Rosie O’Donnell Does Oprah, Will Do Dinah Shore, Also Meredith Baxter’s Coming!

ROSIE: Okay we were mostly pretending to be excited about Ke$ha, but we’re genuinely excited that Rosie O’Donnell will be headlining Club Skirts Comedy Night at the 2010 Dinah Shore Weekend.

With Rosie doing stand-up and Salt-n-Peppa headlining the musical night it is basically gonna be like the early 90’s up in there except for that in the early 90’s we still dated boys. Luckily, we love the early 90’s b/c of all the heartwarming Tom Hanks movies, Beavis & Butthead, Ani DiFranco’s Both Hands and Boyz II Men. Will it be even better than last year? Our sources say YES!

Rosie O’Donnell started her career as a stand-up comedian, later moving on to a prolific film & television & show-hosting career. Dinah Shore is being billed as her “big return” to the game (sidenote: we’ve seen her do stand-up on RFamily Cruises a few times, SO GET READY).

The word from our hyperbolic boundlessly energetic Dinah Shore press release:

“I am beyond thrilled to have Rosie O’Donnell join our stellar entertainment line-up on our 20th Anniversary,” says Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts Presents The Dinah®, “my customers love Rosie. She’s a role model, a beacon of hope, and a voice of truth. And at The Dinah, once again, she’ll do what we have missed from her for years: stand up. And no one, and I mean no one, does it better than Rosie!”

Other exciting events planned for Dinah Shore include:

+ A special “No H8” Sunday Pool Party hosted by award-winning fashion photographer Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley, co-founders of the iconic N0 H8 campaign, will take place at The Hilton Hotel on Sunday, April 4th.

+ AUTOSTRADDLE! A unique celebrity fashion show sponsored by “No H8″ Campaign will be hosted during the White Diamond Party on Friday, April 2 featuring Autostraddle’s very own Nat Garcia!

+ “Family Ties” actress Meredith Baxter will make a public appearance joining the prestigious panel of celesbians and entertainment luminaries that will grace the catwalk in support of the LGBT community’s fight for equality.

+ AUTOSTRADDLE! Also new this year is the creative and original battle of the webseries hosted by One More Lesbian and featuring the ladies of Autio/Video, and a “never-been-done-before astonishing circus in and beer garden.” (We’re not sure what that last part means either)

+ Autostraddle CEO Riese having a mental breakdown because she doesn’t like other people or crowds and holding a pow-wow with whiskey & Executive Editor Laneia on the bathroom floor either live in person or via telephone.

Also! Rosie O’Donnell was on Oprah yesterday and was predictably endearing, funny, and wise. She talked about splitting with Kelli & keeping the family, how she’ s grateful to be alive having lived past how old her mother is when she died, her new radio show, her upcoming HBO special and life in general. Here’s the first part of the interview I know it’s 10 minutes long, but it’s totally worth it, you guys:

You can find the rest of the interview (also worth it) on Youtube!

ELLEN & ROSIE: Also, we recently found this amazing video of Ellen DeGeneres on the Rosie O’Donnell Show before her famous coming out episode of Ellen. We just wanted to share it with you.

Also you guys it’s Ellen’s birthday and Adam Lambert will be performing on her show later SO WATCH IT OBVIOUSLY.

TARGET: Sarah Haskins will no longer be making episodes of Target Women, which is super sad! But it looks like she’s on to bigger and better things: There are two big funny projects in the works — both co-written with Emily Halpern — Booksmart, which is at Fox, and we’re working on a screenplay entitled Lunch Lady for Amy Poehler. Sarah Haskins an Amy Poehler on the same project! (@jezebel)

MGMT: The boys of MGMT love Lady Gaga, just like you! Ok, maybe love is a strong word, but they did draw inspiration from her for their second album, which comes out this spring. It even includes a song called “Lady Dada’s Nightmare.” See what they did there? They also tell Spin:

Q: Are you a fan of Lady Gaga?
A: Well, at first I brushed her off as crap. And then I realized that her videos are really creative, and I like that she’s getting more and more bizarre and spreading that to the mainstream. VH1 would say that she’s driven, that she wanted to be as famous as possible. That’s a very different goal from us. But I respect that she’s doing what she wants to do.

I doubt they’ll ever write another song as good as Time to Pretend, but we’ll see! (@spin)

TSWIFT: Celeb Jihad specializes in articles that are totally not true, disguised as articles that totally are true. It’s very confusing until you catch on to what they’re doing.  This particular article is so ridiculous, but I had to share anyway; They accuse Taylor Swift of being a pillow queen? Who would ever believe that?! But there is this ABSOLUTE GEM of a video that Taylor supposedly put up on her MySpace as a goodbye to her alleged lady love. It’s set to Dashboard Confessional, you guys! Please go watch it, and you’ll feel like you’re in the throes of middle school heartache all over again. (@celebjihad)

NYC: If any of our New York autostraddlers are lookin for something to do/an organization to support tonight, you can get your ass over to the Stonewall Inn from 6:30pm to 9pm where you can support the litigators that fight for your rights, Lamdba Legal, and you can hear DJ Carlytron spinning the good stuff. (Suggested $5 donation at the door to raise funds for Lambda Legal.)

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  1. “Sarah Haskins will no longer be making episodes of Target Women”… 2010 was supposed to be awesome you guys.


    also : i love beer gardens! sad abt sarah haskins. lolz @ tswift. i can’t watch that ellen + rosie vid b/c i think it will be the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen.

  3. Between Rosie and Ellen being so sweet/funny together, and Rosie’s [to Oprah] “you play a central role in the movie of my life only you don’t realize you’ve been cast in that,” I am finding it impossible to get over how freaking cute Rosie O’Donnell is. I’ve always really liked her, she is intelligent and real and full of love, and I used to love it when I made it home from school etc. in time to see her show when I was a kid, but I’ve never thought about how freaking adorable she is until now. And wow, so cute.

  4. Oh I totally enjoyed that Rosie/Ellen thing. That was a cute skit, I’ve never seen it before. Adorable. I’m excited for the new MGMT album too. This daily fix gets a 9.85 in my book.

  5. Rosie also simulcasted with Howard Stern this morning which made the Oprah interview look like chicken shit tv! I’ll get the Howard interview for ya’ll for tomorrow… she went into explicit detail on her sex life with the new girlfriend, how Kelli’s handling it, who made the first move, Howard telling her it’s fucking INSANE to move in with 6 new kids, etc.

  6. The Oprah interview was a reminder of how awesome/funny/charismatic Rosie can be. Perfect. I think that a lot of lesbians idolize Ellen and throw Rosie under the bus because she is more outspoken. It was nice to see her shining.

    • I loved Rosie on Oprah. Totally agree that lesbians (and gay men) side with Ellen and throw Rosie under the bus. She’s genuine, smart, funny and inspirational. The Oprah audience loved her too.

  7. Am I the only one who giggled when reading “Rosie O’Donnell Does Oprah Will Do Dinah Shore and Meredith Baxter is Coming” ? Maybe I’m a perv, but that is definitely the most sexual title EVER. A.K.A… thank you. I can’t stop snickering. Oh my gah Rosie is DOING Oprah… hehehe

  8. I have always loved Ellen but was indifferent about Rosie. Mostly because I haven’t seen much of her show or things she has been involved with. I am going to change that after watching this! Totally loved the Ellen/Rosie skit as well.

    “Taylor was known as a “pillow queen”, which is a girl that will let other girls go down on her but who would not lick the slit themselves. In the lesbian community these girls are also known as “stuck up bitches”. —That killed me. Hahah!

    • I know right? I laughed a lot at that article, like way more than I expected. Also, did you notice that in the note Taylor writes to her friend, she decides to give her a flamingo bandana that has been in her family for three generations? Effing ridiculous.

    • I *loved* her show. It came on right as I got out of elementary school for the longest time and it was hysterical. I’m only now realizing that the koosh balls were probably product placement and not something she truly, personally enjoyed.

      But then all I really saw of her over the last several years were occasional reposts of things she’d written online with complete disregard for grammar and punctuation and we had a bit of a falling out.

      But this flashback has definitely put me back on Team Rosie.

  9. Hi I’m english, I love the daily fix, but sometimes I have to pretend I know what you’re talking about. But I DO know who Ellen and Rosie are, and MGMT (I really thought they were British… ?) So that’s 3 things, top score. This is not to say that I don’t love it, I LOVE IT…

  10. I am genuinely excited that Ke$ha is playing at Dinah Shore. And sad that I do not live in the USA and as such cannot attend. Someone from Autostraddle needs to review her performance please ok thanks.

    • You got it Crystal! I will try my best. I’m sad you’re not here and can’t attend either =( We will take many photos/videos for you & the Auto-audience to make you feel like you’re there, through both the awesome AND terrible.

  11. WOWW I am so excited for Autostraddle’s coverage of DInah Shore. Also, Riese, metaphorically I will be outside the club waiting for you if you have a mental breakdown.

    Ps. Ellen/Rosie video = ace.

  12. When Adam was on Ellen the first time I was watching with my mom and she was like half asleep and said something like “oh she must really like him because they are both like open and gay” and I was like “did you really just say that?” n she said well ya know… n i said ya cuz thats how it works. & i just txtd her “ellen had adam on today again, you’re right they must be friends because they are both gay” she wrote back “i really do think so”

    this reflects badly on my mother its okay she gets confused

    • also I’m more than a little sleep deprived and didn’t even read what I just wrote before posting and so smile like charlie chaplin I want skittles

  13. I saw Rosie do a little stand-up at the True Colors Tour but I don’t remember most of her bit (I’m pretty sure she was funny) because then she played the EFFING DRUMS WITH CYNDI LAUPER on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with a drum solo and everything! I do remember Rosie’s sad story about how playing the drums makes her feel guilty about her dead mom, though.

  14. I am awaiting the skies to part and the heavens to smite me for being so late an behind on AS right now. I wanna go to Stonewall. =(

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