Homemade Weed Lube Will Get Your Love Pocket Stoned For Valentine’s Day

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Raise your hand if Valentine’s Day is just a flimsy excuse for you to expand your sex toy collection. Or perhaps if you’re single, you use the Hallmark-generated holiday to indulge in some extra self-care. Whatever the case may be, this easy DIY weed lube is the perfect way to pamper your love pocket* on V-Day.

Weed lube won’t get you high in the traditional sense. Smoking or vaping allows marijuana to be absorbed into your bloodstream immediately, but it doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects applied topically. Apply the cannabis-infused lubricant as a “pre-lube” about 45 minutes prior to getting down and dirty. I use this as an excuse to prolong foreplay, first letting my partner rub the lube all over my nether regions. Then I flip onto my stomach and we use it as a massage oil while waiting for it to take effect. When it does you’ll be flooded with warm, tingling sensations as blood flows to your private parts, allowing for heightened orgasms. The high can last for hours, and if you’re as generous with the lube as I am, you can count on being pretty slippery by the end of it.

I got my original recipe from here, but have amended it over time. Feel free to play with the ingredients and see what works best for you!

How To Make DIY Weed Lube

1. Combine the following ingredients in a crockpot:

  • 1 cup liquid coconut oil
  • 1 gram hash (Note: you can use 1 cup decarboxylated trim or buds instead, but I’ve cooked with hash in the past and find it easier to work with.)

2. Simmer, stirring regularly, for three to four hours.

3. Transfer the liquid into a large bowl and cool in the refrigerator.

Optional: Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil (lavender is a personal favorite) before refrigeration.

4. Once the liquid begins to solidify (after about 30 minutes) take out your beaters and whip it real good until it’s nice and smooth.

5. Transfer into a small glass jar and label accordingly.

6. Storage depends on your preference, but I like keeping it in the refrigerator and taking it out approximately half an hour before sexy times begin. Just make sure that it’s out of reach of children and pets.

And voila, you’re done! The entire recipe should run you about $20 and yields I don’t even know how many servings since I’m still using my first batch that I made over a year ago. I test it frequently (for science) and can confirm that potency remains the same. If you’re not into DIY, there are plenty of brands that will make weed lube for you. California and Colorado residents can check out Foria Pleasure for similar products.

As if weed-induced orgasms weren’t enough, you can also use the lube for topical pain management on menstrual cramps and similar muscle aches and pains. Simply rub it on the affected area until you feel relief and reapply as needed.

Happy orgasms — I mean, Valentine’s Day! Wink wink.

Safety precaution: This lube should not be used with latex condoms as coconut oil causes latex to degrade.

* With thanks to Luvvie Ajayi of AwesomelyLuvvie.com for coining the term “love pocket.”

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Danielle is an LA-based writer/editor and moonlights as a tarot reader. Her work has appeared in Rogue Magazine, Scripps College Magazine, LA CANVAS, The Africa Channel, Matador Network, Wear Your Voice Mag, and FORM Magazine. She is the founder/organizer of Free the Nipple Yoga, a monthly women's workshop that promotes body positivity and empowerment. You can visit her personal blog at DanielleDorky.com and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. What other body parts does this work with. Like can it work for the other love pockets, or other parts a trans woman may have?

    • Trans woman here who has used a weed lube before. It definitely works on other genitalia topically that is not a love pocket, albeit likely less dramatically than it does on a love pocket because it’s not interacting with a mucus membrane. Still provides a nice warm tingly feeling and increases sensation.

        • Hi Al,

          As I stated in the article, I use it all over my nether regions, including my vagina and ass. Honestly, by the time it all takes effect, and because we usually use it as a massage oil while we wait, my entire body feels pretty sensitive & receptive. Hope that helps!

          I also really appreciate this conversation. I didn’t mean for “love pocket” to be anything other than a cutesy term that fit in well with Valentine’s Day, but respect that it may feel exclusionary to some. I personally have only used the lube on myself, so although people with any and all parts can use the lube, I can’t speak to what that experience would feel like.

    • Hi Al,

      The lubricant can be used as a topical ointment for aches and pains all over the body. I cannot personally attest to its effectiveness on parts that trans women may have. I do know that it decreases sensitivity for men.

      • Is there not a way we could skirt this whole issue and just say, “this product works best for people with vaginas, though we understand there are people who frequent this site that have different parts and it’s important to acknowledge them as well.” ? Or is that tokenizing? Should any article referring to a vagina on this site also include some discussion on parts that may be different so as not to be exclusionary?

        *****genuinely not looking for a fight. I think this is something AS has always fumbled with and that it never really got resolved after the first comments section fight about it happened like four years ago.

        • But I mean there wasn’t a fight here, Al had a question and a trans woman who has used a product like it was able to answer the question, and all was well as far as I could tell…

          • Exactly. It was just a simple question, as I have seen reviews before of products like this, but it was generally from cishet women. CharmCityQueer answered it, and pretty much that. I also asked about if it works on the the other pocket, something everyone have, unless I am mistaken.

          • I don’t think Sarayh was implying that there was a fight here in the comments but was instead addressing the topic of trans inclusive writing. Based on the sentence “Should any article referring to a vagina on this site also include some discussion on parts that may be different so as not to be exclusionary?” it seems that the crux of the issue is whether or not it is inherently exclusionary/transphobic to not mention that there are people who do not have vaginas even when an article is specifically for/about people with vaginas.

            I don’t think this particular article is a good example of that situation (you don’t need a vagina to enjoy lube) but a better example would be an article discussing which menstrual products are most effective/popular etc. Would it be better to add a disclaimer to every article posted stating that AS is aware there are trans lesbians that are accepted & valid even though the information does not pertain to them, or would it be better to assume readers have a good faith relationship w/ writers and it is not required to explicitly make said statement in every article? I think in an article like this one, which applies to both cis & trans bodies, it would be nice to see both groups directly addressed in the article that way readers won’t have to ask for information in the comments and hope that someone responds.

            It’s possible that’s not what Sarayh was talking about so apologies to OP if I misinterpreted your comment. Personally I find language like “love pocket” confusing and I think a more straightforward approach using anatomical terminology is easier to understand and can address both cis & trans bodies with less confusion, but ymmv and I’m certainly not in the business of language policing. As for how to handle the situation overall, I would rather defer to trans women so they can feel safe and comfortable in a space that should cater to their needs as well.

            I think OP’s footnote at the end was just an acknowledgement that this a sensitive topic and that the question was not intended to offed but rather to generate discussion and encourage readers, both cis and trans, to express their opinions in the hopes that AS continues to produce trans inclusive writing whose content is easy to understand, especially in regard to the variances in, and applicability of, the information presented for cis & trans women.

          • Maybe I’m making this too simple, but if it had been an article about menstrual products, maybe a person who doesn’t menstruate wouldn’t have had any practical questions about the use of the products, and so not have asked them? As it is, like…asked and answered.

            I don’t want to speak for Al, so please tell me if this is not my place or off-base, but I guess I just don’t feel like it’s fair to Al to use this comment as some sort of test case to debate what is and isn’t inclusive enough, when they asked their question, had it answered, and seemed content.

  2. So, just to be clear, you leave the plant matter in there and just whip it all up? As opposed to straining out the weed like when you make cannabutter. I don’t wanna do it wrong and waste product!

  3. This is awesome. Weed Lube seems to be really popular wow! Def a gift for the signifant other!

  4. Home made weed lube! What a treat! Great article. Edibles are such a hot topic in 2021. There is so many options to do it yourself or buy edibles online it’s nice. You can even get this stuff delivered now, what a time to be alive. Love all the cool weed recipes iv seen around here.

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