that two of the major characters in the central teen drama are Jewish, and that Glee makes reference to this, along with other cultural differences between the characters in the show (look at the contrast between Finn’s single-parent household and Quinn’s Glenn Beck-loving upper-class Republican family.)

    Glee has been an amazing show that celebrates difference, and it makes race only one of the differences that people have (I can understand criticism of that, although I disagree.) I can’t think of a single show that has EVER been so inclusive of people with disabilities, for example – not even Degrassi. And obviously, it may be the gayest show of all time.

    I don’t think it is a show with tokens, but rather a show that is deliberately inclusive, including in casting background characters. And I expect to see expanded storylines for more characters in the future.

    • Yeah, you do make good points. I don’t really think Glee is racist at heart, but there are def some moments where it makes me uncomfortable. They usually bring it back around, though.

    • I agree with you about Glee being one of the most inclusive shows on tv right now, which is one of the reasons I got into it. The stereotypes bother me for a few reasons, but I think mostly just because it’s lazy. I keep wanting it to be secretly self-aware and like, actually making a broader point about tokenizing by recognizing its own token characters in this tongue-in-cheek sort of way, but I also don’t know what the point of that would be, and Sarah makes the excellent point that at the end of the day, they still don’t have lines. One thing I was really sad to learn was that Artie’s not really in a wheelchair. I know they were auditioning for singers/performers but like, there isn’t one kid in a wheelchair who can sing? Not sure about that.

      • omg i just tried to make this point in an earlier thread on this topic like five comments up. FOILED. yours makes more sense.

  12. I honestly feel that Lady Gaga shouldn’t answer personal questions. I think she should keep up the facade and remain a brilliant mysterious mess. Because the more she speaks….IDK…I feel she is going to end up with her foot in her mouth or however the expression goes..

    • yeah…she’s def someone i want to keep up the veneer. maybe i just haven’t found her terribly eloquent when speaking

      • That and it seems like she is trying to hard to be politically correct and not upset anybody depending on the interview and situation.

        BW said have you had sex with a woman?” A simple yes/no question. LG, “ goodness..I have certainly had sexual relationships with women.” WTF? So thats a yes? Why was she flustered? Further more why is the fact that she is ‘well..umm..kinda’ bisexual the main reason why she is fascinating? Esp. since it is not a new revelation about her?

        • yeah, that sounds ambiguously worded enough so she could work around it later if need be. like “oh, i’ve had very intense relationships with women. i think all interactions have a sexual charge to them” blahblah. YES/NO! THE WORLD MUST KNOW kind of

  13. Does anybody remember a few years ago when Barbara Walters interviewed Justin Timberlake and asked him to explain to her what beat-boxing was? I have never liked her since. She’s just too old to be interviewing these types of people because she seems utterly confused by them when I feel most everyone else actually gets it.

    As far as Glee goes, I tend to agree with the article. Look at the creator’s other shows. There is very little racial diversity in them either. And I have heard many complaints that the black girl is a stereotypical character and the asian girl never gets any storylines or solos. Glee is mostly about the white people. The two big storylines on the show involve love triangles where all the characters are white. Even when the show gets publicity, they trot out the white characters to promote it. For example, EW had three white characters on it’s cover awhile back.

  14. Drew Barrymore and Kate Moennig playing girlfriends – yes, I would like that. Very much. By the way, someone needs to show Shane how to hold a baby. I could probably help with that.

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  16. I can’t get enough of Kate Moennig. Jeesus.
    I probably would still pay the $12 just for the three minutes. It gets like that. And I love Drew anyway. Is Kate holding a baby like she does in that fantasy where we’re married with kids?

    Two brownies to me for having listened to Sheets yesterday!
    I’m listening again though for this Sentimental Tune similarity of which you speak. I just know I loved the like “I won’t push my face up against your clothes or your stupid sheets.” So true right now. Can they ever go wrong?

  17. I mean, I love Lady GaGa. But I guess I wanted/expected a “fuck yes” or “is that an offer, Barbara?” or something along those lines. She was so uncharacteristically flustered … I don’t know. But too me, she’s still great. Love. Her.

  18. I was rather disappointed by the interview too. I forgot how Barbara Walters gives me the creeps. I would rather watch her on Ellen any day of the week. I’m not sure how I feel about this…

    • Its the way her face doesn’t really move that much that freaks me out. And how her eyes get a bit googly to compensate. I’m not really a fan.

  19. I Tivoed just to watch Adam Lambert but I must say I was really disappointed with BW. I’m tired of hearing about the AMAs. I really thought after watching the AMAs, “That’s it?” That’s all the hoopla is about? Get over it people. The real story is this kid’s voice and his sound. His music is amazing. Who cares if he is gay. Who cares if Lady BaBa is gay. I hadn’t even heard of her until Adam Lambert started talking about her. Now I find out she’s been out in the music industry since 2007. But – who cares. Where is the info on his CD? Where did he learn to dance?

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