He Said/We Said: From Sea to Shining Sea

Last March, Autostraddle published dapperQ’s first ever non-New York, Left Coast edition of He Said/We Said, featuring masculine genderqueer style from San Francisco. Not to be outdone, Jack Tar 207, a Portland, Maine based style blog, took on the HS/WS challenge for our annual Pride edition and did not disappoint with their ever-so-handsome interpretations of the J-Crew Spring 2013 menswear collection.


For a quick refresher, check out creatress mastermind Anita Dolce Vita‘s plan behind the HS/WS magic:

“The models fashion their very own looks – I give the inspiration, they give the interpretation. They come to the shoot camera ready: hair, make-up, their own clothes, accessories and props. I didn’t want the series to reflect how to recreate menswear from an individual stylist’s point of view. It’s always a wonderful surprise to see what each model came up with and all of the different translations of the same inspiration.”

Learn more about HS/WS on the Huffington Post here and don’t forget to check out DapperQ next week for more images!


Jack Tar 207, along with Anita Dolce Vita, selected the J-Crew Spring 2013 collection as the inspiration. Here’s what HS/WS model Shana Natelson said about why the J-Crew collection most inspired them:

“I think the runway outfits for new collections are always a little over-the-top and not necessarily wearable or functional. Jack Tar has been trying to capture functional fashion in Maine, and this was a great opportunity to do that while taking influence from J Crew. I’ve always loved wearing colors, and this collection is all about bright colors for the summer, so it was a ton of fun to mix the colors of our wardrobes with the colors on the wharf.”


Photos by Shana Natelson


LK Weiss


Preferred gender pronoun: She, or whatever

Occupation: Owner/Designer at The Portland Designer and Founder of Jack Tar 207

Outfit details: Pants, Ralph Lauren. Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Boat Shoes; LLBean. Belt, American Eagle. Anchor Tie, Banana Republic.

Whose wardrobe (celebrity or otherwise!) would you raid?

Alex Carleton, Art Director/Designer for L.L. Bean Signature.

What accessory or article of clothing can you not live without? 

White tee.

Tee Tappan


Preferred gender pronoun: DUDE!

Occupation: Self-employed and over worked

Outfit details: T-shirt and plaid shirt, Rogues Gallery. Jeans, Levis. Shoes, H&M Shoes. Socks, Gap. Watch, Diesel. Leather wrist band custom made by Rand Leather. Belt, My Lady.

Outfit sobriquet:

Strawberry flavored

Whose wardrobe (celebrity or otherwise!) would you raid?

Adam Levine

What was it like for you to be involved in a project like He Said/We Said?

Honored and pleased

What accessory/article of clothing can you not live without? 

White v-neck tee

Shana Natelson


Occupation: Consent education and sexual assault prevention with Speak About It

Outfit details: After an unfortunate and last-minute change of outfit due to some poorly-timed bird poo, I’m in J Crew shorts, Bass shoes, an Old Navy linen shirt, a Brooks Brothers tie, Ray Ban sunglasses, and the belt in my outfit is from KikaNY, courtesy of Steve Laycock.

What song that best describes your look?

“Dance, Don’t Hold the Wall” by Justin Timberlake (and it’s my current obsession).

Whose wardrobe (celebrity or otherwise!) would you raid?

Really, I just want an excuse to wear (and flare up) an Oscars-style tuxedo.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

J Crew, H&M, thrift stores, LK Weiss’ closet

What accessory/article of clothing can you not live without?

Sunglasses, especially in the summer. I’m notorious for an awkward sunglass tan once the weather gets nice.

What was it like to be involved in a project like He Said/We Said?

There’s something to be said for personalizing or interpreting the mainstream fashion that we see. Gender is all a costume, a presentation, and this was a really unique opportunity to have direct influence from something “popular” and turn it into something that represents my style and identity.

Lorien Snellings


Occupation: Mental health therapist

Outfit details: Shorts, J-Crew; Shoes, West Marine; Checkered shirt: H&M hoodie and cock belt, thrift store; Sunglasses, Puerto Rico.

Whose wardrobe (celebrity or otherwise!) would you raid?

LK Weiss

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Wherever my wife takes me

What accessory/article of clothing can you not live without?

My comfy sweats

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    • I live in Maine, but clearly I need to get down to Portland more! I’ve never seen such hotties around where I live. The Jack Tar 207 website has some serious eyecandy. Wowzers.

  1. All of these guys sound like they lead amazing and interesting lives, and I love the marina setting.

  2. OMG, I was just at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards on Monday (I presented an award to my dear friend Oscar de la Renta) and was thinking about dapperQ the whole time! And who would have thought that my pantsuit would be blown off by these super sexy models from Maine just two days later! Love it and let me tell you, when it’s 3AM and your children are safe and asleep, I hope my phone rings and it’s dapperQ advising me on my summer style!

  3. “She or whatever” is probably my preferred gender pronoun too so I feel some kinship with LK.

  4. So fucking glad to see Dude! as a pronoun. I technically use she and her, but holy fuck do I prefer an enthusiastic Dude.

  5. This was a great idea, only thing I’d change is to gloss it up a bit. More pictures on the beach or a yacht instead of a boatyard or wherever that is. Those clothes belong somewhere more fancy.
    LK Weiss nailed it.

    • Sigh… if only we owned a yacht. (!!)
      We chose Widgery Wharf because it gives a true and honest view of our working waterfront here in Portland, Maine. It’s part of the culture here, which of course inspires our style choices. This is a private wharf, so capturing these views can’t be done by just anyone. We felt we were offering a scene that was unique to us and to Maine, that can’t really be found anywhere else in the world, unlike a beach which anyone could shoot.

      • Oh well, I guess there’s more than one way to do the shoot. I still love the clothes :)

  6. I really dig the tie LK Weiss is wearing. Makes me want to go out and buy some more ties.

  7. Why are there so few pictures in this one? A single group shot and then only one picture per model? We can’t even see what LK did for shoes or the belt that Tee’s lady gave/made her. I would think a whole photo shoot probably produced more than 5 usable photos, no?

    • Genevieve,

      There will be more images on dapperQ next week! Stay tuned! Yay!

      Jack Tar 207, it was such a pleasure working with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of this amazing hotness.

      • Thank YOU DapperQ and Autostraddle!! This shoot was so fun, we had a total blast. And yes Genevieve, there were many more photos- see what DapperQ posts, and then we’ll post the rest on our page.

  8. oh. hey. yes. hi. um. okay then.

    …gonna send this to my boifriend now. inspiration x 1000.

  9. Hey, my hometown is on Autostraddle! I need to figure out where all these cuties hang out when they’re not lurking around the docks in sweet summer styles.

  10. “menswear collection”?

    I thought autostraddle was a place for, and I quote, “girl on girl culture”?
    Not every lesbian has short hair and dresses extremely masculine?!
    I apologize if these people are transmen but pretty sure they identify as lesbians.
    I’m sorry, I just struggle sometimes with female culture being overthrown by male culture. It a real real shame.

      • I am the producer of He Said/We Said. When the dapperQ team looked for a media partner to cross-publish this feature, I was thrilled that Autostraddle agreed to post HS/WS on a quarterly basis because Autostraddle has an exemplary record of being inclusive (including trans-inclusive) and celebrating the broad diversity of our community.

        As Torrebelle said, there is something for everybody on Autostraddle.

        Lesbians, not just transmen, also wear “menswear” and it doesn’t make them any less “female.” From Ellen, to Maddow, to KD Lang – these are all our “sisters.” You don’t have to wear a skirt and lipstick to be considered a “woman.” My partner dresses more like Maddow, is a self-identified woman, and uses female pronouns. I’m a femme. It’s still girl-on-girl. Also, my partner having short hair in no way is “overthrowing” female culture – she is still a female, and I can still wear a skirt. No harm. No foul.

        I think comments such as these highlight the importance of resources like dapperQ, Jack Tar 207, Qwear, bklyn boihood, etc. It’s important that we work to eliminate heteronormative, gender binary roles/definitions.

        There is no one RIGHT way of being a lesbian….or queer…or a gay man…etc., etc.

        • anita dolce vita and torrebelle have it spot on! there are all kinds of ways to be queer and they’re all right.

          if you’re looking for fashion coverage that appeals to different kinds of gender expression, check out the style category.

    • Autostraddle has something for everybody. There was just an article about dressing for the office on the femme end of the spectrum. They included all sorts of gender presentation, including “feminine” for the underpants week. I’ve seen them do that for the swimwear articles too. That’s the great thing about Autostraddle, they mix it up. Also, this particular series is from one artists perspective and lense. I personally think that those who identify as female, even if moc, should not be ostracized from “female culture”.

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