Your “Lesbian Ken” Community Photo Gallery Is Here

Lisa / 54 / Professor / Pittsburgh, PA

Lexi / 26 / Management Consultant / Chicago, IL

Leigh / 30 / Scientific Account Manager & A Cappella Singer / Richmond, CA

Lauren / 23 / works in a lab that studies sleep in mice using a variety of nerdy techniques / Boston, MA

Laureline / 31 / Fancy internet related job / Paris, France

Kipper / 29 / Audio Producer / Portland, OR

Kensuke / 33 / Data Entry and Front Desk at Planned Parenthood / Nashville, TN

Kaylah / 25 / Vlogger / Kentucky

Kayla / 29 / Writer / Blogger / Orlando, FL

Katie / 32 / Midwife / Baltimore, MD

Katie / 30 / Science Resource Teacher / Annapolis, MD

Kasey Bomber

Jess / 37 / Restaurant Owner / Oakland, CA

Jessi / 29 / Freelance Writer / Sarasota, FL

Lindsey / 39 / Writer / Sociology Professor/ Vancouver, BC & Jessi Lee / 37 / Psychotherapist / Vancouver, BC

Jenna / 31 / Designer / Boston, MA

JC / 27 / PhD student / Connecticut

Janell / 26 / Wig and makeup artist / Ashland, OR

Jane / 26 / Teacher / New York

Jane / 19 / Pratt Student / Illustrator / New York, NY

Jackie / 30 / IT Professional / Customer Service Enthusiast / Cat Mama / Boston, MA

Holly / 38 / Art & Custom Framing Consultant at ArtInsights / DMV (DC, MD, VA)


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Vanessa is a queer feminist writer and photographer currently based in New York. She really misses Portland. Find her on twitter and instagram.

Vanessa has written 294 articles for us.


  1. I Ken not even.

    I don’t know if I’m more impressed by the attention to detail of those who intentionally dressed up, or the ones who are just obviously wearing their own outfits that happen to look exactly like the doll.

  2. I am gonna devour this one page at a time over a week prob so I can truly appreciate it without my mind crumbling into pieces but BUT BUT BUT Rachel from Salt Lake bottom of page 1 has me dying absolutely dying it is just unbelievable and uncanny! Babes!

  3. What a fantastic article to wake up to! There were so many whose names I wanted to remember so I could squee about them in the comments but there were TOO MANY. Amazing, all of you! ❤️?

  4. SO MANY AMAZING LOOKS! I have to give just a couple of shout-outs, but dang, you’re all so good ❤️

    Reneice (Los Angeles): you *completely* nailed it. I am in awe.

    Priscila (Toronto): your Camp Ken look is pure joy! Nice touch with the accessories and A-Camp shirt ?

    Laureline (Paris): Your poodle skirt Barbie look is simple perfection.

    Kipper (Portland): Those action shots! Forced perspective FTW. You’re moving more freely than ever and I love it.

    To all the “In-Line Skating Ken” people: you are my heroes today. Go forth and skate your hearts out!

    Archie (Minneapolis): !!! GOLD PURE GOLD.

    Also: a special WOW to everyone who submitted multiple photos. I swoon to your creativity and commitment.

  5. This is everything I’ve ever wanted and I’m so glad you’re still accepting submissions, because I forgot to do mine. #KenofCenter is my new aesthetic/gender identity.

    (Also, I’m 100% going to be in-line skating Ken and I feel an immediate kinship/Kenship with everyone else who did that one.)

  6. Kind of relieved that Totally Hair Ken didn’t show up; I don’t think that clothing in those colors has existed since 1992, if even then.

    Also, I believe that the doll with the Moschino sweatshirt is actually Cora Harper from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  7. @%^@$&@$^&$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danie actually has the doll, y’all!

    This post is everything I ever thought about ever. I’m so happy this exists

    Also pretty sure the LGBTQAI+ community single-handedly keeps the plaid industry in business (*thinks about the 6 plaid shirts I have in my closet*)

  8. Danie with the doll was the height of surrealism. Loved it. Extra points for creativity and visual impact.

    I was also very impressed with Cameron Esposito’s dedication and also facial expressions.

    And then there were the Barbies!

  9. Pretty sure Gemma wins this for being a literal, actual Dolphin trainer. Now THAT is commitment.

    Now to explain to my co-workers why I’ve been smiling for the last 20 minutes…

  10. SWOON.

    How! How!!! How is everyone so perfect!!!!

    I am in awe of you.

    Also, spending a whole morning picking discussing Kens, picking outfits, and doing a whole photo shoot was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. I never played with dolls as a kid but I could def get into some more queer Ken and Barbie dress up.

    Shout out to Kipper for being ridiculously photogenic you should see the rest of the photos on my phone, it’s a trip.

    Also also, it feels really on brand that I was able to feature my actual flip phone that I use on the daily in my Cool Lookin Ken lewk. Also I now indentify as #coollookinofcenter

  11. Oh hey that human kinda looks like someone I went to college wit-OH SH*T IT IS SOMEONE I WENT TO COLLEGE WITH. The tiny liberal arts college/Autostraddle crossover is kinda amazing.

    Amazing looks guys! Very impressive.

  12. How can there be so many perfect humans? Great job, everyone! So in awe of everyone who submitted multiple photos (of whom, Cameron Esposito is clearly queen.)
    You nailed it, Reniece! So many people own pink bowties! And tropical t-shirts!
    Priscila’s A-Camp look! Gilbert wins best rollerblade Ken for the Smile if You’re Gay shirt. Excellent touch.

  13. I keep missing the boat for these galleries and this time because I was trying to find an official Barbie that matches one of my ballgowns so I could have Barbie and Ken to submit of myself.

  14. Wow wow wow. I feel like I’m impressed by all the incredible things you do as well as how many people had their outfit ideas co-opted for Ken’s evil plan.

    Any rad educators want to digitally organize and be best friends? We can still talk about Ken! And maybe teaching!

  15. This is definitely the theme of the next a-camp dance, right? I feel like I’m at a-camp right now because I now have awkward <3 crushes <3 on like all of the people who submitted.

  16. I also really enjoyed that it was organized by name. My little girls were looking with me and kept asking who everyone was, so I was reading the names out loud. We were very impressed with the “matching game!”

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