Jessie J is Queer, Rocks G-A-Y, Releases “Who You Are” in the UK Today, Yay!

Jessie J, our new favorite queer pop star who made that genderfucking video with all the hot studs in it, has publicly confirmed that she does, indeed, enjoy the sexual company of other women.

On “In:Demand,” a radio show in a country that is not America, Jessie J responded to rumors about her sexuality by reminding everyone that she’s “never denied” her attraction to men and women:

“I’ve never denied it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I’ve dated girls and I’ve dated boys – get over it.

It’s not a secret, but it’s the only thing they can grab onto – they’re like, “She never drinks and she comes out of the party looking like she did when she went in, damn her!”

Jessie said that journalists have been hounding her friends for the scoop on her sexuality: “the amount of people that have contacted my old schoolmates about it… Facebook is a lethal place.”

Jessie J performed at G-A-Y Bar in London this weekend, where fans lined up starting at 8am Saturday morning to secure a peek at Jessie’s thighs/pipes, and “at least one female fan got a little bit overexcited” and threw her “hot pink knickers” into the air. Jessie rocked a tastefully tore-up Mickey Mouse t-shirt and, it appears, hotpants and some tightly-wound pieces of spandex fabric. If you would like to be Jessie J for Purim this year, Sugarscape has a detailed rundown of the concert look.

Jessie J told the crowd that her song “L.O.V.E” is about a girl she was in love with, certifiably one-upping Gaga’s first-album anecdote about “Poker Face” (thinking about having sex with girls while she slept with her boyfriend). Here she is performing that song and talking about her sexuality and not wanting to be put into a box:

L.O.V.E’s lyrics include:

I said I’d never write a song about love
but when it feels this good
a song fits like a glove
when you hold me, and you tell me
that you missed me, and call me milky
fuck it, Imma write a song about love, yeea

you’re my key, you unlock me
keep me close, keep me safe, keep me happy
so sweet, ooooooh looooove
it’s destiny, so nothing stops me
I’ll tell the world that your mine, and you got me
so sweet, ooooooh looooove

see love doesn’t choose a boy, or a girl, nope
when I met you, you hugged my heart and filled my world
so you can stare
I don’t care
you’re the one that ain’t going nowhere

my best friend, that makes me laugh,
the puzzle piece that fits exact to my half
I’ve never felt this way
sometimes I’m stuck with what to say
you hold my hands when I’m driving
you dry my tears if I’m crying
and we just laugh if were fighting

Her new CD, Who You Are, debuts in the UK today and comes out in the US on April 11th. The Guardian UK’s review is kinda meh, but that’s probably because they don’t want to bang her as much as we do. If you’re in the U.S., you can attempt to whet your appetite by downloading Casualty of Love, Price Tag and Do it Like a Dude, and then sitting on your little paws until April.

Jessie J appeared on The Graham Norton Show last week with Matthew Fox from Party of Five!

Jessie J will perform on Saturday Night Live on March 12th, with Zach Galifanakis.

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  1. She isn’t bisexual, and she’s kind of annoyed about being labelled as one! You can watch her talking about it in here:

    She has been doing gigs for about 3 years now and all she has been known to have are girlfriends. Apparently she was open about being gay when she wasn’t mainstream but right now I guess her record label or management don’t allow her to be out as gay, so she is going with this whole “I love who I love” thing where she doesn’t label herself.

  2. I like her regardless of what her sexuality is, I like what she has to say. But because she is into women I think she is even more awesome lol :)

  3. This is the day I actually decide to like, maybe a bit love, Jessie J, though I’ve resisted. I did an eye-roll when I saw “Jessie J is bisexual”, but I think the fact that that song’s about a girl she was “in love with” speaks volumes- I’m not gonna mention Rihanna or even that famed lesbian champion Katy Perry, but anyone can do that cash-in-on-a-bit-of-it-for-the-boys “I’m SO gay” thing, but I feel like this shit’s fo’ real. Rock on, our Jess.

  4. She says she wrote the song about a girl she is in love with not who she was in love with if I heared it correctly and then dedicates the song to her.

  5. Has anyone heard the album yet?
    It isn’t flawless, the construction is a little clumsy and she hasn’t really settled on a particular genre or pace. But I find that as a whole there’s something incredibly enjoyable about it, it’s an easy listen. I really like her voice.

    • I really like you said it’s a bit clumsy, it doesn’t flow super well in places,but she definately has an amazing voice. I’m particularly fond of the title track eh.

    • Actually, the diversity and variety is what I appreciate most about her album. She’s a true UK artist in that she’s influenced by a TON of different genres and styles and that shows through her music. It’s true I don’t LOVE every song on the album, but I actually much prefer this “little of everything” approach because it keeps me guessing, rather than more pop artist who I can pigeonhole in 2.5 seconds/songs. However, one thing is for sure, girl can BLOW! She’s like the Eminem of the female popstar mold.

  6. Anyone notice that the actor on the right end of the couch is Emily and Kate’s awesome dad from Skins series 3&4? Dope right?

  7. Jessie J and the legend that is Graham Norton I think I could watch them all night, they are comedy genius!

    • Yep ‘Mama Knows Best’ is on the album.
      It also includes acoustic versions of ‘Price Tag’ and ‘Do It Like A Dude’, which I really love. I’m not so keen on the original versions, tbh.

      • SWEET! Thank you. I can’t wait for it to be released in the States so I can get my hands on a copy.

  8. she has an AMAZING voice!!
    i haven’t heard the album yet but her song “love” really shows off some amazing pipes!

    and i’m pretty sure she says “here’s the press, jess j is bisexual” which is weird, does it mean she’s saying it for the press? or is that what they’re going to say? clearly she’s queer so, that’s cool

    i’m excited to hear more!

  9. I love Jessie J! Like Crystal, I’m much more fond of her acoustic performances of the songs. I just think her voice is so much better than the material on the album.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the attitude and outfits, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just another gimmick making up for lack of talent.

  10. For some reason, it cracks me up that you said “Mathew Fox from Party of Five” when dude was the lead character on Lost for five seasons. He will always be Charlie Salinger to me, too!

  11. sometimes when she sings really high i get anxious for the longevity of her voice, but what do i know.

  12. omfg jessie j. EVERYONE needs to watch like.. ALL the videos on youtube of her singing live. she will BLOW YOU AWAY. like seriously. i’ve converted half of pittsburgh to loving her in the past several months. its impossible not to. so happy she’s blowing up- hope she keeps it real. bonus that she’s incredibly hot and queer :)

  13. Ahh I love Jessie J! Does anyone else notice her kissing a girl towards the end of that video?

  14. At 2.00 minutes she walks up to her girlfriend and starts singing to her… as you can see the light is focused on to them and everyone starts screaming (cos they know that is her girl)

    still don’t believe me? then why would a random girl be allowed to sit on the stage for no apparent reason unless that’s her girl supporting her ;)

  15. oh jessie j, she has an amazing voice and is responsible for panty changes by the lady loving ladies (myself included) :p everywhere….

  16. i love her…she is amazing and her legs is amazing to….i really hope to have concert in ROMANIA i will be waiting…love you JESSIE!!!

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