VIDEO: Adorable Gail Marquis And Audrey Smaltz Tell Their Love Story, Warm Your Heart

Hansen’s Team Pick:

Ready to have some feelings? Former Olympic basketball player Gail Marquis and fashion legend Audrey Smaltz recently teamed up with Freedom to Marry to make the cutest advocacy video of all time. The couple, who have been together for 14 years, were married in New York on 11/11/11. This video was featured in Brittani’s Video Party not long ago, but today we’re looking at it again because it’s a Wednesday and we need it to get through the week. It’s a testament to how their endearing dynamic (the bantering is my favorite part) has lasted so long. From the very first lines, “But I’ve noticed you like wife wife.” “I love wife!” “You like wife wife.” “Wife wife?” you instantly love this couple.

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  1. I loved this comment at their wedding: “May you know for each other that you are an awesome surprise in the world.”

    Should I ever be so lucky to have a wedding at some point in the hopefully-not-so-distant future, I’ll totally steal that quote.

  2. I watched this when it was on Brittani’s video party… and then i watched it again after this reminder, because it is amazing. I love their interactions, the laughter between them.

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