Autostraddle Calendar Girls: Alison is Miss May!

It’s May and therefore it’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl time!

Firstly, a little refresh of the Calendar Girl concept for any newbies:

We just think Maxim, COED and Playboy shouldn’t get to corner the market on “monthly devotions to very very good looking women.” We know lots of hot lesbians who also look good casually lounging on bedsheets and hanging out at the pool/on the couch.

Each month our photographer Robin will shoot a Le Cadeau by Robin set (as featured on WeTV) with one beautiful, talented, smart, interesting and sexy lesbian lady. At the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty kickass calendar that you can buy for 2011, which is our last year on earth before the apocalypse. Don’t you want to keep track of that in style?

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This month’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl is:


Miss May

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May

From Photoblogger Robin:

When Alison wrote to me and told me she’s a big fan of Agent Provacateur, I knew we’d get along. She came up from DC for the weekend, saw some friends, and came over for an Autostraddle photoshoot.  We were ordering Dominos when she arrived, so we made sure to get her some cheesy bread as a reward for being such a good model!  And a good model she was.  She even let us put her in the shower!  What a great sport.

Thanks to Sara for her styling genius and her amazing heels and to Christina for the fabulous smokey eyes. Isn’t my style team amazing?!

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May


Alison is a 23-year-old aspiring writer who recently graduated from smartie school Stanford in California, where she majored in Film Studies and Spanish.

As if that useful degree wasn’t enough, Alison is now applying to MFA creative writing programs to pursue her dreams of writing graphic novels & queer girl movies/tevee shows that don’t suck. Yup, Alison is our first Calendar girl who’s not some kind of model/actress, but clearly she’s a natural at looking good in her underpants.

Presently Alison working for a non-profit in her hometown of Washington DC, where she writes for a science blog that aims to make all that complicated stuff like Nuclear Fusion more accessible for kiddos.

When she’s not making lusty facial expressions in the shower, Alison enjoys running, swimming, shopping, watching anything by Joss Whedon, and dancing around her room to Metric and/or Lil’ Wayne. Also, she’s single, and therefore we assume she is also prepared to mingle.

 Autostraddle Calendar girls Miss May questionnaire


Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May
Autostraddle Calendar Girls miss may
Autostraddle Calendar Girls Miss May

As always; if you’d like to be gawked at by thousands of lesbians and get photographed by celebrity world-famous photog Robin Roemer, email Robin at robin[at]autostraddle[dot]com with two photos of yourself and tell her a little something about why you’re so special. You must live in the NYC area or be able to get there and be 21+.

[Sidenote: Our calendar is booking up fast and at this time, we’re looking especially/specifically for women of color and for non-“femme”-presenting ladies. Also it took me ten tries to write that sentence? So I hope everyone feels okay about it.]



See all the calendar girls so far this year.


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Robin specializes in entertainment, lifestyle and portrait photography. She's also a Creative Producer, Director of Photography and co-owner of Scheme Machine Studios LLC, her production company based in Los Angeles. Robin loves shooting for TV and film and has worked with media companies like Legendary Pictures and Viacom. She shot and directed the Pride campaign for Google called #ThisIsFamily. Robin has had the pleasure of working on national campaigns for companies like Dove and Levis, and had the unique opportunity to shoot for non-profits and initiatives such as The Black List, Save the Children, Move to End Violence, Have a Hart Day, and The Clinton Global Initiative. She is most proud of the work she has done with organizations such as The Ad Council and RAINN working on national impact campaigns. Her celebrity roster includes Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The B-52s, Keri Hilson, JB Smoove, Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho, The B-52’s, Andreja Pejic, and many more. She was there for Autostraddle’s birth and proudly served as A-Camp co-director for many years.

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


  1. oh she’s pretty! love love the ones with her hand on the glass in the shower!

  2. I’d like to read Miss May’s science blog immediately. Where can I find that? #geekout

    I’m loving her outfit from the shower scene by the way — awesome job Sara The Stylist and Robin the photog and Christina the smokey-eye-maker!

  3. OHMYGOD FAVOURITE CALENDAR GIRL EVER. she likes harry potter and chipotle? she’s beautiful and she likes to write? SHE LIKES TO AUTOSTRADDLE YOUR MOM!? hello marry me.

  4. OMGOMGOMG [/incapable of articulating a cultured response to miss may’s towering intellect & awesomness]

  5. yay! many thanks to robin, sara and christina for a lovely photo shoot, and to riese for the flattering blurb.

    anyone interested in reading my blog – it’s engineering/science news aimed at the k-12 set – can find it via my facebook profile!

    keep it sexy, autostraddle!

    • Ohh grrl, you just made a bajillion new friends.

      And if you’re ever back in the Bay Area, I’ll help you out with your all-girl electro-punk band dream.

      • Oh, and a sidenote to your sidenote, I love how much the Autostraddle editors care about the readers and our feelings.

  6. Miss May is gorgeous and so are the photos. Any girl that can write about Nuclear Fusion has my ear. She’s perfect :)

  7. Miss May! You seem pretty perfect right about now. If you ever need a student intern for your company, I’m here, I live in Maryland!

  8. Miss May is one of my BFFs. I can vouch for the fact that she’s even hotter in person — and really smart.


    I am for this. I am also for “women of color and for non-“femme”-presenting ladies” filling up June – December!

    • Yes, you won’t be disappointed! Trust me, I would not leave this out.

      Although I do have to point out… we’ll have plenty of non-“femme” ladies on here, but styling for a lingerie/underwear calendar lends itself to more revealing threads. Therefore… “butch” style underwear sometimes looks a touch more “andro” and “andro” will sometimes straddle the line of “femme”. Does that make sense? We try to keep each lady comfortable in the make-up and wardrobe she is in, but we also have to keep it interesting as far as clothing choices. Can’t have you all in wife beaters and hanes. ;) Hope that makes sense!

      Also, I would love love love more women of color to submit their photos!!

      There is lots more to come and maybe a celesbian or two! Stay tuned.

  10. Lovely! I also love how we’re all such fucking creepers on these calendar girl posts. Creep on you creepy diamonds!

    • I nominate this comment for the “we don’t usually give team members comment awards but we’ll make an exception for this one” award.

  11. Autostraddle saved my birthday. I am visiting China and I cannot access youtube or facebook. But my sanity was saved when I saw that I can still read autostraddle… and then AS goes even further and makes miss may my dream girl. It is like you gave me a special birthday gift.

  12. LILIIIIIIII~! I am going to blow up your photos poster-size and put them all on my ceiling.

    HAHA! <3

    • YESSSS

      Then you can have Alison staring down at you whenever you wake up! It would be most excellent.

  13. Um, you had me at Joss Whedon. (Actually it was probably before that, but that sealed the deal…)

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