Autostraddle Co-Founder and COO Alex Vega Makes Refinery29’s “30 Under 30”

Refinery29, known as “the cornerstone of fashion, beauty, and shopping for a new generation,” debuted its 30 Under 30 lists last year by picking the best and the brightest of the under-30 crowd in both New York City and Los Angeles to highlight and celebrate. This year they’re back at it again, and the second-annual 30 Under 30 list from Los Angeles features some serious talent, including Alia Shawkat, Angel Haze, and Grace Helbig. Most exciting of all is that amongst these bright shiny humans is one of our very favorite humans. That’s right, there’s a Straddler featured on this year’s extremely impressive Los Angeles list! And not just any Straddler; it’s Alex Vega, our very own co-founder, design director, and professional Call Your Girlfriend dancer.

We’ve been in love with Alex for years and years, and we’re excited and proud that today Refinery29 has chosen to join us in sharing that deep love and admiration for such an inspiring and inspired human. They also have some really nice things to say about Autostraddle dot com, which in case you did not know is the most popular independently owned and operated lesbian website in the world! I dunno, it sounds pretty neat, you should check it out. Oh, and did we mention that Alex looks so damn good in this feature? Alex looks so damn good.

i mean are you serious can i get a poster size version of this image and hang it above my bed would that be weird

i mean are you serious can i get a poster size version of this image and hang it above my bed would that be weird

Refinery29 does a really good job of making Alex sound like the BAMF that she is, so we’ll let her profile speak for itself. Ahem:

Forget wanting more money, travel perks, or to work in an office that offers free snacks. At 28, Alexandra Vega already knows she wants to be her own boss. “I don’t want to have to rely on someone else for a job, for my salary, for my two weeks vacation a year. Whatever it is or takes, I’ll figure it out.” And as the cofounder and design director of, the most popular independently owned and operated lesbian website, she is well on her way to doing just that. Recognized as an outstanding blog by the GLAAD awards, Autostraddle is a smart, feminist site, produced by a group of dedicated ladies, for lesbians, bisexuals, and anyone else who wants to read some thought-provoking stuff. With its redesign in the works and a new series of IRL retreats that are already a hit with readers, Vega is a busy lady, and it sounds like she’s loving every second of it.

i believe this is the definition of KILLING IT

i believe this is the definition of KILLING IT

Meanwhile, we are loving every second of this feature. Read Alex’s full interview here, and check out some of the other cool kids who made the list. Spoiler alert: We don’t love anyone as much as we love Alex and we’re not afraid to say it, but we are really super impressed with all the talent, kindness, ambition and drive showcased within this list as a whole. If this is the future, we say bring it on.

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Vanessa is a writer, a teacher, and the community editor at Autostraddle. Very hot, very fun, very weird. Find her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. I can’t pull off Vanessa level creeping (jk) so I am just going to say this is well deserved and the best because Alex is the best! and I will probably never have to question if I am loving you too hard ever again!!? The internet agrees with me. Congrats!!!

    • ahem, i prefer “being a dedicated and responsible crush monster” but i suppose one could call it “creeping”…

      but actually i am just so so so proud of alex like it hurts. LOOK AT HER GO!

      • 1.)you define classy and well received fan-girling. I want to be you. I want your way with unbridled affection words.= Vanessa’s level

        2.) I know right!? and it is Wednesday and she is wearing pink. She wins at everything!

  2. “Which celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?
    ‘Probably Scarlett Johansson, because we’re both blonde and both really curvy…’ ”


    Congrats! <3

    • I have to set the record straight and admit that this hilarious line is a Mary Tully original. My girlfriend is way more witty than I am, you guys. But at least stealing her line makes me witty by proxy? Maybe?

      • I love that you set the record straight. Classy move, Vega.

        Also, witty by proxy = recognizing a good line when you hear it and delivering it at an apt moment. Accomplished.

  3. I don’t really NEED a reason to revisit the Call Your Girlfriend video, but it’s good to have one.

    Congrats A;ex!

  4. This one time at A-Camp, Alex and I had this moment were we expressed our gratitude for each other. It was such a sincere and lovely moment. Alex works her tail off because she loves us and this website so damn much you guys. But you already knew that, obvs.

    Cheers to you Vega. And thank you.

  5. this is the greatest thing to happen since your quinceañera last year! you’re the most talented and stylish 16-year-old i’ve ever known. or however old you are these days. 22? i can’t keep track. once upon a time we were sitting at a table in long island telling your mom about how we wanted autostraddle to be written about in magazines one day and now here we are, you looking super-gay on refinery29! we’ll for sure be digging up dinosaurs soon. congratulations semicolon!

  6. Can I just say that I love how the 2nd photograph is of Alex messing with her hair? Cos she’s amazing at doing that & it looks even more mesmerizing in person. /hairenvy

  7. Vanessa, I am right there with you on wanting a poster size version of that first image.

    Wait.. did you guys hear that? Oh it’s just the sound of my OVARIES EXPLODING.

  8. well I want to say THANK YOU alex for everything. and that first pic has badass written all over it. congrats on all the success so far and more to come in the future! :)

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