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27 Lady-Lovin’ Pins To Stick On Your Jacket This Fall

We’re fast approaching layeriiiing seasooooon! Whether you’re going with a denim, plaid, or “leather” jacket this year (or another option completely), here are the 27 cutest, queerest buttons with which to adorn yourself.

This head-scratcher for your straight friends.

Get it from goldandmean for $10.

This pin for the extroverts…

Available from thefoundretail for $9.75.

… and this pin that’s just a little subtler.

Pick it up at BROOKPYN for $10.

One for the bi babes…

Get it through your favorite website Autostraddle for $10.

… one for if you’re totally lezzin’ out…

Lez Enamel Pin / Metal: Gold / Colors: Baby Pink
Also at Autostraddle for $10.

… one for queers who f@$&ing rock…

Pick it up from riotcakes for $12.15.

… and one for if, honestly, you’re not really into labels.

Available in black or white from SallyJessy for $10

One for the cuties…

Get one for yourself at OveritStudio for $10.

… and one for the fruities.

It’s from BangupBetty for $13.

This pin that enjoys a good canoodle…

Available at Naifdesignstudio for $6.

… this one for the hand-holders out there…

Grab it via lovestruckprints for $8.18.

… and this one for folks who’d rather hug it out.

Cozy up to it at HAMMERCHEN for $10.67.

One for the weirdos…

Weirdo Lesbian Pin / Description: Heart with ribbon across center that says "Weirdo Lesbian" / Metal: Rose Gold / Enamel Colors: Pink and Mint
It’s on Autostraddle for $10.

… and one for the queerdos.

Queerdo Enamel Pin / Description: Play-doh inspired pin with a glittery purple top, says "queer-do" in the logo lockup / Metal: Black Enamel / Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Purple Glitter
Also Autostraddle, also $10.

The most darling little “dyke” that you ever did see…

Get it at WildFancyDesign for $16.

… but also one for my angry girls, too.

Angry Lesbian Enamel Pin / Description: Shouting Mouth with Vampire Teeth, Banner reads: "Angry Lesbian" / Metal: Black Enamel / Enamel Colors : Baby Pink, Lime Green, Magenta.

Sink your teeth into it via Autostraddle for $10.

This excellent upending of some bullshit.

Get your reclamation on at OffWhiteLiesCo for $8.

This “Lavender Menace Pin” that’s 40% off, what!

Lavender Menace Enamel Pin / Description: "Lavender Menace" written in sporty script face / Metal: Antique Silver / Enamel Colors: Lavender
Save via Autostraddle for $6.

One for tattoo fans…

Available at hatpire for $12.

… and one for K Stew stans.

Keep confusing the patriarchy via Autostraddle for $10.

This pin that knows our hopes and dreams…

Get it from ButchandSissy for $10.

… and this pin, for a SNL off-season giggle.

It’s at audiohelkuik for $10.

One for when you’re hungry…

Get to the center via LadyGardens for $10.

… one for when you’re handsy…

Do a bang-up job via rosalarian for $12.

… and one for when you’re taking things a little deeper.

I’ll let you caption this if you want to. Get it from WildFancyDesign for $13.

One for when you’d rather just watch…

It’s at ShopKnifepoint for $8.18.

… and one for when you want it all, just maybe in a more *discreet* form.

Grab yourself one via WildFancyDesign for $13.

Remember to sparkle!



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  1. Tmi maybe but I really wish that was “queer queef queen” because I would buy it i m m e d i a t e l y.

  2. I would also like to point out that the shop selling the Future Mrs. McKinnon pin has a Bee Charmer pin. I have never seen an Etsy shop more relevant to me.

  3. Also, tangentially related story about pins:

    I have a little Hitachi Magic Wand pin that I got at pride and pinned on my color next to rainbow pin. I forgot about it and wore my jacket again a while later, and of COURSE my mom noticed my new pin and asked about. THANKFULLY, when I played dumb and asked “which one??” she came up with her own explanation “Oh, it’s a microphone?” YEP YES IT DEFINITELY IS

    so, moral of the story is don’t forget which pins you’re wearing.

  4. would it be overkill to wear the Lavender Menace pin with the Lavender Menace shirt, asking for a friend

  5. i really want someone to buy me the Weirdo Lesbian and Angry Lesbian pins from AS for my bday so i hope they’re not sold out by December!

    also i miss the AS scissoring pin so maybe those could be back in stock by December too…

    just saying.

  6. Does anyone know if the lavender menace as a phrase was/is used exclusively for lesbians or for all lbp women? I’d like something not super obvious but that other wlw will definitely get, but I’m not sure of my identity yet and I don’t want to wear a phrase if it’s exclusively for lesbians!

    • The Lavender Menace was an informal group of lesbian radical feminists formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from the feminist movement at the Second Congress to Unite Women in New York City on May 1, 1970.

    • From what I’ve read, it seems the Lavender Menace movement was likely very exclusionary – transphobic for sure – but I haven’t found anything specific about bi/pan women. So, a few things: a) it may have been used exclusively for lesbians at the time, but that doesn’t mean we want to recreate its exclusionary nature today; b) there was much less nuance in the discussion around identities in the middle of the spectrum at that time, so who knows how many of those women would choose to identify in today’s climate; and c) if someone were to put you down for wearing a cute pin, they’re probably not worth your concern anyway.

    • The name came from Betty Friedan’s comment about the lavender menace in the women’s movement in 1969, when she was president of NOW.

      So I think it was originally meant to describe any wlw who might make 2nd wave feminists “look bad” and now it’s used more broadly.

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