Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Music Video Premiere Gets Born: OPEN THREAD

Get your paws up, little monsters, it’s time for the big premiere of Lady Gaga’s somewhat psychotic “Born This Way” video.


[If you would like our resident Lady Gaga music video expert to recap “Born This Way,” I suggest harassing her via formspring.]



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  1. I have many feelings. All of them are “YES!” I like the song much more now since I’ve seen the video.

    – Unicorn.
    – Things from Gaga’s vagina.
    – Tux + weird makeup = Win.
    – Madonna teeth.

    I have to watch it another 15 times. At least.

    • Also add to my list of feelings:

      – Chin eye.
      – Jerk off / semen flying.
      – Does the skeleton dude look a little like David Boreanaz? I’ve never seen them in the same room at the same time. I’m just sayin’.

  2. idk, i’m glad i’m going back to school so i can start writing academic dissertations on gaga again.

    • THUMBS UP.
      Katrina, I want to see these published in academic journals so I can reference them in my papers pertaining to Geography. Seems impossible, I know, but I’ll make it happen. Soon other gays will be referencing my geographical gaga journal articles, until we, th’gays, have infused Gaga into every academic discipline. No discipline will be spared. Or should I say, left out.

  3. could’ve done without the intro & birthing nastiness (but that’s just my own weird birth phobia speaking) – other than that I totally loved it.

    her body looked amazing.

  4. Anyone think 4:35 is an L Word cover reference?

    Besides that, I’m kind of speechless because I just watched it, but wow, pink triangles/unicorns/the whole concept.

    p.s. Why was Adam Lambert not in this video, seriously.

  5. Apart from being totally weird, completely beautiful and amazingly awesome, it actually made me tear up a little. <3

  6. I have to run to class. The only thing I can really think about this video right now is, VAGINAS. More thoughtful comment to come.

  7. The exploding vag confused me a bit, but I think that’s how Gaga’s videos work – they’re supposed to confuse you.

    I kinda feel weird thinking that her bod’s pretty rockin’ because she’s always been Mama Monster and I’ve never gotten “I’d Tap That” feelings before this.

  8. I feel like “Lady Gaga is riding a unicorn. Your argument is invalid.” is going to be a thing now. Which I am totally okay with.

  9. this is Dune x Alien x brain explosion = awesome. i think i’ve started to love and admire gaga as if she were some sort of cult leader, wish is i feel what she’s trying to achieve. the cult of unicorns.

    • Why is she doing this as some manifesto/origins tale? She’s getting messianic and it’s weirding me out.
      anyone else?

      but also, I liked some things, obvs.

      • YOU ARE NOT ALONE. i think lady gaga is getting really fucking weird. also, she really isn’t the kind of person i’d like to be “leading” the movement. because let’s be honest, she’s just trying to get gay men to keep dancing to her music.

        but when you combine it with her saying she’s “creating a new race” and acting like a savior, that’s fucked up.

        and did anyone else notice the incredible amount of time spent on her romanticizing A DUDE?! this is a visual representation of queerness and a lot of it is just the same old white straight things we know about already.


    • Omg. I love that you linked to this. “I thought to myself if I were an African White Christ from Space…” I was cheesing so hard when I saw this that my boss walked into my office and asked what I was watching. I was like “um… Russell Brand? He’s inapprops. Lemme turn this off.”

      • I know right! Lady Gaga losing me with her crazy metaphors triggered that image alone:)

  10. k so somehow i made it to the end of that, and all i can say is HAHAH @ the madonna teeth and /cringe to birthing things.

    i wonder what the general non-mo public will think of this. ill get some popcorn


    Sadface :(

    • Yup, pretty much my thoughts too.

      Eh, I’ve never quite gotten onto the Gaga train, so I’ll say meh. I like her, but I’d only see her if someone gifted me free tix.

      But that suit? WANT! And I’m ridiculously femme but f*ck I want that suit!

  12. How come I didn’t learn about the female reproductive anatomy constellation in Intro to Astronomy last semester?

  13. So did anyone else get that Cate Blanchett-Fellowship of the Ring- feeling from that prologue? Just me? That’s cool.

  14. “I liked it. I heard the song on The Grammy’s already and it was good. Did you think I wouldn’t or something? I just didn’t like the skulls. They were gross.”

    -My mom’s thoughts on the new Lady Gaga video.

  15. i have just SO many feelings after watching that.

    its like double-rainbow to the power of 7 multiplied by the undefined value of X…

    …that’s a shitload of feelings.

    gaga wins at videos.

  16. my thoughts in chronological order:

    2. OH GOD
    3. this is scarier than Alejandro already and that was about Nazis???
    4. ABS
    5. does she always look this much like cher??

    the rest was pretty much just a repeat of #4

  17. I just smoked a bowl and watched it. This may have been a mistake, ’cause now I’m a little freaked out. And a little turned on.

  18. Gaga’s butt.
    That is the only feeling I currently have about this, because I have no clue what just happened.

  19. I’ve loved the song since it debuted and the video just made me love it even more. Go GaGa! ~~Proud Little Monster

  20. I’m just glad Zombie Boy is getting work. And I hope he was paid very well for his involvement in that cluster fuck.

    The only parts I enjoyed were her dancing. The whole messianic, manifesto from mother monster shit was just weird, and not in the good way that I used to be totally down with.

    I just think I’m totally over Gaga. I’m going to bask in remembrance of simpler times. Oh “Just Dance,” you were far more of an anthem than this song. Let us forget your creator’s current inferior song children. “Just Dance” + me=4Eva.

  21. 1. win
    2. very Dante’s Inferno with the heap of writhing bodies…
    3. Gaga is so skinny it makes me want to cry! Don’t sell out–LOVE YOUR BODY…the rest of use do :)

    • I could be wrong, but I think her low weight might have something to do with her health.

  22. A Friend of mine had this reaction “Holy Vaginal Imagery Batman!” Which i think sums up the entire narrated part.

    Also there is something that totally reminds me of Dune in this whole thing.

  23. raquel zimmermann with her hand all up in there, um wow. a lot of mental extrapolation going on

  24. Okay.

    I just watched that shit with no sound.

    I feel like if I told someone what I saw they’d just assume I was high as fuck.

  25. This is like a Lady Gaga version of The Fifth Element and Madonna thrown into one!

  26. So, based on the lyrics I don’t like this song because 1. The “born this way” argument is stupid (so are pedaphiles and the mentally insane/violent?) 2. It’s awkward (orient, etc.) 3. It has very little literary depth (lol, that’s the English major in me coming out).

    Based on the video my reactions were 1. ew, birth, ahhh 2. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 4. she’s kind of skinny and skeletal looking, ew 5. i think that’s the point, based on all the skeletons 6. are the gays evil? 7. so we’re born evil? 8. is she actually making a comment on my theory that the born this way argument is stupid? and that it’s silly to think of things as being born good or evil? 9. am i reading too much into this? 10. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 11. I’ma go back to my Tool CDs/Maynard James Keenen if I want weird, kthanx

  27. I’m not a huge fan of the song, period. I mean, it’s fun when you’re in a huge crowd of drunk lesbians and everyone is singing/howling along, but my favorite Gaga songs are the ones that are a little more…subtle. I want to like it a lot more, given how much support Gaga has shown for the gay community.

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