Foolish Child #2: Do You Even Belong Here?

Foolish Child is a biweekly web comic series by Dickens




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I am a queer coparenting mama to Dickens Jr. Doodler by day, 911 dispatcher by night. All my favorite shows look better on Tumblr. I am two years and 450K words deep into constructing a fanfic called Ages and I'm never giving up on it. Bering & Wells.

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  1. This reminded me that although the eragon books weren’t necessarily good, they were miles ahead of LOTR in terms of diversity. I think if they were coming out now Tumblr would love them. Oh, you want women? Have hedgewitches, elf princesses, elf Queens, magical scary babies, down-to-earth girlfriends, and a badass black female resistance leader and head of state. K yr welcome bai

  2. Dickens, you’re officially better than that other Dickens. Charlie, Chuck, generic white literary dude… whatever. What’s even cooler is that we get you on Autostraddle!

    This was fantastic and you’re awesome.

  3. Perfectly delves into that triple jeopardy of being both black, queer, and a woman. So many of these transgressions took place as we were growing up and figuring out just what kind of world we were born into. I really hope the QPOC children of today have better childhood experiences than we did.

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