VIDEO: Dani Shay’s Love Song For Her Girlfriend Ali Is Ridiculously Adorable

Hansen’s Team Pick:

Dani Shay, who you probably know from The Glee Project, millions of lesbian tumblrs or her song “Girl or Boy?”, has just released a new music video! It’s most likely the cutest thing you’ll see today. You know why? Because it’s a love song for her girlfriend and basically an announcement that she’s dating fellow Glee Project contestant, Ali Stroker.

Dani and Ali were close on the show, and there’s been a lot of rumors about them as a couple (including a slightly creepy Wiki entry devoted to dissecting their relationship from the beginning). Let me tell you: it’s more adorable than we ever imagined.

Have you ever wanted to shout from the rooftops about how crazy you are about someone? That’s what “One” is for. Ali wrote on her official blog,

I never expected to meet Dani and fall in love, and I especially never expected that I would want to share it with the world. Here I am. I couldn’t be more proud to share my love with all of you… I can say now, I feel like I got my fairy tale… This has been ONE of the greatest adventures of my life. You’ve helped me see so many new beautiful parts of life. Thank you for loving every part of who I am. Love really feels limitless with you!

I can’t even.

The song is really catchy, too! If you like it, you can order Dani Shay’s ONE: The Winter EP on her website, which includes a duet between the love birds.

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  1. My heart just broke and danced and cheered and clapped and was jealous and SO EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME!!!

  2. I need this any day.
    But I really need this when I’m sitting in the library not studying for finals. C+ here I come.

  3. oh my god, i just cried a lot. and i’m not entirely sure if it was because i am fresh out of a relationship and my ex looked like dani on occasion or because i am so happy they’re in love because it’s adorable or that for some reason, i am having trouble finding an androgynous masculine-of-center lady to make out with here in chicago. feelings.

  4. Omg I had no idea they were dating or that Ali was into girls! Ali is already super freaking adorable, and Dani is super freaking adorable… this video just made my heart explode!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they’re the cutest ever!! Also, how awesome is it that Dani can write a love song and dedicate it to her girlfriend without making it a “big deal” – they’re just a normal couple in love. I’m glad that we are now at the point where we can just be ourselves without people thinking it’s “political” or “promoting an agenda”.

  6. I think rainbows just shot out of my heart and into the sky like some queer bat signal of cuteness. I can’t even handle this. Adorbs.

  7. If someone wanted to blast this song from their boombox outside my window while yelling my name, I’d be okay with it.

  8. So, yeah…

    1. There def should be a “superflous feelings” trigger warning for this awesomeness.
    2. I DREAM of someone having that much pride for loving me that they would want to expressively share it with the world, not just me.
    3. This kicked the ass of my little song I wrote for my girlfriend…so I’m feeling pretty small right now. :-/

  9. I can’t stop watching this, they’re just the cutest ever. And I’ve never even watched The Glee Project. Gahh! I want that one day.

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