Adam Lambert Headlines GLAAD Awards: Big Gay Events Booking Big Queer Stars

A few months ago, Out magazine complained that because of Out‘s Big Gay Agenda, Adam Lambert had allegedly been difficult & cagey about his photoshoot and interview for the Out 100. Lambert disputed the account, and it seems particularly absurd in retrospect: though Lambert admits he’s not up on gay issues enough to speak confidently about gay rights in interviews, he definitely hasn’t shied away from his gay identity. And now Lambert has signed on to perform at the 2010 GLAAD Awards. Straight allies have lovingly attended and been honored at the GLAAD Awards for years (to a fault), but never has a star with so much mainstream appeal as Adam Lambert been at our disposal. Yet despite his apparent comfort with his sexuality, GLAAD’s announcement somehow surprised us.

Is it because we’re gay media and therefore often dealing with the paradox of gay artists canceling interviews and straight artists eager for gay coverage that we’re surprised by such big-name gay affiliation? Is it the times that have changed, or did we just get lucky that so many chart-toppers happen to be homos this year?

Though President Obama’s scheduled spot at the HRC Dinner was surprising, Lady Gaga’s appointment and eager participation was somehow even moreso. Lady Gaga, presently (arguably) the most talked-about/popular new musical artist in the world, was eager to perform at our gay rights event!

And it was only a year ago that Lady Gaga, an out bisexual, headlined Club Skirts’ legendary Dinah Shore Weekend, and this year’s program is headed up by the inexplicably popular and apparently bisexual Ke$ha, who is more popular now than she has ever been (and likely ever will be) with two singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and the longest running number-one debut single by a female artist since 1977. It’s one thing to say you’re bisexual and quite another to posit yourself on stage at Lesbian Spring Break! And she’s doing another gay event the next week!

A few blocks down, Girlbar’s Dinah Shore Weekend party has roped the elusive DJ Samantha Ronson, who’s been out since the get-go but has essentially stayed away from gay politics and gay events.

We’ve always had popular queer musicians headlining our events, but not until recently have we snagged performers equally in demand by mainstream audiences/events.

And it trickles down; the “edge” and cool factor given to an event when it’s gay-affiliated has made even vacations and cruises totally acceptable — in fact awesome — venues for gay artists to book a gig. Because I mean really how punk rock is the chocolate buffet on the Norwegian Sunrise? But queer takeovers provide crucial edge.

Mostly we just are hoping that Adam and Tommy will make out again onstage at the GLAAD awards and then get awarded immediately as like, Makeout Vanguard Bandits.

Marlee Matlin Tweeted from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, “I am so glad I’m DEAF! Every time they mention Justin Bieber or Taylor Lautner, 10,000 girls SCREAM here at Nickeodeon’s KCA … OMG they just slimed Katy Perry! Now Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus here at KCA. They are screaming so loud even I CAN HEAR IT!”

In response to Ricky Martin coming out yesterday (I’m just FLOORED by that information. Really.), Gawker put up a list of the 10 People Who Need to Finally Come Out of the Closet, already! Most queers will already know this list by heart, with the exception of Kevin Spacey, though it might come as a surprise to the strais. (@gawker)

Our dearest Natalie Garcia is gonna joining We Have to Stop Now, the websirees starring Cathy DeBouno and Jill Bennett:

Nat will be here on LIVE conducting interviews in our members only section of the site with such folks as Suzanne Westenhoefer, Meredith Baxter and other contributing artists of the show including the creator, actors & musicians featured in the episodes and on the site.

Also, her show will debut on Autostraddle soon! We’re having a meeting tomorrow!

GLAAD is happy that Ricky Martin came out: “When someone like Ricky Martin comes out, hundreds of millions of people now have a cultural connection with an artist, a celebrity and, perhaps most importantly, a father who happens to be gay,” Barrios said. “His decision to model this kind of openness and honesty can lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in U.S., in Latin America and worldwide.”

How Ke$ha divides the masses: Saturday Night Live skit gone too far, or amazing performer/superstar? (@jezebel)

Monday, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak: Pro Wrestling’s first openly bisexual wrestler hits the air: “Orlando Jordan is the character – and truly is bisexual, not just portraying a gay (or bi) character, as has been the norm in pro wrestling’s past. Jordan made his debut for TNA Wrestling on Jan. 4, with no hint that night of his sexuality. He walked to the ring for a February match accompanied by a male and a female.” (@outsports)

What the fuck is happening to Tila Tequila? She goes to the grocery story all practically naked and shit, it’s like our bad dream is her chosen reality. (@ontd)

bisexuals DJ Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj shot a video together. Meanwhile, Clutch Magazine writes The Deformation of Nicki Minaj: Why Black Women Are No Longer Enough for Hip Hop:

The vacancy of female rap artists have made such an astounding impact on the hip-hop generation that the emergence of someone like Minaj presents a peculiar mix of unpreparedness and prediction. Minaj isn’t merely a Lil’ Kim clone, she is the 21st century inheritance of post-modern branding, technological advancement and hip-hop male desire. In a music genre where authenticity is everything, Minaj’s (and camp) diligent attempts at packaging a distinct female hip-hop presentation with borrowed Barbie nuances and a rehearsed dialect in tow raises questions around the Minaj underneath it all.

Jordan Catalano covers Bad Romance. It’s not about his car this time. (@buzzfeed)

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  1. I just found out about the ‘Ricky Martin’ is finally out story and just sent it to your Daily Fix tips. But alas, you are ahead of the game. I’m glad he finally came out, but who really cares now? It would have made a bigger impact and been way more relevant if he did when, ya know, he was actually relevant. But good on you, Ricky.

  2. I am not sure of what to think about with the TNA wrestler situation.I understand he is actually bisexual. But hopefully he actually has some talent in the ring. Or else this is will look like another BS gimmick. It said he was in the WWE, he must have been developmental because I don;t remember that

  3. Tila Tequila’s outfit makes her look like she’s wearing a skirt from the Garden of Eden. Had Eve been wearing that, her getting thrown out would’ve made a LOT more sense.

  4. I dont get the appeal of Kesha! She has a few catchy tunes but her persona is so fake, she copies so much from other artists that she has no idea who she is! She also cannot perform live or even talk so that we are in the least bit interested in her! I love Gaga, he music is sweet! I love Adam Lambert’s music and any interview or red carpet he attends I cant take my eyes off the guy! He just has IT! The Gladd award show should be good with him performing! Looking forward to it!

    • I don’t get Kesha either =/ She annoys the shit out of me actually, haha. But! to each their own.

      • i can’t enjoy/listen to kesha’s music because i can’t get over the $ sign in her name.

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  6. Kudos to Kesha for adding her name to the cause, but My God, the girl has no talent! She cannot sing nor perform on stage. Her appearance on American Idol this month was particlularly bad, I felt so much second hand embarassment for her. Sorry, but I think her “bisexuality” is just part of her bad-girl schtick. But that up to you guys to decide. Re Adam, you guys really dropped the ball for him at the start of the OUT magazine debacle. I could never understand that . Seems you finally realize the treasure that he is, so I guess all is forgiven, apparently by Adam as well.

  7. I have been consistenly appalled by the treatment of Adam Lambert by the gay press. Hateful, and frankly showing more homophobic bigotry than his millions of so called “straight” fans who realize that it is not about who he chooses to sleep with, but about HIS IMMENSE TALENT !!!! Geesuz people. Hope you’all appreciate the integrity of this man to appear on this show, it shows the character of Adam Lambert. Where is that hateful man from OUT magazine, Aaron Hicklin, these days anyway ?

      That made me laugh so hard my vision blurred and I got dizzy from lack of oxygen :)

  8. From reading Mefi I learnt that while the rest of the world may think “Oh Ricky Martin’s out, big deal”, it really IS a big deal in Latin American countries, especially Puerto Rico, where he’s from (and still has a good deal of success ongoing). Apparently Puerto Rico is majorly homophobic, with recent cases of gay-bashing with tacit police approval, and a big star to come out as homosexual puts him at risk not only of being shunned but possibly life and death (and who’s more exposed than Ricky Martin in this context?).

    Everyone has their own reason and schedule for coming out, and to just go “meh, who cares, we could tell anyway” is immensely disrespectful and disempowering. Who cares? A large chunk of the population do. We haven’t gotten to the stage where sexuality is as insignificant as the length of your toenails.

  9. Ke$ha, who is more popular now than she has ever been (and likely ever will be)

    Autostraddle, I love you. But sometimes you sting.

  10. I summarize the best of Tila’s tweets every Friday in my blog, so I am probably the only one who is not surprised by her train wreck self.

    Guys, she claims to be an agent/label owner/gossip columnist/singer/angel/model who is pregnant, being chased by the Illuminati, adopting either a Russian or African-America child based on the day, and holding VIP garage sales.

    It’s like me as a four year old, wearing a princess dress and holding dad’s guitar and a briefcase while my cat is dressed up as my associate, Mr. Samson McFluffykins, esq.

  11. When I heard that Adam Lambert was going to performing at GLAAD event, I almost chocked up. That Out magazine editorial is a total joke. If you have read hundreds of comments there, you will see 99% people are on Adam’s side. Adam is totally open, honest, and be as gay as he wanted to be. If gay community wants some good changes to come, the first thing that they need to change is to love and support Adam more. GLAAD performance is the first step. It will be sweeter if he will get the award too.

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