3 Ways to Dress Up Crappy Dollar Store Gloves

Header by Rory Midhani

Header by Rory Midhani

What up fellow East Coasters! You know it’s only a matter of time until we get a storm that’s, you know, as big a deal as predicted (sorry not sorry Juno). Here are three ways to dress up those stretchy pairs of gloves you can find at Target for $1.

1. Freezer paper letter stencil

Follow these instructions to stencil typographic letters on each glove.


2. Add a faux fur cuff

Cut out a piece of faux fur four inches wide and as long as the widest part of your hand. Stitch the short ends together. Pin the fur cuff right (furry) side facing down with the edge of the fur meeting the edge of the glove cuff. Sew in place, remove the pins, and flip the fur down so it’s facing right side out!


3. Geometric shapes

Make a triangle by stamping craft or fabric paint onto the glove using one corner of a 1″ foam craft brush.


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  1. I tried to make knuckle tattoo gloves with different sayings as Christmas gifts by stitching letters onto the fingers and it failed spectacularly. I’m definitely going to try those stencils instead.

  2. That looks interesting and pretty. I mostly use leather gloves but this thing is good when using mobile and other routine work so I am going to try this stuff.

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