DeAnne Smith’s “Questionable at Best” Asks Stef About J Woww (And Her Personal Brand)

Carmen’s Team Pick:

Remember the super intriguing podcast Questionable at Best by DeAnne Smith? I mean, you probably couldn’t forget it even if you tried, even if you wanted to, because it’s JUST. THAT. GOOD. In the latest episode, DeAnne talks to Autostraddle Music Editor Stef, who is the worst, about what she puts on social media, why she loves J Woww, and how she discovered t.A.t.U before everyone else.


DeAnne’s interview with Stef ranges in topics from talking shit about the people you went to high school with to truly exploring the depths of Stef’s interest in reality television. Along the way, Stef and DeAnne both learn to articulate their personal brands and probably grow as people.

Did you know some people make entire Facebook albums about their adventures at Applebee’s? Did you know DeAnne can summarize her own personal brand using three words: “dirty but nerdy?” Did you know Stef might be wearing human teeth jewelry right now? WELL GET READY TO FIND OUT WHY.


this is Stef she made you a snocone

Probably you should listen to the latest QAB as soon as possible. I’m really glad I did it, ’cause now it’s part of who I am.

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  1. So I woke up at 6am and it was cold and dark and I felt sad and lonely…. and then I put this on and it was the best morning ever because I felt like two awesome queer women had come round for breakfast and had a really fun conversation! Thanks 😀

  2. This was absolutely delightful which is fitting since both words can be used to describe both of you: DeAnne is “delightful” and Stef is just “absolutely”.

    I would throw money at you if you managed to do an entire podcast dedicated to Stef’s feelings on the Spice Girls.

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