Boob(s On Your) Tube: “Grey’s Anatomy” Brings Back The Wrong Gal Pal

Welcome back to another round of Boob(s On Your) Tube, your weekly round-up of queer TV that doesn’t quite deserve its own recap. Your “San Junipero” review is coming! I just wanted to make sure all the intersecting queer identities involved in that episode of Black Mirror are represented in the discussion! In the meantime, here’s what happened on television this week.

Jane the Virgin

Mondays on The CW

Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me.

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me.

I forgot to mention this last week, but Rose and Luisa made an appearance at the very end of the season three premiere of Jane the Virgin. They’re living in a submarine lair! Under the ocean! Like a couple of Batman villains from the ’60s! Rose says they’re going to get their Happily Ever After, which was the main theme of “Chapter Forty-Five.”

If you were worried that resolving the main love triangle was going to cause Jane to lose its way, you can rest easy. The first two episodes of this season have been as good as ever, meaning they have been better than everything else on network TV. In fact, Gina Rodriguez could just go ahead and submit “Chapter Forty-Five” as her Emmy episode for the 2016-2017 season and be done with it. No one on TV makes me smile every time she smiles and cry every time she cries and swoon every time she swoons like what happens when Jane is doing those things. And I don’t even care about straight romance! But I do when Jane’s having it!

Also, this week’s episode did a brilliant thing I’ve never seen on TV before: Xiomara had an abortion between episodes, like NBD, just a decision that she is making as a woman in charge of her own body. Rogelio also agreed that she should do what she felt was best (even though she was pregnant by his arch-enemy). Jane, too, knew about her mom’s abortion and supported her completely. Xo was worried Alba knew about the abortion and was angry, so she finally just came out and told her mom about it. Alba was not happy at all. But by the episode’s end, they had found their way back to each other by agreeing to disagree.

Over at NBC News, queer Chicanx New Mexican writer Denicia Sam Cadena praised the show’s nuanced portrayal of Xo’s abortion storyline:

We need more pop culture depictions of the realities of our lives, depictions that celebrate the specific, complicated ways we deal with challenges. Xiomara’s decision to have an abortion is first introduced by a simple voiceover by the narrator, who shares that she made the decision to have a medication abortion, not in a scary clinic of media representations past.

In Jane the Virgin I recognize my loved ones, my community and myself. Representing the real lives of Latinx, including abortion, not only makes for great television but is also an important step in our work for reproductive justice.


Mondays on Fox

This was a rough week for women comic creators. Chelsea Cain, the writer of Marvel’s recently cancelled “Mockingbird” series quit Twitter because of the daily harassment she suffered from comics bros, especially after the book’s final cover was revealed.


The kind of abuse Chelsea deals with daily from dudes who read comics and write comics and write about comics is so typical. I have a couple of really good friends who write and illustrate books for Marvel and DC, and I’ve been on several panels (and attended even more) at various comic cons this year — and the thing women in the industry say to me more than any other thing is that the men they work with just don’t get it. They don’t see the sexism, they don’t understand the sexism when women explain it to them, and they don’t do anything about the sexism when it’s brought to their attention.

I’m mentioning this because: 1) I’m going to stop beating my head against the wall with Gotham. Watching Penguin and Riddler get this nuanced love story while Barbara wastes away in the background and Renee Montoya is gone forever makes me feel so much rage in my heart. It’s THE PENGUIN and THE RIDDLER, two of the most iconic Batman villains in history. And they’re getting a sweet and terrifying and layered love story, which means DC and Fox and this show’s writing team aren’t scared of gay stuff; they’re just not going to do anything with their women characters. So, I’m going to take what’s encouraging about that and use it in my broader pop culture activism and stop worrying about Barbara and Tabatha. 2) You should be watching Supergirl. It is a treasure trove of stories about women. And one of those women is now Detective Maggie Sawyer, who has absolutely caught the eye of Alex Danvers. Supergirl is everything right with TV. It and Jane the Virgin are my collective Patronus.

Grey’s Anatomy

Thursdays on ABC


Why is there a piece of plain white bread wearing scrubs? Am I hallucinating?

Here’s a thing Bailey said to Karev this week and I had to pause the TV to stand up and cheer: “When I tell you to know your place, know your damn place!”

What did not make me cheer was Dr. Leah Murphy returning. On the one hand, I was not angry to recall the times when Arizona had other women to make out with. And I also was not angry to recall when that patient chomped down on Dr. Leah Murphy’s neck because I love Grey’s Anatomy when it is weird and that was fucking weird. On the other hand, though, Leah was the worst. No one liked Leah. The fans didn’t like Leah. The other fictional characters didn’t like Leah. And look, Arizona doesn’t want her back either! Webber straight up asked Arizona if she believed in second chances and she snapped, “NO!”

If you’re going to bring back a ghost from Arizona’s past, why not Hilarie Burton? Dr. Lauren Boswell! She and Arizona had such good chemistry I still get chills thinking about that scene where they did it in the dark in the thunderstorm in the on-call room. Remember? Arizona stuck her hand out to shake Lauren’s hand to say good-bye and Lauren legit laughed at her! Hang on, I’m just going to find the clip on YouTube.

See, now that’s a character I want to see waltzing back into Seattle Grace. I did read that Bridget Regan is doing a guest star stint on Grey’s and since she plays gay at least half the time, I’m absolutely holding out hope for that situation to manifest itself in the on-call room this year.

How to Get Away With Murder

Thursdays on ABC

Pecola spotted something you should see!


In other news, this week’s How To Get Away With Murder case revolved around a queer woman named Danielle who was at a bar with her girlfriend and this dude wouldn’t stop dancing up on them and telling them to make out to satisfy his male gaze, and so Danielle just went on ahead and sliced his throat. He lived, I think, because the charge against her was aggravated assault. Annalise decides to go with the PTSD line of defense, because Danielle explains that she was attacked from behind by a guy one time when she was serving in Iraq and this asshole in the bar triggered that flashback for her. The problem is that Danielle was on desk duty and never saw combat when she was in service. She is a liar and her pants are on fire. So Annalise has Bonnie do some in-court drama, revealing papers to that extent, and Annalise is able to keep Danielle out of jail and get her into a rehab program to get help for her PTSD.

Instead of drinking, Annalise has turned to eating entire bags of chips throughout the day, including alone in bathroom stalls in courthouses. I would watch Viola Davis do anything. I would watch a full season of a show where all she does is eat chips.


Thursdays on Fox

No Pippy/TMI love shenanigans this week, but I believe they are coming. The first three episodes of this season hooked me!

The Real O’Neals

Thursdays on ABC



The Real O’Neals is such a bizarre show. It pitches itself as a sitcom about a gay teenager who lives in a post-gay world. And certainly Noah Galvin thinks he, personally, and the show itself are far more evolved than its predecessors. I watched this week’s episode because lesbian teen Allison was involved, and it was basically just a rehash of season one plots from Glee and Modern Family. It might as well have been called A Stereotypical Gay Halloween.

Kenny’s mom doesn’t want him to dress like Beyonce for Halloween! All Kenny’s gay friends are bitchy theater kids! Kenny’s aunt’s main goal in life is to get a fabulous gay entourage!

And poor Allison is just Ann Veal Lite.

Also I have lived with a gay man and I know for a fact that Halloween is not the gay Super Bowl. The Oscars are the gay Super Bowl.

American Housewife

Tuesdays on ABC

Weekly reminder that Allison is gay? One of her three lines this week was: “I know horrible women. I married one. I cheated with one. I think I am one.”


Okay, but for real:

Episode six is called “Changing” and the description is: “Alex struggles with a new reality.” A NEW GAY REALITY.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this all day!

    RE: Grey’s Anatomy

    NO ONE LIKES LEAH. But Arizona was being super weird. They spelt together once, it’s been, what, three years? Girl needs to get over herself and act like a normal human being. And then hook up with the next queer woman who is NOT Leah who shows up the hospital. Likely next week.

    And also Catherine is right that this hospital has a serious problem with giving people second chances when they don’t deserve them. Anyone remember that time Izzy cut a guy’s LVAD wire and didn’t get fired? Yeah. I’m still rooting for Alex though. His offer to do waffle Sundays with Meredith and her kids was classic Alex – before the show decided to assassinate his character and throw out 12 seasons of character development, that is.

    • You’re wrong on basically every count. *I* like Leah, she and Arizona were sleeping together for weeks if not months (not only inferred but actually visibly seen in the show)and she already is acting like a goddamn normal human being, as she was at the end of her first run, and as she always has. But keep being judgy about her past poor mental health, no bias there, nope.


    Am I actually starting to LIKE Asher and Michaela!? What is happening!? But I have to admit, Asher’s line “You’re my…family” really got to me. Because of COURSE they are family! They’ve all been through some fucked up shit together, and other than Connor, none of them really have much family. And with Asher especially, his family is either dead, or has cut him off, so of course he’s looking for a new family.

    Wes and Laurel though, we knew it was gonna happen, but it was still super weird. And I still don’t understand where Laurel’s head is at. Is she really over Frank? Then what’s with ally he phone calls.

    And what’s BONNIE’s deal!? She said “I LOVE YOU” to Annalise! Like, that was obviously, but it seemed to surprise neither of them when she said it, so I don’t know. And the President of the university still looks like she’s about to jump Annalise every time they have a conversation, so there’s that too.

    • Oh man, I forgot to write that in the post, but when Bonnie said “I love you” I just about came out of my skin!

      • RIIIGHT!? Like, I think we all kind of suspected that, but the way she just SAID it!? And it didn’t seem to surprise either of them, like Annalise already knew? Because Bonnie had already told her? Ugh. I so hope we get to see more of their past together, what’s brought them to this point, brought them so close.

        • Yes! YES. Man, I hope Paris Geller has figured out she’s gay by the time the new Gilmore Girls gets here.

          • OMG, yes. Queer Paris Gellar would be unfuckingstoppable.

            I don’t know/remember what she did with her future but I feel like she’d be a lawyer taking some LGBTQ+ rights case all the way to the Supreme Court.

          • Oh man, a friend of mine recently bingewatched ALL of Gilmore Girls for the first time and liveblogged it to me (hey @starsplit!) and she is ALL ABOUT queer Paris Gellar. I’ve been a pretty strong GG purist, but man, she’s nearly got me convinced on that one.

            The thing we DO know for sure, from the trailer, is that Paris Geller still has Bonnie’s hair!

  3. I hate having Rosewood and Grey’s on at the same time. But, because I knew Leah was returning last night I opted for Grey’s. Personally, I think this episode was the best of season 13. My mind didn’t wander and I actually sat and watched the whole episode without playing candy crush. It was that good. Mostly, though, it was the ending with Alex and Meredith that made it good. And the fact that Bailey might be cracking down on all the BS that goes on at Grey Sloan. As long as she doesn’t crack down on Alex because, although it took many, many seasons, I love Alex and I want to see him move forward instead of backward. I love the little makeshift family he has at Meredith’s. It’s so cute.

    As far as Leah is concerned, I’m 50/50. I didn’t like her character, but if she’s grown up a bit since she left, maybe I can start to like her. Based on Arizona’s reaction, though, I highly doubt the two of them will be getting back together. Fingers crossed, Bridget Regan will be a potential love interest (because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want Bridget Regan to be their love interest?).

    And holy crap Supergirl. I cannot wait until Monday! Trick-or-Treaters can piss off come 8pm.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person still watching Grey’s who has a soft spot for Alex Karev. I completely agree about their last scene, and about Alex’s character development over the last 12 years.

      Also agree re: Leah. It seems they brought her back more to be the catalyst for this teaching reform kick of Catherine’s, then to be a love interest for Arizona.

      • It took a long time, but once Alex started working in peds, and after all the Izzie crap was done, I really started to enjoy his character. The relationship with Jo has never been my favorite, so I’m glad it’s over. But this De Luca/Jo situation isn’t great, either. It’s all such a mess right now! I’m glad, though, that the story is finally getting more interesting. Season 13 has been off to a pretty slow start so far.

    • Re: Grey’s
      My TV buddy and I were just talking about this. Sometimes I marvel that Alex and Meredith are the two “standing” at the end. They’re both so dark and twisty inside. Yeah, Izzy went crazy, etc. Whatever. Alex’s character development has been a joy. I believe that he has earned a second chance. And I agree that he’s better off without Jo. She was not dealing with her ish, and he was willing to help, but it takes two, and I lost patience with it.

      For the most part I think they’ve handled the second chances on Grey’s believably. I mean, I’m not saying it’s “realistic” for the real world, but it’s made sense in the Grey’s world. I’m here for Bailey cracking down on things, though. It’s a source of conflict and drama that makes sense.

      As far as Leah, she wasn’t my favorite character, but I do like that she seems to have figured herself out. I’m a big fan of that. And also of other doctors fan-girling Maggie, so there’s that. I don’t really see chemistry between her and Arizona, but I guess time will tell whether they even intend that. And I do SO enjoy when blasts from the past return and all the newbies get to hear about some of the Grey-Sloan craziness. LOVE it.

  4. I call this meeting of the Unofficial Autostraddle Queen Sugar Fan Club to order!

    So. That episode. Bianca Lawson, am I riiiiight!? She absolutely killed it, both in her scene with Violet and Hollywood, and her story to Blue. Those scenes together really announced her presence as a force on the show, a major character, not just Ralph Angel’s ex.

    What drew me into the show in the first place was the relationship between Charley and Nova, their hug at the end of the pilot was what sold me, initially. SO it really pains me to see them constantly at each others throats. They needle each other so well, know exactly what to say to get under the other’s skin, but at the same time, their experiences are so disparate that they can’t ever really understand the other. It’s so real, but also so incredibly frustrating!

    And finally, when Charley and Ralph Angel brought Remy and Darla back to the house to weather out the storm, I really thought that was gonna mean that Nova was gonna bring her girl back with her as well! I was so disappointed she showed up at Violet’s alone!

    • I had a busy week and am behind, but it’s a priority watch for tomorrow and I WILL BE BACK!

      • Oh shoot, sorry, I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you! I was wondering where you were! It’s SO GOOD THIS WEEK. I mean, it’s always good, but this week, its almost a bottle episode, and with all these complicated relationships, a bunch of shit just comes out and it’s SO GOOD.

    • My contribution to this week’s meeting of the UAQSFC:

      God, I love this show so much…

      Everything about that spades game…from Hollywood and Violet putting aside their issues to re-partner for a game to the unanimous rejection of Micah’s offer to learn as he played to cherished memories of Ernest being shared across the table…

      It all felt so familiar. It felt like Ava DuVernay had stepped into my life, written down my family’s habits and traditions and put them on-screen. I feel so seen when I watch Queen Sugar. It’s amazing.


      Bianca Lawson has been blessed with skin that stubbornly refuses to age. While her youthful visage has, no doubt, helped her get roles, I’ve also wondered if it’s held her back from getting serious roles that’d allow her to showcase her talents. When they announced Lawson was joining the cast of Queen Sugar back in February, I thought, “finally, we’ll get to see what she’s capable of…”

      And, boy, did she deliver.

      I went into that candlelit scene sharing Vi’s anger at Darla–how could she do that to Blue–and like Vi, I left the scene speechless. That was a stellar performance from Bianca Lawson.


      I love the depth they continue to add to the relationship between Nova and Charley–and it’s’ clear that they’re both carrying their mother’s baggage–but I do wish they’d offer me some reason to cheer for Charley. Nova’s not perfect but there’s good intention there, always, and they strive to make that clear. Meanwhile, every episode seems to offer me a new reason to dislike Charley.

      I need something…something that confirms that she’s not the “bougie bitch” that Nova thinks she is…something that makes her worthy of Remy’s kindness. So far, they haven’t offered us anything.

  5. I am genuinely embarrassed by how excited I am about Supergirl. I am an adult – I mailed my rent check AND saw a cardiologist today – and I am like, GIDDY about this potential Alex/Maggie thing! Help!

    • Good lord! Like, Heather is a human person, you can love Leah and say so without telling her to fuck off.

    • Briony I’m glad you found a place to chat about queer women on TV after AfterEllen shut down, but that’s not how we talk to out writers at Autostraddle. If you disagree, do it respectfully. This is not a commenting community where you can just lash out and be mean.

      • Ok well i’m sorry for being upset. I have a lot of respect for heather, i’ve been following her since she was on Afterellen.

  6. I don’t even remember who Dr. Leah Murphy is? I watched the entire episode and I still don’t know after googling. Grey’s has been on too long.
    As for HTGAWM, I sense something between the president and Annalise. Every time they have a conversation, the president seems so (sexually?) frustrated. I really kind of….want that to happen. They have way more chemistry than Eve and Annalise imo.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely with you on Annalise and the president. At first I thought it was just that Viola Davis is so incredible that she just has chemistry with EVERYONE (which is definitely part of it – see Wes, Bonnie, Nate, Eve, Laurel, Michaela, etc.) but it’s more than that too, and it’s definitely coming more from the president.

  7. That episode of Jane the Virgin was so amazing! I loved everything they’ve done putting the straight love triangle to rest, having Jane and Rafael develop a genuine friendship, and showing that a married couple can have interesting drama in their relationship without putting the whole relationship at risk. And everything about Xo’s abortion plot was handled so, so well, especially the up-to-date use of medicinal abortions.

    But I’m really curious about where Rose & Luisa are going. I LOVE Rose having a Bond-villain submarine, but it didn’t look like Luisa consented to being there; it looked like Rose drugged her and kidnapped her. And Luisa may be a mess, but she was getting her life back on track, and being with the crime lord who murdered her father (and a lot of other people), kidnapped her nephew, and gaslit her into a fake relationship is a bit much. So I’m not sure where Luisa can go–she’s stuck between a pscyho ex and a hard place.

    • yeah i’m still upset about susanna. that seemed so good for luisa, and then PLOT TWIST, she’s not even a real person. i hope they go somewhere decent with this whole rose and luisa thing.

  8. I just watched “Black Mirror – San Junipero”, and it is the most…feelingest feeling show I’ve ever feeled. “Black Mirror” is an anthology show, so you don’t have to watch any of the other episodes to watch this one.
    Here’s a great fanvid, but it’s EXTREMELY spoilery. Don’t watch until after you’ve watched it, or if you’re not going to watch it.

    • I have been waiting patiently for Heather or somebody’s evolved recap/discussion on it since it was promised in last weeks BOYT but now I’m getting antsy.

    • I cannot WAIT to read what the AS community has to say about this episode. All other non-queer media that has tried to cover it really can’t comprehend how important this episode was to this community, this year especially. No one else can do this episode justice.

      (Sorry guys, no pressure!)

      • I semi disagree with you, a lot of mainstream media that I have seen have detailed the importance of this episode and the relationship portrayed on a grander scale. It takes place in the 80’s where the gay lifestyle wasn’t accepted (as we see Yorkie wasn’t accepted by her family) but really it’s happening in 20(something) where it is probably more accepting. Maybe the media isn’t comparing or praising it as being the opposite of what has happened this year on other shows but I think they have been doing a good job of recapping/discussing it like any other episode but this just happens to have 2 women fall in love.

      Exhibit A: they broke the pattern of a bleak distopian anthology to give us a QUEER HAPPY ENDING.

      Exhibit B: they gave the “bury your gays” trope the middle finger essentially.

      Exhibit C: a bisexual WOC ! YES PLEASE.

  9. Minority here but I like dr Leah Murphy. I am not upset she is back. The more queer women on TV the better

    • I was not a fan of Leah the first time around, but so far she seems a lot better. She seems like she’s matured a lot. If she can keep that up, I’ll be happy to have her stick around, just not with Arizona. You’re right that more queer women on TV is always a good thing.

  10. Judging by comments on here and at TVLine, it seems like the majority of GA fans don’t like Leah and would rather see Hilarie Burton back instead, so I don’t know why Shonda insists on bringing Leah back. I wonder if they ever asked Hilarie Burton back at all or they just never bothered with her character again after her arc was done.

    • It IS a weird decision to bring Leah back, but it makes more sense then bringing back Lauren, as much as I might prefer that. Lauren only had a relationship with Arizona, but Leah was in Seattle for a few years, she had relationships with Alex and Jo and Stephanie, in addition to her fling with Arizona. And it seems her return is the catalyst for this new teaching reform kick Catherine is on. So bringing her back opens up the storytelling potential in a way that bringing Lauren back wouldn’t. From a storytelling perspective, I DO get it.

      But I think a completely new character would have made the most sense. Bring in a peds surgeon to replace Alex while he’s in the clinic – boom! Built in relationship to Arizona. So easy. Maybe that’s what they’re going to do with Bridget Reagan’s character, who is supposedly coming on to the show soon.

      • I love Bridget Regan, and she’s super hot, but I don’t want her to be playing Arizona’s love interest because she is such a busy actress. It’s already annoying enough on Jane the Virgin waiting around for the next open window in Regan’s schedule. I’ve been waiting a long time for AZ to get a real love interest after Callie and I’d like it to be an actress who would be able to accept an offer to be upped to contract regular status, as happened with Jessica Capshaw herself back when SHE started on the show.

        When I heard Leah was coming back, I didn’t really think they’d make her AZ’s new love interest. But after seeing Arizona’s reaction, I don’t know, maybe that is where they’re going. I say that because I was surprised at AZ’s reaction when she has exes all over the hospital (remember the episode where she told Callie about them?) and that wasn’t presented as being an awkward thing for her. I know Leah’s a little different from Arizona’s other exes in that she filed a complaint against Callie, but she and Arizona talked about it and worked it out, and Arizona agreed that Leah was right, and continued working with her and teaching her. They were on amicable terms when Leah left. So I was expecting Arizona’s reaction to be more like the one Alex had, which was basically “Meh, whatever.”

    • Leah can effect more people and it seems like her coming back has a bigger story attached with Catherine trying to oust her own husband from being the resident advisor.
      Lauren would only effect Calzona and they are no more so there was no point for Lauren.

  11. Again I feel like I have to be the sole cheerleader for American Housewife. Don’t get me wrong it is hardly the greatest show ever made but I do see potential and it is growing each episode as the characters are finding their footing.
    Like it or not Angela is a supporting character so the rest of the lead cast needs to get flushed out first. And you can be a glass half empty by saying she only had 2 lines or look at it as half full that we learned more about her like that she cheated on her ex-wife, and that she had a crush on Katie when she first moved into the neighborhood a fact that Katie was flattered by as opposed to freaked out especially since in the pilot they made out in front of the homophobe neighbor.

    Oh Greys, what are we going to do with you? So we can all agree that Alex and Amelia have to happen, right? In their little scene they had more chemistry that her and Owen for damn sure.
    You’re right, I don’t like Leah but if they said, hey we’re going to bring back Penny I would be like, “give me Leah, I love Leah”.
    I can’t wait to see which upcoming guest star is primed for Arizona, cause I don’t want it to be Leah, not because I don’t like Leah is that it would be in Leah’s best interest to not go back.
    If Jo and DeLuca don;t get together like next episode then they are just a waste of screentime.

    Eagerly awaiting the Black Mirror recap.

    • There was a good queer storyline on younger this week! Maggie meets a cute girl at a garden and though their story line is small its funny and it ends in a hook-up in a dressing room at a boutique for orthodox jews! It sounds weird but was awesome!

  12. This week we saw the first hints about Vanessa Ferlito’s character on NCIS: New Orleans being a lesbian. She revealed that she has an ex-husband who was a bad guy, but she married him when she was young and she says that she didn’t know who he was, and that she didn’t even know who she was.

    I don’t know if the character is gonna stick around for very long though. Even though she was hired as a regular, 98% of the posts on facebook and other forums are about how much they hate her character and wants her gone immidiately. I know that fans often have a hard time warming up to new characters, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much hate for a new character before. And it has nothing to do with sexuality since they all seem unaware of the characters orientation. So it remains to be seen if the writers will listen to them, or hold out hope that people will warm up to her.

  13. okay so i know this is shitty but once petra gets back for real on jtv, jetras gonna rise. i never really liked the guys (micheal over raf obvi, but still) and omg i just read the best fic so im really hardcore on the jetra train pls don’t hate me for it

    • was that fic Marry Me A Little? because that is some fucking FANTASTIC jetra fic right there. so gooodddddd

        • srsly amazing! and i was a big susanna fan, so that ignoring of canon made me happy, too hahah

          YAEL AND GINA HAVE AMAZING CHEMISTRY and they both ship the fool out of petra, so I’m here for it.

          • i loved how they portrayed aneska cause #letpetrahaveafamily2kforever. like everyone should read marry me a little it’s so solid

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a character as much as I did Murphy! Her return took me back to season 9 which I honestly would love to forget. Not pleased at all!

      • Instagram makes it pretty hard to find the link for the image rather than the web page. I think it’s part of their strategy to convince people to use Instagram. I realise you’ve already linked to the page, and it’s better with comments for people who may not immediately recognise those two, but I thought I may as well take the opportunity to guess how to put an image on this site.

  15. Leah was annoying on a surface level, and kinda entitled, but Hilarie’s character straight-up ENCOURAGED Arizona to cheat on Callie, with full awareness that she was monogamously MARRIED. Not my personal favorite, and in fact I found that episode/scene really hard to watch, and it was the beginning of the end of me even liking Arizona as a character. Can we get her in a *healthy* relationship for once? I mean, lol I know that’s not gonna happen long-term because Shonda likes her fans in pain and I know what I signed up for with a 10+ year-running drama show, but like maybe one season of functional happiness? Just my sassy opinion though.

    • Yes, thank you! I completely agree. I don’t understand why people want that character back. I, for one, want Arizona to have a new love interest who doesn’t come with past baggage.

  16. “Also I have lived with a gay man and I know for a fact that Halloween is not the gay Super Bowl. The Oscars are the gay Super Bowl.” I laughed out loud at this because it’s true. I also have lived with gay men, who informed me that Halloween is Straight People Pride. They’re not wrong.

  17. I made it to the Boob Tube…finally!

    Jane the Virgin: There’s so much noteworthy stuff happening on Jane the Virgin but I think what’s really remarkable–and, perhaps, groundbreaking–is how they’ve achieved such an incredible balance between the drama and comedy. You get emotionally resonant scenes like Jane and Michael dealing with the residual trauma from the shooting opposite hilarious scenes like Rogelio practicing his American accent…and neither are diminished by the other. If there’s a show that strikes that balance as well as Jane the Virgin, I’ve never seen it.

    I love this show so much…and Monday nights on the CW is now must-watch TV.

    Grey’s Anatomy: I really enjoyed Alex’s storyline and, like Bailey, I was grateful for the reminder of what an amazing doctor he has the capacity to be. That said, I’m still mystified that one of the conditions of Alex’s continued employment at SGMH wasn’t that he’d seek counseling. When things are good, Alex is such a sympathetic character but when things get testy, he’s quick to lash out…he’s done it time and time again. A stint on Dr. Wyatt’s couch might do Karev some good.

    I was disappointed in how they handled Leah’s return. It’s not Leah that bothers me–I’m actually relatively indifferent towards her until now–but the reactions of her former colleagues was frustrating. Jo, Stephanie, Arizona and Alex all responded with derision to Leah’s return in a way that seemed to diminish her completely legitimate harassment complaint. This is the textbook example of a hostile work environment and seeing it celebrated as normal is kinda gross…I expected more from the folks in Shondaland.

  18. Younger got Maggie some screen time this week! [mild spoilers for the most recent episode of Younger]

    She meets a woman she thinks is a lesbian, accepts an invitation to go to her store for some sort of event. Turns out the woman is an Orthodox Jew- but wait, she’s also a lesbian! They hook up in the dressing room of the woman’s store for modest clothing.

  19. I’m eagerly awaiting a Black Mirror discussion from you guys! I totally understand why you’re taking your time to get some other opinions though.

    Honestly I don’t know exactly what to think of it myself. Like is it actually a happy ending? I suppose it is, but what I feel really uninformed about is the idea of someone with a severe physical disability choosing assisted suicide. I think what I really liked about the episode was that San Junipero gave Yorkie a voice when other methods (that we rely on now, like family input) had failed her.
    Other than that I’m unsure, and look forward to hearing what you lovely people at AS think. I do like that it has given me a lot to mull over, though.

    • Spoilery San Junipero Comments below

      As a disabled person very active in the anti-assisted suicide movement, this episode didn’t bother me in a way other portrayals of disabled people have. Because she wasn’t choosing death, she wasn’t choosing nothing. She was choosing another chance at life. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. In the same way that it didn’t feel “bury your gays” -y, even though technically it was, because of this whole other sci fi element. And by introducing us to Yorkie in San Junipero, it stopped her entire existence being framed as “a disabled woman” in way those sort of stories are. Plus the discussions between Kelly and Yorkie about suffering Kelly experienced, and Yorkie being selfish to think she’s the only one to experience suffering was brilliant. Basically, the message wasn’t “its better off to be dead than disabled”, and I didn’t get the sense that Yorkie would want to die if San Junipero wasn’t an option. I cannot wait for the Autostraddle review on this!!

      • Thank you! I really appreciate hearing your thoughts and explanations. This is a discussion I wanna know more about.

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