FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Welcome, New Friends!


Hi there and welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread! This is the part of the week where we all gather and talk openly about our lives and our hopes and our dreams and our pets and how mortified we are that we clicked like on that instagram post from four months ago and ugh to text or not to text and can you believe this cool new thing her dog did and work or school went really well or really badly today and a hurricane is coming but things are getting better all the time or they aren’t right now but they will. Share your week, share your life; everything that doesn’t fit in the comments of a regular post goes right in here.

Today is extra special because we have a lot of new faces! (Also bodies attached to them.) If you’re here from AfterEllen, welcome! Share your old AE name, your whole deal, and the best part of your week. We see you, and this is the place where we see each other, and we’re excited you’re here.

And for everyone else: Hi I missed you! How’s it going? Let’s be extra warm and welcoming this week; don’t be afraid to reintroduce yourself or to introduce yourself for the first time; it’s always a good week to come out of the woodwork. (I want to hear about the best part and all the other parts of your week, too.)

We're also into photos here. Cannot even w/ this face.

We’re also into photos and gifs here. Cannot even w/ this face.

I’ll go first: I’m Carolyn, I’m Autostraddle’s NSFW editor, I’m Canadian but I live in Los Angeles now, I’m super into my wife and dog (she’s the cutie just above, the dog, that is) and talking about polyamory and kink and books and food allergies, and I’ve got the A-Camp plague right now but I’m making the best of it. The other day I found a new room at an old favourite bookstore and it felt haunted and I was into it.

YOUR TURN. Who are you, how are you, what are you up to this weekend?

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Carolyn Yates was the NSFW Editor (2013–2018) and Literary Editor for, with bylines in Nylon, Refinery29, The Toast, Bitch, Xtra!, Jezebel, and elsewhere. They live in Los Angeles and also on twitter and instagram.

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  1. So I guess it’s time for me to suck it up, get some courage and finally do this:

    Hello, everibody, my name is Yam (short for Yamila; my full name is like an United Nations meeting: Arab first name, Spanish middle name and Italian last name). I’m from Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’m a big bad butch. I’m also what I call a “rational radical leftie”.

    The last few weeks were pretty hard because I can’t get a freaking job and my money is now totally gone. The most depressing thing is that now I need to leave my aparment. All my shit is packed and next week will be my last week in this perfect place that was my place for more than 6 years.

    But I have my little-not-so-little boy, Lorenzo, and let me tell you, those 30 minutes a day he’s awake (well, he’s a cat after all) are the best…

  2. My week has been pretty great! And I woke up today to find out that I had won a comment award so that was exciting :)
    I had mock exams last week so this week we got them back and I did surprisingly well :) So I’m feeling a bit more ready for my upcoming IB exams.
    I had lunch with a friend today which was really nice. It made me realise how many lovely people there are at school and how I should try to stay I touch with all of them next year at uni.

  3. Hi, all. So happy to see this thread. I’ve been a reader for 5 years but I don’t think I ever worked up to introducing myself (or commenting on) an Open Friday thread. Perfect opportunity! So hi, I’m Rachel. I love sending postcards, trying recipes, and kayaking. I have a deep affinity for Tabasco Cheez-Its.Generally, I work as a research tech in a lab that studies cystic fibrosis.

    This week has been less than stellar. I’ve been completely sidelined with a mysterious pain in my left side, which is making it difficult to eat, move, or sleep (hence the 1am Autostraddle comment). Lost around 18% of my body weight since Monday. Everything the doctors have checked for has come back negative, and they are unable to get me in for an ultrasound to check my organs for two more weeks. Ugh! Since I live alone, I’m having people check in with me by phone every few hours. It’s easy to feel worried that this is something serious.

    On the bright side, I was able to eat a tiny serving of mac and cheese today, which was amazing after several days of nothing but chicken broth and water. Mac and cheese is the absolute best, so it totally made my Friday.

  4. I’m from Canada but moved to Perth, Australia with my gf about 8 months ago.

    I just landed a contract to work at a festival which is amazing! Despite that good news I have no one to celebrate with because my gf works nights and I don’t really know anyone other than her friends and family. Also the bicycle swap meet I was gonna go to today was cancelled due to the rain so I’m just having a netflix marathon.

  5. G’day, g’day! I’m so late to this thread, but thought I’d come out of my usual lurkdom to say hi.

    This week has been quite good to me. I got a promotion at work, turned 30 and had some fun birthday celebrations thanks to some lovely friends.

    I’m currently sitting in an airport at 1.00 am waiting to fly out for a few weeks holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia. I can’t wait to eat lots of delicious cheap food and see some sights!

  6. Oh, hi pals! Nice to meetcha, JD, longtime reader. Southern nerdy goth enby in Houston, looking to possibly move to Seattle after I finish my second degree in Mortuary Science. Just got off my shift at Starbucks, worrying I might’ve pissed off my coworker for not wanting to put in more than the 2.5 hours of overtime I had already done, oops

      • Your dog is quite stylish, you have a snake on your face, and you’re earning a second degree in mortuary science. Two questions: do the dog and snake hang out (are they friends (this is my dream)) and is the Houston market over-saturated with mortuary experts so you want to move on? I find careers in the mortuary sciences world fascinating, like oh yeah that’s a thing a person can do with their life.

  7. Hi, I’m Maria, I’m from London and I live in Japan. I’m currently on a very windswept beach at an EDM music festival, sitting by the bins because my back is killing me. What a weird day. I went to my first Osaka Pride yesterday. It was lovely.

    I love Autostraddle, and I also love how many queer people love autumn, as I do. Welcome everybody.

    I’m going to get some Hennessy and walk around now. KAMPAI


  8. Look y’all, I’m a guy with two Moms, two bi-sexual sisters (one older, one younger), and a bi-sexual daughter. I’ve been reading Reese’s blog since it was “This girl called automatic win”, and I’ve been reading A-strad since it began.

    I’m a cis/het/male, but my family/friend circle is majority Les-queer/Bi-female, and I read sites like AE(GRrrrr), A-strad, Curve, and The Mary Sue because I Prefer to be a WELL INFORMED lesbro, and fail less (hopefully) at being an ally.

    On a personal note, I’m disabled (motor-neuron disease) and a 40 year wheelchair user, so I have a decent grasp of what ‘intersectionality’ means. So I’ll prolly drop my 2cents in on those threads, but will try not to be an ass about it.

    Mssge me if my being here makes anyone uncomfortable, I really DON’T want to bothersome.



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