Also.Also.Also: Today Is a Good Day to Give to an Abortion Fund

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I’ve been mad. SO MAD.

I know the fight isn’t over yet, but this week it feels like Roe vs. Wade might as well have been overturned in the middle of the night, and I won’t say it “happened while we weren’t looking” — because I think we all knew this day was coming. But it did happen without a proper trial, without media cameras. It was cowardly.

I keep thinking about all the people whose lives changed in a blink from Tuesday to Wednesday, who does and doesn’t have the right to control our own bodies, and I get so angry. So angry that I have nothing eloquent to add, even in this introduction, only shaking rage.

I was reminded that when you get mad, find the people who are already doing the work and then SUPPORT THEM. And so, here are 69 abortion funds that you can give to today.

Read Something: About Texas Abortion Law SB 8

Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect, Dismantling ‘Roe v. Wade’ “The Supreme Court effectively overturned Roe v. Wade for folks in Texas under cover of darkness.” — Natalie found this to be a clear and direct explainer, and if you know anything about this column at all then you know that if Natalie recommends the political reading, we do that political reading.

And another explainer, this one is in a Question and Answer format, which I found really helpful to sort my thoughts: The Newest Brand of Abortion Ban Is Next-Level Cruelty

This Is What the First Hours of a Near-Total Ban on Abortion Look Like and 67 Abortions in 17 Hours: Inside a Texas Clinic’s Race to Beat New Six-Week Abortion Ban

Even if Texas’ Six-Week Abortion Ban Is Overturned, Clinics Will Close

All of Those ‘Hysterical’ Women Were Right. “For half a decade, Republicans gaslighted Democrats about Trump’s Court nominees’ views on abortion. The jig is up.”

Texas Abortion Law: $10,000 Penalty Could Incentivize Bounty Hunters to Make ‘Tens of Thousands of Dollars’

The Texas Abortion Ban Is in Effect, But We Haven’t Stopped. A profile of Shae Ward, the hotline director at the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, the oldest abortion fund in Texas.

Do Something: Donate to an Abortion Fund

* Some of these abortion funds have “women” in their title. Not all people who are in need of abortions are women. However, in the interest of providing the widest breadth of information to those who may be in need, in parts of the country where abortion access is in immediate jeopardy, we only included funds that have “women” in the title if there was no other fund available in that state. We recognize it’s a delicate line, and one not one we take lightly. Safe abortion access is critical for trans patients, and should always be a priority.


The Afiya Center, the only Reproductive Justice organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women, focusing on the intersection of Reproductive Justice and the fight for Black lives, including abortion care.

The Bridge Collective, full spectrum doulas including providing transportation and care to abortion clinics.

The Clinic Access Support Network, providing transportation, lodging, emotional support, and more to those seeking abortion care in Houston, TX.

Frontera Fund, a bilingual abortion fund for the Rio Grande Valley.

Fund Texas Choice, a non-profit organization funding abortion travel for people in Texas (side note: I saw the Executive Director of Fund Texas Choice, Anna Rupani, on the Rachel Maddow show last night, and she’s a badass. It’s what inspired me to build out this list today.)

Jane’s Due Process, they help teens access abortion and birth control.

Lilith Fund, which provides financial assistance, emotional support, and building community spaces for people who need abortions throughout Texas.

Texas Equal Access Fund, providing financial and emotional support to people seeking abortion care in the north, east, and Panhandle regions.

West Fund, making abortions accessible and affordable to people in west Texas.

… And finally, this aggregate from ActBlue will automatically split your donation between nine organizations that are all abortion funds or abortion rights organizations in Texas if that’s your preference — the organizations are The Afiya Center, West Fund, The Bridge Collective, the Lilith Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, Texas Equal Access Fund, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, Inc, and Jane’s Due Process: Chip in for Texas Abortion Funds


Northwest Abortion Access Fund


Alabama Cohosh Collaborative
Yellowhammer Fund


Abortion Fund of Arizona
Tucson Abortion Support Collective


Arkansas Abortion Support Network


ACCESS Reproductive Justice


Cobalt Fund
Colorado Doula Project

District of Columbia

DC Abortion Fund


Florida Access Network
Emergency Medical Assistance Inc.
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund


Access Reproductive Care-Southeast


deProsse Access Fund of the Emma Goldman Clinic
Iowa Abortion Access Fund


Northwest Abortion Access Fund


Chicago Abortion Fund


All-Options Hoosier Abortion Fund


Kansas Abortion Fund


A Fund, Inc
Kentucky Health Justice Network


New Orleans Abortion Fund


Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts
Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund
Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts


Baltimore Abortion Fund
DC Abortion Fund – MD


Reclaim MI WIN Fund


HOTDISH Militia (Hand Over The Decision It’s Healthcare)
Our Justice’s Abortion Assistance Fund


Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund


Missouri Abortion Fund


Susan Wicklund Fund


Abortion Access Fund

New Hampshire

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Jersey Abortion Access Fund

New Mexico

Mariposa Fund
West Fund NM

New York

New York Abortion Access Fund

North Carolina

Carolina Abortion Fund – NC

North Dakota

North Dakota Women in Need Abortion Access Fund


Preterm Access Fund


Roe Fund


Cascades Abortion Support Collective


Western Pennsylvania Fund for Choice

Rhode Island

Women’s Health and Education Fund

South Carolina

Carolina Abortion Fund – SC

South Dakota

South Dakota Access for Every Woman


Utah Abortion Fund


Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom


Blue Ridge Abortion Fund
DC Abortion Fund – VA
New River Abortion Access Fund
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

West Virginia

Holler Health Justice
West Virginia FREE Choice Fund


Women’s Medical Fund


Chelsea’s Fund

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  1. I have been going between fuming and being extremely worried all day (and ate my feelings with a burger for dinner, it helped a bit).

    Question for you all: do you give small amounts to many orgs ($5-10) or spend more at maybe 1-2 orgs ($25+). I appreciate ActBlue when you can donate to a bunch at once but that’s not always an option.

    • This is a good question.

      I give small amounts monthly to several organizations.

      When I’m making one time donations, I prefer to give more ($25+) to one or two places (mostly because it feels more substantial).

      Today I think I’m going to focus my money on Texas and my home state.

  2. Roe v. Wade was not overturned. While pregnant people in Texas no longer have the protection of Roe, it was *not* overturned, and saying so risks people in other states thinking they can no longer access abortion there, which is untrue. Would you consider updating the intro to this post to reflect that?

    Also, Colorado Doula Project is another fund in Colorado. Thank you so much for compiling this list. These organizations do crucial work, and they need our support now (and in the coming years) more than ever.

    • Hi Pips — thank you these thoughtful notes and for the heads up on the Colorado Doula Project.

      I added the CDP to the list above, and I also adjusted some of the language in my intro to better give nuance/center the fact that I was talking from my own feelings.

      I still think those feelings are important, but you’re right that I would never want to contribute to misinformation in a critical time. Hopefully, those adjustments reflect that.

      • i don’t have a lot of time to read or comment these days, but when i do have some i always check out autostraddle. this exchange is why – thank you both for another example of how to express and receive counterpoints constructively and with apparent respect and appreciation.

  3. Carmen, thank you for this post! The reality is truly frightening here in Texas and abortion funds are established, on-the-ground, and doing THE work they’ve been doing for years and years.

    A reminder that middle class white ladies like me will get our abortions like we did pre-Roe. This fight is for people who are already parenting, trans and non-binary pregnant people, people of color, people at and below our shitty poverty line, folks with disabilities, and all of their intersections.


  4. I volunteer with an abortion fund in rural central Wisconsin that isn’t listed here. We are entirely volunteer run and we’ve been serving people in Wisconsin in need of abortion since 1996. We also help people with the cost of long-acting reversible contraception. We’ve watched in dismay as clinic after clinic in Wisconsin has closed. Most of the people we help have to travel to Minnesota, Illinois, or several hours away within the state to access abortion care. Wisconsin, like many other states, has a law on the books that will automatically make abortion illegal if Roe v. Wade is overturned (likely to happen with the Mississippi case comes up). Should this happen, we have no intention of stopping funding abortion care. We already work with incredible organizations like the WE clinic in Duluth, MN and Just the Pill, also in Minnesota, which we will lean on even more if abortion becomes illegal in Wisconsin.

    If the news out of Texas this week makes you outraged, find the organizations who have been working towards reproductive justice in your area. Volunteer and donate if you can. Both funds and clinics will need more support than ever in the coming months.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about our fund, our NNAF page is here:
    You can also follow us on Twitter @freedomfundwi
    And donate at

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