Last Chance to Be a Part of the Most Inspirational Fundraising Drive in All of Herstory

These are the final days of our Fun(d)raiser to Save Autostraddle from Not Being a Thing! Last weekend we asked you to please pretty please give what you could and maybe also buy some stickers because we really needed your help. And then you guys blew our minds with generosity and love and helpful emails and WE LOVE YOU. We’ve always loved you, but now we can stop worrying about how to pay for the dedicated server long enough to really revel in this love for a little while.

So far we’ve raised $16, 253 through generous donations and sticker sales!!

(UPDATE: Saturday night 11:59 PM PST – $18, 156!)

And even more of you have signed up to be AS subscribers which is excellent, it’s the closest thing to a “reliable paycheck” we will probably ever know. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our goal is $20,000 by the end of this week and we are super goal-oriented (it says so on our unused resumés) so getting to that number would be EXCELLENT. Every dollar you send our way is going directly into fleshing out our brilliant ideas and making sure we have enough macaroni and cheese to get through the week. We are “stepping it up” and “adding new things.” We are SO EXCITED about what the future looks like! It looks hot, you guys, and it couldn’t have been a thing without you.

You have a couple of days left to donate to the biggest most insanely successful and exciting fun(d)raiser in Autostraddle history!! Buy stickers! Do you want a zine from Emily? She’ll send you one! Just let us know.





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In celebration of this triumphant push, many team members have made kittens for you.

In celebration of this final push, everyone on the team has made you a kitten. Isn’t that nice.

by katrina "kc danger" casino


by Rachel K


by Intern Emily



by Rachel K



by Intern Emily




by intern hot laura




by lindsay







by Carmen




by julie goldman & brandy howard




by intern hot laura







by alex




by intern hot laura




by Jess R




by Annika

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    • Yes! I am only one person with a full-time job who is trying to get ALL these (amazingly generous!) sticker orders out and we will have a BUNCH of t-shirts to sell soon before you know it!

    • welcome to the poststraddle glow club. we hope you enjoy your stay. complimentary cigarettes are in the smokers lounge.

    • Just bought a bunch of stickers whilst telling myself the cash donation given a few days ago was more than adequate. AND I opened a paypal account this time.
      It’s those damn kittens. I tell you, I’m whipped.
      Now, off to have a cig…

  1. i love you guys. <3 i hope you all do bring about a revolution because jesus eff christ, as needs to rule the world.

  2. kittenssss…

    (which I am also allergic too. it sucks b/c they are so cute.)

    I want a zine. Does this count as letting you know? I will go dig under couch cushions and search the floorboard of my car for moar money to send you.

  3. OK, so I finally got my bollocks together and subscribed… Though because I don’t understand the interent/paypal (yes, I know I’m letting down my generation!!) I have a stupid question…!
    Paypal now says my Paypal account is in debt… Paypal just take the money out of my bank automagically?? Right? Like, I don’t actually have to do anything else.. Do I??

    • 1. do you have enough in your bank to cover what you paid? maybe transfer some money to your paypal account to make sure you’re safe.
      2. get them on the phone and ask them what to do.

        • It’s hooked up to my bank account *I think*… which has enough money so I think it should be ok…!! Ah we will see, I’m sure I’m just having internet-purchasing-paranoia.. She’ll be right!!

  4. I’m gonna buy me some stickers as soon as I have some money! I love you guys. I also love stickers, so this should be pretty great.

  5. I would like a zine as well, but if it’s too much trouble sending it overseas, nevermind :D Donated again & bought stickers again. My plan is to get hit on by all the queer nerdettes in the uni library.

    What do you mean those stickers are not magic?



  6. Since I actually have a stable, well paying job I donated bunches again. I want to help as much as possible because I LOVE Autostraddle and never want to be without it. And you give us the best kittens ever.

  7. It must be cool for Brandy and Julie, two of the things they participate in got crazy monetary support by readers/listeners (for this and the crazy awesome Gay Pimpin podcast).

    People need to hire them so we can get more of them. They create cash (and fun).

    • THIS! Dog people are people too!

      Also, I have severe anxiety that my cat allergies will prevent me from ever having a serious girlfriend. So lesbian-related dog pictures are helpful. This makes sense, yes?

      (Also, donations pending paycheck. Won’t forget!)

  8. I created a Paypal account just for this (well, and also donated a Safer Schools pack via the LGF, but that’s queer too so.)

    Autostraddle, you have £12.43 of Britishness in your Paypal account,which equates to $20.

    Can we have $20 worth of hot British lesbians now?

  9. With all the whiskey references I’m now wondering if there’s such a thing as whiskey affiliate sales, or designing your own whiskey, or something.

  10. So I paid my taxes recently and then I voted and I thought….God I’m lucky to live where I live and have all these opportunities and equality and stuff so I figured next on my list of responsible things I need to do that makes my life better is to subscribe to Autostraddle so that’s done…..

    can it be summertime now?

    runon sentence intentional. please don’t yell at me.

  11. okay I am now a subscriber! I too opened the dreaded paypal account ONLY FOR YOU, AS. Don’t particularly like paypal, but, took a leap, cause life without autostraddle or kittens is unthinkable.

    • my paypal account is Limited and i can’t get paypal to remove the Limitations even though i tried to give it all the information it wanted. BOOO PAYPAL. i will continue to research e-transaction of whiskey

    • Me too! have no idea what my refusal to open one was about. Perhaps because I hate the stupid name, too pleasant for an entity taking my money. (except for when said money goes to AS of course).

  12. You guys, the Auto-goal is totally gonna happen. I know this because I was looking at a photo in the infrastructure (ironic?!) section on pictorymag just now and I swear. I SWEAR! Dana Fairbanks is looking over us. Look at the photo and tell me that Dana is not lurking in that waterfall on the top right side. Well, it’s either her or the eye of Michael Jackson. I haven’t truly decided.

  13. =^.^=

    Supporting Autostraddle makes me so happy. Autostraddle makes me so happy. I’m the biggest Scrooge when it comes to spending money, and have buyer’s remorse after EVERY purchase. Except this one.


  14. just bought stickers!

    I just got a fancy new job, but I haven’t gotten my first fancy new paycheck. Will the subscription option still be available after this weekend?

  15. I’m laughing so hard reading all these comments. This is why I’m whippin’ out my credit card. (I’m not too late right!?!?!?)

  16. Reading Autostraddle is literally* all I’ve done this weekend SO I just donated another $5. I hope you reach your goal! That would be badass.

    Okay so ALMOST literally…I also went for a walk, took pictures, uploaded the pictures onto facebook, learned everything I possibly could about Julie Goldman, watched lesbian movies, and ate food. Yup, that’s about it.

    • Also my girlfriend is buying a new TV for our apartment and she wants a really nice one. So we’ll be sure to buy it through the Amazon affiliate link. Because we both <3 AS. A lot.

  17. I just dug into my shallow little broke-ass college student pockets, created a PayPal account JUST FOR YOU (and EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL, of course) to become a subscriber…

    because I need you, AS.

  18. i am in americorps [this means I WORK SO MUCH AND I AM SO BROKE]. i also have a crush on riese. i also read autostraddle literally every day. i put five dollars into the fund. i wish i could add zeroes after it, but i can’t. i love you guys so much.

  19. My roommate and I always play a game where I try to convince her to become a lesbian (don’t judge how we spend our Friday nights). My argument this night was that it is so much cheaper to be a lesbian because we don’t have to buy condoms/birth control. This made me think if we just pooled all the money we don’t spend on contraception together we would have enough money to run AS for ETERNITY!

  20. YOU GUYS!! this is fantastic! !I really enjoyed seeing that blue skinny penis squirting out little blue stars in JOY! I felt the same way! (my stars were made out of rainbows and my penis is not skinny- nor blue- but long:p ) Cheers!

    PS. Just kidding my stars were made out of whiskey.

  21. It appears that Autostraddle’s cup runneth over (despite the advice in the bra article).

  22. Yay! I got my purchase in by the skin of my teeth last night, due to moving with no internet connection and craziness– hence me not even bothering to sign in, as I just wanted to bask in the after goal making glow with you all and am using my gf’s iphone to teeter off the internet for a sec. Yay! Go Us!!!

    Next week I will sign up for my monthly subscription <3

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