Holiday Merch Alert: Gender Traitor Sweatshirts, Gay Glittery Horses, Restocks of All Your Faves and an Enamel Pin Sale!

Hi friends! Hope your holiday shopping is going super swell, but if it isn’t, you’re in luck because our store is overflowing with cool gifts ranging from $1—$48! As always, everything in our store is designed and illustrated by queer artists, and every dollar you spend supports the people who make Autostraddle happen!

The Newest of the New

Trojan Horse Enamel Pin

black metal / soft + glitter enamel / measures 1.5″ tall

Autostraddle Enamel Pin Gay Trojan Horse

The Greeks did it in Troy, and now the gays are doing it in Australia. In fact, the country overwhelmingly voted yes for marriage equality last month, despite these anti-gay campaigns that Crystal ranked by queerness. We were inspired by this ad, which asks — “Who’s inside the Rainbow Horse?” and shows pink-mohawked soldiers marching with signs declaring “political correctness” and “safe schools!” Seriously spooky stuff. Crystal ranked it as the number one unintentionally gayest ad, saying “This is horse is fabulous, I’d definitely get in. I want to see Gay Trojan Horse marching at next year’s Mardi Gras, and turned into an enamel pin for my denim jacket.” After several commenters chimed in saying they’d “100% buy the rainbow Trojan horse,” we made this extremely cute, extremely glittery Gay Trojan Horse pin illustrated by the talented Isabella Rotmanbuy it →

Update: Also as of today same sex marriage is legal in Australia!! WOO!

Gender Traitor Pin

black metal / soft enamel / measures 1″ tall

Autostraddle Enamel Pin Gender Traitor

It’s your favorite design, now in a bite-sized enamel pin! You can wear it on your Gender Traitor Sweatshirt, which you can wear over your Gender Traitor Shirt, while carrying a baby wearing a Gender Traitor Onesie. It’s all inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale. What a statement that’ll be! buy it →

Gender Traitor Sweatshirt

printed on super-soft alternative apparel eco-fleece sweatshirt / sizes S thru 3XL

Autostraddle Merch Gender Traitor Sweatshirt

@goodboymorgan is wearing a medium.

This sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel is literally the softest thing that my body has ever worn and will ever wear again. Unless and until aliens bring us some new amazing fibers from a distant planet, it’s safe to say this will always be the softest sweatshirt in the galaxy. We cannot stop printing on it, and we probably won’t ever stop. It is that soft, it wins over all the sweatshirts. And it’s cold out there! You should own this sweatshirt for that reason alone, but if you hate being comfortable, there’s always the fact that you’re gay.  buy this → 

Stuff We Already Told You About But We Can’t Believe You Haven’t Bought Yet

The Gender Traitor Onesie

printed on los angeles apparel cotton / infant sizes 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24

Autostraddle Merch Gender Traitor Onesie

Research has shown that a family wearing matching Gender Traitor merch is a family that stays together. Plus, have you ever seen a cooler baby? Probably not. Your baby can be cool, too. Your baby can wear this onesie and look up at people from their stroller and judge them. And if you personally do not have a baby, I bet you can think of a few friends who will appreciate adding this onesie their collection. buy this →

Tomboy Femme Tee

printed on super-soft bella + canvas triblend / sizes XS thru 3XL

Autostraddle Merch Tomboy Femme Tee

@alexontv is wearing a small.

This might’ve been the fastest restock we’ve ever done — y’all love this tee so much! buy it → 

Hot Take Tee

printed on super-soft bella + canvas triblend / sizes XS thru 3XL

Autostraddle Merch Hot Take Tee

@angelesteals is wearing a medium.

Give off a super sexy seventies vibe. buy this →

Mommi Tees

unisex white tee / printed on super-soft bella + canvas triblend / sizes XS thru 3XL
women’s style black tee / printed on super-soft bella + canvas triblend / sizes S thru 2XL

@annamalgrams is wearing a medium in the women’s tee, and an XL in the unisex tee.

This movement isn’t going to start itself. Spread the good word (which is Mommi, which is the new Daddy). You can get it in either black or white →

Your Faves Are Back in Stock!

Safe Space Sweatshirt

printed on super-soft alternative apparel eco-fleece / sizes S thru 3XL

autostraddle merch safe space sweatshirt

@stoneroxs is wearing an XL.

Gal Pal Tees

printed on next level apparel unisex polycotton / sizes XS thru 2XL

autostraddle merch gal pal tee

@marissandrist is wearing a medium.

Gal Pal Hoodies

printed on an independent trading company pullover / sizes XS thru 2XL

Autostraddle Merch Gal Pal Black Hoodie

@megrisley.jpg is wearing a medium.

Lavender Menace Tees

unisex tee / printed on bella + canvas jersey / sizes XS thru 4XL
women’s style tee / printed on super-soft bella + canvas triblend / sizes S thru 2XL

Autostraddle Merch Lavender Menace Unisex Tee

@savannahsward is wearing a unisex large.

All These Pins

We restocked so many of your favorite pins, and guess what?! From now until December 15th, we’re putting on our first-ever PIN DEAL! If you buy four (4) enamel pins in our store, we’ll throw in a 5th one for free! Your naked denim thanks you in advance.

Delivery Schedule

To get your deliveries in time for the holidays make sure to place your order by the following dates:

Dec 13th—UPS First Class*
Dec 15th—USPS Priority Mail/UPS Ground*

*These dates are for domestic orders–we have no guarantee for international orders, so get ‘em in early heartstrings! ♡

As always, I’ll be watching the comments like a hawk, so let me know if you have any questions/feelings and I’ll try my best to help you!

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  1. Everyone’s getting pins from me this year. You get a pin! You get a pin! I’m definitely not going to passive aggressively gift you a “read a fucking book” pin because that would be mean, so I’m keeping it for myself!

    Also, praise the autostraddle goddesses for making a gender traitor pin. I’m so in love.

    • emerson! you are welcome <3

      i love imagining you oprah’ing and throwing pins at your friends at a sit-down dinner. speaking of, why do we say sit-down dinners? are there stand-up dinners? is that stand up as in position or as in a comedy show w/ dinner?

      such are the mysteries of life…

  2. i can’t believe i placed my order last week when A. two of my fave pins were out of stock and B. the pin deal didn’t exist yet! if i were typing on my phone i would include a million crying emojis right here. I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO PLACE A SECOND ORDER FINE.

  3. Hey!
    I just created a gender queer period pin!! Can I share a link here or talk to someone at AS to see if you wanna put it in the shop?!

  4. I can personally vouch for the Mommi tee, especially if you are looking for a bunch of cute queers to ask you “what does your shirt say?”

    • i ended up making out on the dance floor with the most recent person who asked me that so all i’m saying is IT IS EFFECTIVE.

  5. I think I’ve bought more presents for myself this holiday season than I’ve bought for other people in the past five years combined and I’m not about to stop now because GET A LOAD OF THAT GENDER TRAITOR PIN. I NEED IT.

    • Honestly can we please start this movement? Next year gay people should only buy stuff for themselves and tell their families/straight friends that we are taking the holiday off for self love and actualization.

  6. Soooo many nice things.

    Please restock your scissoring t-shirts…I have been waiting for one for so long and now I have some money! So can buy one!

    • We will most likely be discontinuing this design and printing a new one. You’re taking about the grey scissoring tee?

  7. As someone who owns the They/Them pin and wears it almost daily, I can wholeheartedly recommend it; though I will say that it needs a better back, cause I lost the black rubber thing that holds it in place and replaced it with a clip from another pin I had.

    • Not to jump too hard on the critique train (i love the they/them pin), but is there a way the next batch of them could be bigger? Often it’s too small for people to notice.

      • Definitely can make these bigger, that’s a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. Al, we like the silicone backs because they’re more comfy but we’ll do some more research on something that’s both comfy/secure for next time!

        • This is what I am using, it’s a hair loose & tad large, but it locks so it doesn’t move/fall off.

          • <img src="

      • Very much agree with this, as that was the first thing I noticed! It also be nice if it was a bit more noticeable/glowing at night, say if you are a bar or club.

  8. HAHA! That rainbow horse ad is now the new background on my phone! Of course I had to get the pin to really complete the look!

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