FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What’s Your Go-To Snow Day Movie?

Snowflakes, hello! You made it through one of the worst work weeks of the whole year! Congratulations! Welcome to your FRIDAY OPEN THREAD, the safest/funnest place on the internet to cuddle up, complain, commiserate, check-in, cheer and chat. That was a lot of C-words.

Babies, it’s cold outside. I stepped out on my front porch with a wet head to get the mail last night and by the time I got back inside, my hairs were crunchy like ice. This is my first full winter in New York City, and it’s very different than winters in Georgia. For one thing, Georgia has central heating everywhere and people drive cars, so basically you’re just going from warm place to warm place with little bursts of cold in-between. But New York, whooo boy. No central heating. You walk and ride your bike everywhere, for blocks and miles. And you can’t stock up on like a months’ worth of groceries from Costco and Trader Joe’s because cabinets and closets and refrigerators are so small. (Last weekend I made my girlfriend throw away like 30 containers of half-eaten ice cream so we’d have room for frozen vegetables and I wouldn’t have to keep running out to the store every ten seconds.)

Also, there is more snow here. Much more snow. It’s been snowing on-and-off all week. It seems like most New Yorkers hate the snow, probably because they have to commute in it and by the time it’s been on the ground for a couple of hours it’s covered in road grit and dog pee. But I work from home and have been obsessed with snow my whole life, so I’m not over the magic of it. I went tromping around Central Park for several hours in the fresh snow earlier this week. Everything was pretty and there weren’t many people out at all — but the best part was I kind of stalked this whole pack of snow dogs around for like an hour. “Kind of.”


Ice King, is that you?

ANYWAY. So my main plan this weekend is to stay inside for 100 percent of the time. Probably a lot of y’all will be doing that as well on account of the subzero temperatures and being exhausted from having to interact with your co-workers for a full week again. That means movies, movies, movies, right? I want to know your go-to Snow Day movies, the ones you can watch over and over and over, and even though you can quote the whole thing by heart, it still gives you so much joy to watch it. Do you like movies that make you guffaw? Movies that let you check-out, emotionally? Movies that let you have a good, cathartic cry? Streaming, DVD, or Blu-Ray? (Or even a VCR?!)

My five go-to snow day movies are:

+ The Cutting Edge “Toe pick!”




+ Groundhog Day “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”


+ Troop Beverly Hills “Gather ’round you friends of mine, we’re Wilderness Girls and its cookie time.”


+ Pride and Prejudice “I wonder who first discovered the power of poetry in driving away love?”


Okay, now you tell me yours! And post some photos of your snow in the comments!

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Mean Girls, The Princess Bride, Indiana Jones 1 & 3, the first Harry Potter (VHS, baby, oh yeah)… I think those are my go-to favorites.

    And Star Wars. Original trilogy. Any time. Anywhere. I may get absolutely rabid about my newfangled, super-gay TV but Star Wars is utterly beyond that. Star Wars is a lifestyle. Star Wars is life, Star Wars is love. I built my own goddamn lightsaber. I will watch Star Wars until the stars turn cold.

    The worst part of this cold is that I officiate scrimmages for my roller derby league–since I’m too still too wobbly on my skates to join–and our space is FREAKIN’ COLD. I love helping out (someone’s gotta keep those skaters in line!) but frozen toes are the worst.

  2. Because it’s cold, I’m making the silly mistake of staying inside and arguing with people on facebook (both Nanking massacre deniers and blatant transphobia in one day makes me want to throw my computer through a window …)

    I think I need to begin my annual viewing of Angels in America. I guess it’s technically a miniseries, not a movie, but it’s definitely worth it, believe me. I tear up every time. As an ex-Mormon, there’s something really powerful in its treatment of female identity, queer identity, and religious identity that just resonates with me so much. Also, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson have a sex scene together sooooooooo

    • I am also an ex-Mormon, so I just wanted to say hi and do the special ex-Mormon handshake even though it does not exist. Why doesn’t it exist? We should have one. I have wanted to watch Angels in America for so long, but never gotten around to it because I know it’s going to give me a lot of feelings. But your comment has vaulted it to the top of my to-watch list.

      • Watch Angels in America! During a feeling-friendly time. I have lines from the end copied out by hand.

      • Haha well we do kind of have a special handshake, but I don’t know if they’d be too happy if ex-Mormons used it … nice to know there’s a fellow Ex-Mo straddler out there! Even though I haven’t gone to church in a long time it still feels like growing up Mormon has shaped my cultural identity in a way that is never going to completely disappear.

        Let me know what you think of A in A!

    • This might be my fever talking, but you had me at “Also, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson have a sex scene together sooooooooo”. Now I will need to go watch it.

  3. Princess Bride, Groundhog Day, Lord of the Rings trilogy (for all its faults).

    Also Fifth Element, L.A. Confidential, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

  4. Happy Friday everybody!!!

    Dance movies, any dance movie really, but some favorites are the original Japanese “Shall we dance?”, “Take the lead”, & (also Japanese) “Hula girls”. In fact, I cannot recommend Hula girls highly enough – mining pit gets closed, women learn hula to revive town, based on true story. It’s awesome!

    Sorry, I have no snow pics as we rarely get snow in town in Vancouver, so here is a PC of the top of our tree that I am reluctantly taking down this weekend.

    How was everyone’s week? Did any one celebrate “la fête des rois” & get crowned? Or Ukrainian Christmas? Or anything else?
    I brought a galette des rois into work ( it has a token inside, and the person who gets it is crowned), because I believe in sharing all my traditions that involve cake or pastry.

    As a seperate, more serious note, I have been disturbed/saddened by how little media coverage there was of the terrorist attack on the school in Pakistan vs the events in Paris. My heart is sore for all those families.

    • Quick add – sorry, I think I should have capitalized ” Hula”.
      I can’t think of Hula without mentioning/thinking of Lynda Barry, and having a happy inner heart dance <3

    • Do you always put your Jack Skellington ornament close to the top like an angel or what?

      Cause I do that but with a Grinch ornament from Wendy’s.

  5. Ice Princess is for me the ultimate snow day movie: figure skating beautiful-ness, mother-daughter relationships and it leaves me feeling empowered enough, that I start cleaning the apartment. All I need in a movie.

    • I remember watching that movie! I barely remember anything from it, sadly. I still have a fascination with ice skating, and that mother-daughter bonding sounds awesome. I should definitely rewatch it.

  6. My go to movies are Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail. At one point I was so obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show that I watched it at least once a week and I could sing along with all the songs throughout the movie.

    We’ve had such a crazy winter here in Alberta. We got like a foot and a half of snow in one day and then it got really warm that all our snow practically melted then it got really cold and we got another large dump of snow and now we have crazy cold temperatures once again. Which makes it hard to really go out on enjoyable hikes when your face freezes the instant you step outside your door.

  7. Simple: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe; When Night is Falling; Vertigo; Rear Window; Nun’s Story; Roman Holiday.
    Not necessarily in that order … and if the weekend is a real loser and the week not looking good, I’ll end Sunday with The Ghost & Mrs Muir (tv series, not movie) – just to put off having to feel like an adult for a more few hours.

  8. YAY! Happy Friday you snowflakes!! =) I’m so glad this week is over because it was pretty much the worst :/ We don’t have snow in SoCal but if we did I’m pretty sure I would run to watch any of the Harry Potter movies. I recently watched an indie film on Netflix that I invite all of you Netflix people to see: Metro Manila. It captures what happens in the Philippines. Not to generalize (I did live there for 8 years and go back all the time) but the storyline is VERY VERY plausible. It’s sad and may trigger something for other people.

    SoCal continues to have weird weather because 2 days ago I had to go back to wearing shorts to go outside. I was able to see and touch some snow last Saturday with my sister and her family. There was a lot of people so we didn’t go tubing but played on the side of the hills with a lot of fresh powder.

    you guys will never believe what my wife has. A NEW LIL FURBABY =) this makes me very happy and I want to share Andy McFlufferson with all of you =)

    this is Andy not knowing how to selfie

    Yours truly in fresh powder =)

  9. This is not at all related to movies but I have a job interview in ten minutes and I’m sitting in the parking lot freaking the fuck out and attempting to lint-roll my anxiety away. Hopefully reading about all the cool movies you guys are watching will steady my nerves?? Ohjeeeez

    • I think it went pretty well! The interview part was pretty good, anyway, but then I had to take this morality test thing which was absolutely terrifying and I feel like I maybe did okay but maybe also totally failed? And now I have to simmer in my anxiety about it for a whole week before they decide and I may die.
      Thanks for all the words of encouragement, everyone! It’s so nice to know that a handful of queer-or-otherwise-identified people are out there somewhere rooting for me!

      And my go-to movie in pretty much any scenario is Mulan. That movie is absolutely my root.

      • Yaaayyyy!!! I’m so glad the interview went well for you! Just keep on relaxing, take it easy. Reward yourself with a brownie or whatever you like, cuz you absolutely deserve it.

        • Thank you! I rewarded myself with an extra-large pizza that was supposed to sustain me for a few days, but I ended up eating the whole thing in one go. It was fantastic.

      • Morality Test? Reminds of me of the time I got to my (4th!!) interview with a company that informed me I would be taking a “Personality Test” that was created by Scientology. Surprisingly, I did not get that job. Haha. Still wonder to this day what the results where though!

        • Ohjeez, well hopefully a personality test won’t be the next step, because that sounds like a mess. They gave me like 200 yes/no questions ranging from ‘if a vending machine gave you an extra bag of chips would you keep it’ to ‘would you sell drugs at work.’ I was sooo stressed out doing it because I kept wanting more information about the scenarios and I wanted to explain my reasoning for each one, but all I could do was fill in a stupid bubble! I tried to be as honest as possible but also I didn’t want to sound like a terrible horrible no good very bad human, so I have no idea what kind of results I’m going to get back. Something to look forward to, I guess?

          • My test was similar as well, and I too wanted to explain my reasons for choosing “yes” or “no”! Ah well, either way, Xenu did not approve.

            But anyway, I hope you find out good news soon about your test! Best of luck on your job hunt. :)

  10. A storm is hitting the North of Germany as we speak, and I must admit the tiny Floridian inside me is a little happy. I wanted to write something about guffawing, but then, I was lifted almost clean off my feet a few minutes back, so, you know, let’s not tempt fate.
    I’ve been working like a dog all through the Holidays and New Years and am pretty dead on my feet. Aside from the dreamlike quality everything has, I just resurfaced and got all of the international bad news at once. So, it’s been pretty horrific, actually.
    But I’m faithful that 2015 is going to be a wonderful year.
    Also, I’m now planning to buy my first flatscreen TV and install it in my bedroom.
    And then watch the Stars Wars Heptology.
    And then the Potter Movies.
    Snow Day Movies?
    “I Can’t Think Straight” and ” Imagine Me&You””The Hours” and New: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

  11. Pitch Perfect. Always Pitch Perfect.
    I think it’s the only movie I can keep watching and not be bored with… probably since the story isn’t why I enjoy it.

  12. helloooooooooo chickens!
    I just re-watched Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, which for me is ideal snow day fare. As it stands I am probably going to keep knitting and powering through Friends and vicariously reliving 90s fashion and my childhood.

    We are not as socked in by snow as the East Coast, though there was a heavy fog this week that made the whole city smell like poo. bleh. :/

    My gf’s friend lives in NYC and like, vegan is her spiritual path as well as how she eats, and she apparently last night she found a lonely chicken wandering through the snow in Brooklyn, and since she couldn’t get any vets to take the chicken in she rented a car and drove it to Woodstock NY to a chicken sanctuary. I can’t say whether I would have eaten it or just taken it home to live in my bathroom, but that story is just too much.

  13. My go-to is definitely 10 Things I Hate About You, for snow days, or any other. BUT my nephew (5yrs) is coming to stay with me this weekend, and I’m very excited to watch The Lego Movie with him (for probably the 75th or so time).

  14. I haven’t had a snow day in years (not since leaving Britain), which is probably a good thing as snow makes me even clumsier than usual.

    I am currently SO JET-LAGGED after coming back from California and falling into really weird sleeping/eating patterns. But I had a wonderful break, so can’t complain too much.

    One of my go-to movies for when I want to cheer up/distract myself is D.E.B.S., because it is ridiculous but so fun. Also, Imagine Me and You. I’m actually not big on romantic comedies, but sometimes I want the fluff.

  15. Obviously SNOW DAY, the movie. Set in my ancestral homeland, Syracuse, NY, which is the snowiest city in the United States (yes, including Alaska).

    Also, I love the Cutting Edge. That is all.

    • Ahhh, it looks so beautiful over there! But I’m easily entertained by snow, since I never get it.
      Lovely cat, by the way. ;)

  16. I pretty much just watch Buffy. But I am at the part where Tara and Willow just did the “can you just be kissing me now” thing and I can’t watch the next episode until I am ready and I am just not ready yet. So I have been watching Friends because it is on Netflix now. Also I recently started Orphan Black and holy crap that show is intense and sucks you in.

    I did just get a WiiU which means I can play the new mario and I freaking love mario so I will probably mostly do that during the coldz.

    • I watch Buffy on snow days too! I started marathoning it during finals week last year which was not a good idea. But I love it and I always rewatch it on snow days. Or any day. Any day is a good day to watch Buffy.

    • All of this seems excellent. Avoid that episode for as long as possible. Why can’t we have nice things :'(

  17. This will be my first full winter in NYC too! Well, Queens/Brooklyn, where the pace is just ever so slightly slower than in the city. Snow is fine, it’s the biting cold that I am not happy with. Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t until I read this article that I realized we had gotten more snow this morning…

    Since I bartend the brunch shift on Saturdays, Fridays are my day to pamper myself at home. By which I mean I’ll be continuing my re-watch of Carnivale and drinking hot chocolate after taking a nice long bath. Exciting, I know.

    Here’s a picture of me with my favorite xmas present (“creampuff” hat from my twin sister):

  18. I actually did have a snow day this week! They cancelled school Wednesday because it was supposed to get down to -35°F. I mostly just rewatched episodes of Buffy, but I also watched Mädchen in Uniform on YouTube and I enjoyed it. Gotta love gay films from the 30s.

    I started rehearsals this week for my show. I’m actually at rehearsal now, on my lunch break. The show is going well so far and everyone is tremendously talented, but it’s quite exhausting. Screaming and being strangled and accusing people of witchery and all. I get up at six and take a bus then a train then a bus to the theater, spend eight ours at rehearsal, and then take a bus then a train and then a half-mile walk to my house. But it’s really fun.

    What else happened this week…it’s been so cold I’ve been wearing 2-3 layers of everything and I carry around an extra sweater to wear under my coat when I go outside. I wish I could say “The cold never bothered me anyway” but it does. It does.

    Also, I have been promising a selfie for weeks, and I just got the haircut I’ve been in dire need of. But I can’t upload images currently so when I get home/can hijack a rehearsal friend’s computer. Remind me. Please.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone! If you are in cold places like I am, stay warm!

    • Heya, if you enjoyed the 30’s “Mädchen” version, do check out the one from ’58! It features a dreamy Romy Schneider of “Sissi” fame and an unintentionally sensual Lily Palmer. All of my roomates from college were subjected to this movie, some more than once or twice or thrice. Only reason this isn’t on my Snow day list is, that I might have watched it ten times too many. I think I’ve seen it around YT.

    • -35? How are you alive?? I bundle in 2-3 layers when it’s just barely bordering on freezing.
      I’m sure your haircut looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing pictures. :)

  19. I am not familiar with what a snow day is, so no snow day movies. But, Groundhog Day would be a good one, though not sure what else I’d watch.

    I think my mother is slowly coming around to fact I identify as they/ze(though I haven’t told her to use those pronouns yet). So there is that positive. My dad still doesn’t get it. I had a nice weekend in nature and the woods with two delightful people. Plus, I think I have a burrito addiction as I had 5 this week(two on Wednesday alone), and it doesn’t help I live in SoCal so access to 24 hour Mexican drive-thrus are real easy.

    Here are two from the weekend. This is a majestic hawk shot handheld & manually.

    We were later in this forest where people build forts & such to live/camp in. It was peaceful with an element of danger.

    • Wow, that second photo looks like a giant bowerbird nest! Very cool.
      Good luck with your parents. It sounds like they’re trying, or at least your mother is. Sometimes time (and a lot of patience from you) is all that they need.

  20. If it’s a snow day and I’m reaching realllllly far back into my past…Anne of Green Gables the PBS miniseries. Yes, that shit makes me cry. Every.time.

  21. Big fan of Pitch Perfect, Frozen. I could watch those two on repeat over and over. Although, I am power watching Supernatural and Wentworth. Super wonderful shows.

  22. I wish we could have a wind day. Driving my van in the up to 60mph wind today was not pretty…neither was walking…I had to carry the dog. I would binge watch PLL on Netflix because that’s all I want to do right now but generally Pitch Perfect is a go to when I don’t know what to watch. I watched the East this week and I cried because E-Page and also it made me wonder about other people I know and how they would perceive it…like whose side they would take…I feel like it’s one of those films where you can pick out like minded people and people you never want on your zombie apocalypse survival squad. Groundhog day is one of my favourite films ever! If I was snowed in for a long time…which I won’t be here in Yorkshire…I would marathon Harry Potter.

  23. Heather – it’s weird you called this “the worst week”, because even if the weather was really warm for us here, in France, this week really sucked. And i’m afraid of what’s to come for our future. My sister-in-law, who’s Moroccan but atheist, is already getting horribly racist vibes at work.

    I’ve also had to reconcile my love for satire, and the warmth I feel for the deceased journalists (who have always “been there” in my childhood home) with the harsh criticism I’ve read online, mostly in American forums, labelling them racists and islamophobics.

    My internal dialogue has gone from “shut up ! They’re *satirical* and so not racist” to “*I* should shut up and listen to what other people have to say about racism”.

    So there, I don’t know. For all the times I want to say “you can criticize religion and still respect the people”, I have to remind myself than for a long while, they had an editor in chief who WAS islamophobic and who fired a journalist for speaking ill of Sarkozy’s son (talk about a freedom of speech, eh ?) and for making fun of Jewish faith, but who himself never hesitated to make fun of Islam.

    So this is what the end of the week looks like for me : I still haven’t come out to my parents, but tomorrow i’m gonna show up at a silent peaceful march and think of our 12 French death, and of the hundred others that happened at the hand of extremism this week (I’m thinking about you, Nigeria :( ). And I’m gonna think about my privilege, my French atheist humor, and learn to stop thinking “you don’t understand French humor !1!!” and start thinking “maybe they have an insight that i don’t, and I should listen”.

    Love to you all <3

    • Salut Chloe ~ hugs if you would like some.
      All you are saying is really resonating with me. My family is in Aulnay, and my aunt (who commutes to teach at INALCO in Paris) has her best friends who are Muslim who are the first people I thought of on hearing the news. I am sure they are having a very difficult time right now.
      I feel that I don’t know how to try to counterbalance the fear and anger…especially from a distance.
      Thank you for sharing – and I wish you courage this week.

    • Hi Chloe, I can relate to everything you’ve said. I’m currently in Lyon (so certainly a bit removed from the main events), but the atmosphere here is heavy as well. It’s been a difficult event to process and I too am worried about increased Islamophobia following this act…There was a moment of silence today at the University where I work and several vigils have been held in the evenings.

  24. Where I live it doesn’t snow often, but my movies for very bad weather days are: Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Across The Universe (I know that many don’t like this movie, but I do and nobody can tell me otherwise, and then The Beatles, and then Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual), All Cheerleaders Die (recently added to my list, a trashy/supernatural thing with queer girls, i mean), and my favourite Frances Ha (feelings feelings feelings).

  25. My classic winter movies are the original Star Wars trilogy, Young Frankenstein, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I haven’t seen any of those in a while, so maybe I should get on that. As an alternative I’m going to my friend’s house for a Games Night tonight.

    Today I told my mom that I’m bisexual and she said she isn’t surprised. Then she questioned how I can know if I’m really bi and why I’m still dating my girlfriend while repeating that she just wants me to be happy, so that could have gone better. But I think maybe we’ll talk later about what being bisexual means (to me).

    Two highlights from today are that I bought an Amtrak ticket to get out of my house back to Brooklyn and a concert ticket for the 9th OUTmusic Awards Benefit Concert a couple nights later. I’m excited by both, but that’s dampened by the fact that my awesome former boss had a stroke recently and his ability to recover is in question. So lots has happened today and I’m glad to be able to share it here.

  26. I’m not really a movie person at all, but if someone else suggests it, I’m likely to be game to watch old star wars, harry potter, princess bride, amelie, or scott pilgrim.

    this has been a week of adjustments for me. over Christmas, I was at my parents and then I visited dc for like 5 days over New Years, so it’s weird to be back at my place. while I was gone, my roommate moved out, so I’m trying to get used to living by myself again. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I was going to be moving soon, too, but at the beginning of the week I decided to go back to school instead of moving away. so. yikes. I’ve been dealing with getting signed up for classes, and those will start Monday. this is all feeling like it’s going to be really trying for me. school and I don’t always have the best relationship.

    so yeah. basically I have no idea what I’m doing. trying to talk myself into having a positive outlook on it all, especially as it was MY decision to do this. and I mean. I can do it. I just wish I had the feelings to match the head knowledge.

    • I have all the Harry Potter movies on DVD! I feel that’s always a good choice when you don’t know what else to watch.

      Congratulations on going back to school! And good luck. What always makes me feel better when I’m unsure about my decisions is realizing that no one else really has any idea what they’re doing either, and we’re all just taking it one day at a time.

  27. Soo tired of snow already!!! My poor Audi hates it!! I don’t really watch movies when i am snowed it but i do watch a lot of Parks and Recreation though

  28. My go-to snow day movies/shows are most definitely Drop Dead Gorgeous, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and marathoning whatever TV show I’m in the middle of on Netflix. Words cannot describe my love for Drop Dead Gorgeous.

    I’ve spent most of this week fighting this odd sinus-induced cold. I think it was the rapid weather changes around where I live. It hasn’t been too terrible, but it has involved having a high grade fever and being chased out of the office by coworkers wielding disinfecting spray. On the bright side, I feel a lot better than I did two days ago, but there’s still room for improvement.

  29. Ugh I’m so glad this week has officially been acknowledged as one of the worst work weeks of the year. I like my job, but I was counting down the minutes til 5:00 today. I’m definitely also planning on staying inside the whole weekend. It’s been below freezing here since Tuesday. This is Tennessee. That’s not supposed to happen. The winter blues are hitting me hard this week.

    But it’s okay because it’s Friday now and I’m totally gonna watch movies/TV all weekend. Pride and Prejudice is like my favorite movie ever to watch when I’m sad/mad/bored/tired/cold. I’ve seen it a million times and it never fails to make me feel better. I’ve also been watching a lot of Broad City this week! And when I say a lot, I mean I’ve watched episodes over and over because there’s only one season. Abbi and Ilana are making me feel great about my twenty-something, can’t do my own taxes, lack of a real dating life, roommates who never do chores, occasionally showing up to work hungover lifestyle.

    Hope everyone stays warm this weekend!

  30. i don’t have a ‘snow day movie’ but feel like i’d like to watch the royal tenenbaums every day, does that count heather

  31. It doesn’t snow much in the parts of Oregon I’ve lived in, mostly rain. My favorite rainy day movie is Be Kind Rewind. As far as movies I rewatch all the time, any Muppet movie, Lucille Ball, or Katherine Hepburn movie. I also rewatch Tonight You’re Mine A LOT.
    this week has been crazy busy, as most first weeks of the term are. I was kind of sick until yesterday when my dizziness finally went away. It made it very hard to concentrate in my classes. But it’s finally friday and I bought ice cream on my way home from class! Time to watch lots of netfliz! :D

  32. Er… I don’t have a snow day movie. I don’t have snow days. I can watch the fuck outta White Christmas though… that’s as close as I get I think.

    Or I might be misunderstanding the whole concept of “Snow day movies”…


  33. Hey, Baes! Ok so, being an actual native South Floridian, I have literally never had to deal with a snow day. If it snowed down here, I think we’d quit. Like the state would just quit. We’re a tropical people down here, and we get so confused at the news reports of temperatures in the single digits. What? 1 degree? Where are the other numbers? We’re sorry. I’m sorry. Here, have some sunshine. We have extra.

    Anyway, on the few days we get off for a strong hurricane and we still have power, I turn to old Disney movies. A Goofy Movie, Aladdin, etc. And then maybe 10 Things I Hate About You. OH and Clue. I just love that damn movie. And this is before the Hurricane Party that the neighborhood throws. Y’know, the house with the best shutters/biggest grill/biggest generator invites everyone over to eat all the stuff that will go bad otherwise and also to drink beer. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a hurricane day, and I’m alright with that, honestly, because then there aren’t all the bad things that comes with wind, rain and flying trees.

    • I will gladly take some of your extra sunshine, and I hope the trend of no hurricane days continues!

    • Hurricane days sound like the scariest thing ever! It’s fun that there is a good community gathering, but yikes!

      Also, please send sunshine, post haste! : )

  34. Go-to snow day movie is probably I Can’t Think Straight, and Tipping the Velvet miniseries. Still home from school and getting a bit too much family time, but on the upside I discovered the On Being podcast this week and read some really great essays and got shit done with the campus anti-sexual assault stuff I’m part of. Also 5 min. YouTube yoga- big fan.

    your lovable lapsed atheist

  35. My go-tos are:

    9 to 5, Fargo, Sword and the Stone, Bring it On, Matilda, Lord of the Rings, and seasons of Golden Girls

  36. Greetings gal pals! ;p

    I’m not a big movie person, and I only really watch TV when I’m at someone else’s house, but I usually gravitate toward lighthearted comedy stuff. And Pixar. I don’t care if it’s for kids. Also, Anne of Green Gables (wow, I haven’t watched those in YEARS… I should do that again.).

    No snow here, just lots of fog. I’ve drove to work in the fog and hiked in the fog, and when it wasn’t foggy, it was rainy. I got wet on my hikes. I need new goretex. A random middle aged guy barked at me to smile while I was soaking wet in the rain. Uh, dude, I’m not unhappy. I am just crossing my arms because I’m cold. I’m not a stock photo model. #grumpycat.

    **random 90’s nerd alert!** Did anyone play Myst 1 when the game first came out? I was just a little kid, but I remember playing the computer game with my dad on his old Apple in the garage. Anyway, remember the Channelwood age where there was a forest of tall trees in the water surrounded in fog? That’s what I always think of when I’m walking through a foggy evergreen forests around here. (Look! A sunbreak!)

    I saw four huge bald eagles on Tuesday! I took a photo of two in a tree. The zoom function on my camera is broken, but you can kind of see them.

    Also, I found a cool little beach fort that someone had built!

    • That beach fort looks awesome! Now you’ve inspired me to go for a hike as soon as it gets a little bit warmer here. I miss being a kid and making shit out of sticks and grass and dirt all the time. I wish we could get recess from work.

      • Go for it! I think there’s beauty to be found anywhere you live.
        Yeah, I love making forts as a kid too, which mostly involved big boughs leaning up against tree trunks or stumps (or blankets draped over the trampoline if I wanted to do something easy!).

        Yeah, recess at work would be nice, lunch break isn’t quite the same when you’re an adult. :)

    • I am always so envious of your photos from your hikes. If I could walk outside for longer than 3 seconds without the air hurting my face, all I would see on a hike is a bunch of yellow grass poking through snow and naked trees.

      Also, speaking of being a 90’s nerd, have you seen where the Internet Archive now has nearly 3,000 MS-DOS games available to play online? I’ve already spent too much time playing Oregon Trail (the deluxe version, because I’m a glutton for punishments that come in the form of dysentery and snake bites).

      • Haha, so…due to your comment I spent the rest of the night playing Oregon Trail. I ended up killing off all my friends (and myself) via dysentery or drowning, oops.

        • Don’t worry, I did the same thing. One person drowned at the same river crossing three times, and another just kept dying of snake bites. It was actually pretty funny. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a game when playing the deluxe version.

    • Gosh dang it, Patricia, your town is freakin’ gorgeous. Must be absolutely lovely taking a hike there! ^^ So cool that you got to see bald eagles!! Also sorry, but I married the first photo already. Just too beautiful, especially the rays at the bottom right. Unbelievable. Nature just makes me so happy.

      Oh and no shame in watching Pixar movies! They’re great, and often very deep.

      • Thank you! I actually live in a fairly large city, but there are a lot of nice urban parks and nearby hikes to drive to. :) I’m in Tacoma, which often gets a bad reputation compared to its neighbor Seattle to the north (higher crime, less cool/”hip”), but my heart is in this city. It has a lot of beauty, and I did so much growing here. But I digress.

        The first photo is at Point Defiance Park, which is my favorite local hangout. (Tacoma is on a peninsula, and Point Defiance is a huge park right at the tip of it).

        Yeah, pixar is the best! :) For adults and kids alike.

    • I never played mist, but would mess around with it at my friend’s house, she really liked mist 2 because there were parts where you got into a cart or something and it was like visually being in a rollercoaster, and she thought this was great fun. I was a little bit like “um so the part where we trade backrubs is later I guess but this is fun too”

    • Myst? Oh yeah! I was living in an attic “apartment,” taking a (forced) year off from grad school and throwing myself into two decades of trying to prove to myself that I wasn’t, in fact, a trans woman. Myst, and the subsequent discovery of the lures of the Web, were key weapons in my arsenal of denial.

      Obvs, the whole denial thing did not work out as intended.

  37. I’ve been watching Nikita for the last week.
    Beautiful vengeful assassin.
    And I crocheted a hat this week.
    The sidewalks have been so icy, but improved today.

    • It’s nasty frozen rain that will kill you and your little car battery too.
      You dun wan it.
      It’s meaaan.

      • When my friend from Michigan visited me a few years ago, he made fun of our version of “winter” calling it “shorts weather” and pointed out that I would not survive one week of actual winter. He reminds me of this every chance he gets. Funnily, I never disagree with him.

  38. I don’t exactly have a Snow Day movie, because I’m in the South: if it snows, the world ends. I was outside while it was 19 degrees yesterday (killed my car battery, joy), and that’s about as bad as it ever gets here. And yes, the surrounding three counties all delayed school because of “extreme temperatures.”

    But: The Shining, But I’m a Cheerleader, Heathers, The Girl Who movies, The Breakfast Club. Any psychological-quietly-creepy horror movie.

    • So sad about your car battery! That’s why I’ve been walking to work this whole week…I’d rather suffer through the cold for 20 minutes than risk car problems.

      Also…But I’m a Cheerleader! I love that movie.

      • Thanks– it was just one of those “you’re kidding, right?” moments. Murphy’s Law in action. I did end up walking where I was headed and, leaving out a million details, got in trouble for doing that, and ended up having to be driven back by a staff member. Not humiliating AT ALL.

        • Ugh that sucks. That sounds like one of those things that only happens on the plotline of a TV show, haha.

          • Maybe I’m doing a Truman show thing . . .

            It really could have been worse; I should be grateful. I don’t have AAA, and my cables were AWOL, so I had to call someone for the jump. The guy who did it was extremely nice and said I was his good deed of the day– he didn’t charge me. And the battery was fairly new and just kicked out because of the cold, so all I had to do was run the car for awhile to get it up and going, so no buying a new one. Really, I lucked out.

      • Bit of a blue cloud rising up in the car when it wouldn’t turn over :)

        But it all worked out, and the next day, in spite of it still being cold, it cranked right up. All’s well that ends well!

  39. I’m another Californian here, so I don’t really see snow. Especially since I’m in the desert part of the state. The weather has been perfect this week! I skateboarded quite a bit. :)
    But uh, if I had to choose a movie, I’d probably go for a Studio Ghibli film. My favorite is Spirited Away, but I’d watch any of them.

    Okay so I’m praying that these images work! Anyways, y’all know the lovely Jane, right?And her cool project of mailing people? Well I’m sorry but I just really wanna share what she sent cuz gosh darn it her letter made me so happy.

    Just look how gay that is. I’m surprised I didn’t out myself when my mom handed me the letter, lol. But for real, the envelope is decorated so CUTE. Guys, I REALLY love snail mail, okay??

    AND CHECK OUT THIS GORGEOUS WATERCOLOR INK DOODLE OH MY GOD. I appreciate it so much. I love watercolor, and ink, and art, and flowers, and I love everyone.

    So yeah! My first week of the year went by pretty well. Some “hecticness” per usual, as I like to say, but I’m kinda used to it now. c: Also trying to stay on top of everything by staying organized and such. I shall tackle the coming semester full force!

    Hope you all had a nice week also~ Stay warm!

    • I second everything about the cuteness of Jane’s letter. It made my day when I got mine in the mail. THANK YOU JANE! :D

      Good luck with the semester ahead!

    • Yes! Jane’s drawings were the cutest things! The envelopes were so intricate and adorable. Thank you Jane!

    • Your face is a ball of sunshine.
      Are there any little elf creatures about in onesies under foot?

      • Dang, I’m blushing… Thank you very much. c:

        Little elf creatures in onesies? That’s gotta be the best thing I’ve heard this week.

        • No, it’s terrible because it’s a bad attempt at a Teletubbies reference and I compared you to laughing baby in the sky. >n<

          • Oh wow, that totally flew over my head. XD No worries, I’m still flattered. I actually enjoyed the show as a kid. Smiley pancakes. Pink goo. A baby sun. It was pretty rad.

    • Omg receiving a Hogwarts letter…I can see it, haha! And yeah, snail mail is the best. I need to remedy it as well. They’re so fun, and such a nice happy surprise when you get em!

      Hehe, aww, thank you so much for your consideration. ;) I wish that were possible.

    • YES at Spirited Away! We don’t get snow here at all, but when it’s too rainy, I definitely like to put it on.

      (Side note: A documentary came out recently on Studio Ghibli; I think it’s English title is ‘The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness’ and made with the blessings of Miyazaki and definitely worth a watch if you’re into all things Ghibli.)

      • Right? It’s the perfect rain day movie. Or, for anytime, really! Speaking of rain, I got some today, so that’s cool.

        Omg for real? That’s so awesome, I am a documentary-addict. I shall definitely watch it. Thank you so much for letting me in on this important information. You are the bes.

    • I haven’t seen a Studio Ghibli film in so long. I need to remedy that ASAP; think I found my Friday night plan.

    • EEEEEEE!! I am SO glad you like it!!

      To everyone who hasn’t gotten their letter yet: IT IS COMING, just very very late. Happy January, I guess? SORRY GUYS I’M THE WORST <3 <3 <3

  40. In December of 2008 it snowed down here in NOLA, real honest to goodness snow you could ball up and throw. Not that nasty watery sleet but that stuff Christmas cards are made of and cause roof cave-ins.

    Google is not doing the best job of finding me the pretty pictures of it. This picture you can’t really see the holiday garland on the street car.

    But I know there’s pretty pictures of it out there. I remember seeing them on the news, pictures people sent in not just staff pictures. And I’ve seen some for sale in tourist shops too.

    It was very pretty and luckily melted safely on the roads ect. without any need for road salt. Parishes down here don’t really have that in stock y’know.

    Thus in the Winter of 2014 with all that slick nasty ice shutting ‘er down was the best thing to do. I mean look at that mess that happened in Atlanta where people got stuck on the roads in their cars and shit over night.

    I think that’s actually when I finally got around to watching Captain America: The First Avenger, during the ice over. Ironic eh?

    Nasty weather that doesn’t shut the power off movie list: The Avengers, Captain America, Saving Private Ryan, Troop Beverly Hills, Death Becomes Her, any 80’s classic action flick and of course that one in 1991, Cold Mountain, Men in Black, Bram Stoker’s Dracula if I’ve got someone real friendly with me, Blazing Saddles because I’m terrible person who’s favourite person might be Madeline Kahn, all the Legally Blonde movies, the whole LOTR trilogy, the first 4 Potter movies, Chicago.

    I’m always up for a Hammer Studios film or any weird arty films from the late 60’s to the 70’s that have a sort of horror bent to them and lady nudity.
    Basically I’m a greedy little trash person who is very unmoved by gore and amused by cartoonish gore.

    If the tebe is unavailable I’m in bed with a historical fiction book that’s military in nature or Elizabeth centered Tudor stuff. And maybe the Royal Diaries or Dear America >_>

    • Lovely photo by the way. Thank you for sharing~ I think it captures the holiday spirit. And, well, I’m still in a Christmas mood even though I should be over that by now. (maybe cuz I haven’t taken out my tree yet?)

      Also!! You reminded me that I’ve totally read a historical fiction book centered on the Tudors. Fun stuff. :D

  41. I’ve never actually watched it on a snow day, but I think Cool Runnings would be a good choice. Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!

    I’ve been sick since Jan 1 with a horrible cold, which sucks, but I’m at the end of it, which is good. I still have this annoying cough that won’t go away, though.

    My play is in less than a week. Aaaahhhhh!!!! If you’re in NYC, come see Pancakes/Cigarettes at Dixon Place on Thursday, January 15th at 7:30 pm. Holy crap, I wrote a play, and it’s being performed in front of a live, paying audience.

    Today was a very big anniversary of my getting better/recovery 8 years ago. 8 years ago today (Jan 9), I took a HUGE step to live. So I call it Life Day.

    I also talked to a cute girl tonight. I might ask her out, but I’m back to being nervous about making a move.

  42. Never had a snow day – never even SEEN snow in Australia. For me it’s like ‘wow, if I go outside my eyeballs will start melting and I can feel myself getting sunburnt and it’s only 8am’.
    Except right now it’s raining here in Sydney, so I’m gonna bring out my favourite RAINY DAY MOVIES:
    – Mulan (and really anything Disney. But Mulan has snow, which WE DON’T HAVE)
    – 10 things I hate about you (sassy Kat and Heath Ledger, my fave Australian)
    – New Tricks (the old people cop show – call me old, but I love it)

  43. Hello! I’ve been absent a couple Friday’s.

    I don’t know about a snow day movie of my own, but I think I’ll look into some of the recommendations others have listed! I saw a preview of the new pitch perfect movie before Mockingjay, and I think I need to check out the original!

    I want to find somewhere I can live where:
    1. 40 degrees is considered cold
    2. There is plenty of water available
    3. I won’t have to flee the rising tides as we continue to destroy the planet

    Does this place exist?

    Oh! I observed a training session put on by the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service for local Police to learn how to work with transgender people in the community. It was mostly great. Honestly, the way things are moving, something written today will seem insensitive or dated in a month or so. However, seeing police engaged in this training was a great thing. I’ll hopefully be assisting the DOJ with further trainings here in central Illinois!

    • Oh, my comment about things being insensitive or dated was referring to the information presented at the training. It really was mostly great, just a few little things that got under my skin a tiny bit. But the main message was sensitivity, understanding preferred pronouns and names, and understanding that being trans is legitimate. So overall, really good.

      I don’t know how we’re going to stop people from saying transgendered, though.

  44. One time, a cute girl asked me out, and I said maybe. That time was this week.

    Also, I don’t watch snow day movies, I make snow day movies… With my eyeballs, and all the things they see outside, because there is no weather this Canadian can’t suffer through! I missed my bus and had to walk the last half hour home in -47 this week. Was a little nippy under my eyes, but that’s ALL… Thanks to the magic of coconut oil!

    • Congrats on the self restraint. I hope that’s appropriate in this situation?

      -47!? Too cold. Far, far too cold.

    • Coconut oil is magic. Although I’m not sure of its insulating properties, I bet your skin was happy to have something to soothe it after being out in -47.

      Also please accept smiles and celebratory gestures regarding the cute girl situation.

  45. Hello lovely people,

    Firstly, a belated happy new year to you all.

    Snow day movies, hmm. I’d just go with general favourites: Better Than Chocolate and High Fidelity. Always good for comfort and a bit of emotion along the way. Although right now I really want to watch Jeffery again.

    It’s been a funny old week:

    We have had snow here in Istanbul this week. But not necessarily snow days. The schools closed but a lot of the universities stayed open. Mine decided to be very odd and cancel all classes and exams but still demand that all academic staff come in. It was fine the first day, we had half a day’s work to do. The second day nothing at all. Well we had a lot to do, but it required students so Thursday and Friday became a mad rush and I still have marking to do now. My colleagues also think 32C is a reasonable temperature. Even when it’s -7 out, it really isn’t – hence my wearing a sleeveless top in the office the other day.

    There was a suicide bombing here on Tuesday and then on Friday I came home to face my own mortality after being greeted with a news story that said the mall I just left was very nearly blown up by another two of them. Turns out that it wasn’t quite as near a miss as I first thought – they were caught on route not at the mall entrance – but still it is very alarming. What has happened to the word this week? Am I the only one who feels like it gets more violent? I grew up under the shadow of the IRA, bombings are not new, but this is ridiculous; how did the world get so fractured?

    In other news I have the flu, maybe met a new interesting person and an old activity partner randomly got in touch for some unknown reason.

    Anyhow, I hope you are all well.

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