Gays Coming Up: Kids Are Alright, Glambert on Idol, Gay Sketch Show, Moar

Juliane Moore’s second lesbian film of the year, The Kids are Alright, premieres in July. The full HD trailer is available now, and it seems pretty cool, except for this one part that we totally saw coming but hopefully won’t be a big part of the movie. You know what we mean. Watch it!

Also, Alice from Alice in Wonderland is in it. Also, Mark Ruffalo, who I still love for You Can Count on Me.

The new trailer is out. Once again the ladies go on an expensive vacation we could never afford, worship handbags, etc. Check it out. Queerty says there will be gay stuff, like a gay wedding, and also Liza Minelli: “Yes, there will be something for the gays in Sex and the City 2 — the most unlikely of gay romances — Anthony Marentino and Stanford Blatch — results in a wedding to end all weddings.” (@jezebel) (@queerty)

Adam Lambert will be on American Idol next week. You know what that means: Ellen and Adam will be on your teevee box at the same time! He’ll be performing on the April 13 episode, so mark your calendar.

Also coming up is the Big Gay Sketch Show premiere on April 13th. We’ll have a lot more for you on this next week, but we want you to start getting excited NOW. And not just because of Julie Goldman. Also; because of Kate McKinnon and Nicol Paone. Here’s what our friendly PR man at Logo has to say:

With only three sketch comedy troupes currently on television, “The Big Gay Sketch Show” continues to break the rules (and barriers) with laugh-out-loud antics, sassy celebrity impersonations and twisted sketches that will appeal to anyone who’s a little askew. The irreverent sketch comedy series from Executive Producer Rosie O’Donnell is back for a new season with returning cast members Paolo Andino, Colman Domingo, Julie Goldman , Stephen Guarino , Jonny McGovern , Kate McKinnon and Nicol Paone . “The Big Gay Sketch Show ” premieres Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 10/9c.

Portia de Rossi is going to write a memoir! It will detail a bunch of things, including her struggles with eating disorders, her difficulty coming out as a lesbian, and how ridic stupid happy she is with Ellen now. Sounds like a good read! (@people)

There’s a couple Lady Gaga-related stories today, so we’re combining them under one header. Smooth, right?

+ So Cole Gofort, a 15-year-old kid in Tennessee, was sent home for wearing a t-shirt that read “I Heart Lady Gay Gay.” Because gay is a bad word, I guess? Anyway, Lady Gaga heard about, and obvs she came to the defense of one of her little monsters.

“Thank u for wearing your tee-shirt proud at school, you make me so proud, at the monsterball, you are an inspiration to us all. I love you,” Gaga tweeted on Wednesday…

“I love you Cole, you just be yourself,” she added early Thursday morning while on tour in Australia. “You’re perfect the way God made you.”

Apparently administrators said the shirt was causing a disruption, and they were worried it would escalate some fights that had been happening at the school. I think we all know what’s up, though. I mean, shouldn’t they be worried about the kids who are actually fighting instead of the kid expressing his legitimate identity? Just a thought. (@mtv)

+ Lady Gaga is apparently a new street name for heroin. A guy was arrested in Syracuse, N.Y., with bags of the stuff stamped with “Lady Gaga.” I thought we already had enough nicknames for heroin? But if you’re going to give anything a nickname, it might as well be Lady Gaga.

Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Riot Grrl: What bands like Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney taught me about relationships. (

Actor Colin Farrell has a gay brother and will be supporting an Irish campaign against homophobic bullying. The 31-year-old star, who is from Dublin, spoke out for LGBT charity Belong To’s STAND UP! campaign. (@pinknewsuk)

‘90210’: Jessica Lowndes on Ade’s sexuality, ‘I don’t think that she’s a traitor – “I don’t believe that,” she adamantly states. “[Adrianna is] truly connected with Gia at this time in her life. She is attracted to men, as well. That has been her life up to this point and I don’t think that she’s a traitor by any means or is just doing it for drama. She likes this girl and she happens to be a different gender than she usually dates. But, then you see Gia, who is attracted to women and that’s the way she is. You see two different sides.” (@latimes)

An interview with the couple who appeared on The Marriage Ref last night. (@out)

Did you know that Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker is releasing some new material soon? It’s true. Here’s a cute interview with her about that and also other things! Over a conversation in the dining room, Sinéad O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra is cited as a reference point for the album in progress, as are the Slits, the Raincoats, and the English Beat. (@portlandmercury)

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  1. It is sort of amazing how the women of the Big Gay Sketch Show (Julie Goldman, Kate McKinnon & Nicol Paone) are more exciting & have more talent by a MILE than the women on Saturday Night Live right now.

  2. I’m so psyched about Big Gay Sketch Show. It’s pretty much the reason why we upgraded our cable to get Logo. That and Rupaul’s fierceness.

  3. What?! How did I not know Corin Tucker was releasing a new album?! Man, I am really slipping. Autostraddle you are the only thing that will save me from losing touch with everything I guess.

  4. I love Cholodenko’s work. That said I got tired of “the lesbian sleeping with a man” plot about 20 years ago. It happens in real life but at some point there should be a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with a man. I wonder if Lisa was aiming to get a more mainstream movie out there and to do so she felt that she had to make a movie that was nonthreatening to men. If so, she should realize that most men aren’t threatened by the notion that a lesbian would not want to have sex with a man or have a need for a man in her life. Sadly this pretty much kills the film for me though I will give it a shot. Men and straight women will probably love it but that is because they will almost certainly be less bothered by the most tired trope in all of lesbian depiction.

    As for the 2nd most tired trope, we will see that on 90210. While Bening and Moore almost certainly end up together in Cholodenko’s movie, Ade and Navid will end up back together on 90210. Look for Gia to do the dumping of Ade to protect from some controversy. But it is all predictable in the end.

    • Clarification for the one sentence.

      “It happens in real life but at some point there should be a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with a man.” should have been.

      It happens in real life occasionally but at some point on television there should be a lesbian who doesn’t have sex with a man.

  5. Annette Bening is one of my favorite actresses! (The American President, people! Sorkin + Bening=WIN) I’m sure I heard about this movie ages ago and forgot, so I’m glad you labeled it Julianne Moore’s movie so I got to have a nice surprise when I watched the trailer.

      • American President was my childhood. I taped it on TV (oh man, remember those days?!) and watched it over and over again. I thought I was the only one who liked that movie!

        • No, it’s totally a sleeper hit! No one really talks about it, but if you mention it in a crowd of cool people, most of them will be like OMG I LOVE IT. Try it some time.

        • OMG I had that VHS tape in the VCR when it finally died. ANd for a minute I panicked “Oh no! How will I ever watch that movie again?!” and then I calmed down and bought the DVD.

          If someone really wanted to impress me, they’d invite me over for a big homemade breakfast (I love hashbrowns as much as Autostraddle loves Adam Lambert… never enough!) followed by The American President, A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson’s War. It’d be an all day Sorkin fest of awesome and probably some kind of delivery for lunch. Just, ya know… FYI.

          Bonus points if you responded to lines in the films with Sports Night/West Wing references.

    • I have seen American President more times than I can count. Every time my gf and I ran across it on some weird and obscure late night channel, we would immediately settle into the couch and watch. No one had to suggest watching it. It just happened.

  6. i’ve never been crazy about riot grrl music, but i love everything about the culture. this article was great.

  7. re: The Kids Are All Right

    I’m not excited for the man/woman sex part of the movie for obvious reasons but that part where Julianne’s character tells Annette’s character to go easy on the wine and she responds with a suggestion to go easy on the micro-managing. HOW REAL IS THAT? PRETTY REAL.

    Reminds me of the time I was drunk on red wine and someone brought out a bottle of peppermint schnaaps and I was all, “OMG THE DRINK OF MY YOUTH!” and got ready to do shots and my gf said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea” and I gasped incredulously and did the shots out of spite and then she had to put me to bed about 20 minutes later.

    I digressed. Sorry.

  8. Excited about Portia’s book. I am totally looking forward to her gushing about how awesomely happy she is with Ellen. I think Ellen should write the forward or something like that. And maybe, just maybe, she would go on the ED show again! The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait.

  9. hahaha did anyone else catch that YAYA from cycle 3 of top model is in the new cholodenko film! RESPEITO! i will never not laugh at her presence. UMEBOSHI!

    • Omggg !!!! haha i remeber her but i dint even realize it was her,,,, she was crazzy haha

  10. So I had to go watch the 90210 clips on youtube, and I have to say, so far they are pretty adorable. I mean, I was already a Rumer Willis fan, and having Jessica Stroup play the sort of smart, liberal, feminist friend didn’t hurt either. Still doesn’t mean I’m going to watch the show, but I’ll probs still check out the clips online…

  11. Well maybe she wont sleep with the guy. It will probably be like “Oh will she do it?!” and then she doesn’t…. Hopefully.

  12. Aw Colin is such a ledgend, his brother was at a few of the gay rights rallies we’ve had here which is always good for publicity. Fair play to Colin though, that campaign is hopefully going to help hundreds of baby gays to come to terms with things! :-)

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