Lesbians Dress Up for Lohanless C.Ronson Shows, Soccer Babe Festivals & Online Dating – Sunday Funday Daily Fix

WEB 3.0: My first qualm with this article is that freakin’ lesbian stock photo of the girl touching that other girl’s leg. I swear I have seen this photo used in about 500 articles this year. I’m sure we used it once. Online dating for lesbians? Forget it: “When it comes to profile whoppers, heterosexuals do not have the monopoly.” (@times uk)

GRRLS WHO GAME: Booze, babes, and good old fashioned soccer is what Labor Day weekend is all about at San Francisco’s Festival of Babes: According to the site’s motto, The Festival of Babes is a “women’s soccer festival for lesbians and those willing to be mistaken for one.” The Advocate’s Photo Gallery Includes DJ Fuzz Bumper, EvilKuntEvils a teams with names like GI Jane and The Wii Not Fits. We must go next year. (@advocate)

COLBERT ON GLENN BECK: Stephen Colbert gives it to Glen Beck. Does anyone else think that Glen Beck had a psychotic break after getting that dude fired from Obama’s team and now he has completely lost his mind and FoxNews should get him to a mental hospital? He’s telling us that secret symbols are brainwashing people in Rockefeller Center.

OFF AGAIN: Charlotte Ronson Show Attracts Young Starlets, But No LohanOne freckled face noticeably absent from the crowd was Lindsay Lohan’s. It seems that her recent rant on her Twitter page hasn’t been opening any doors for a reconciliation, believe it or not. (@socialite life) However, that photo over to the left suggests Lohan was not having a bad time out at the Jane Hotel last night ….

OUR CHART: When the Advocate opens an article with “according to the National Enquirer,” you know the apocalypse is nigh. SOOO “According to” the “National Enquirer,”  Jodie Foster got dumped by Amanda Demme, the woman for whom Jodie left her partner of 14 years. Oh, and Demme maybe dated Lindsay Lohan? (@advocate)

TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE: Instead of receiving wedding presents, a selfless gay couple’s wedding raised money for breast cancer. A year later, they’re still gaily married and still donating. (@orange county register)

#YAYGAY: Young people ‘coming out earlier’ (@bbc)

DON’T STOP THE MUSIC: You know how Ellen dances adorkably on every show? Yeah, the recording industry wants to sue The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (@cmr)

FASHIONISTA: Amy Astley, editor of Teen Vogue, has noticed a profound change – girls don’t all want to be models anymore. They want to write about models instead! (@ny times)

FLASHING: Four actresses from The Vampire Diaries were arrested for flashing motorists in Macon, GA. They claim they were filming for the show, so: second season, GREENLIT – Cutest Vampire MugShots Ever. (@buzfeed)

MILK: Nearly 40,000 Californians signed a petition urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign a bill to honor gay rights activist Harvey Milk with his own day. (@desert sun)

OH CANADA: Wait – Canada has a gay Hall of Fame now? Best. Country. Ever. (@vancouver sun)

FAKE DRAMA: Has the Great Megan vs. Angie Showdown Begun? … The answer is “no” – Why are gossip columists always trying to pit women against each other? (@e online)

ECONOMY: Women: The Answer“The impact of a woman’s role in the economy benefits society at large and that has probably never been more important than it is now. So, I’m a firm believer that women can be the key to leading us out of the global recession, yes.” (@newsweek)

BABY GAGA: Seriously. She might be half the size of other pop divas but Baby Gaga packs just as much raunch and va-va-voom into her tribute shows, bumping and grinding it with the best of them. (@sydney morning herald)

YEAH RIGHT: Girls Will Like ‘Sorority Row,’ Says Cast: ‘There’s A Lot Of Female Empowerment’. Between lingerie scenes and girl–on–girl kisses, it’s hard to see how the the slasher flick “Sorority Row” wasn’t just made purely for male enjoyment. But, the stars of the flick want you to know that’s not entirely the case. (@mtv)

NSFW Sundays

Revenge, by Ellen Von Unwerth, in its entirety, is online. (ed note: this site was having trouble earlier this morning, but that never happens, so if it’s not working, it hopefully will be soon!)

The SexBox: 10 X-Rated Video Games We’d Like to See. (@huffpo)

Blogopsphere sexpert Sugarbutch wants to clear something up for any readers just tuning in — that girl Kristen she’s been dating and writing about for the past eight months? “Kristen gets off really easily. I mean like really easily.” And “this ability to come often and easily, in my experience, very rare.” In fact, “My ex of four years was pre-orgasmic … I remember going to my roommate and my best friend at the time, saying, “she has never gotten off! I mean like ever! Never!” and both my roommate AND my best friend responded with, “yeah, so? I, uh, never have either.” So, Sugarbutch has got some advice and thoughts On Getting Girls Off. (@sugarbutch)

Lesbian Kama Sutra is a lover’s guide made by lesbians: explores lesbian sexual positions in chapters with videos, photographs, explanatory text, drawings and Tantra. An arts archive, called Sapphosophy, collects lesbian material contributed successively by world-wide women.

A.J Jacobs (male/awesome), on that time Mary Louise Parker told him: “I was thinking, that as the editor of the piece, it would make sense for you to appear naked as well.” – Nerve’s The Guinea Pig Diaries: How Mary Louise Parker Got Me Naked.

How do You Get in the Mood When You’re Not in the Mood? Greta Christina has ideas.

“I have long been frustrated about the ignorance and banality that most people display when espousing their knowledge of BDSM and its practices.”BDSM 101.

Girls, Gays and Groceries is a shiny new art show by Merkley???. “His photos are the visual equivalent of snorting Pixy Stix…” (@project one)

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  1. the best part of the Baby Gaga story is that she used to be Baby Bop! see?? dreams can come true!!

    i had no idea you could be arrested for flashing. i mean, this goes against all common sense and logic. who doesn’t want to see boobs? especially if they’re showing them willingly. I’M CONFUSED AND DISMAYED.


    • “flashing” really seems like something you could only charge women with. seems boob-specific. you can’t really “flash” anything else, it would be a different charge. “mooning.” is that a charge? i call bullshit on “flashing.” but this just seems like a publicity stunt anyway; i don’t think people get charged with “flashing” that much considering how many rock concerts and good time party parades are happening all over the place.

  2. oh my baby gaga.

    last night i was at a show where they were playing music videos between sets. paparazzi came on, and after it was done EVERYONE CHEERED. we cheered for a MUSIC VIDEO where lady gaga KILLS someone.

  3. Maybe Angie and Meg can make out. That’s like the opposite of pitting women against each other, no? And then everyone including the two of them can all go out for coffee and laugh about it and patriarchy will feel left out and uncool.

  4. The most annoying thing to me about Glen Beck’s “lesson” on the mural in Rockefeller Center is that everyone already knows what’s on the mural. Um, anyone seen “The Cradle Will Rock” where John Cusack, playing Rockefeller, has Diego Rivera removed from the lobby, bc he’s afraid of people calling him a communist, etc?

    It’s been done before, Glen. Freedom of expression! omg! Artists sometimes express their beliefs through their work!

    i mean, LORD…

    • I agree, it is kind of dated for a conspiracy theory. What gets me is that Glenn Beck fails to mention that he works in Rockefeller Center as well, as Keith Olbermann hilariously pointed out on his show.

  5. Wow, cutest mug shots of all time. They look so mischievous/happy. I wanna be friends with them! We could go on flashing adventures!

  6. I think I read somewhere on this page that Canada is the best country ever. So when are we moving HQ to Montreal?

  7. ok ok ok… what to comment on first. How about the whole “Ellen’s playing music so let’s sue her” debacle. I have personally bought several songs on Itunes after hearing them on Ellen’s show. These people are shooting themselves in the foot. What’s next? I’ll tell you… God is going to start suing those girls who are flashing for violating copyright laws. He’s going to go all… “hey, those boobies are my property because I made them so you can’t show them without my permission” on everybody. What is this world coming to? SHEESH. Also this, I played some Rick James at my Nana’s 80th birthday party and am worried. Not because I think the music industry might sue me or my Nana, but rather I fear for the industry’s well being because if they try to pull this shit with her, she will get super freaky. She’s a spry one, that Nana.

  8. I’m gonna be a legal nerd here and comment on how that Ellen article misunderstands copyright laws and didn’t even cite a source for that news. I find it hard to believe the production company lawyers never thought to clear music rights with the record companies. Or maybe they thought they could just do it first and settle later. This situation is similar to song clips news shows use during their newscasts. But I highly doubt it when it’s such a high profile show. The author of the article then spoke about his/her experience while working at a pub. That is a different kind of copyright and those fees went to ASCAP or BMI, which rep songwriters not record companies. Also, for a long time now there has been an exception for small restaurants that allow them to play music at their business without paying an ASCAP blanket license. So I think this person may not understand completely.

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