Boob(s On Your) Tube: “Grey’s Anatomy” Is Adding New Lesbian Characters Basically Every Week This Season

The holiday season is here at last and the reason I know is because Shondaland aired its midseason finales last night and HOLY CRICKETS. I actually need the weekend to get caught up with How to Get Away With Murder, the last two episodes of which I will be ready to discuss in Tuesday’s column. Here’s everything else that happened this week!

Once Upon a Time

Sundays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by KaeLyn


It’s been a while since we’ve visited Storybrooke and for good reason. But this past week, we finally got everyone’s favorite swordswoman, Mulan, back in our lives. I’m not going to even attempt to recap the season because it’s a clusterfuck of nonsense, so let’s get right to Mulan and her potential girlfriends.

It’s revealed in a flashback that Merida (Oh, yeah, Merida from Brave is a side character in Season 5.) and Mulan are old friends. Back then, Merida wanted to fight with the men and her Bear King dad was like, “OK fine. I got someone to train you because you’re not ready, though” and Merida was like “What’s a man got to do with me?” and then this warrior trainer appeared and bested Merida in hand-to-hand combat. SURPRISE. It’s Mulan! Mulan whipped off her helmet and her shiny, long hair cascaded down her shoulders. Mulan was like, “We don’t need boys. I can teach you a lot of things, girl.” Mmhmm.

Is this a Merida/Mulan ship I see? They make a lot of knowing eyes at each other and connect as badass brave women warriors. Honestly, I kind of hope this isn’t the thing, because Merida is Miss Independent and I want her to stay that way. But cue the fanfic, anyway.


Flashforward to the current OUAT storyline, where Merida finds Mulan, who has turned to a life of petty crime since we last saw her (and since Aurora dumped her) and asks for her help with a mission. Shortly after that, Mulan goes to find the witch that cursed Merida’s family (It’s a long story. Don’t worry about it.) and instead finds a snarling grey attack wolf in the witch’s cabin.

But Mulan isn’t afraid. The wolf has her pinned to the ground all angry-like and Mulan gives this soft butch smirk like, “I see you, femme fetale. I can appreciate a femme top,” and dumps a potion on the wolf. Lo and behold, it’s Ruby. Yes, that Ruby! Somehow, Ruby goes from straddling Mulan as the wolf to chastely sitting next to her when she transforms back. There’s some homophobia in that potion, methinks. Ruby and Mulan make lots of googly eyes at each other without ever actually expressing any sort of affection or phsyical intimacy for the rest of the episode.


At the end, Mulan admits that she was absolutely devastated by a broken heart and, like talking to your Republican uncle about your girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, she carefully avoids using any pronouns. Ruby suggests that Mulan join her on “her path” and that it might lead Mulan to her own path. I hope the path is scissoring. Whether you’re shipping Merida/Mulan or Ruby/Mulan or some sort of lesbian thruple, the queerbaiting is strong on OUAT right now. It might be time to tune back in if you want to wait patiently for a chaste lesbian kiss that may or may not happen between these gal pals in the second half of Season 5.

Fresh off the Boat

Tuesdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by Laura Mandanas

This week, the Huangs host Thanksgiving. Eddie is excited to hang with cousin Justin and listen to Pearl Jam, who they’ve identified as musical common ground between Eddie’s love of rap and Justin’s love of grunge. Unfortunately, Justin is now into straight edge ska, meaning Pearl Jam is out. They decide to look up sexy ladies on the internet instead.

Since it’s 1995 and pictures take a long time to download, Eddie and Justin have to pick a sexy lady to look at ahead of time. Eddie’s interested in Janet Jackson, while Justin wants to see Janeane Garofolo. They compromise on a smart, talented female musician with lots of opinions on social change: Tracy Chapman.

“Sensible vest,” says a visibly disappointed looking Eddie.

Jessica’s gay ex-boyfriend Oscar Chow also makes an appearance this episode, bringing his new NPR-listening boyfriend, Michael.


Wednesdays on Fox at 9:00 p.m.

Written by Carolyn Wysinger

Shots fired! Lucious has invited all of the entertainment bloggers to Leviticus to issue a challenge to Hakeem through a performance by Freda Gatz. She basically calls him a punk and says that she is going to battle him for his last name. Dude, I have never met a man that is willing to strip his name from one of his sons. I hope and pray that Empire‘s writers are not banking on the idea that stripping Hakeem of the family name and giving it to Freda makes Lucious look any less of a self-serving ass.


Jamal is being considered by Pepsi to be the new face of the company. Great product placement, Pepsi. Normally series have to create fake drinks for that kind of storyline so obviously people are still placing high value on the show, even if their ratings and the quality of the show are declining. Anywho, Jamal has to come up with a new song to pitch to Pepsi to win the spot in the campaign. He has a song that he has been secretly working on with Cookie, but of course Lucious has his own plan to work his way into the arrangement. Jamal likes both songs and invites his parents to a session where they can merge the two. That plan last all of 30 seconds before Cookie and Lucious are at it again and demanding that he choose between them. I personally think both song suck and he shouldn’t chose either one. Jamal manages to fuse the songs without the cooperation of his parents and wins the Pepsi contract.

Boo Boo Kitty is standing in tears at her vanity mirror with a knife in her right hand and her left wrist out. Stop right there! Two weeks ago BET’s Being Mary Jane did an AMAZING episode that dealt with black women and suicide. It was raw, emotional and started a lot of much needed conversations about black women, the superwoman syndrome, mental health and suicide. Watching Anika stand there like that, the only thought in my head was please God, PLEASE do not let Empire try to take on the issue of suicide amongst black women! They will SURELY fuck it up and it is too important to be subjected to the Empire treatment. That’s all I will say about that. It turns out that Anika is pregnant by Hakeem who later tells her that he is in love Laura. The mental unraveling of Anika has begun.

Last week Lucious and Mimi initiated a horrible threesome. This week they can’t stand each other. Empire’s stock is still falling on Wall Street and Mimi is not pleased. She eventually has to remind Lucious that she is the one with money on the line and she is ultimately the boss. This must really bruise his ego because he later calls the woman he claimed he was going to protect from and says he doesn’t give a damn about her. I really and truly wish that they had not gone down this road with those two characters.


It’s time for the battle for the Lyon’s name with legendary Funkmaster Flex as the battle DJ. Once again Freda Gatz proves herself to be the best female rapper in real life and still the most talented musical artist on Empire. This whole scene was made even MORE disrespectful to the legacy of hip hop’s legendary battle MC’s because Funkmaster Flex dropped the beat for Craig Mack’s classic “Flava In Ya Ear” and Hakeem dropped the wackest bars ever over it. But this isn’t real life; this is TV, and of course Hakeem wins. The only place where Hakeem could beat Freda Gatz is on TV where writers determine who wins. Freda Gatz is the truth. A real MC. Next week we will tackle what seems to be a real fear of the Empire style crew: letting Freda look too butch.

The real surprise was when Vivica Fox appeared as Cookie’s bourgie sister Candice. I stood up and cheered! They got that casting call so right! Vivica and Taraji together lit up the screen. Of course I have questions. She comes to tell Cookie that her sister Carol is out on a drug bender. Cookie calls Carol a scammer and con-artist. I’m sorry, wasn’t that scammer helping her navigate the first season? Will we see as Cookie and Candice head to Philly? Really I just need to see Taraji and Vivica on screen together as much as possible.


In the end Hakeem emerges from the club with his girl victorious and he puts her in a private car to go home. Who is her driver? The newly unhinged Boo Boo Kitty. Y’all better buckle up for next week’s episode!


Wednesdays on Fox at 10:00 p.m.

Rosewood - 108 - 5
Oh, hey, an amazing thing happened on Rosewood last night: Pippy got a backstory! After karaoke-ing with Rosie, we found out she was one time accepted to freaking Juliard but took a pass to become an outstanding scientist person and work with her brother. Obviously Rosie thinks everything on this earth is about him, so he basically fired Pippy and told her to pursue her dreams of being a singer because he is a benevolent patriarch or whatever, but she told him to eat some raisins and hush because she likes singing but she loves science and also she’s not leaving the love of her life to go traipsing off to cold, dark New York City. TMI was glad. She thought for a hot second she was losing her fiance. But Pippy said she’d split the world in half to stay with TMI. It was very sweet, you guys!

Grey’s Anatomy

Thursdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by Aja

Greys Anatomy - 1208 - 4

Rumors are spreading like wildfire in this lackluster midseason finale, and it’s a hair on the nose considering an actual wildfire has tossed Bailey’s first crisis as chief into her nervous little lap. Spoiler alert: All this gossip is just an excuse for Callie to say “scuttlebutt” as much as possible.

As the inner circles at Grey Sloan Memorial wonder aloud at the ongoing beef between Hunt and Riggs — why does that sound like the moniker for a beardo hipster outfitter? — ash raining down from the heavens is mistaken for snow while forty-some badly injured firefighters are ER-bound. Four crews succumbed to shifting conditions and the hospital will be stretched to capacity as they arrive, so all hands are on deck and Bailey quickly resorts to converting the cafeteria into a makeshift triage unit as one of her many tough calls this episode.

Greys Anatomy - 1208 - 6

Sure, it sounds grim, but triage cafeteria is where the girl-on-girl magic happens! Arizona’s hands are full of smokin’ hot lady buns, literally, because a chipper brunette firefighter has burns on her equally perky bum. She’d like Arizona to try and “keep her full moon under wraps,” and to prove how totally lame I am at picking up crystal clear pings on the old gaydar, I totally and completely missed the subtext when she said, “No guy has seen that since a middle school wardrobe malfunction.” (Way to go, Aj.) Because Arizona’s re-entry into singlehood is a clumsy one, she reassures the patient that she’ll be alright like so: “The burn is confined to one cheek and luckily I have a good one to compare it to.” THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT BUTTS.

Our new favorite wingman Webber humors Arizona’s adorable but very silly concerns about asking the patient out but ultimately is like, “I’m not gonna wingman a patient for you!” (As someone who dated her own chiropractor once, I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s kinda right.) Arizona asks her out anyway, but the firefighter thinks she means a follow-up appointment, so she panics and goes back to Richard for more advice. His pep talk includes calling her creepy but also smart and confident, “Stretch out your wings, Robbins! Feel the air!” so she asks the firefighter out a second time before sending her home, but a smokin’ hot redhead bursts in from nowhere, a flurry of worry and kisses and hugs for her girlfriend…the firefighter (of course). So that happened.

Greys Anatomy - 1208 - 3

Take heart, Robbins. There isn’t a ring on it! People break up all the time! Off to the lesbian bar she and Webber go again. (No, seriously, he’s been dreaming of those jalapeno poppers. Shonda, can we please make this a movie? PLEASE! And since I’m asking you for stuff, can we please please please do a trade with Penny for this brunette firefighter? LUV U, SHONDA.)

Riggs and Meredith butt heads because Riggs is doing his idiot cowboy thing, proving yet again his tedious issues with communication and female authority. When Owen’s mother arrives at the bedside of her boyfriend (one of the firefighters), we learn that Riggs calls her “ma” and things devolve from there. Owen continues to shut Amelia out and eventually loses it, hitting Riggs twice in a hallway confrontation. Grey has a heart-to-heart with Owen’s mom and finds out Owen has or had a sister. Amelia, spiraling in the dark, is desperate to know what’s going on and lashes out at Meredith, who won’t tell her what she’s learned. The thing is, Amelia resorts to cruelty when faced with betrayal or the unknown in matters of the heart. It’s amazing that she can’t see that she, too, pushes others away, it just sounds and looks different than when Owen does it. When it gets her kicked out of the Haus of Sister Lady Chiefs by Mere, she sinks herself into a vodka tonic…and possibly Riggs.

Greys Anatomy - 1208 - 7

The overarching theme may very well be what happens when your person changes or is no longer available to you. “You’re my person” is probably one of the most universal truths this show has taught us, and we loved it because it felt real and infallible, mirroring what we all want all in our closest, most intimate relationships. What happens when your person dies, when they leave, when you no longer recognize them, when they’ve done something that irrevocably alters a bond you believed was unbreakable with every cell in your body? And how Herculean a task is it to find and nurture a person — your person — to begin with?

Have fun thinking on that for the next three months. We’ll be back in February!

Miscellany: Callie’s weirdly obsessed with having inappropriate workplace conversations about sex. Jo and Stephanie make up, but it’s tepid. Karev proposes to Jo, but it’s a disaster. April and Avery fight like it’s the boss level of a divorce-themed video game. Cliffhangers abound!


Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube

Written by Karly


Carmilla is ready to hunker down for the apocalypse. She is even less helpful than she was in season one. To calm Mel, Perry says she tried to cast a spell to make LaFontaine stay on campus because she was afraid LaF was going to leave. LaFerry feels! This did not calm Mel’s fears.

Mel says this stuff reminds her of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Perry finds her mythology textbook and they find out Titania was based on a real fae queen Tythia who uses the power of the Moon Blood to gain strength. Perry is beside herself: a real faerie! The book says Tythia was trapped in a bloodwood tree, but Carmilla says she could’ve been freed because that wood was used a lot in the 18th century for furniture, carvings, and jewelry. As she learned in her 18th century woodworking class, of course. Carmilla trying to hide her age/vampirism from Perry and Mel is one of my favorite things about season 0. Carm is a very bad liar.

Carmilla continues that a spell or even a wish could have freed Tythia. A lot of shit happens because of wishes (Faeries, I wish for Carmilla season 3, angst, and Hollstein kisses). They’d need the wisher to trap Tythia again. Perry looks guilty: she may be behind this after all…but I doubt it.


The tape pauses and Laura cannot wrap her brain around this mystery and Perry. How could Perry have changed that much? Then Laura asks Carm right out: you did something terrible to Perry, right? Carmilla definitely did something to Perry.

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  1. I hope the path is scissoring, too. There is almost nothing that could bring me back to actually watching OUAT at this point, but I’m 100% here for the Tumblr Mulan ships.

    • Yeeeaaaah… I still shame-watch, but it’s really just awful and I spend most of the hour mocking everyone and everything. I really am a masochist.

      I am here for Ruby and Mulan, though. Mulan is a soft butch with feelings who deserves a companion who won’t leave her for a prince. Ruby is a literal man-eater. I’m into it. Also, I have a crush on Ruby, so…

    • I’ve been off OUAT for two seasons, but damn, if Lana Parilla in one of those red dress numbers doesn’t almost rope me back in each and every time.
      But I’ve been strong so far. (Well ok, after I relapsed a little with this season’s premiere).
      Emma and Regina sharing space together are like pure shipper crack.
      Gosh,do I miss the Swanqueen, but the sour aftertaste every time I have to watch them super disbelievingly fawn over Robin or Hook just isn’t worth the brief rush.
      Why do they have to have such great chemistry?Be two moms?
      Wear such criminal dresses and so.much.leather?
      But I’m clean, I’m clean.
      Two years, sober, ma’m.

  2. Aja, that was a great recap of a pretty boring episode of Grey’s (except for the Arizona stuff, and the last 3 minutes, of course!) I really hope asking out the firefighter helps get Arizona back a little of her game. Remember when she was the hospital player and slept with half the women on the staff? I miss that Arizona. (Except the cheating Arizona. I do not miss the cheating Arizona. No one misses that Arizona.)

    What was up with Meredith this week? That attack on Amelia really came from no where, as far as I could see. Mere has been treating her like a sister since long before Derek died, and not all of a sudden she’s all “you’re not my sister”? Way harsh.

    I care so little about Alex and Jo. Jo needs to recognize that Mere is more important to Alex than she is. Look at all the shit they’ve been through together! Girl has to learn to share. And if she can’t Alex should dump her. After Mere/Cristina, Mere/Alex are my favourite friendship on this show, and if Jo ruins that, I’m gonna be really pissed at her.

    • Do you think it’s the writers being kinda wack? Maybe they blew their wad with the dinner episode, who knows. It WAS a pretty dull one, though. Like an album with only a few good songs!

    • I think that the Meredith/ Amelia fight has been stewing underneath since the dinner episode, actually. Well, if I was being honest, since the premiere with the whole “tear down the wall” thing. They’ve been slightly better around each other the last 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t have described them as being on good terms.

      In fact, I thought the “You are Derek’s sister, not mine” followed by Amelia pointing to her face (my goodness does that actress resemble Dempsey!) and saying “is this what bothers you? That I remind you of him” was the final piece that put the whole puzzle of their relationship together, for me at least.

      I’ll be back later with more thoughts. But I couldn’t contain myself :)

      • It wasn’t until we got that scene that it even occured to me that Amelia being around to remind her of Derek is also probably very hard for Meredith. You are that this fight was awhile in the making. I would even go so far as to say that this has been brewing since the end of last scene when Meredith didn’t contact Amelia when was dying the hospital.

        Amelia breaking her sobriety seriously worries me though. We don’t need another rehash of that storyline for two reasons. The first being that Private Practice already covered it quite extensively. And the other being that I get the feeling the only reason they are having her relapse in the first place is so the writers can push her close to Owen, who is going to through is own crisis at the moment. We haven’t seen him like this since the early days of Crowen when he nearly choked Christina to death during a PTSD episode.

        • I hadn’t thought of the “putting her closer to Owen” aspect of the relapse storyline. That changed my whole perspective on it- I was actually interested in it. I think that actress does a very good job with that side of Amelia, and not enough Grey’s fans watched Private Practice to have “lived” through it with her the first time.

          Alas, I think you are right and now I’m over the whole thing. Damn, I wish they would keep Owen away from the badass ladies I love. First Cristina, now Amelia..

          • Amelia has always been one of my favorite characters and she is the best thing that has happened to Grey’s in years. Her addiction storyline on Private Practice really showcased Caterina’s talents as an actress and I would have loved to have seen that explored more her on Grey’s if I didn’t get the feeling it was all about propping her relationship with Owen. I see no other reason why the writers would be having them both relapse at the same time like this. If Amelia was going to relapse she would have done it at the end of last season when Derek died. Not in this particular episode after a fight with Meredith that all started over Owen.

      • Re: Mere and Amelia, like Turkish, I never really thought about Mere having a hard time looking at Amelia because she reminded her of him. Hmm. But even if that’s the case, that’s totally valid, and Amelia should maybe respect that just a little. I can understand why their relationship might be fraught, they are VERY different people, but just the “You’re not my sister” part seemed way too harsh.

        Re: Riggs, when he was introduced, everyone assumed he was around to be “the new McDreamy”, which is still a possibility, but now I’m worried he’s going to end up in some dumb love triangle with Mere and Amelia and I really don’t want that.

        Can’t the Lady Chiefs all just get along and be best friends, and the stupid boys go back to the desert and leave our ladies to dance and drink tequila in peace!?

        Re: Amelia’s sobriety, I never watched the seasons of PP with Amelia (I quit after Violet had her baby literally cut out of her womb, because oh my god, no thank you) so I’ve never seen her fall off the wagon, which could be interesting. Except Grey’s has done that before, with Richard, and I see no reason to revisit that storyline. And I think Turkish is right, that her sobriety is going to get all tied in with Owen, because obviously Owen is going to blame Riggs for buying her that drink, and then Amelia is just going to be another poor woman caught in whatever their ridiculous fight is about (like I’m assuming Owen’s sister was).

        • Here is a small recap of Amelia’s addiction storyline on Private Practice (from what I remember) for those who missed it: Amelia has had a long history of addiction to drugs and alcohol. At one point she crashed Derek’s car, overdosed and nearly died. This is why Derek’s relationship with her was very rocky when we first met her. Amelia relapses again at the end of S4 and operates on a patient while high which resulted in her getting her medicial privileges revoked. Then Amelia’s sick best-friend shows up and asks for her to help her commit suicide. The friend changes her mind at the last minute but then ultimately commits suicide on her own shortly after. This devastates Amelia to where she relapses again on Oxycontin. She goes to meet her soon-to-be fiance Ryan, who also uses drugs. The two of them go on a drug bender which ends with Ryan dying of an overdose. Amelia goes to rehab and gets clean. Then we find out some time later that she is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. She finds out that the baby has some sort of disease where he would be born with no brain. She decides to carry the baby to term and donate his organs. She gives birth to her son who dies in her arms and she is utterly devastated throughout this entire process. Private Practice ended not long after that.

          So needless to say, Amelia has really been through some shit. Grey’s watchers who never saw Private Practice have missed on a big part of Amelia’s journey so it would have been nice to re-explore that on Grey’s for folks who missed it. They could have even brought back Addison for a few episodes. And it would have made perfect sense to have her relapse again after Derek’s death given their history and Penny showing up and working at the hospital along side her. But I don’t want to watch another addiction storyline if it’s going to be about propping an Amelia/Owen pairing instead of being about Amelia not being able to deal with the death of her brother.

    • Thank you. She’s INCREDIBLE. (I wish her lyrics didn’t hella reinforce the cult of masculinity, but aside from that…)

    • I said the exact thing on Wednesday. She’s the only reason I’m watching at this point.

      (Her lyrics definitely uphold the patriarchy- but they entertained (?) me, in the same vein that I put up with so much male bravado driven hip hop because I grew up with in the culture and if I limited myself to only “feminist” rappers, I would have sooooo little to listen to. Sad truth.)

      • I’m so here for the Empire recaps. Wish I could watch that episode of Being Mary Jane, too; I’ll see if I can find it online.
        Thanks Carolyn!

  3. Aja, STELLAR recap as usual. Even though it was an admittedly lackluster finale. Probably because I care ZERO PERCENT about Alex/ Jo’s relationship and only care a minimal 5% about Jackson and April, so….

    I’m so joining Team #TradePennyforHotBrunetteFirefighter! In one episode, she was already infinitely more charismatic than Penny has ever been. Also, I’m happy to see Arizona having to figure out dating again and the hilarious awkwardness that comes with having to get back out there.

    Past seasons of Callie habits have taught me that she’s most likely to talk about sex when she’s not having sex, so I took her weird obsession with Jackson to mean that she and Penny aren’t getting any (the last time we saw them attempting to get it on, Penny fell asleep during the foreplay round, so there’s some backing to this theory).

    The Meredith/ Amelia fight is one I’ve been waiting for. I find their dynamic to be one of the most interesting of the season. Also, I know this is terrible- and I would NEVER EVER say this about a real person in real life with real addiction struggles. NEVER EVER!- But I yelped a little when Amy ordered the vodka tonic. Amelia going off the wagon was one of my favorite arcs in the history of Private Practice. While I am sad for her personally that those struggles will unfortunately continue after she fought so hard to get them at bay, I’m excited as a viewer because I know how talented that actress is and how well she handles this story.

    Other thoughts:

    Rosewood- Pippy singing <3 ? ? ?

    Empire- Carolyn, YES FOR THE BEING MARY JANE SHOUT OUT!! Wish that show would get a queer woman central character so we could talk about it here. They are doing some really impressive things with black women's representations. Freda Gatz OBVIOUSLY won that battle. And I also stood up and cheered! Actually cheered for Auntie Vivica as Taraji/Cookie's sister. Perfect casting.

    Show is still terrible. But this was the first time all season that I wasn't actively hate watching it, so…

    How To Get Away With Murder- I will patiently wait for the catch up. I have so many, so many, so many Annalise and Eve feelings. I don't want say anything yet, for fear of spoilers. But, I may burst.

    • EDIT- After reading @turkish‘s comments earlier in this thread, I take back my anticipation over the Amelia relapse storyline. Ughhhhh.

    • I will also patiently wait for the HTGAWM Eve-and-Annalise-feelings-fest. I’ve seen so many good theories about that final scene!

    • Welllll I’m almost positive that Loretta Devine’s blackmail character is a an old black butch. So maybe that will be recap material later?

      • You and me both, Carolyn. She’s an old school bulldagger if I’ve ever seen one. Fingers crossed!

  4. I would be very surprised if OUAT actually let Mulan and Red do more than hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes longingly. Those might be the only episodes I actually watch because I just can’t with OUAT most of the time. I quit watching regularly around S3 when they revealed that Peter Pan was really Rumple’s father in one of the most convoluted storylines I have ever seen. It was ridiculous even by OUAT’s standards. I came back for the Frozen storyline and then left again. I’ve been watching a little of this season only for Merida and Mulan/Red. I’ve been trying to fast-forward the rest of it because Emma destroying herself for fucking Hook of all people is so fucking stupid. She’s using dark magic, ripping out innocent people’s hearts and falling out with her son because of it all so she can save that lame pirate. Are you kidding me?

    • Haha, WTF, Peter Pan is really Rumple’s father? That’s so messed up on several layers, glad I jumped ship at the start of S3 when they started with this Neverland bullshit.

      It’s kind of sad, really. Once upon a time had such a great potential (Season 1, despite many flaws, was great), but instead of improving they just mess everything up.

      I do sometimes wonder what kind of drugs the writer smoke to come up with this bullshit. Not even in my wildest dreams could I think of this.

      • Yeah, Peter Pan was the villain of Season 3 and we find out that he is also Rumple’s low life father who somehow ended up in Neverland where he reverted back to child form or something. I don’t know I didn’t stick around for a lot of it because I thought it dumb.

    • Yeah, for serious I’m done with this Emma Dark One Hot For Hook season. Blech. Merida is kind of a bad-ass addition, though. So much so that I don’t really want to see her get sidetracked by a love interest. Her current storyline is so much more compelling.

      I can’t even with Season 3. Nothing made sense. It was ridiculous. Really, I don’t know why I keep watching, but here I am.

  5. Aja, I loved your recap of Grey’s! The part about your person is so right on about why I love Grey’s and will keep loving it as long as it keeps existing.

  6. I’m so glad you shouted-out that joke from Fresh Off the Boat! I totally cracked up at it when I watched the episode.

  7. For Grey’s, did anyone else immediately go to “holy shit- could Riggs be Hunt’s “sister””?
    Hunt isn’t the most open minded, and his mom clearly is (dating such a younger guy), so I’m rolling with that for the next 3 months…

    • That was the seriously the first thing that came to mind for me, even before the more obvious/ more likely situation. But hey, maybe Greys will introduce yet another trans family member for plot points and then completely ignore that plot even exists.

  8. I have been so devastated by the end of the Calzona relationship, holding out hope that they would get back together. Until I realized last week that if they get their acts together and date other people that will mean potentially two lesbian relationships in one show. And that marked the end of my lingering Calzona loyalty. Who knows, maybe the firefighter’s partner will come in and Callie will screw up and kill her and Arizona will say, “oh yeah I understand she cut off my leg too” and they will live happily ever after.

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