Daily Fix 3-31-09 – Showtime Goes “Way Out,” Creel Comes Out, Lesbian Mom is Kicked Out and Isis Is Living it Out

THIS JUST IN! Clementine Ford clears the air: ” It should just be these people are gay and it’s part of life. I think with that article, and what came across as ambiguity, was actually my attempt at making it a nonissue. I am gay,” she tells Advocate.com. “I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on it.”

Today is a very interesting gay news day, for real. We take two steps forward, we take two steps back …

1. Showtime is combining my two favorite things in the world — Intervention and lesbians — with the new documentary “Way Out,” which has just launched a nationwide search for gays & lesbians who want to come out to their families on television. (@pr web)

2. A new report shows that the Lack of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Rights in Europe Still Dramatic. (@UK Gay News)

3. Nine students are suspended at Oprah’s school in South Africa for lesbian behavior. (@pink news uk)

4. e-harmony launches gay & lesbian website called “Compatible Partners” to “help gay and lesbian singles to find long-term relationships.” I think that means this is not Manhunt. (@socaltech)

5. Top Model Isis is post-op … and engaged! She visited the Tyra Banks show to discuss, and Katelynn from The Real World: Brooklyn also popped in. Here’s an Isis snippet:

“It’s shows like this one that got Tyra Banks a GLAAD Media Award for shining light on GLBT issues.” (@queerty)

6. We love this guy (he’s a Rosie-cruise regular), and also, love that in the wake of Prop 8, more and more gays & lesbians are seeing the importance of “putting it all out there”:  Hottie Gavin Creel may not take it all off in the Broadway revival of Hair, but he does put it all out there in his first interview with Advocate.com. Yep…he’s gay. (@the advocate)

7. A lesbian mother will likely be deported from her home in California and sent back to the Philippines, separating her from her 12-year old twin sons and her life partner. This would not happen if she was heterosexual. (@the advocate)

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
I struggled to describe my pick today. I guess I’ll say it’s an interesting animated interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, put to the music of Royksopp. You can view it here. [Thanks to Kate for the link].

carly-icon2from Carly:
This has nothing to do with girls or anything cute but it’s a heads-up from your tech friend (that’s me). Windows users: tomorrow is the day that the Conficker worm will activate. It’s lurking dormant on millions of PCs as we speak and tomorrow it’s going to … do … something. No one really knows what, specifically, but it’s nothing to be super worried about. If your system is patched and up to date, you’re probably fine. And it’s removable, too. Read up on it over at Gizmodo.

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  1. i am a terrible person and have not been able to engage with auto-straddle as much as i would like; but today, i saw the daily fix and thought: yay! go auto-straddle!

    also, my ears are ringing.

  2. I think it’s encouraging that a man was willing to be on national television proposing to his transgender girlfriend. That never would’ve happened ten years ago. Though I always take issue with marriage being cited as “every girl’s dream,” the idea that having gender reassignment surgery and getting married is part of “every girl’s dream” (said entirely sans irony) is a little bit kickass.

  3. I’m glad there was a link to the press release for ‘Way Out’. From the shorter description, I assumed it was going to be some sort of ‘Guess What Ma? I’m Gay!’ Jerry Springer-style show. Which would be terrible.
    I know how loved Intervention is, so I’m excited on your behalf.

  4. ok, i have a problem w/ Oprah’s school outing “lesbian behavior” & everything else i read in that article.

    on one hand, i understand that you have to set boundaries in boarding schools, BUT. but but but — someone has got to find an episode of Oprah in which she touts the benefits of safe sex education vs. abstinence education. right? right?!!

    but wait, they were bullying the other girls?? into … kissing?

    i am so confused. and mad.

    • I wish someone had bullied me into kissing.

      I feel like I thought that if you were super rich then you could make things happen the right way, so I want Oprah to make things happen the right way. I don’t know. My head spins with this issue. I think naming it “lesbian behavior” implies that it’s not just about sex in general, and that’s what concerns me.

  5. does it make me a bad person if i say i dont really like Tyra…or Oprah. i feel like someone can be hanged for saying that.

    • It’s funny when I was watching it I was like “this is good, omg, go tyra!” and then she busts out with that line at the end and I was like “ZOMG, she just had to fucking ruin it at the end,” and since Natalie is like gender studies girl, I made her watch it and was like, just watch it, I want to watch you watch it, and she went through the exact same emotional experience, like “what? getting marrried??” two steps forward, two steps back.

  6. Ok, with regards to the boarding school thing – I live in SA and I haven’t seen much of this in the local news which is bizarre because the last time there was drama there it was all over the place. The last time I’m refering to is when one of the matrons sexually abused some of the girls.

    I totes agree that there need to be boundaries set in boarding school – if it was a co-ed boarding school, would these rules not also exist?

    They were bullying the other girls into ‘touching each other sexually’ as far as I understand it. That is not ok, all girls or not.

    Oh Oprah “I love Africa” Winfrey.

    • yeah I went to boarding school too, co-ed, and actually oddly enough all the same-sex stuff wasn’t really prosecuted. I think there were two guys that got in trouble once, but that was just once, and they both were suspended for a week. But it wasn’t seen as homophobic, as this is being portrayed, but rather as just sex is against the rules. There was a ton of same-sex action going on that never got in trouble, but het couples always had to sneak around. I guess it seemed okay somehow, like, well, there’s gotta be SOME advantages to being gay and 16. hmmm.

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