Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Baci

These three Autostraddle writers tried out Baci, a “premium robotic clitoral massager” by Lora DiCarlo that’s meant to mimic oral sex. Here’s how our clits are doing now:

Reviewer #1: I think first thing’s first — the packaging. I have been upping my toy game over the past year, and that means using things that don’t come wrapped in very hard plastic that I have to break four pairs of scissors to get into. I like the box. It was sleek and cool without being like “by the way this toy cost like $150,” and I like that everything was all nestled in its own little part! And I love that it has a storage bag! I’ve learned that more higher end toys come with one, which I dig.

Review #2: Lil Baci has her own bag!

Reviewer #3: I def tried to rip out the inside bit of the box to see if I could re-use it, but it ended up ripping the cardboard. I always enjoy when toys come with bags!

Reviewer #1: But the packaging of the actual toy kinda put me off. Did anyone else find it really hard to get the cover off?

Reviewer #2: Yes! I love that the clit-sucking portion of the toy has a cover for storage purposes, but I really struggled to get that thing on and off.

Reviewer #3: I wasn’t sold on the clear cap that covered the toy either. I DID love that this toy has a cover — that’s really unique compared to other toy! It could mean one less step before use (instead of wiping off cat hairs or dust). However, in a number of reviews, they said the cap was hard to get off. It makes me think it’s an accessibility problem. They even had it in the instructions of who/how to contact if there’s a problem with the cap…which makes me think they should have scrapped it if they knew it was going to be a problem.

Reviewer #2: It could use a handle, too.

Reviewer #3: 100%

Reviewer #2: The shape is cute, but the toy is hard to grip.

Reviewer #1: It put me off so much that I didn’t use it at the time I was gonna and opted to watch another episode of The Queen’s Gambit instead.

Reviewer #3: Ohhhh wow.

Reviewer #2: Do either of you have experience with other “clitoral sucking” toys?

Reviewer #3: Yep!

Reviewer #2: I have an early version of the Womanizer (ugh, I hate the name), and I find it a whole lot easier to use than Baci.

Reviewer #3: I have tried a few different Womanizer versions, Satisfyers, The Lelo Sona and We-Vibe Melt (lol @ my life).

Reviewer #2: Oh, right! I’ve tried a Satisfyer, too.

Reviewer #3: Baci, as far as shape, felt similar to the Lelo Sona and Womanizer Starlet and Satisfyer Penguin, in terms of grip. Too small, really gotta get your hand down there.

Reviewer #1: I have The Puff From Unbound. It made me come really fast at first and It took me a while to get used to the sensation. I didn’t really like the shape of the Baci. It literally fits in the palm of your hand. I know it’s meant to give vibes to the clit and lips which I appreciate but still – didn’t like just resting the toy on me.

Reviewer #3: I want to ask about what you all thought about the strength and type of sensation but FIRST: how did you all feel about spreading your labia lips around the toy as instructed? And did you really notice anything in the flat part that presses against your body (ignoring the clitoral sensations for now)?

Reviewer #2: I didn’t get much out of that part. I tried! I really tried!

Reviewer #3: Me, too!

Reviewer #1: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I, too, was thinking here and there “oop, that’s something,” but no, it wasn’t.

Reviewer #3: While it wasn’t against my body, I put my finger on the flat part to see if it even was vibrating and — nothing. I think they were hoping there’d be residual sensation from the vibrations the clitoral part created but it’s not strong enough to feel. I would LOVE a functional toy my labia can literally wrap around, like a hug, and it feel good. But this wasn’t it.

Reviewer #1: I think it was a way that they were thinking would set them apart in the suction toy game, but it didn’t really work. Perhaps if that part had some sort of small motor that moved up and down or had bumps instead of smoother ridges? I’ve been watching too much of The Jetsons.

Reviewer #2: In the settings category, the lowest setting was too high for me! I had to use a vibrator for a while first before my clit could handle Baci.

Reviewer #3: Yeahhhhhhh. What makes air pressure toys great (IMO) is the lowest settings AND how strong they get. I need a low sensation to get me to a higher one. Otherwise it’s too painful for my bod or like, pulls an orgasm out of my body in a way that isn’t fun!

Reviewer #2: Yes! That! I don’t want my orgasms to hurt!

Reviewer #3: It was strong, but too strong for my enjoyment. Which, at a $150 price point, stresses me out. I did enjoy the size of the opening against my clit. I’ve had issues with the Lelo Sona where the hole feels too small, so I enjoyed the large oval shape of Baci.

Reviewer #2: Yeah. I think this toy would work for someone who had already tried an air pressure toy and knew that they preferred the stronger settings.

Reviewer #1: I was pretty good on settings 1-3, but I think that’s because when I got my first suction toy, I was trying to be a winner and really like trained myself on not having an orgasm so quickly. That stopped being fun and with Baci, I didn’t want to do that. I ran through the speeds on my nipples first and when I hit number 4 I said “absolutely not” and knew I wouldn’t be going higher than that on my clit.

Reviewer #2: I do appreciate the larger opening, BUT I wish that the part that goes over the clit could be detachable for cleaning purposes.

Reviewer #3: I didn’t mind it wasn’t detachable. I think because I know folks who lose the attachments.

Reviewer #2: That makes sense! I’m just nervous about accidentally getting water in it while I clean it. Did either of you find particularly creative ways to use it? I wanted to try it on my nipples, but when I realized how strong it was, I opted out. These nips are too sensitive.

Reviewer #1: I didn’t get creative. Like I said, I used the suction on my nipples for a bit, but they aren’t super sensitive or a huge part of my play.

Reviewer #2: I just used it on my clit while I was on my back. I thought I might use it with my partner, but since it’s so hard to hold, I can’t imagine that it works well during partnered sex.

Reviewer #3: Nahhhh. I couldn’t really use it with a partner either, except like, them watching me use it or vice versa. Feels like Baci is a solo toy. It’s kinda just in the way for any sort of penetration play simultaneously.

Reviewer #1: Yeah, it’s like a big toy, right? Mama takes up space. The whole room is hers. She’s left right and center stage.

Reviewer #2: Do either of you think this toy will be a regular part of your solo and/ or partnered sex life?

Reviewer #3: I wish!! For $150!! But I think because of the shape and strength, it won’t. I found the air pressure bursts to blend together while I personally like really distinct sensations (like The Womanizer Premium).

Reviewer #2: Same!!

Reviewer #1: My answer is def no. I would use this when I want to come quick. 10 minutes for $150 though, that’s not ideal. I usually recover quickly when coming and am a multi orgasm girl, but suction toys just take a lot out of me.

Reviewer #2: At least she looks like a cute pink spaceship.

Reviewer #1: Agreed – it’s a cute toy to leave out on the nightstand! Helps me to live my Judy Jetson fantasy. But that’s a whole other article.

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  1. Curious to know if everyone is feeling sensations with these right away or if there’s a learning curve.

    Just got a (different) suction toy and I cannot for the life of me get it to feel like it’s doing anything on any part of my body except my fingertips. I even tried it on my toes just to see! On my fingertips…yup sucking in a good way. Everywhere else on my bod – rumbly sound with an occasional oh my god the drain’s going to overflow gurgle, but sadly nothing else is overflowing or even gently dripping. Tried with lube, without lube, one attachment, another attachment. Wondered if I’m too big. Too small? Wondered if my lips are suction-resistant. Finally gave up and wondered if it was too late to eat more dessert instead.

    • I am not one of the anon reviewers above and haven’t tried a Baci, but in general my experience w suction toys has been that the angle relative to your body is the biggest factor, and that shifting that even a tiny millimeter can make the difference between feeling nothing at all (which can be annoying when it’s going well and then your body shifts SLIGHTLY and the sensation is gone). I’d try slowly and gently adjusting how you’re holding the toy relative to your bod, including angles that seem really implausible, and see if there’s a position you can hold it in that will give the seal needed to get the right suction. good luck!

      • Rachel honestly this is a perfect example of why as long as I can I will support AS. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and taking the time to give tips 💜 I’m hopeful! And will def try again. And have cake as back up.

        Well, actually I’ll have cake either way.

  2. My wife and I really love this toy. We have both found that it does stimulate our clits deep inside, not just the little man in the boat, so to speak. Just as advertised.

    The first time I used it, I almost came immediately and in a different way than ever before, before my wife knew what was going on, but I held back. I’ve used the first gen womanizer (it had some leopard print and was a general ew with the name, agreed, but was also fairly great) and a satisfyer.

    I felt like this used less suction. Although tbh it doesn’t claim to??? It talked a big game about air flow technology. But I also felt a lot less of that. Maybe it’s not supposed to feel as obvious. Most of what I felt was the vibration of the rim and the vibration of the flat part that the reviewers all said they didn’t feel. My wife noticed it with our fingers and with our labia.

    Anyway, wish there was more noticeable “air flow” magic it talks about but we are pretty happy taking turns with it during sex. (Wash it between uses, y’all!)

    Oh—the cap is a nightmare and a definite accessibility problem. Squeeze and turn? Wtf. Speaking as someone with grip issues. We are just gonna leave it in the bag, capless.

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