Hey Girl, Feminist Ryan Gosling Is Now A Coffee Table Book

Feature image via feministryangosling.tumblr.com.

In October, Grace introduced us to Feminist Ryan Gosling, calling it “potentially the greatest Tumblr ever.” She was not being hyperbolic. With this in mind, you will be very excited to learn that Feminist Ryan Gosling can now live on your coffee table (or on that upside-down crate you use as a coffee table, whatever, no judgement), as the blog has gone the way of all successful tumblrs-turned-phenomenoms and is a real live published beautiful book!

Hey girl. Let’s ignore all the tweets about Chik-Fil-A and snuggle up and read this book instead.

Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude by Danielle Henderson is available for purchase online, in bookstores, and in Urban Outfitters. Henderson has included some of the best entries from the blog (I hope this one makes it in) but the majority of the book will be brand-new material, with 120 photos and captions in total.

Tumblr’s Storyboard published an interview with Henderson today, and if for some reason you’re still on the fence about how funny she and this whole concept are, allow me to share an excerpt.

Storyboard: Has Feminist Ryan Gosling ever burned a bra?
Henderson: Well, he wouldn’t be burning any bras because he knows we ladies need all the support we can get. And, come on, burning bras is not environmentally safe — polyester fabrics and all of that. Also, of course Feminist Ryan Gosling knows that feminists never really burned bras — that’s a myth. They burned a lot of stuff, but not bras.

If you happen to be in the New York City area, Tumblr and Housing Works are hosting a release party tonight at 7pm at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on 126 Crosby Street. Henderson will be there (duh), Tumblr is providing free drinks, WORD will be selling books, and Maris Kreizman of Slaughterhouse 90210 is making a special appearance. All proceeds go to the fight to end AIDS and homelessness in NYC.

via feministryangosling.tumblr.com

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    • i mean my favorite is “hey girl it’s kstew” so i feel ya, but i think it’s pretty cool that henderson’s blog is now a book! perhaps one day maddow and kristen can live on our coffee tables too.

    • Lesbians can’t appreciate the aesthetically pleasing sight that is Ryan Gosling? Because I sure do.

    • Not to mention the fact that many queer ladies are into people of a masculine and/or male persuasion : ) And that most queer ladies, regardless of who they like to cuddle/kiss/date/heavily pet/have sexytimes with/marry, are way into feminism!

      • I don’t know. I feel like the reason this is so popular is because using a “hot guy” to sell feminism makes it go down easier or something. Not to mention it’s a way to assert one’s heterosexuality along with feminism, maybe making it more ‘safe’ to do so.

        • this is interesting because i’ve never thought of it that way. everyone i know who loves the blog was already a self-identified feminist, and we all found it amusing to see texts we studied at school/learned about on our own laid out in such an accessible/goofy way. i personally find the blog more goofy than sexy, and i think that is the appeal.

      • yeah actually none of the people i know who love this blog like it because they find ryan gosling attractive, everyone’s more just into the concept of feminist theory being accessible.

        • No matter how handsome Ryan Gosling actually is, he’s still Sean Stanley Hanlon from Breaker High in my head.

          • wait wait wait kristen stop. this might be a groundbreaking day in my life. are you talking about breaker high, the tv show from the 90s about kids who went to school on a boat? i am holding my breath…

          • YES.

            He was also Young Hercules! Whenever I see any “new” hot actor I’m like! YOU were on 3rd rock from the sun with a bowl cut. YOU were on two guys a girl and a pizza place with frosted hair!

          • oh. my. god. not only is this the funniest revelation in the world, but i am also SO EXCITED that i am reminiscing about breaker high with someone who knows what the heck i’m talking about. i have so many memories of that show but whenever i bring it up to my american friends i get blank stares. i didn’t realize — all this time, i should’ve been chatting with my fellow canadians! who was the pretty blond girl? cassidy? she dated max? i don’t know i feel like i have spent my whole adult life wondering whatever happened to cassidy. there was one episode where they all had to crush grapes to make wine and they did it barefoot and whenever i drink wine (read: often) i think of that…life changing, i tell ya.

            /sorry i’m a big weirdo.

          • Apparently I can’t keep replying to you.

            Whenever I see him in those memes I think of the less-than-feminist asshat his character was. But that was also 14 years ago. … and a character.

            TIL you’re Canadian!

      • For the record, I like both guys and girls and yet I’ve never gotten the big deal about Ryan Gosling. He just doesn’t do anything for me, I guess…

        This blog is hilarious though. As Vanessa said, a lot of it is the notion of this big celebrity spouting all these obscure feminist theory texts that we all had to read in Women’s Studies 101.

    • yes you are so right, i feel silly
      the book’s publication date is set for august 14
      but as it turns out that means nothing and the book is actually available RIGHT NOW
      everyone rejoice :)

      (thank you for pointing that out, sarah! we will edit the post accordingly.)

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