Daily Fix: Apparently “LGBT Pride Month” is Actually “Be Proud to Physically Assault LGBT People Month.”


Even though Carly was super busy, she still made time for you with the Tuesday Televisionary. And you have until 8 P.M. tonight to enter the raffle! I just wrote “rally” instead of “raffle.” Where’s my head at? Prop 8? Something like that. Oh! We have pictures from the pride march, have you seen ’em?

POP: Part of vampire-human sex is biting, I mean that’s part of how they express their desire and it’s just part of the relationship. Anna Paquin interviewed in Queen of the Night. (@out)

LEZDIVORCE: By now, the suing of athletes by ex-lovers has become a staple of tort law, but unlike Roberto Alomar or Michael Jordan or Chris Bosh, Martina Navratilova is able — and has been willing– to take advantage of a legal double standard that is both sexist and homophobic. And the gay community should be first in line to oppose it. (@salon)

BROADWAY: T.R. Knight will star in a Broadway revival of Lend Me a Tenor starting February 2010. (@broadwayworld)

L WORD: Obama honors LGBT Pride at White House. But you already know that, the important part that you may not have known is that Jennifer Beals was there! (@ny blade)

LEZ GO OUT: For all ye New York travelers who’ve asked Team Autostraddle for going-out advice and gotten some good DVD & web-surfing recommendations, I present the Summer Guide 2009 – Gay & Lesbian Bars and Clubs in New York City. Ta-da! (@nymag)

WOMYN: “One of the best pieces of feminist advice I’ve ever gotten is not to insult my own body in front of others. It perpetuates the idea that women should hate our bodies — that our inevitable physical flaws are worth valuable brain-space and conversational time. But pieces like Jones’s and D’Souza’s aren’t just body-snark, they’re self-snark: public expressions of low self-esteem so intractable that it lingers for years, harms relationships, and even endangers physical health.” (@jezebel)

CAMP!: It’s Gay Camp! Otherwise known as “CAMP CAMP.” I’d mention that I think my Mom went to this camp, but she’s been fact-checking me a lot lately.


↓  A fundraiser for politician Francine Busby, hosted by a lesbian couple and attended by middle-aged Democrats outside of San Diego, is busted by police following a noise complaint filed by a homophobic neighbor. (Other neighbors report a calm party with no noise). More than half-dozen deputies were dispatched to the party where they proceeded to pepper spray the guests and throw the 60-year-old hostess to the ground. (@edge boston)

↓ Numerous nutjobs join forces to create a massive anti-gay group Professional right-wing, ex-gay extremist groups band together to form the ‘Freedom Federation’ (@pamshouseblend)

↓  Following a gay pride weekend marked by hate-motivated violence, advocates in New York City plan a press conference on Wednesday morning to discuss a new report showing increased severity of crimes against LGBT people in 2008, despite a 12% fall in the overall number of crimes in the city. (@advocate)

↓ It’s a new century with a new president elected on the promise of change. However, in the Gay movement it’s the same White people with the same message to black gays: We lead. You follow. (@blacklight)

DISGRACEFUL: Dan Choi Told to Start Packing His Fatigues. (@queerty)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday he wants to make the law prohibiting gays from serving openly in the armed forces “more humane” until Congress eventually repeals it. He said he has lawyers studying ways the law might be selectively enforced. (@associated press)

↑ Oh look! They’re rolling out new gay content!  The White House blogs about Stonewall. (@whitehouse.gov)

↓  Cops are saying an attack on a lesbian on Long Island is NOT a hate crime. (@longislandpress)

Queens D.A. won’t investigate transgender attack as a hate crime: If you’re a New York State resident, now’s a good time to pressure the state Senate to pass the pending transgender hate-crimes legislation, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). (@feministing)


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jess-rothschild-iconfrom Intern Jess:
ZOMG. A guy created a life-size replica of Amy Winehouse made entirely out of Legos. His creation used 12,500 pieces and he christened it Lego Wino. Not sure if it comes with lego fuck me pumps.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
This is a showcase of old school and very aesthetically interesting turntables. I WANT ONE.

carly-icon2from Carly:
Incase now has a collection of entirely red accessories for your electronics. WANT WANT WANT! All of them!

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  3. i enjoy how the autostraddler of the day is conveniently located after “how do you like us now” – after all those down arrows it’s like a ray of sunshine.

  4. Don’t people realize that gay bashing is essentially the fastest way of coming out as being gay yourself? I mean, other than it being so totally 90s, and not the cool retro 90s, its like saying “I’m scared to death of who I am, so instead of dealing with myself, I’ll beat up other people who are comfortable in their own skin! Straight pride!” I mean honestly. So lame.

  5. is it bad that i was secretly hoping that it would be asher riding the bull?

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