At Comic-Con, Glee Redacts Old Rumors, Starts New Rumors

Remember that time Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that Lea Michele, Finn the Lesbian and Chris Colfer would leave Glee after Season Three because their characters are going to graduate high school and probably go backpack Europe, join the cast of Logo’s Hit Series The A-List, or sign up with The Peace Corps?

Well, the biggest not-story of the year has been officially redacted! See, this is what happens if you plan your life out too far in advance.

Glee Panel - July 24th - Photo Via Wireimage

In her Hollywood Reporter Round-Up of Glee Stuff from July 24th’s Glee Panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, Glee Expert Lesley Goldberg reports that producer Brad Falchuk denied that information, insisting that “they are not done with the show after this season.”:

“Because they’re graduating doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show. If you have Lea Michele under contract, you don’t just say, ‘We’re going to let you go.’ ” Falchuk noted that there are a number of Glee kids, with some seniors and some juniors – like Jenna Ushkowitz – and a “number of original people are not graduating.”

“It was never our plan, it was never our intention to let them go,” Falchuk said. “They are not done with the show after this season.”

What a relief!! Phew! Now, onto the lesbian parts. Did you know that the entire cast are”Brittana fans”? I think I did already know that, but it’s nice to hear it again:

“Santittany is so much funnier,” co-creator/EP Ian Brennan joked of the couples’ shipper name. The exec producers also noted that they discovered at the same time as the rest of the country what big talents they had in both actresses.

“We started getting into that story line almost as a goof at first,” Falchuk said. “As we started taking some time with it, we realized that there was a group of people we weren’t representative of … this lesbian and bisexual community. … We’re fortunate the network wasn’t resistant of it and let us try it out and it became something much deeper.” Added Brennan: “America watched us realize that we had two incredible talents on our hands that we didn’t realize.” 

Other tidbits from THR: Coach Beiste is returning for Season Three, there are no current plans for a spinoff and Mercedes will be getting a new boyfriend but it won’t be Trouty Mouth. Kurt and Blaine will continue to be happy and in love but “Falchuk noted that with two stars in a relationship together, there would be some competition to come.”  

Darren Criss & Dot Marie Jones at Comic-Con

According to Queerty, “Darren Criss revealed that his character, Blaine, and Colfer’s Kurt will be “in the honeymoon phase” and about to take the next step in their relationship.” As we all learned on The Real L Word, “the next step” is either “sex” or “moving in together.”

The Washington Post reported that we’ll be seeing a lot more about Mike Chang’s relationship with his parents, “who might not be super-supportive of his interest in dance and music.” Seriously if we meet Mike Chang’s parents and not Rachel’s Two Dads, I’m going to flip out.

Panel attendees were also treated to a trailer from the Glee 3-D movie, which Lesley Goldberg describes as “The Heather Morris Show.” If only the entire series could be described as “The Heather Morris Show.” That would be such a good show!

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  1. i would watch the shit out of the heather morris show.

    also this show needs more lesbians that look like lesbians. which is why santana should cut her hair.

    • While there is no such thing as a lesbian who “looks like a lesbian” because lesbians don’t have one look, I would love to see a lesbian who looks even a little like ME. On Glee, or anywhere else, really. The only masculine-of-center television character I can think of is pansexual Franky from Skins.

      • sorry for that, didn’t mean to alienate anyone. it just seems to me that network television is only ok with lesbians as long as they look feminine, when there are a ton of lesbians that don’t. I love femmes, some days I dress femme, but some days I like to explore my masculine side, and I would love to see that reflected in the shows I watch. They have a more feminine mannered gay male on the show, as well as a testosterone filled (not out but still) gay man that acts like a stereotypical “straight” man. I think that television should show more of what different groups can be, instead of sticking to what’s “safe”

        but I truly did not mean to offend. I was thinking of the tumblr by that name, which doesn’t exclude femme lesbians. It’s name was just on my mind.

        • I don’t think Glee would be against representing those of us who aren’t particularly femme. It just so happens that the relationship was born out of a running joke with the cast that caught on with the audience. So it would be unrealistic (funny, I know) to change how the characters portray themselves to be completely inclusive.

          That being said, if we do get to season 4, which I find doubtful, maybe they’ll have someone like that on the show.

          • No, but they do.introduce new characters periodically. I just feel that one of them should be a more masculine female. And a trans character would be awesome. Idk, I just feel like there should be a lot more diversity.

          • Ah, but Glee already has a female character who is on the more masculine side. Only she’s not gay. Dot-Marie Jones has an emmy not for her portrayal of the mannish, intimidating yet vulnerable football coach. And from what I’ve seen, she’s one of the most popular of the adult characters with fans, at the moment at least.

    • I think that since they accidentally ran into Santana’s sexuality being a legitimate storyline, I can let that go. But hopefully with that new writer on board this season they’lle get some more diversity.

  2. Everything these guys say is rage-inducing, they seem to have no respect for their product or their cast. I wish I could quit this crappy show but I love the characters (and the cast) too much.

    “Seriously if we meet Mike Chang’s parents and not Rachel’s Two Dads, I’m going to flip out.”

    OMG me too. RAAAGE.

    My method for dealing with season 3 is to just watch the pretty girls singing and ignore the “plot.” And read the amazing fanfiction that comes out of this fandom. The actual show writers could learn something from it.

    • No like for reals I don’t want to run into Naya Rivera while in full (awesome) cosplay and scare her shitless by fangirling while looking quite odd.

      • I’m sure your proposal for civil unioning would be more memorable because of your cosplay lol

  3. Does this mean Mike Chang is actually going to get lines? Oh happy day! (Not as happy a day it would be if every show were The Heather Morris Show, though.)

    • Mike Chang is funny and cute even when he doesn’t speak. Imagine if he actually had lines!

  4. Yeah, in the trailer they played Brittany talking about how good her boobs look in 3-D. Ummm…yeah.

    They played the clip of her doing “Slave 4 U” and said it was “what 3-D was made for” and “kinda remarkable”.

    Imma gonna need some tix for this movie.

    • LOL my friend went to the panel and the first thing she texted me about afterwards was how hot Heather’s boobs are in 3D. Not gonna lie, that’s the main reason I want to see this movie.

  5. I think the people behind this show are idiots. I’m serious. They have no ability to differentiate between gimmicks and character-driven narrative. They haven’t a clue how to write a solid multi-episode story arc. And characters personalities? What are those? But, I need some mindless TV, I love singing and dancing and theater and… Brittana. Also, HEATHER MORRIS DANCING OMG SWEET JESUS SHE’S AMAZING

  6. Bleurgh.

    I have more feelings about Klaine than that but any rants I do will be much less eloquent. And everyone else summed up my feelings for the writers better than I ever could.

    Mind you, Brittana = good.
    Also Glee 3D needs UK release, please.

  7. I WANT BRITTANA. If I don’t get a Brittana kiss in S3, shit is gonna go down. Also I want a more in-depth storyline about Santana’s sexuality. And I want some more Brittany dances.

  8. Agreed with several previous posters…this show wouldn’t know a proper story arc if it jumped up, wrote itself, and won an Emmy for it, which FOX would announce at the start of every show in its primetime line up for 2 months straight!

    That aside, onto wishful thinking….agree, more of an in-depth exploration into Santana’s coming to terms with her feelings for Birttany and NOT having a Melissa Etheridge song being sung while this is happening.

    Also, for deeper, but certainly impossible at this stage in game, content – have Kurt and Kurofsky pair up and explore the dynamic of a hyper-masculine and quasi-feminine young and gay relationship, possibly peppered with abuse. It’s not that I’d wanna see Kurt hurt, but I wanna see honest story-telling as that is a reality for a lot of small town gay men. Sorry, but boys like Blaine don’t just up and appear in crisp suit jackets with blinding white teeth smiles.

  9. OKAY. Here’s what I’d do if I were a “Glee” producer:

    LET’S GAY SANTANA UP A BIT MORE. Let’s get her a real lesbolicious girlfriend who will recognize her gayness, will flannel her shit up, introduce her to “The L-Word,” talk her into an alternative lifestyle haircut, make her read “Rubyfruit Jungle” and basically just be Queer Eye for the Santana Guy. I want to see some actual funny lesbian insider jokes on my mainstream television!

    I vote this lady for the part:

    • Oh my god, no words. “FREDERICK?”
      She seriously needs to be on tv.

      “I want to see some actual funny lesbian insider jokes on my mainstream television!”


  10. “this lesbian and bisexual community”

    So does this mean Brittany is actually bisexual, that we’re not pulling a Suddenly Sexuality* again? PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE. C’mon Glee, the bis need you, especially after the travesty that was “Blame It on the Alcohol.”


    • I think they’ve been pretty consistent referring to Brittany as bisexual alongside Santana’s lesbianism. …I might getting AS’s personal comments confused with the Glee peeps though. Either way, this doesn’t surprise me.

    • On the show she refers to herself as bicurious. And she’s had other lines where she kinda hits on female characters. I think she said something about Coach Beiste’s boobs once? So it seems like Glee writers pen her as bisexual. She’s never had the benefit of the voice over or heart to heart with parent to actually refer to herself in the first person as such. Oh my goodness, a Brittany voice over. That just became the number two thing I want out of season 3.

      • That’s the thing that worries me – “bicurious” refers more to straight or gay people “experimenting” with their non-preferred sex, and their use of that makes me worry that they’re just going to turn her straight or lesbian later on, despite her obvious interest in both sexes (like when she outright admitted she had feelings for both Artie and Santana). I don’t see why they can’t just call her “bisexual” already.

        And it wouldn’t be the first time on TV a character that is bisexual in their previous actions/feelings is suddenly labeled and treated as exclusively gay or straight when it suits the writers. Santana herself is an example of this.

        • I agree with this. She said the thing about Shannon, was clearly into Britney Spears, and has basically been bisexual the entire time and has had zero confusion about it, which I really appreciated. Not everyone goes through a “questioning” period on the way to their sexual identity.

          Also I think it would have been funnier if she had said “bilingual” or “bicameral” or something. But that’s just me.

  11. Rachel and the rest sticking around makes perfect sense to me. Having her character actually pursue her dreams would be the antithesis of what this show is about. I’m pretty sure Rachel is just going to convince Broadway that is should relocate to Lima, Ohio.

    • I know right. If they break up Finchel just so Rachel can pursue her ‘dreams’ or whatever, I’ll be sooooo mad. Having dreams is silly Rachel, high-school love lasts 4eva.

  12. while i do see a problem with brittana being such a widely accepted plot line due to them both being “pretty” and “girly”, i have to also say that santanas character means a lot to me. as a “pretty, girly” lesbian who likes other “pretty, girly” lesbians, the only other representation i saw of myself on mainstream television (excluding UK skins, okay) was marissa and alex on the OC and that hardly even counted people, seriously.

    so while its probably 110% true that brittana is only happening cause both those girls and banging hot, im going to live in a bubble where the media isnt evil and heteronormative and keep pretending to myself that its less aesthetically biased than that

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