9 Sex Toys Especially Relevant to Your Lesbian Sex Interests

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The Shi/Shi Union, released last year, is one of only a few sex toys made explicitly for lesbian sex and unsurprisingly it’s already a bestseller at Eve’s Toys. The Shi/Shi Union promises to enhance the scissoring experience specifically, a situation I imagine most sex toy companies haven’t really considered addressing.

Although women and non-binary folks have been using whatever damn sex toys we please for whatever kind of sex we want to have from the jump, it’s nice to have products that seem — intentionally or not — especially suited for lesbian sex, or for sex between any two humans with vulvas. Here are nine toys from the women-focused spinoff of Adam & Eve, Eve’s Toys, that address situations near and dear to your lesbian-sex-loving heart and the sweat gathering on your inner thighs!

Visit Eve’s Toys and enter code AUTO at checkout for 50% off 1 item & free shipping on orders over $20 in the US. (Note: Some items are only eligible for free shipping and a partial discount. These items are marked with an asterisk, with the discount noted beneath.) 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eva Clitoral Massager*

Eva, a hands-free clit vibe, marries the aesthetics of a Pixar character with the sexual gravitas of an L Word character. The arms hug the lips of your labia while the ridge hits your clit, and it can be worn while somebody special is grinding against you or fingerbanging/intercoursing you.

Not eligible for a discount.

G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe

“The first sex toy was the finger,” says the copywriter for this particular toy, revealing a deep primal understanding of lesbian mating rituals. “We’ve improved on that!” the copywriter continues, making a truly bold statement everybody here can appreciate. You can become your very own superheroine when you convert your fingers into android fingers capable of bringing your partner seven unique vibration patterns. SEVEN! If you’ve got your finger inside her, the textured pad at the base of the glove ensures her clit will not get lonely. “It literally feels like a vibrating extension of your hand,” the copywriter adds. I believe it!

Fun Factory Sharevibe*

If you’ve ever been to a potluck you know that if there’s one thing lesbians love to do above all else, it’s SHARE. The Fun Factory Sharevibe lets couples share not only that lentil dish, but also that sweet, sweet vibe. One partner’s got the bulb inside them while the other is gently or mercilessly penetrated with control not possible with more traditional strap-ons. Our reviewer found the Sharevibe to be best-suited for butch cock-sucking, noting, “there was no cloth harness to have to reach under, no hard silicone base to mess around with and no barrier between my mouth or fingers and any part of her. It was awesome.” Kinky Sprinkles describes it as “an amaaazing dildo that I have had so many super sexy nights with other female-identified partners.”

Eligible for a 10% discount.

Active Style Harness W/O Ring

They look like traditional black boxer-briefs, ideal for lovers with a penchant for masc underthings who like to keep it simple and understated. But the surprise is that these aren’t traditional boxer-briefs, they’re A HARNESS! Plus they’re a harness you can wash in a washing machine, ’cause if everything goes right, you’re gonna get very messy. This strap-on harness is also a great option for trans women with penises who want to fuck their girlfriends with a dildo.

We-Vibe Rave*

The We-Vibe Rave is a high-tech vibrator with ten vibration modes and a corresponding app. Lesbian couples are very often long distance, and the Rave enables you to take Skype sex up a notch when your girlfriend downloads the app on her phone and controls the vibrator from a million miles away.

Eligible for a 5% discount.

Thigh Harness*

A classic toy for lovers with specific access needs, this thigh harness enables your lady to bounce atop and rub all over your glorious, glorious thigh, possibly with her knee in a relatively convenient spot for you, and well who knows honestly what she can do with her free hands! You’re probably too distracted by the extraordinary view of her boobs! A world of possibilities awaits you, my fine friends.

Eligible for a 40% discount.

Clandestine Mimic Massager

Picture this: you’re in a bathtub with your one true love, and you want to go down on her, but you can’t, because then you would drown! That’s where the Clandestine Mimic Massager comes in, enabling you to give your special somebody an oral-sex-esque experience while remaining face to face, above water, head in the clouds like a silly love song. It’s rechargeable with eight vibration speeds and is designed to fit right into your hand.

nJoy Pure Wand*

As Lara the Sous Chef famously told Dana Fairbanks, female ejaculation is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s actually one of the best things ever! The nJoy Pure Wand gave our reviewer her best orgasm ever, and what’s more romantic than that?

Eligible for a 10% discount.

The Shi/Shi Union Girl Vibe

At last we’ve come to our Ultimate Lesbian Sex Toy: designed by a lesbian who truly loves to scissor, the Shi/Shi Union is the first vibrating pleasure device designed specifically for female couples. Two contoured orbs, attached at their base and controlled independently by remote, smash right onto your vulvas and between your interlocked legs for scissoring sensations that’ll send you soaring into a sapphic sex solar system.

Visit Eve’s Toys and enter code AUTO at checkout for 50% off 1 item & free shipping on orders over $20 in the US. (Note: Some items are only eligible for free shipping and a partial discount. These items are marked with an asterisk, with the discount noted beneath.) 100% satisfaction guarantee.





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  1. Hi hello you’ve done a very good job at making me laugh about sex toys(the drowning thing is a super real concern, though XD)

  2. not gonna lie, I clicked on this article just to determine whether shi/shi union was a group of workers who had unionized or a euphemism for queer sex. Apparently it’s neither! :-D

  3. Wanted to weigh in on the Eva: I have found that it does not stay in place if you’re doing anything that involves more than very gentle movement. I’ve tried holding it in place, but because it isn’t a very strong vibrator, I usually just get tired of it and swap it out for a normal bullet vibe. Great idea, but not at all worth the money.

  4. Wow! I couldn’t help, but LOL. Such a variety of toys that are out now. I remember back in my college days when they had basic vibrators and dildos. I see a couple of these I could use.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks and I’m not sure anyone will see it, but — I feel like equating lesbian sex with vulvas is… Actually really harmful and transmisogynist? “especially suited for lesbian sex, or for sex between any two humans with vulvas” — these are not the same thing and there are plenty of lesbians who don’t have vulvas.

    Feels bad.

    • PLEASE stop being so extra. It pains me to see people complain for small things like this. You either do or don’t like the toy, stop trying to ruin it for others

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