VIDEO: Nat Garcia Behind the Scenes at Club Skirts Dinah Shore

Club Skirts Dinah Shore’s Fashion Show was a very special spectacular this year due to the very special specialness of the outfits worn by the celesbian models present! Autostraddle’s very own vlogstar cutepants Celesbian Nat Garcia, aka Autonatic, went behind-the-scenes at the Dinah Shore Fashion show to capture the sentiments of her fellow celezzy fashion models.

AutoNatic describes her outfit as “a carrot” and Erin Foley feels uncomfortable with her aquamarine jumpsuit from 1986. Foley and girlfriend Nicol Paonerecently featured funny lady of LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show, discuss the broad appeal of Autostraddle, from the bicurious to crackheads to owners of pet racoons. Inclusivity, people!

Meredith “the Baxta” Baxter & her girlfriend Nancy lounge with Nat pre-show. Elizabeth Keener and chefmasterhottie Jamie Lauren discuss the wonders of cooking as well as eating out. Wink.

AutoNatic also meets up with Thea Gill, actress from the popular series Queer as Folk, who recently started her own Wonky Girl Productions and is starring in the upcoming TV mini-series Riverworld on the Syfy Channel alongside Alan Cumming.





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  1. I love Nicol Paone and Erin Foley.. seriously so funny.

    Can’t wait to see your GLAAD Awards interviews Natalie!

    • I have to watch it multiple times to catch it all. The one I just heard just now on my 5th time watching? “People who walk around with forks and spoons and go ‘I WANT MORE CAKE!'” amazing.

  2. I <3 Erin and Nicol forever. I think the video of those two should be tacked onto the video of Julie Goldman at Dinah, and they can BOTH be in our mission statement.

  3. I love Nicol Paone and Erin Foley. They need to do their own vlog. Please!!! I want Nicol to expand on her theory of heroin addicts loving autostraddle.

    • if our Intervention viewing habits are any indication, autostraddle defo loves heroin addicts

  4. Nicol & Erin are defo the best part of that video, beside Nat and Jamie Lauren being adorable!

  5. Erin Foley and Nicole Paone, too friggin funny!!! Bummed I missed Dinah this year but thanks for the coverage Nat and Autostraddle!

    People who have chairs for pets…

  6. That was pretty much the perfect ending to an Autostraddle video ever.

    Also, I like Jaime’s plaid shirt. Not like I own that same shirt in multiple colors or anything. (cough) I’m such a stereotype.

  7. Racoons DO love Autostraddle. Or, I love racoons. And I love Autio/Video pieces on Autostraddle.

  8. when nat is the short person between two tall people, that is how i feel every day of my life.

    nicol + erin = hilarious.

  9. Ha, alls I heard from the last minute was “large belts around their waists..” and “earthquakes in Iceland..” And look at the adorable short nice haired lesbian, we need more of her type over this part of the world so please ship some over thanks very much America. We also need some Nicol Payone and Erin Foley types if possible, thanks in advance, Lou.

    • It really is worth listening to the ending multiple times. If you focus on one person each time you just MIGHT catch things you would never expect. It just keeps getting better for me.

  10. Enjoyed it very much. A lot of women who are now out and very proud. And on a superficial level, Nat is just about the cutest.

  11. “People who use a fork and spoon and run around saying I WANT MORE GAY.”

    It really is one of the best minutes ever on the internet.

  12. Did she say “drawers”? Because if so that’s hilarious.

    Also hilarious, “it’s German, it’s English friendly,” “people who wear silver,” and JUST THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING.

    So funny. The funniest. I like.

  13. Last minute of this vid deserves an award of the highest degree, ‘for best true/hilarious/with slightly random things thrown in description everrrr’!! Plus I wanna know what Erin has been knitting – a new segment maybe?
    I’m worried though, I prefer dogs to cats, so does that make me a Bi-Autostraddleree?!

  14. Can this video be put on YouTube? I can’t watch it here because I have to use an iPod touch for Internet while I am stranded in denmark due to the volcanoe.

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