Fix: Gaga Does Drag For Vogue, Lohan Debuts on ‘Double Exposure’

Lady Gaga channels Ivan for Vogue, Ally Sheedy outs her daughter, the religious right goes after The Real L Word, Erin Foley’s audition vid for The Bachelorette, Angelina Jolie talks Shiloh’s butch style, Wonder Woman gets a makeover from DC Comics, and Kristen Stewart is slightly less awkward (but still hella awk) on Letterman.

Lesbian Comedian Erin Foley: The Autostraddle Interview

Erin Foley’s shooting star of comic fame has been skyrocketing through the night air, perhaps you’ve noticed & laughed? We sit down with Erin on the Sweet Cruise to talk about her TV projects, new relationship, feeling like she’s in a good spot career-wise, Facebook, and her upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award.