Autostraddle’s Terrible/Awesome Forecast Grid – The Fall Preview Edition

Alex-photo-by-EmilyHey straddlers! It’s Alex, your resident designer here at Autostraddle. With all the festivities going on surrounding our Fall Preview “Issue”, we thought we’d kick off what will be a recurring graphic visualizing all the happenings under our radar of the future. How do you measure a year? Or the next 2-3 months? Well, we measure it in terrible/awesome potential. Did you know that’s where Autostraddling came from? Straddling the line between terrible and AWESOME? True story. (Or is it?)

And so I present to you: Autostraddle’s Terrible/Awesome Forecast Grid: the Fall Preview Edition. How does your forecast/feelings compare? Are you secretly looking forward to ‘Three Rivers‘ and think it will be more terrible/awesome than just purely terrible? Do you know the dates for the damn Kanye/Gaga Tour so we can place it properly on the timeline/horizontal axis? Cause I would like those asap. Thank you!


(click to enlarge)


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  1. There should be an icon for this infographic somewhere toward the top left of that graph, next to Glee. Just sayin’.

    • I feel like if we had a contest for “effectively working the word “straddle” into a comment,” this would win it. way to straddle.

  2. I LOVE this prediction!
    espesh the inclusion of ‘Rumer Willis’s lesbian character in 90210’- hilare. I doubt any gay lady is on the edge of their seat for that one. Although I would be fibbing if I said I hadn’t watched the slightly higher ranking Jennifer’s body kiss clip twice. It’s the adolescent boy in me.

    • I don’t like any sort of scary/horror movies (ET and Snow White still give me nightmares) but I will totally (secretly like everyone else) see Jennifer’s Body.
      I love Diablo Cody so you know, my viewing will be strictly for the witty writing, obvs

  3. i agree with just about everything but rumer willis. i have to interest in 90210 or anything- but she is really really attractive.

  4. I think 3 Rivers might be so terrible that it could actually be awesome. Also I think that Alex Vega is somewhere up on the awesome side in the venn diagram of life. Did that not make sense? Whatevs!

  5. So we don’t know the Kanye/Gaga Tour dates yet huh? P.S. I want y’all to note that this item STRADDLES ALL THREE LINES in the graph. Thank you.


    I want you to know you are very talented at graphics! You should have more posts and do this every week! it looks so sleek, it’s like the nymag matrix but like even better and more awesome/awesome!

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2.5 MEN!!!

  7. didn’t SYTYCD start yesterday? or did I just watch a repeat thinking it was new? anyway I’m definitely excited for Whip It and also (unfortunately) for Fame

    • Gahhh you’re right! Where did I get that date from? Excuse me while I correct the chart and upload a new one. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. i looked at this forever thinking the numbers indicated how terrible/awesome these things were on a scale of 1-10. then i saw zippermouth and was like ‘what the fuck does 1.26.10 mean?’ i still didn’t get it.

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