Introducing the 2013 Autostraddle Calendars! Pre-order Now and Get Special Things

After months of hot girls and sweet anticipation, it’s finally time to unveil The 2013 Autostraddle Calendar, our best calendar yet! It’s been quite a process this year (apparently partial nudity is An Issue for very many printers) and I’m absolutely thrilled to open up pre-orders for this year’s calendar/zine featuring the work of Robin Roemer and the hearts/minds/bodies of 20 queer women.

See the 2013 Calendar Girl series here.


That day on the beach seems like so long ago, but the pictures bring me back: this year Robin wanted to do a stripped-down black-and-white shoot that focused more on scenes of friends being super-gay together on the beach than on the more traditional individual portraits.

The pictures are pretty rad — Robin even had a gallery show in New York for the collection we’re now selling to you on 40 tabloid-sized newsletter-style pages featuring 12 calendar layouts in a photo-‘zine format.

2013_Autostraddle_Calendar_interior_1Now it’s time to pre-order your calendar! From now until December 1st, you can pre-order the 2013 Autostraddle Calendar for only $14 (price goes up to $18 after December 1st). Here’s a giant link:

Pre-Order Your 2013 Autostraddle Calendar Here



There are so many photos in this thing, you guys, photos that make you feel good to be alive and gay. Plus, there are so many ways to use 40-pages of newsprint: pull the full pages out and hang them up as posters, or use them as gift wrap for the holidays (I have done this with past ‘zines and highly recommend it), use the calendar pages as your 2013 wall/poster calendar, or just leave the whole thing together as the complete entity that it is.

2013_Autostraddle_Calendar_interior_3 2013_Autostraddle_Calendar_single_pageAnd guess what there’s room to write your notes in on certain days
so that you don’t forget to feed your cat or whatever:


When will my calendar arrive?

Good question – for pre-orders made before December 1st, you will receive your calendar the second week of December. So at some point between the 10th and the 14th. So get those pre-orders in, y’all!
As always, thanks for your support and don’t forget to pre-order your 2013 Autostraddle Calendar!

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  1. I want to pre-order but there is no button that will let me add it to a cart! :( Am I doing something wrong?

  2. I would love to yell “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY,” but alas, it is still “coming soon” in the store.

    • Woo! Fixed, ordered, shut up and take my money, etc.

      Also, you have no idea how much I hate paypal, so you should feel overwhelmed by love since I let them get a little of my money just now. The scantily clad ladies didn’t hurt.

    • wasteunit! I am setting up the ability for us to take credit cards RIGHT NOW. Thanks for this comment, it gave me the idea to look into the matter!

      • This is really exciting and awesome but also worrisome for my continued ability to pay rent. My paypal hesitation is the only way I can have even a little self-control when you sell something. It might be easier if I just have my paycheck deposited directly into your bank account. Why fight it? I already plan to sign over all my finances when it’s commune time.

        • I cannot wait for the commune.

          It is my dream to either a) run the sex toy store with Daniela or b) run the bar. I will call the bar The Library. It will be a speakeasy, very quiet in comparison to Klub Deer, and it will have our top 100 books on the wall for reading whilst sipping. I’ve put an embarrassing amount of thought into “what if the commune were really a thing.”

          What I’m saying is take my money and build a commune.

          • oh my god ali. The Library is the only appealing bar i’ve ever heard of. honestly i hate going to bars, they are never fun for me, but it sounds like your bar could be fun! oh oh oh, commune commune commune.

          • The Library sounds like an AMAZING place! It kind of reminds me of a bar back home in Seattle (it has books and mass sipping potential) — minus the speakeasy and all you lovelies. So naturally this commune bar is light-years ahead on the spectrum of awesome. Guess we’ll just have to wait..

            Also, I’m totes gonna get my pre-order on…as soon I get paid. Seriously, discovering this site has to be one of the worst financial decisions I’ve ever made. Oh well. What can you do?

  3. done. Pleasure to support what you guys are doing on here, and if I have to look at beautiful half naked woman in order to support you, then so be it. I’ll take one for the team.

  4. fantastic photographic work + wonderful women!!

    (i’m still hopefully waiting for the skinny girls out there though and even more diversity)

  5. Why are the is it sex posters always sold out right when I go to buy one? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be…

  6. YESSSSS!!!!! This just made my day!
    I can’t wait to see all our naked, goofy behinds in this! It was truly one of the best days ever and I made some even more amazing friends! Thank you sooo much Autostraddle!

  7. true story: as soon as this went up i rushed over to the store to buy it, and then proceeded to send a very excited text to my girlfriend saying “BABE BABE BABE I BOUGHT THE NEW CALENDAR IT LOOKS SO INCREDIBLE AHHHHHHH!!!” to which she responded, “no! i was waiting for them to post it so i could get it for you!” so then i felt horrible for ruining that cute surprise but she assured me it was okay but basically the moral of the story is OMG I AM GETTING THE CALENDAR AND THE CUTE PRE-ORDER STICKERS but also, OMG IF YOU TELL YOUR GF YOU LOVE SURPRISES AND ASK HER TO SURPRISE YOU MORE OFTEN, YOU NEED TO ACTUALLY LET HER HAVE HALF A CHANCE TO BUY SURPRISE ITEMS FOR YOU, instead of buying all the AS merch for yourself within 10 minutes of it becoming available.

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