Worldwide Crazy Epidemic Hits Atlanta Police, Right Wing 9/11 Exploiters, U.S. Congress, and @sevinnyne6126: Daily Fix

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Yesterdays Daily Fix: the day Obama kicked ass/took names and Ellen announced as 4th American Idol judge and more!double_lines

+News & Politics

BAR RAID:At approximately 11:30pm on Thursday, September 10, 2009, a gay bar in Atlanta, the Atlanta Eagle, was raided by the Atlanta Police Department. Several bar staff, male dancers, and patrons were arrested between approximately 12:30am and 1am and taken away in paddy wagons, but it is not immediately clear why.” (@atlanta progressive)

From RACHEL MADDOW:The Right finds 9/11 Ripe for Exploitation.”

REAL GAY HERO: Powering the charge on United Flight 93 was 31-year-old Mark Bingham: rugby champion; PR firm owner; friend to hundreds; fervent University of California, Berkeley, booster; and gay man. His death—and, when his story hit the wires, his life—gave America an authentic gay hero.” (@the advocate)

Keith Olberman’s Special Comment on Joe Wilson and about all the stuff George W. Bush said that never made anyone call him out. A must-see.

Also if you haven’t seen this incredible Keith Olberman in a minute video, your life is about to get changed. (Sidenote; we love him):

CASTER SEMENYA: Caster Semenya Has No Womb and Internal Testes. Does That Make Her a Man? What does of any of this mean? That Semenya is intersexed — which, while a curious revelation for the media to pounce on (especially because they get to use the word “hermaphrodite”), is not all that abnormal. (@queerty) A breakdown analysis on Jezebel.

CHRISTIANS BE CRAZY: Christian Billboards Inspire and Outrage with Gay-Friendly Messages. (@edge boston)

CRAZY JOE WILSON: Joe Wilson — This One’s Too EasyRacism and discrimination are rarely overt in twenty-first century America. They are usually veiled in disparate acts of disrespect and unfairness … When did we become so afraid to call out racism? (@huffpo)

+Arts & Culture

ELLEN AIN’T CRAZY: Bitch magazine asks: Will Ellen DeGeneres make American Idol a gayer place? And Defamer says: Another reason DeGeneres gives us a thrill: she’s a lesbian. Shocking, yes, but it’s true. After homosexual Adam Lambert made it so far last season, Idol producers are now publicly acknowledging — or, at least, accepting — the show’s innate gayness.”500x_lindsayBtweet91009

SEX SELLS, YOU CRAZY?: Fleshbot reports that we can see Lady Gaga’s boobs in full if we so desire. Also, The Daily Beast debuts Sexy Beast, which includes a Lady Gaga gallery.

CRAZYTOWN: Nine Turkish girls rescued from a fake reality tv show – Mothers took their daughters to audition for a reality show to be stars. They were expecting Big Brother but they were surprised to find pics of them by the pool and exercsising in skimpy clothing sold online, as well as bikini fighting videos, which were voted on by the users who wanted to see more.

TENNIS: The US Open is full of sexy tennis players! (@huffington post)

ROCK N ROLL CRAZYTON: Five Lesbian Indie Rockers: Includes Girl in a Coma, Erase Errata, Mirah and more! (@queerty)

LILO IS SHOWING TWITTER HER CRAZY: The Twitter Ballad of Samantha & Lindsay: Thank god Samantha doesn’t pick up her phone, because then we get to see these glorious tweets.” (@jezebel)

Auto-Straddler of the Day


commenter-friday-71709On: Autostraddle’s Terrible/Awesome Forecast Grid – The Fall Preview Edition
The Intern Comeback Award

Heather: This straddles the line between awesome and awesome.
Intern Rachel: I feel like if we had a contest for “effectively working the word “straddle” into a comment,” this would win it. way to straddle.

Daily Fix 9-10

The bcw Award for being bcw

bcw: ellen is judging american idol? YOU LIE!



from Intern X:
Sometimes vandalism can be really cool! Check out this gallery of street art that involves putting googly eyes on urban objects and making them look alive. It’s so neat!

riese-icon3from Riese: Until I was eight my family lived on the road, travelling around Ireland by horsedrawn wagon. Instead of going to school, my siblings and I, like many children from travelling families, were taught about the arts, music and dance: My Gypsy Childhood.

katrinafrom KC Danger: Tired of storm cloud graphics and five-day forecasts? Head over here for a an update on the f*cking weather.

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  1. So sad about Caster, what a way to find out. She and her family have been awesome throughout this stupid “controversy”. I hope South Africa will still stand behind their girl.

    As for Lilo, wow, trainwreck. Wtf is a substanisan? I know this is not the first Twitter breakup but definitely the most incoherent.

    • I’ve been trying to figure out what substanisan means since I saw this crazy twitter rage the other day! I’m not sure why Lindsay feels her public twitter is the best place to reveal her relationship feelings. I have to try really hard to keep on liking her as much as I do (she doesn’t seem to be the brightest girl on earth).
      But I remain loyal!

      • I want to be on her side too because it’s like honey haven’t we all been there.

        And i hate to um, come to this conclusion, but her particular brand of twitter-ranting at this point can really only suggest one thing:

        lots of alcohol + amphetamines or cocaine + possibly ambien sometimes? or just more alcohol. or perhaps just she doesn’t know what words mean.

        like it’s so lame when people are like “oh, she’s on drugs” about people who do silly things. but oh … i think that girl’s just on some drugs.

    • My worst fear is that LiLo gets so pissed off with SamRo that she goes back to men. What happens if she does? We lose an icon. What if people start saying that she’s living proof that bisexuality is a phase? That in the end lesbians or bisexuals go back to men? That they only stay with women as long as there are no men around?

      This sounds like a nightmare to me. On a sidenote, I’m really sorry that she’s being treated like this. I don’t like that Sam type right now.

  2. Note that 2 Belgian girls are in the US Open semi finals. Kim Clijsters begins her game against Venus Williams right about now, Yanina Wickmayer plays after that.
    Fingers crossed at least one makes it to the finals.

  3. If I were to marry a man I’d marry Keith Olbermann.
    Also, I want to have a serious sitdown with ms. lilo. I feel she needs to be guided if she ever wants to stay in a relationship, especially with a girl.

  4. aw, thanks for the shout out! i feel so honoured that i just laughed, then vomited, then cried into my vomit. it’s a mess in here now and it smells. greatest day of my life though freal.

    i have a lot of feelings about bible scriptures and homosexuality. like once i made a whole resource book about it. i think paul was just a big self-hating gaymo. that’s what i think.

    also? melanie oudin, the 8th on the list of “hottest women at the US open,” is 17 years old. just wanted to let you know that you’re a bunch of pervs. TGIF!

    • i’m going to make a t-shirt that says “I’M WITH BCW” based strictly on the line about vomit and crying.

  5. i wish Caster Semenya read Autostraddle so she would know how much we support/love her for just being her.

    w/r/t Lilo, she is killing me for real. i mean, listen, i don’t think i could ever stop feeling feelings for her, but she is seriously testing my patience and dignity. i’m beginning to feel like that person who would say, “Rosie O’Donnell? She’s totally straight!”, do you know what i mean? like i’m the last person listening to disco. I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS. does she not have a single real friend who can pry that damn phone out of her hands long enough to have THE TALK? The Talk in which your very good friend tells you that you’re acting RIDICULOUS and possibly preventing anyone else from ever taking you seriously as a human ever again — you’re familiar with This Talk? she doesn’t have anyone who will take her out to a healthy dinner and forbid her to check her phone for a full 48 hours? WHERE IS HER FUCKING FRIEND, YOU GUYS? i’m just — i wish she would just call me so i could help her. maybe we could get Britney’s dad to go over and check on her sometime? SOMETHING/ANYTHING.

    • this is all walt disney’s fault (see also: britbrit.) makes me ashamed that one of my main childhood goals was to break inside that goddamned secret vault.

    • Well according to her interview with Ellen when she was “so alone,” Lauren Conrad is her good friend! I guess LC doesn’t follow LiLo on Twitter.

  6. The f*cking weather link is great and is now bookmarked. Also, to Intern Rachel: Thank you, and I try to effectively work the word straddle into as many conversations or events as I can.

  7. Pingback: Worldwide Crazy Epidemic Hits Atlanta Police, Right Wing 9/11 Exploiters, U.S. Congress, and @sevinnyne6126

  8. Can I be the South Africa correspondant?
    I’ll do everything possible to contact Caster and get her to read Autostraddle asap!

    I honestly have no doubt that SA (most of us anyway) will stand behind her. Except maybe if there is such a thing as ‘corrective rape for hermaphrodites’ then we’ll def have that covered too. Oh pride.

    • They should be tortured by being forced to undergo a makeover that will be featured in YOU magazine! Or they should be beaten by police in a wildly illegal raid! I am talking about poetic justice here guys

  9. The Caster mag cover makes me want to choke something. The openly gay Mormon in the top right-hand corner, and the whitewashing feminization is so grossly hypocritical.

    Also, one of my roommates was arrested last night at the Eagle. Will diligently report back once I have the chance to talk to him in person. From what I’ve gathered, the raid was ‘drug-related’– which is so silly for a lot of reasons. At least it wasn’t during Pride.

    • A board game night was held in my house this evening with my married coupled (straight friends). The discussion about Caster came up and I noticed so many blank faces when I tried to make my point. It was so sad and disappointing. I realized that I need to stop hanging out with so many married straight folks.

      • But you don’t even need to be gay to understand!

        On another note, I too, often tell myself I need to stop hanging out with so many hets. Sigh.

  10. argh I’ve been up mountains in the highlands for a week and have tonnes of Autostraddle to catch up on. looks like a brilliant week too!

    I also have lots of feelings about Caster, but most already been expressed by other people. I just hope she reads autostraddle one day…

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