Let’s Celebrate GalPalentines Day With Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Angel Haze, Carrie Brownstein and Their Gal Pals

Happy 14th of February, bitter herbs! While sure, some of you will be spending your Saturday gazing lovingly into the eyes of your one and only as you slurp opposite ends of a strand of spaghetti Lady and the Tramp-style while “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” plays softly in the background, some of us are existing on an entirely different plane. Some of us mark this vicious holiday by celebrating our adorable relationships with our “gal pals,” laughing it up for the TMZ photographers who swell around us as we sunbathe resplendently on our extravagant yachts. Even if you and your gal pal are celebrating this year by eating chocolate on the couch and watching Netflix, we’re still excited about you. Assembled below are some of our favourite, most-speculated-about sets of affectionate gal pals, doing gal pal stuff all over town.

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Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin

Yo seriously you two, what the hell are you trying to pull? One minute Angel Haze releases “Candlxs,” the most sentimental love song we’ve all heard in a minute, and the next day they’re tweeting that they’ve broken up. I was legitimately more upset about this breakup than I’ve been about some of my own! Mere hours later, they’re Instagramming photos of the couple snuggling and videos of them dancing affectionately. Nothing can stop the infinite power of these two dedicated gal pals, or the ridiculous adorableness of their rescue dog. You guys had us so scared! Can you chill?! Can someone call Autostraddle HQ next time an emergency like this happens? This whole situation has given me heart palpitations.


Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett

I don’t know what exactly is going on here, but I support all of it. In my imagination, Miley is like, “Joan! I made you this delicious pot of red lentil soup and I’m really excited for you to try some!” and Joan is like, “Miley! That’s so thoughtful!” Later on, as they dip slices of pita bread into the soup, Joan will tell Miley all kinds of hilaaaarious stories about her youthful shenanigans in the Runaways. Oh, how they’ll laugh.

da most bad a$$ day w da moooossst bad a$$ of em all #JoanJett #happyhippiepresents @happyhippiefdn

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

These two scoundrels! At it again! I admit I don’t know a whole lot about Taylor Swift besides the fact that she probably didn’t make out with this person at a 1975 concert a few months ago, but here she is in Vogue, going on an intimate road trip with her bestie! They bake cookies! They snuggle! They try on outfits! They drive around taking photos of themselves! These look like obnoxious engagement photos, but really it’s just Taylor and Karlie, having the time of their lives, reveling in the awesome power of their friendship! Stars: they’re just like us.



Carrie Brownstein & Taylor Schilling

Questions have been pouring in lately about these two, mostly because it flew under the goddamn radar for so long. While the universe exploded over the revelation that Orange Is The New Black‘s Samira Wiley was dating one of the show’s writers (the resplendent Lauren Morelli), Taylor Schilling just strutted right into black-tie events on Carrie Brownstein’s arm, cool as a cucumber. What do you talk about when you’re dating really good friends with Carrie Brownstein? Wouldn’t you just stare adoringly into her perfect face and stumble over your words? Maybe you’d play it fast and loose like Yael Stone:

I actually relate to Yael Stone so hard in this picture. "HEY GUYS! WHATCHA DOIN? COUPLE STUFF? THAT'S COOL."


Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile

The golden standard of gal pal-dom themselves, Kristen and Alicia have been spotted all over the place lately, chummy as ever! The UK’s Daily Mail took the time to admire Kristen and Alicia for just how goshdarn friendly they appeared walking through LAX, holding hands, probably discussing a trip to Claire’s for matching “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” heart necklaces! Honestly, the way they describe Kristen’s outfit (using great pains to never refer to it as obviously homosexual) reminds me in a charming way of the way the Babysitter’s Club used to describe Claudia Kishi’s ensembles. Their special, intimate friendship is a beacon of hope for those of us who also hope to one day befriend Kristen Stewart… repeatedly.

("Kiss From A Rose" plays in the distance) via INFPhoto.com

(“Kiss From A Rose” plays in the distance) via INFPhoto.com


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  1. “Please let Taylor Schilling be gay. Please let Taylor Schilling be gay. Please let Taylor Schilling be gay…. ”

    – she muttered whilst donning pyjamas, eating fuck loads of chocolate and frantically stroking her cat.

    • Omg that video tho. So hetero, nothing like a girlfriend tag or anything.

      Like for real are they trolling us?! Trying to see if they can make the queer lady internet implode before going public?!

      • They are petting a cat together at the beginning of this video. They must be trolling us! I guess we deserve it.

        And is it just me or is the vibe from Karlie strong. If her and Taylor aren’t a thing…I’m single Karlie, just saying. Albeit, vertically challenged, but I have many other things to offer!

    • Wait? What am I missing here? What’s the give-away for it being a totally hetero video? I must be clueless to these things.

    • Currently dying over Karlie’s outfit, she complements Taylor’s recent aesthetic perfectly. After everything the tabloids have put her through, it’s great to see Taylor beaming and gushing about her wonderful galpal.

  2. I remember seeing a picture of Taylor and Carrier on tumblr and it said something like the lovely couple together at the Emmys. It had me confused, so the first thing I did was go to autostraddle to see if such news has broken, no dice. Googling it wasn’t too helpful as it was just mostly talk. Those two would totally make a totally adorable couple. I am going to the Sleater Kinney show here in LA. Maybe Taylor will be on the side stage smiling the whole time and melt every time Carrie does a high kick? At least those are my plans.

    • First of all, Taylor has a play in NY.

      Second, they aren’t gf! They broken in September ( only 2 month toghether! )

      Taylor has a partner now, respect her!

  3. This news/speculation/whatever about Carrie Brownstein and Taylor Schilling is SUPER UPSETTING because it would mean that CB and Annie Clark are no longer GalPals Extraordinaire.

    • Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne. You heard it here first. (Taylor and Carrie broke up a couple months ago though)

    • There are rumors about CB and AC’s break-up back in August after CB cheated on her with Taylor. And there are lots of pictures out there of Annie and Cara Delevingne together since December (seems like a rebound to me…).

  4. “Always a Yael Stone, never a Taylor Schilling” is the new “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

  5. Going by the Hot off the press Crucial World News Digest from the Taylor Swift “I’m just like you except more ordinary” Camp, life is an inevitable toil to just scrape by and celebrate the little things and victories. After all, life is about sharing what little you have with those you love, and celebrating that, right?

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  6. Oh, now I really want to date someone famous to see what The Daily Mail will come up with in regards to my outfit while taking out the trash!
    “While on a gal pal sleep over, Jennifer Lawrence’s new bestie amidola was featuring a laid back classical style of grey Adidas sweatpants paired with a simple white T-shirt, while sporting a new age, rock-a-billy ponytail with several strands let loose for an asymmetrical look.
    Her blue sandals, also by adidas, matched with the stripes of the simple grey pants by the same brand, while the blue bag she was taking to the utilities shed complemented the outfit.
    Lawrence and amidola who was formerly only an ardent admirer of her work, met during a fan convention in July where both were accidentally wearing the same outfit of a Star Trek Vulcan character’s, infamously portrayed by Kirstie Alley at the time.

    Yes, I’m alone on Valentine’s. Why? Anyone ask?

  7. A+ quality hard-hitting journalism as always, Steph! Just wanted to mention that Angel Haze said on twitter to use they/them pronouns when referring to them.

  8. I’m going to express an unpopular opinion here: Wiley and Morelli left little to speculate with ig posts, as did Haze and Baldwin(I can’t speak for the others). If CB and TS dated, they never posted pics of one another nor did they acknowledge the other in interviews. If there was a romantic relationship, they obviously made a point to keep it private. If you’re a fan of TS, you’d know she has shied away from her own sexuality in interviews and appears to want to keep it private. Autostraddle posting about it like this is extremely reckless and disrespectful. You’re a popular site, not an anonymous gossip forum. This may be “vapid fluff,” but it has crossed the line. So if you guys are turning into the Perez Hilton circa 2009 site of outing people who don’t wish to be outted, I won’t be returning here or sharing any more of your articles on social media. I might be down-voted into oblivion for this, but I don’t care. I can’t believe grown women who understand how difficult and personal a choice it is to be out would resort to such insensitive behavior just to get traffic on an article.

    • I kinda agree with this. I know we’re all somewhat desperate for queer icons, but it’s not like none exist. The semi-outing of people who want to keep their sexuality their own business is really problematic, and as they said disrespectful.

      There’s also something about sexualizing or making affection be solely a romantic thing that really bothers me about articles like these, even when well-meaning or in jest. That sort of attitude – that the only reason you’d be affectionate and lovey-dovey for someone, especially someone of the same sex – was what led to me being severely deprived of affection to the point that people assumed I wasn’t affectionate (really I was trying to avoid coming on too strong or giving the wrong signals, so I held back a LOT!). Once that barrier could be broken I got the affection I needed, and I get a lot of it from people I’m not romantically interested in. Stuff like this though just makes it harder for people like me – it reinforces that same notion.

      I’d like to see romantic friendships or super-affectionate friendships – yes, friendships – come back to provenance. I’d like to see acknowledgements and appreciation for them, not “oh they’re clearly dating, they’re just being coy about it”. Hell that would make a great AS article!

      • In response to Creatrix-Tiara’s comment

        “I’d like to see romantic friendships or super-affectionate friendships – yes, friendships – come back to provenance. I’d like to see acknowledgements and appreciation for them, not “oh they’re clearly dating, they’re just being coy about it”. Hell that would make a great AS article!”

        I agree. I really love Vapid Fluff though in most of its permutations and I like that it is speculative. What really annoyed me this week was the implication that She Doesn’t Need Anymore Publicity Taylor Swift and her “best friend” Karlie Kloss are in a lesbian relationship. I disagree. I reckon these two are rather heterosexually privileged friends who are in the public eye (there is no accounting for lack of musical or aesthetic taste, you do you, etc)

        I have nothing against Karlie Kloss except perhaps her judgement in being best friends with Taylor Swift. Karlie might be queer, but Taylor seems about as straight as can be. And privileged. And it is kind of typical that lots of queer women might find her attractive. Dream larger and crazier, I’d say. They strike me as friends, but dreams are free.

      • I’m so with you on this. Like, I get that sexual/romantic relationships between women are erased all the time, and that it’s important to claim them for what they are. But for people who HAVEN’T declared themselves to be in a relationship, regardless of their genders, it can be harmful to constantly assume that any affection=romance/sex. It’s one of the reasons why I (as an asexual who has mixed feelings about dating in general) am constantly, anxiously checking myself to make sure I’m not “being too affectionate” or “sending mixed signals.” When all affection is coded as romantic/sexual, there’s no space left for affectionate friendships.

        • I don’t think Stef is suggesting Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are together, just like I don’t think she is suggesting Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett are dating. There is nothing in the text suggesting that they are more than close friends.

  9. I would honestly even settle for mutual acquaintancing kristen stewart.. repeatedly. I’ll take scraps. I’ll take a friend request that doesn’t get accepted for 3 months because she’s too busy to sign into facebook. Anything.

  10. All the couples are cute, yes. can you please not ignore angel haze’s preferred pronouns though? They stated on twitter they prefer they/them…

  11. Um..if Swift and Kloss are dating..thats just foul. Those chicks are like twins. And incest is soo not hot. I’m pretty sure they’re just friends. And being in the public eye and all that I’m glad for them that they have that. Hopefully it’s sustainable.

    • First of all, I totally applaud close female friendships. They’re super important! And I’m not about to bash anyone for not seeing any hints of anything more-than-platonic between those two (even though I disagree), but.. How on earth would it be foul, or incest? I’ve seen the twins thing thrown around countless times and I just don’t see it. I think it’s mostly just similar styling, more than them looking alike for real. But even if they did.. It’s not foul or incestuous unless they’re actually related. Which they’re not.

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